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omered (Recotrb |taciefg. 

Vol. XXI. 




The Rev. F. W. WEAVER, M.A., F.S.A., 

Honorary General Secretary of the Somersetshire Archaological 
and Natural History Society. 



ft ■ ., -. ■ 


JSomeraef (Recorb J&ociefg. 

SINCE the issue of the last Report, the Somerset County Council 
has made a grant to the Society for the purpose of putting in 
order and preparing for the press a volume of early Quarter 
Sessions Records. These documents fall into three classes : 
Recognizances, taken before a justice of the Peace ; Indictments 
and Presentments, made by the Authorities ; and Orders of the 
Court, containing the mature judgment of the Magistrates. In 
addition to the original documents, there are also a series of 
Minute Books, unhappily not quite complete, from which it 
should be possible to reconstruct the actual business of the 
County on the civil as well as on the criminal side ; and to 
perceive the way of the transgressors after their conviction. 
Few counties have a fuller series of records, and fewer still, the 
minutes which will supply a key to the whole. 

While the scanty rolls still remaining of the reign of Elizabeth 
will be included, the greater part of the volume, supplying the 
issue for 1906, will contain the documents belonging to the reign 
of James I. (1603-1625). The Civil War, the Commonwealth, 
or the reign of James II. might supply subjects of greater 
interest and novelty ; even, as the correspondence in a weekly 
Review has prognosticated, to the settlement of the question 
whether there were any Doones on Exmoor before 1869. But 

Somrcift Sttcortt dorfetp. 

it is in the reign of the first Stuart king that men's minds and 
tongues began to consider the problems of government, political 
and ecclesiastical, which were to be so stubbornly applied in the 
reign of his successor. 

The present volume completes the series of Medieval Wills, 
edited for the Society by the Rev. F. W. Weaver. It is a 
valuable work perhaps only equalled by the Testamenta 
Eboracensia of the Surtees Society. 

During the past year the number of subscribers has been 
diminished by five deaths and two resignations. Four new 
members have joined, bringing the total number down to 113, 
a decrease of three on the last list 





I— I 











8, |1 

a s J 

a | S ?_ 

n I 1 
i li 

l fj 
i i 

ftetmstt (JUcotto gocitfy. 






J. F. F. HORNER, ESQ., M.A. 



REV. F. W. WEAVER, M.A., F.S.A. 

REV. E. H. BATES, M.A. (Hon. Secretary). 



I. 1887. Bishop Drokensford's Register, 1300-1329. Bishop 


II. 1888. Somerset Chantries. E. Green, Esq., F.S.A. 

III. 1880. Kilty's Quest, &c, Somerset. F. H. Dickinson, 


IV. 189a Prse-Reformatlon Churchwardens' Accounts. 

Bishop Hobhouse. 

V. 1891. Custumaria of Glastonbury Abbey, XHItb 

Century. C. I. Elton, Q.C. 
VL X892. Pedes Finlum, 1106-1307. E. Green, Esq., F.S.A. 
VII. 1893. T wo Chartularies of Bath Priory. Rev. w. 
Hunt, M.A. 
VIII. 1894. Bruton and Montacute Cartularies. Sir C. H 
Maxwell Lyte, K.C.B., and Canon Holmes, M.A. 

fcnmrmt &«orlf fcorirtj. 

IX— x. 1895-6. Bishop Ralph or Shrewsbury's Register, 
1330-1363. s vols. Canon Holmes, M.A. 

XI. 1897. Somersetshire Pleas, Xlllth Century. C. E. H. 

Chadwyck-Healey, K.C. 

XII. 1898. Pedes Finium, 1308-1346. E. Green, Esq., F.S.A. 

XIII. 1899. Registers of Bishop Giffard, 1265-6, and Bishop 

Bowett, 14OI-7. Canon Holmes, M.A. 

XIV. „ Cartularies of Muchelney and Athelney Abbeys. 

Rev. E. H. Bates, M.A. 
XV. 1900. Gerard's Surrey of Somerset, 1633. Rev. E. H. 

Bates, M.A. 
XVI. 1901. Somerset Wills, XlVtfa and XVth Centuries. 

Rev. F. W. Weaver, M.A., F.S.A. 
XVII. 1902. Pedes Finium, 1347-1399. E. Green, Esq., F.S.A. 
XVIII. „ Hopton's Narrative of the Civil War. C. E. H. 
Chadwyck-Healey, K.C. 
XIX. 1903. Somerset Wills, 1501-1530. Rev. F. W. Weaver, 
M.A., F.S.A. 
xx. 1904. Certificate of Musters in the County of Somerset : 

Temp. Eliz. A.D. 1569. E. Green, Esq., F.S.A. 
XXI. 1905. Somerset Wills, 1531-1558. Rev. F. W. Weaver, 
M.A., F.S.A. 

Quarter Sessions Records, Temp. James I. 
Pedes Finium, 1399*1422. E. Green, Esq., F.S.A. 

Most of the volumes can still be obtained. For list and price apply to the 

Biet of £>u6ecn6«e. 

Antiquaries, The Society of, Burlington House, W. 

Badcock, H. J., Pitminster, Taunton. 

Bailwarp, T. H. M,, Horsington, Teraplecorabe. 

Baker, E. E., F.S.A., The Glebe House, Weston-super-Mare. 

Baltimore, U.S.A., Peabody Institute, care of E. G. Allen and Son, 

a8, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C. 
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and Co. 
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xiv lUst of toubittibni. 

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lt« of jfrubsrribn*. xv 

Trask, C, Courtfield, Norton, Stoke-sub-Hamdon, S.O. 
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Woodward, Miss, The Knoll, Clevedon. 

Wordsworth, The Right Rev. J., Lord Bishop op Salisbury, The 
Palace, Salisbury. [113.] 

Content e + 


Report v-vi. 

Balance Sheet vii. 

List of Publications ix, x. 

List of Subscribers xi-xv, 

Preface xix. 

Somerset Wills .... ... i 

Notes to the Wills 222 

Index of Testators. ...... 233 

Index Rerum 23; 

Index Locorum 246 

Index Nominum 254 


This book is a continuation of the XlXth Volume of the 
Somerset Record Society. It consists of full abstracts of Wills 
at Somerset House, from 1531 to 1558, from the following 
registers : — 

1531-33 Thower. 1550 Coode. 

1536-40 CrumwelL 1551 Bucke. 

IJ33-36 Hogen. 155a PowelL 

'537-39 Dyngeley. 1553-54 Tashe. 

1540-41 Alenger. 1554-56 More. 

1541-43 Spert. 1556 Ketchyii. 

1544-45 Pynnyng. 1557 Wrastley. 

1546-47 Alen. 1558 Noodes. 

1548-49 Populwell. I55&-59 Welles. 

It has been found more convenient to give the notes at the 
end of the volume instead of in the form of footnotes. Incident- 
ally the wills throw great light upon many things about which 
it would be difficult to find information elsewhere. 

They show, for instance, that leprosy was fairly common in 
our county at this date. There were at least two colonies of 
lepers in Somerset, one near Langport, and the hospital of St. 
Margaret, near Taunton. It appears that the Langport hospital 
was at Westover (p. Ml), midway between that town and the 
parish of Curry Rivel. 

In going through the Vlth volume of Papal Registers, the 

xx JJvtfarr. 

Editor found the following interesting account relating to this 
hospital : — 

1412 To the Bishop of Wells — Mandate to license the 

5 Kal. April, lepers, poor, and infirm of the house situate within 

St. Peter's Rome. the bounds of the parish church of Curry Rivel and 
the town of Lamport in his diocese — which house is 
distant an English mile from the said church, on account of which distance 
it is at times inconvenient to carry bodies thither for burial, according to 
custom, so that, burial being delayed, on account of the smell men are 
seldom found willing to cany such bodies, — to have at their chapel of 
St. Mary Magdalen a cemetery of their own blessed by any catholic 
bishop in communion with the Apostolic see. 

[Papal Registers, VI, 24;.] 

Besides leprosy, plague and pestilence were terribly rife. 
On May 19, 1538, William Kyppynge of Buckland Dynham, 
leaves the residue of his goods to his wife J one, with this proviso, 
that " if she departe of this plague now," then his friend Edward 
Whytt shall have the charge of his children, and there is 
another reference to the pestilence at p. 21. 

These plagues began in 1529 with the " Sweating Sickness," 
and culminated in the great plague of 1 563, which broke out 
among the English soldiers closely besieged in Havre by the 
French. The town was delivered up July 20, 1563, the infected 
garrison immediately returned and brought the plague to this 
country. — (See Peacock's Church Furniture:, p. 6i«.) 

On March 25, 1540, Alice Pycke, of Glastonbury, leaves 
3J. ^d. " to the four principal lights " in St. John's church there. 

I assume that these four lights were : 

1. Light before the high altar. 

2. Light before B.V.M. 

3. Rood light. 

4. Dead light. 

Ihvtacr. *xi 

The last light has many names — lumen Animarum, lumen 

defunctorum, and " alsolen " light (see S.R.S..XIX, xxii, xxiii). 

That these are the four lights meant is borne out by the 

following quotation from Mr. Hart's Ecclesiastical Records (ist 

Edn., 1836, p. 221). 

" tn Ireland in the fifteenth century there were at least three images 
in every church, the Virgin Mary, the Crucifix and the Patron Saint." 
On April 8th, 1548, we have the first mention 

" of the common box of the church of for the relief of the 

poor "(p. 9*) 

Edward VI., through his uncle the Duke of Somerset, early 
in the first year of his reign (1547), issued Injunctions to the 
clergy and others. These " Injunctions given by the most 
excellent prince Edward VI. by the grace of God King of 
England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith and in earth 
under Christ of the church of England and Ireland the supreme 
head. To all and singular his loving subjects, as well of the 
clergy as of the laity," are to be found at the beginning of 
Wilkins's Concilia, Vol. IV, though, oddly enough, the exact 
date is not there given. 

After ordering the destruction of images, the Injunctions 
proceed (p. 7) : — 

Also they shall provide and have within three months after this 
visitation a strong chest, with a hole in the upper part thereof to be 
provided at the cost and charge of the parish, having three keys, whereof 
one shall remain in the custody of the parson, vicar or curate, and the 
other two in the custody of the churchwardens . . . which chest you 
shall set and fasten near unto the high altar, to the intent the parishioners 
should put into it their oblation and alms for their poor neighbours ; 
and the parson shall from time to time exhort them to give to the said 
chest, declaring unto them that whereas heretofore they have been 
diligent to bestow much substance otherwise than God commanded 
upon pardons, pilgrimages, trentalls, decking of images, offering of 

candles, giving to friers and upon other like blind devotions, they ought 
at this time to be much more ready to help the poor and needy, eta, 

We have seen that this chest was established at Langford 
Budville by April 8, 1 548 (p. 99), and in succeeding wills during 
Edward's reign there are constant references to it. The word 
" chest " does not seem to have been much used in Somerset ; it 
is alluded to under the following names : — 

A lines coffer, 115. 

Church box, 121. 

Common box, 99, 149. 

Common coffer, 100. 

Poor men's box, 101, 105, no, 113, 119, 122, 131, 134 (to), [40, 150, 
152, 180, 

Poor men's coffer, [15. 

■ Edward VI. died July 6, 1553, after which we do not hear 
of the poor men's box during Mary's reign. 
The following table may be headed : — 

Monastic Spoil. 
It gives a list of parsonages or vicarages which formerly 
belonged to the dissolved monasteries, the monastery being given 
in brackets : — 

Baltonsborough (Glastonbury), 81. 

Bridgwater (St. John's Priory), 1S1. 

Butleigh (Glastonbury), 8l. 

Charlton Queen (Keynsham), 91. 

Donington (Buckland), 181. 

Dunster (Dunster), 212. 

Durleigh (St. John's Priory, Bridgwater), 181. 

Kilmersdon (Buckland), 181. 

Kilton (Bath), 212. 

Kingston (Taunton), 68. 

Brtfart. xxiii 

Kyrton* (Buckland,) 181. 
Midsomer Norton (Merton), 32. 
Minehead (Bruton), 212. 
N. Petherton (Buckland), 181. 
S. Petherton (Bruton), 95. 
Shepton Montague (Bruton), 87. 

Other spoil will be found in the Index Rerum under the 
heading " Dissolved Monasteries." 

I have to acknowledge an error into which I fell in the very 
first page of the last volume of wills (S.R.S. XIX, 1). 

The Mompesson family were not of Bathampton, Somerset, 
but of Great and Little Bathampton, in the parish of Steeple 
Langford, Wilts. 

Two pedigrees of the family will be found at pages 60 and 
96 of the Visitation of Wiltshire in 1623, edited by my friend 
the late Dr. G. W. Marshall. 

In conclusion, I beg to thank all those who have kindly 
helped me with the notes, and especially Mr. Falconer Madan, 
F.S.A., of the Bodleian Library, who has always most courteously 
replied to my very numerous queries, and has given me on divers 
occasions most valuable help ; my best thanks are also due to 
my old friend Canon C. H. Mayo, and to my nephew J. R. H. 
Weaver, who has often examined books for me at the British 
Museum, and elsewhere. 

F. W. Weaver. 

Milton-Clevedon Vicarage, 
October, 1905. 

* Kyrton in Holland, Lincolnshire. Dugdale says, " Kirton in Somersetshire"! 
{See his account of Buckland Priory.) Monaitiiott, vi. 672. Donington is also 
in Lincolnshire. 



[23 MARCHE.'J 

February 20th, 1410. John Pakenham vicar in the cathedral 
church of Wells ; my body to holy grave, to the fabric of the 
cathedral church of Wells 6s. &d., to the church of Loxton, one pair 
of vestments of Bordelsaunder, one silver chalice, gilt inside, one 
missal, one antiphonar notaf, one. surplice, and one pair of corporals ; 
to the church of Esthempstede where I was formerly rector, one 
breviary notaf, one ordinal, one surplice of the better sort ; to Alice 
Rabas, one bed of divers blue colours with birds with tester, 
celer and curtens of the same colour, one pair of better sheets of 
Wylton cloth, two blankets, one better quylte, one matras, two 
better cushions, one maser bound with silver, gilt, with one morse 
in the bottom, six silver spoons of the better sort, ' one blue 

?own furred with crysty-grey, and one girdle silver gilt which 
had of the gift of John Bockyng ; to Sir William Calfe, 
succentor, one brazen morter with pistal) and with one sarge 
for the same, one maser bound with silver, gilt, which I had of 
the gift of Richard Legge ; to Sir John, abbot of Muchelnegh, 
6j. %d. and to each monk of the same monastery professed \2d. 
to be paid from the last payment of my stall of Ilmyster ; to John 
Alfrede, one small breviary, if he is consecrated to the order of 
priest within a year after my death, otherwise I leave the said 
breviary to the house of Edyndon. To Adam, my servant one 
bed at Loxton, namely, one coverlet of blue worsted with tester 

&nmtrttt WKRa. 

" de card" another small coverlet of divers colours, one cushion, 
three sheets, two blankets, one canvas, one brass pot, one possenet, 
one dish, one tripod, one iron furnace ; to Sir John Milward, chap- 
lain there, one blue coverlet, two sheets, " iiij pulvinaria vocat 
guyssons." To Master Alexander Pakenham one book called 
magist htstor', one silver chalice entirely gilt, one book called 
Omelias Greg pape. To Sir Walter Mone one basilard. To Sir 
John Mastey a small piece of silver with a cover, one book called 
Legenda aurea ; to Cristina Bugworth one maser bound with 
silver, gilt, without a morse in the bottom ; to the fabric of the 
church of Loxton one lead furnace and one round leaden vessel 
weighing 60 lbs. 

To the rector my successor and to his successors, one small 
furnace, four forms, three stools, three tables, one chest with a 
lock and all my timber. 

Residue : to be disposed by my executors to pray for my 
soul and my parents' souls. 

Executors : Sir Walter Mone and Sir John Mastey. Dated 
at Wells. 

Proved May 6th, 141 1. 

[John Bockyng and John Gamelyn, chaplains and vicars of the cathedral 
church of Wells, are mentioned in the probate clause.] 


[5 MlLLES.] 

August 24th, 1487. Richard Worthington, provost and 
canon residentiary of the cathedral church of Wells. My body 
to ecclesiastical burial. To the prebendal church of Wylves- 
comb, 20J. To the church of St. Cuthbert of Wells, 131. 4d. 
To the parish church of Est Brent, 13J. <\d. To Robert Staple 
my servant, 13J. 4^. To John Tarelton my servant, 6s. 8d. To 
Thomas Mersshall, 6s. 8d. To Walter Huett my servant, 6s. fid. 
To Thomas Barbor, 6s. 8d. To Thomas Pelly, 3J. 4V. To 
Thomas Bethom, 6s. Sd. The residue to the venerable man 
Master Thomas Overay, precentor of the cathedral church 
of Wells, Master Robert Pemberton, bachelor in decrees and 
to Robert Worthyngton my brother, my executors. 

Proved February 4th, 1487. 

Cfjoma* KgUotott. 


[5 Thowbr.] 

In our Lady day of Marche 13 Henry VIII. I Wyllyam 
Cousyn, deane of Wells ; ffirste I bequethe my soule to God 
and to be buried in the church of St Andrews at Wells before 
Our Lady or Saint John Evangeliste in some part of the churche 
and my brother Robert Cousyn to be my executor and to bury 
me as he shall thinke best ; twenty poore men havyng torchis and 
to have Sd. a peace for their labour and every minister of the 
churche to have for their labour for all maner of service 5j. a 
peace, and £10 among poor folke at the day of my burying and 
no monythes mynd but that that shalbe doon within 15 
dayes at the whiche season every minister to have in like wise 
as at my burying and all my other goods I will be dispoase at 
his owne mynde charging with nothing otherwise save to Richard 
Baker ^40 for his fathers, the which is a £100, but his goodes 
will not come but to £40 and nother that for other charges that 
I have byn at and that wrongfully, and it is to the Archdeacon 
I have wrytten in a bill my mynde. I have been much at cost for 
my lorde of Bathe and have buryed my lord of Bathe at my owne 
charge and could never come to any of my lordes goodes tyll 
the Archdeacon was disceased, I bere all the charge and the 
Archedeacon was possessed of the goodes : as touching dilapi- 
dacion I ought to pay noon on my conscience for I had noon and 
yet I have meynteigned all charges till this day. In witness where- 
of I have written this my last will, there being witness Cristofer 
Gomuldon, priest, and John Godard, vicar of the said churche. 

Proved July 10th, 1531. 


[33 Bodfkldk] 
December 20th, 1524. Thomas Rydowte of the parishe of 
Hengystrige within the dioces of Bathe. My body to be buried 
within holy grave. To the cathedrall church of Wells, izd. To 
the high awter of Hengistrige for my tithings forgotten 6s. Sd. and 
to every light in the same churche $d. To the bretherhed of Our 
Lady in the same church a kowe and to the maynteynyng of 

4 donurdtt Will*. 

the store of Saint James there a kowe and to the store of St. 
Clement, there a kowe. To the store of St Blase at Kyngton, a 
kowe. To the churche of Stowre Weston $s. $d. To John 
Darke parish clerk of Hengistrige, 2s. To every of my god- 
childem beyng alyve ^d. To my brother Nicolas, a kowe, to 
Elizabeth Payne a kowe, to Joane Mone a bullock, and to 
Kateryn Wolryge a ewe and a lambe. To my eldest sonne my 
secunde wayn with all things of apparell therto belonging. 
To my secunde sonne John a bullock and 6 shepe. To my 
yongest sonne John my best wayn with all things of apparel 
therto belonging and to the same John £3 65. &d. To my sonne 
Richard a bullock. To my youngest daughter Johane 66s. fid. 
The residue to Isabel! my wife, executrix. Witnesses : Sir John 
Bucket curat there, John Wolrige and John Darke. 
Proved May 10th, 152$. 


[9 Dymgeley.J 
June 19th, 20 Hen. VIII. Richard Wollman priest To be 
buried in the cloyster of S. Stephen in Westmynster. To every 
canon, vicar and quyrester of the said college at my dirige 
and masse /\od. I will 24 poore and innocent children lernid ot 
good fasshon bere 24 torches abowte my herse, every child to 
have a surples of good iockeram which surples shall be lefte to 
the College of S. Stephen for the queresters there. To each 
child 6s. Sd. to say dirige, or if he cannot, to say "De profundis," 
abowte my herse. I will there be no other herse of wex abowte 
me but 2 tapers upon my herse and the 24 torchettes. Among 
chanons, vicars and choristers at my months mind at S. 
Stephen's, £3 6s. $d. To every prisone in London, viz., 
Newgate, Ludgate, the Benche and the Marshallse, 20s., praying 
those that be therein to say Dirige, or if they cannot " De 
profundis," or if they cannot say " De profundis," io say of their 
charytie such devotion as God shall put in their mynde. I will 
a priest sing for seven years at Cambridge in the church of St. 
Edwarde at the awter of Our Lady where my mother is buried, 
having 10 marcs yearly; the money for his contentacion to be 
putt in a hutche in the unyversitie Chappell. To the cathedral 

Sirhart SBoUnuui. 

churches of Paules in London and of Wells £4 to each for a dirige 
and masse with distribution as abovesaid. To the poor of each 
of my parishes £3 6s. Sd. To John Vawdey and Annes his 
wife and each of my servants a black gowne price 4s. the yerde. 
To the said Agnes a silver salte, my nest of goblets of silver and 
£20. To John her son a silver cup which the King did give me 
and ,620 to his finding to scole. To William Jennyng my 
servant a, saddell and bridle etc. To Mr. William Knight 
the king's secretary my basin and ewer with the steire gilt in the 
bottom and a ring with a little diamond pointed. To Mr. Doctor 
Dokke my ring with a satire made in Fraunce, To Mr. Doctor 
Capon my ring with Turkes and the ring with an emerode of 
his which I have. To the Abbey of Walden silver plate etc. 
desiring the religious fathers there to pray for me. To the 
Abbot and Convent of the same ^40 for a yearly dirige and masse, 
the said Abbot being present to have 6s. 8d., every monk 2od., 
every deakon l6d. every subdeacon i2d., every novice [blank], 
so that they say dirige yearly two and two togethers or 
separally, for my soule. To Mr. Doctor Bennett chanon of 
S. Stephen's a ring with a diamond called a Ribben. To the 
mayden child the which Agnes Vaudy hath borne whos name 
I do not know, ,£10. To my god daughter Andrew Smyth's 
daughter £ 6 6s. &d. to her marriage. To W, Marchaunte childe to 
Mr. Secretary £6 6s, 8d. To the children in the gramer scole of 
Paules at London 40J. to say " Dirige " or " De profundis " in the 
cathedral church of Paules, and for better ordre 1 desire the 
master to be there, to whom 6s. Sd. and to the ussher $s. ^d. 
To the children in the gramer scole at Eton 40J. in like manner 
and the master jj. 4d. And as there shall not be in the College 
by the Provest and his fellows a dirige and masse for me, I 
desire the vice-proveste or any other fellow of the College being 
a priest to be present at the said dirige and do suffrages 
among the children and singe the masse on the morowe, 
having dr. 8d. I bequeath 401. to Walden, 1 3 s. ^d. among the 
quere for a dirige and masse, 13J. 41/. among the children of 
the same scole present and 1 $s. ^d. for almes among my poor 
parissheners there. To the said Abbey of Walden my gown of 
velvet, and velvet for vestments for deakyn and subdeakyn 
wherene my dirige and masse shall be sung, To the College 

frointrart mills. 

of S. Stephen's in Westmyster £40 to buy a suit of vestments 
for preste, deakyn and subdeakyn. To the parish church of 
Walden 40 marks for the same. To Edmond Turnar my 
scoller at Cambridge .£10 toward his exhibition. To the 
marriage of honest maidens ^20. Among poor scollers in 
Oxford and Cambridge ^20, no scoller that is fellow in any 
college to be partaker. I bequeath £20 among poor widows to 
here a masse the next day after they be paid and to say 5 pater 
nosters, 5 aves, and a Crede before the beginning of the masse 
and in the masse time the salter of Our Lady. To the parish 
church of Claivering [Essex] where I was borne and where my 
father is buried whose soule Jhus pardon, a vestment price ;£io 
and 13J. /\d. for a dirige and masse among the ministers of 
the quere and four nobles in aims. 

To every parish church that I have viz., Walden, Hagmers- 
ham, Kinghfh, to Saint Cuthbert's in Wells, to my parish church 
of Mells, to Chetilhampton, a vestment price ^10. My cousin 
Annes Wolman now wife of John Wady to have half my 
household stuff. Residue, to my executor Mr. Doctor Knight 
Secretary to the King. 

Proved September 20th, 1537. 

1528. JOHN MADLET.' 
[21 Thower.] 

December 20th, 1529. John Madley to be buried in the 
church of AH Saints of Noney. Church of Noney 6s. 8d ; poor 
of the same town 40s. Prior and Convent of Weytham 40J. 
Brotherhood of Corscombe 20s. 

Residue ; Roger Madley my son (executor). 

Witnesses : Sir Richard Basyng rector of the church of Noney, 
Thomas Hymerford, Thomas Raglande. 

Proved November 29th, 1532. 


[18 Thower.] 
June 25th, 1 530. Thomas Roger, clerke, parsonne of Ulcombe 
in Kent, revoking all manner of bequests (those to Johane 

Siofen SabtljaH- 

Boorwne except) ; to be buried without the west doore of the 
cathedral church of Wells and the bequests that I have given to 
St Androwes and St. Cutberts and the aulters in the same and 
to other places I have paid by my life. 

Residue : my brother John Rogers. 

Witnesses : Sir John Gentill, Sir Robert Carter.Sir John Hack- 
worthy, Sir John Ryse, Sir John Cornish, John Cole, John 
Brynscomb, John Appowell, David Edwards. 

Proved October 16th, 1533. 


[11 Thower.] 

February 10th, 1530. John Hakehad, canon of the cathedral 
church of Wells. To be buried within the cathedral church of 
B.M. of Sarum near the grave of my mother there on the right 
side. To the cathedral church of Sarum one ring of gold with 
a gem which is called a safor and 3$. 4//. To William Vincent 
and his wife 40J. Philipp Vincent 20s. Richard Goolde my 
best doublet of worsted, my collar {tcrquetem) of sarsnett and 
6s. 84. John Magott my best gown. Master John Baker my 
purse of velvet ; to each of the canons present at my burial 
i2d. To each of the vicars and cantarists 8d. To the altarists, 
choristers, doorkeeper, beadle, sacrist and their servants at the 
discretion of my executors. To each person carrying me to 
my burial 41/. Spiringe the elder 6s. 8d. Master Richard 
Arche canon residenciary in the cathedral church of Sarum 
all my tenement situated in the New Street of New Sarum 
between the tenement near the sign of the Crane on the east 
and the tenement of the scholars " de valle Sarum " on the 
west to provide for my soul, William Vincent and his " modern " 
wife to dwell in it as long as they live, rent free. 

Residue : Mr. Richard Arche (executor.) 

Witnesses : Sir Richard Goolde, Thomas Colborne, Thomas 
Berne, William Cowbridge. 

Proved November 13th, 1531. 

8 •omrtfrt BBKIIa. 



April 1st, 1531. Richard Odam of Riston [Ruishton] to be 
buried in tholy grave. 

All my goods to Margaret my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Nicholas Basler chaplen, Richard Gungstone and 
Thomas Gunstone. 

Proved June 7th, 1531. 

[S Thower.] 

April 24th, 1531. John Brett, esquire, of South petherlon 
to be buried in the aisle of St. Salvator of Pederton aforesaid ; 
to the vicar of Petherton for my tithes forgotten 3j. %d. To 
Sir Stephen Forest curate of Petherton 3j. ^d. To the vicar 
of Winsam $s. ^d. To Sir Robert Coyle curate of Axmister 
[31. 44/.]. To Leonard Evert 12</., parish church of Axmyster 
one cow, parish church of Petherton one cow. Joan Betty 
wife of Richard Betty two cows and one bed with a white 
coverlet To John Coxston generosus one mare, a black 
colt To John Betty son of Richard Betty one cow and one 
heifer. To Richard Betty, senior, two calves. To Richard 
Chamberleyne one cow and one heifer and one mare. To each 
of my godsons %d. To Sir Henry Daubeney, Kt., £to. To 
Alexander Evert one grey gown furred. John Walrond 200 
sheep being in Whitestaunton and eight oxen feeding in 
W h i testa un ton with the plough and all its appurtenances, and 
all utensils being in my capital mansion in Whitestaunton, and 
the half part of my sheep animals and beasts of burden feeding 
in my park of Wycroft ; to the same John Walrond and to Joan 
wife of Richard Betty all the utensils in my manor of Wicroft. 
To Themas Raw my servant one horse. To Alice Betty 
daughter of Richard Betty one calf. Joan Betty daughter 
of Richard Betty one calf. 

Residue : Isabel my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Thomas Baskett and William Portman, esquires 
(to each 20s.). 

ttfcfmtto Srnprr. 

Witnesses: Sir Robert Coyle, curate of Axmister, John 
Coxston, genera sus, Alexander Evert, Richard Betty. 
Dated in Wycroft 
Proved June 23rd, 1531. 


[23 THOWER.] 

July 15th, 1531. Richard Draper of Haselbare in thecounty 
of Somerset To be buried in the church of Haselbare. Sir 
William Haccombe vicar of Haselbare for tithes forgotten 
6s. 8d. Church of Haselbare 6j. id. Wells Cathedral i6d. 
Parish church of Middelechynnock 6s. id. To the Trinitie 
of Crokehorne 6s. id. To the gray freres in Bridgewater to 
singe a trentall for the welthe of my soule iar. Parish church 
of Northperet $s. qd. Parish church of Henton St. George 
3.1. 4d. Parish church of Haselbare 4 kyne to fynde foure 
tapers yerely forever to burne in the same church, oon before 
our lady in the chauncell oon before St Mighell, oon before 
St. Rosmi and the other before St. Wolfrygs shryne. Agnes 
my wife .£40, the bed which I lye in with all the apparel thereto 
belonging, also the bedde which the maids lye in and all things 
to the same belonging, 6 silver sponys, oon brasse crocke, 
oon panne, 6 pewter disshes, oon gowne and oon kyrtell which 
were my first wyfes, oon paire of corall beads gawded with silver. 
Hugh my sonne the great chest in the parlour, 4 beddys in the 
great chambre and £20, 6 silver spones, oon pece of silver 
which spones and pece be deliverid to the same Hughe, 6 oxen 
wene whelis and thapparell and also 30 hede of rotherbests 
or else 20 marcs, also my lond in Lydford to him and his 
heirs for ever. Richard Draper sonne of the said Hugh oon 
silver spone. Thomas sonne of the said Hugh oon silver spone. 
Isabell daughter of the said Hugh one silver spone. To every 
man, woman and child being at my burying penny doole, to 
every preest present and like soo to be doon at my moneth 
mynd id., foure poure men or women one shirte or smock. I 
will that my knyll be ronge in the parish of Haselbare the 
space of oon whole yere every day. To the foresaid Hugh all 
my brewing fatts, trendells and the Lede. Richard Draper son 

j&omndtt VRiUn, 

of Hugh £6 \$s. $d. Thomas son of Hugh £3 6s. &d. John 
son of Hugh 33.C 4^. Isabell doughter of Hugh 33*. ^d. Parish 
church of Southperott 3J. 4d. 

Residue : William my sonne (executor). 

Witnesses: Alexander Spragatt, Richard Cole, John 
Gardener, Richard Whitynogh. 

Proved January 25th, 1532. 


[9 Thower.] 
August 8th, 1531, Richard Daveis of the parish of St. 
John Baptist of Bedmynster, diocese of Bath and Wells. To 
be buried in the parish churche of Bedmynster. To the cathedral 
church of Wells 8d. To the highe aulter in Bedmynster church 
for tithes forgotten i2d. To the reparation of Bedmynster 
church my best cowe, xiij dossin of breade to be distributed 
and dealid for my soule and all christian soules on the day of 
my burying and other xiij dossen at the monythes mynde and 
one dossin off the same to be gyven to the spyttyll house at 
the bright bowe. Robert Cocks my sonne-in-law my best 
gowne and my best doublet and to Ellyn his wyfe my doughter 
halfe a dossyn of silver sponys. Agnes my doughter half a 
dossyn of silver sponys an oxe and a cowe. Thomas Daves my 
sonne £6 13s. $d. Dorathe my doughter £6 13s. 4^. if both 
dye, one part of the money to go to find an honest priest to 
sing for me for one year at our lady aulter in Bedmynster and 
the residue to remain to Johane my wife. Thomas my sonne 
and Dorathy my doughter the three tenements in Bedmynster 
which I purchased under the chapitre seale of Salisbury during 
the yeres as yt apperithe by indenture, if both die then to Agnes 
my doughter and the eldest of her children. I will that the 
yeres I have in the personage of Bedmynster remayne to Johane 
my wife. John Brooke my servant a bullock with a heyfer. I 
will that all the years which I have by the right of John Broke 
his father in one cloase and pasture called the Cheirte remain 
to Johane my wife one whole yeare after my decesse and after- 
ward it to remayn to John Broke my servant if John Broke 

3oan feopfctiirf. ii 

depart within thage of 20 years then I will the years remayne 
to the church of St John Baptist of Bedmynster. 

Residue : Johane my wife except a standing cup of silver 
with a cover parcel! gilte, a salte of silver with a cover parcell 
gilte, a pott of sylver with a cover which I will be distributed 
between my two children ix. Thomas and Dorathie. 

Overseers : Robert Cocks my sonne-in-law, John Smythe my 
brother-in-law, the yonger of the name and John Melowes, 
tanner of Bedmynster. 

Witnesses : Sir Mathew Raynford curate of Bedmynster, Sir 
Thomas Best, preest in Brystowe, Robert Whitecoke, Richard 
Phillipps of Bedmynster. 

Proved October 31st, 1531. 

[11 Thower.] 

September 21st, 1531. Richard Gunne parsone of Walcott 
in the subarbes of Bath, 10 be buryed in the cathedral church of 
Bathe. To the mother church of Wells [2rf. To Maister 
Bekington cosynar of Bathe all my bokys that be at Wotton 
under hege. To the parsone of St. James my gowne unlyned, 
William Kenley my shorte gowne lyned with buckerham, 
Richard Gunne, my brother Robert's sonne, 20 marks that 
resteth in Maister Busshis handes to helpe the same Richard to 
scole, Dorathie Style my blacke hatt, 

Residue : Maister Thomas Keye, William Gunne and Robert 
Gunne my two brothers (executors). 

Witnesses: Thomas Baten, John Whight, Sir William 
Bloxsam, curate. 

Proved November 18th, 1531. 


[18 Thower.] 
December 3rd, 1531. Johane Hopkins of Kingesdon in the 
county of Somerset, wydow. To be buried in the churchyarde of 
Kingesdon. Cathedral church of Wells \2d. Church of 
Kingesdon, 6s. %d. ; thouse of fTryers in Ivilchester 4 bushells of 

i2 jtwamm OUib. 

Residue ; Maister John Gilbert parsonne of Kingesdon and 
Robert Odams to devide oon parte among my children' and the 
other parte for the welthe of my soule and all Christian souls 
and I make them executors. 

Witnesses : Sir John Manstiche my goostly father. Thomas 
Dayman, and John Walforde alias Houper my servants. 

Proved October 8th, 1532. 

[13 Thower.] 

Sir Philipp Fulford, knight, to be buried within the parish 
church of Corymallett before oure ladye in the cbaunsell. 
Cathedral I church of Wells, 6s. &/., church of Corymallett, 20s. 
To the parish churches of Beer, Becbams Hatche, Fyfehed, Abotts 
Ylle, Sevile [Swell] each 13.1. <\d. Parish church of Sheparton 
Mallet, 20s. To every parish preest that dothe helpe to bring 
me to my grave i2d., and to the parish priest \6d. and also every 
preest to have as moche more at my monethes mynde and allso 
at terment at the yere's end. To my nevew Robert Fulford all 
my interest in my bargens that I have in Shepton Mallet for 
terme of yeres except my bargeyne at Strete and my bargeyne 
that I have of Master Robert Martyn the which Symes doth 
hold, the which I give all my interest to my servant John Wodd, 
if Robert die then to remayne to my nevew James Fulford, and 
if he die then it to remayne to Sir Philipp Chamborne and 
Master Jasper Horsey (executors). I will that a coppy that I 
have of the parte of the Sheis be delivered to John Roynon. 
To my nevew James Fulford all my interest in Stoke parke and 
if he die before the yeres are expired then it to remain to my 
nevew Bawdewin Fulford and if he die then it remayne to my 
executors. To every of my servants their hole yere's wages and 
their lyveries that they have now delivered. To my lorde chief 
Justice the beste coppe that I have whom I make myn over- 

I will that there be dealid at my burying and at my 
monethes mynde and at my terment to poor men £1$ 6s. fid. 

Residue : to my executors. 

Witnesses : Sir John Fitziames, Kt, chief justiee of the king's 

benche, Sir John Holeway, John Wodd, Sir Philipp Chamburne, 
Jasper Horsey. 

Proved January 20th, 1531. 



July 2nd, 1532. James Hadley of Withecombe besides 
Dunster, esquyer. I will that £yj be paid in the King's estcheker 
at Westminster for my father Richard Hadley whous soule God 
pardon. For hym to Peter Streche, goldsmyth of Exeter, a 
mark ; for him to Wescombe late his servant, 1 $s. qd. ; to Webber 
of Old Cleve late his servant dr. M. I woll that £$ be paid of 
my owne dette to the King's treasour of his chamber, xx marks 
be paid to the maister of St. Johns in Brigewater by my promys 
to hym made the daie of my marriage ; to the high aulter of the 
temple, Withecombe, Wembedon, St Decombe, Wiliton, St 
John's at Brigwater, and Hethefeld (each) $s. and to every other 
aulter in everyofthe said churches I2rf. Cathedral church of Wells 
SJ. ; to the maister of the temple for, tithes forgotten 20u'.,and to the 
. . of Withecombe i2d., and to the- vicare of Wembedon, $s., 
and to every high aulter within the hundreds of Taunton, Car- 
hampton, Williton fremanors and North Petherton i2d, and to 
every curat of the same as moche. To every secular priest within 
the diocese of Bath and Wells not beneficed, \2d. I will that my 
win" cause 3 tapers to be made, one to be set before the Rode, 
the other before our lady, and the third before the hed seynt of 
the church where I shall happen to be buried, there to borne in 
tyme of Goddis service. To the priory of Dunster, 20$. To the 
prior of Barlinche 20s. To the Abbey of Clef, 20s. To every 
other house of religion within the said diocese, 2&r. the abbey of 
Glaston except to whom I give 401. To the churches of Withe- 
combe, Wiliton, St. Decombe, Hethefeld and Wembedon (each), 
6j. id., to have my name apon the masboks. To my poure 
tenants of Withecumbe 201. and this quarter's rent; the same to my 
tenants of Wiliton, Hethefeld; to my tenants in Brigewater and N. 
Petherton 10s, (each). To my tenants of Sydeham, Bower, Slap, 
Donwere, Baudrip, and Chilton iar. (each place) 40*/. to my 
tenants of Batelborow, and 1 3*. %d. to the maintenance of Horsey 

U dmiui'Stt WHlti. 

chapell. To the reparation of the Reliks being in Withecombe 
church 40s. and to every man servant taking wages his hole yere 
wages and to every woman taking wages as moche. Bequests to 
my mother, my brother Sir Henry, my brother George, my brother 
Sir John at Bruiton, my brother Sir Win. at Barlinche, and to every 
of my godchildren. To have a priest to synge for 5 yeres, I 
will he have out of my lands as before 8 marks by the yere and 
to singe where my body shall happen to be buryed. An honest 
prest shall from the daie of my burying singe in Withecombe 
aforesaid for 15 yeres praying for the soules of my father 
Richard, my mother Phelep my sowte, James, ffriswide, Ellen 
and Elizabeth my wiffes and all our chyldren, kynsfolkes and 
all Christian sowles and after the same 15 yere to the end 
of the world, as my wife and children executors will answer 
before God at the dredfull daie of jugement. I give to every 
howseholder in Dunster, Wachett, Tanton, Brigewater, Lamport, 
Bruton, Yevelchester and Wells \d. and to every hospital! of 
lozare and poure people within the shire of Somerset, izd. 
Prcsoners of Yevelchester 13J. \d. ; to the quiete prisoners of 
Wells, $s, ; prisoners in Bristowe, $s. And for as moche as I 
have beyne negligent to visit holy places and in going of 
pilgremage, therefore I give and bequeath to Our Blessed Lady 
of Cleve 55. St. Savior of Porlock id., St. Culbone 3d., 
St. Savior of Tanton, Bradford, and Brigewater, each %d. ; to 
St. Jophe 3d., blessid King Henry of Windsor 3d., Maister John 
Shorne 3d, Holy blode of Hayles id., Our Ladie of Walsing- 
ham 3d., St Thomas of Caunterbury $d. 

Elizabeth my wife, sole executor ; my eldest and youngest 
sons to be brought up to the law and they to have in Strond yn 
every of them 10 marks, or in the ins of court every of them, 
;£ro. The lands purchased at Sydenham by me of John Pike 
be to whom my said wife shall limit so that they shall keep an 
obit for me in St. John's Brigewater. 401. to Brigewater bridge, 
£l for the making of a chapell in the honour of the visitation of 
B.V.M. and St. Christopher. My monethes mynde to be kept 
at Wembedon, St. John's Brigewater, at the parish churches of 
Brigewater, Withecombe, Wiliton St Decombe's, and Hethefeld, 
and also my 12 months mynd. 

Proved March 26th, 1537. 

Sofin Stnl. 15 


[21 Thower.] 

November 15th, 1532. Thomas Bassatt to be buried in the 
church of St. John Baptist of Carhampton. To the same church 
and for my grave, 20s. To the Rode light I2rf. To our lady 
light I2ii. To all sowlys light I2</ To St. Christopher and to 
St. Nicholas 121/. Cathedral church of Wells, I2*f. My gostly 
father, 10s. The clerk, i2d. 1 commande my sonne John Bassatt 
. wele and truely to see his mother contented and paid of hir 
joynture, and also to see his brother Jenkyn, and also to see a 
preest singing out the yere for his uncle and me. 

Residue : Elizabeth my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses: Sir Henry Chock, vicar there, Hugh Kytt, 
Thomas Jaye, Thomas Pore, Thomas Wylsdon, 

Proved November 28th, 1532. 


{22 Thower.] 

November 27th, 1532. Thomas Griffith of Yevill, yoman. 
To be buried in the Savoye church at London, my brother Thomas 
Griffith to be my sole executor. He to have all my goodes, 
catall and apparell that I have belonging to myself. Also I will 
that he have my howse and landes which I bought of Gilys 
Benet of the same towne and county and the debt that Henry 
Welfare oweth unto me. I will that my maister Sydenham of 
Brympton the eldest and the provest of Stoke be my overseers 
and have the governance of my wife. My cousin Sir Robert 
Evans to be paid his duette for his benefice 23J. 4*/., whereof I 
had the oversight which money I have paid to Maister Robert 

Witnesses : John Sydenham the yongest, Laurence Pynner, 
Anthony Wynsford. 

Proved December 22nd, 1532. 

1532. JOHN KENT. 

[2 HOGEN.] 

March 4th, 1532. John Kent citizen and alderman of the 
citie of Bath. To be buried within the parish church of St, 

if. Aammfrt Wins. 

Michacll without the gate. Cathedral church of Wells, I2rf. 
Parish church of St. Michael!, . 6$. 8rf. Sir Win. Fisher my 
curate, 20s. Wm. Kent my eldest sonrie £$. John Kent my 
sonne 40s. Thomas Kent my sonne if he be preest my best 
greate nutte with the cover, my gown furred with foynes and 
after the decease of the said Thomas Kent my sonne the said 
nutte to be delivered to the chastiest and best dispoased personne 
of my surname. Mathew Kent my sonne ,£10. My younger 
sonne Wm. £6 i$s.4</. Dunstane my son £6 ijr. 41V. to be 
apprenticed in Bristoll. My servant Robert Watts 20s. and my 
best blue puke gowne furred with blacke. To the convent of 
Bathe, 2cu. 

Residue : Alice my wife and Thomas my son (executors). 

Overseers, my lorde priour of Bathe (to him 401.), and 
Thomas Luwellyn gent. (20s.) 

Witnesses : Mr. Wm. Sherwood vicar of the stalls, Sir Wm. 
Fisher, Thomas Palmer, John Clement. 

Proved April 2nd, 1533. 


[18 HOGEN.J 

April 25th, 1533. Isabell Horte wydow of the parish of 
Y at ton ; to be buried in the parish church of [blank] Cathedral 
church of Wells i2d., church of Yatton icw., chapell of St. James 
in Yatton 10s., highe aulter of the parish church of Yatton I2d. t 
church of Congyrsburye and Kingston Saymor (each) 3J. 4/i., 
for a prist to singe for my soule for one whole yere £6 i$s. $d. ; 
in alms to be distributed amongst powre people £6 13J. 4<£; 
to the mayntenance of the Kynges highe waye betwixte Weere 
and Axbridge 13J. 41/. ; to the mendynge of the highe waye in 
pynnocks lane as moche as shall be nedefull : the 4 orders of 
ffreris in the towne of Bristowe to every house 6s. Srf. ; to 
Edmounde Nedys, to his wife and children £6 1 is. 4d. To John 
Aleyn to his wyfle and children £$ ; fflowrence Sexten 40s. ; 
Isabell Kiiyghte the daughter of Thomas Knyghte 40s. ; 
Johane Barboure daughter of John Barboure 40s., Julyan 
Knyght daughter of Thomas Knyght 40*., Marye Knyght 
daughter of Thomas Knyght 40s., Thomas Knyght 4CW. and a 
heyfer ; Wm. Knyght son of Thomas Knyght £4; John 

SalHtfnfn flfUIm. 

Knyght son of Walter Knyght £10 ; Alyce Avery daughter of 
John Averye 6s. 8d. ; Sir Wm. Noble curate 3-r, \d. ; John Horte 
40s. ; Alyoe Horte 40*. 

Residue : Richard my son (executor). 

Overseers: John Wall and Edmund Nedys. 

Witnesses : Wm. Sexten, Edmund Nedys, Water Williams, 
John Averye. 

Proved September 9th, 1534. 


[4 HOGEN.] 

April 25th, 1533. William Tedbury to rest within holligrave 
of Peter and Paul within the Priory of Taunton to the high 
crosse service in Magdalen $s, $d. to the sepulcre service in 
Magdalen 3J. 4*/,, Johane Adams my servant &$, Joan Cooper 
my servant £5. to my lord prior one of my 3 crossebowes which 
he Iiste to have. Wm. Vox my beste gowne, Johane Netheway 
a packe of Dunster mylles combs for to helpe him into his land. 
I will that there shall be dealid at my burying penny doole come 
whoso will to pray for my soule. Cathedral church of Wells 6d. 

Residue : my brother Richard Tedbury and Johane my wife 

My brother Richard shall give to every child of his owne 
children half a packe of clothes or ells 20 nobles of his own portion. 

Witnesses : Maistcr Wm. Bery, Vicar, Wm. Vox, John 

Proved June nth, 1533. 


[4 HOGEN.] 

Julyi2th,25 Hen. VIII. Baldewyn Malet, Esquire. I wilimy 
feoffees of my manor of Westcontokyshed in the county of 
Somerset shall stand and be seised thereof to the use of me and 
of Anne my wife, the reversion to Michel) Malet my son and 
his heirs and for lack of heirs to John, Thomas and Adam Malet 
my sons in order, and for lack of heirs to them to Hughe Malet 
esquire and his heirs for ever. The reversion of all other my 
lands in Westcontokyshed to the use of the said Michel), John, 

Aomtrttt mmt. 

Thomas and Adam and for lack of issue to remain to the heirs 
of me and of Anne my wife and for lack of such issue to the 
right heirs of me, forever. I will my feoffees of all my lands in 
North Petherton and elsewhere in the counties of Somerset and 
Devon stand and be seised thereof to the use of me and after 
my decease to the use of Anne my wife, the reversion to the use 
of the said John, Thomas, Adam and Michel! my sons in order 
and their heirs etc. Also my feoffees of my manor- of 
Swannewich als. Sanderwick in the Isle of Purbike co. Dorset to 
stand and be seised thereof to the use of me and of Anne my wife 
and I will they make estate of one moytie thereof to the said 
Thomas, Adam, John and Michell in order etc., and of the other 
moytie to the said Adam, Thomas, John and Mychell in order 
and their heirs etc. Also my feoffees of my moytie of the 
manor of Benstepopham co. Southampton to stand and be seised 
to the use of me and of Anne, my wife, the reversion to the 
said John, Thomas, Adam and Mighell in order and their heirs 
etc. And if either of the said Thomas and Adam be a preeste 
he shall have his part until he be promoted to a benefice worth 
£zo by the year after which his title in the above shall be void. 
To Anne and Elizabeth Malet my daughters 300 marks each to 
their marriage. I will the revenues of the said premises go to 
the finding the said John, Thomas and Adam as well in mete 
and drinke as in lerning at scole. To the parish church where 
my body shall be buried 201, To the two orders of Freers in 
Excetor 2cw. each for a solempne Dirige with a Trentall of 
Divine masses. To the greye freers of Bridgwater 2at. for the 
same purpose. To the vicar of the parish church of St. Thomas 
the martir without Exbridge for oblaciouns and pryvyt tithes 
forgotten 1 3$. qt. Each of my servants to have a quarter's wages. 
To my clerks, if 1 fortune to have two at the time of my death, 
to the longest contynuar of them 20J., to the other 13^. $d. 

Residue : Anne my wife my executrix. 

In witness whereof I have subscribed every sheet and scrowe 
of papir with myne owne hande. 

Witnesses: Sir John Willughby, clerk, Sir Thomas Hole, 
clerk, Robert Hill, Antonny Gilbert, John Slannyng, gentilmen, 
and John Dyer, servant. 

Proved August gth, 1533. 

$oi)!i ;ftt|jamtsi. 


[14 HOC EN.] 

December 12th, 1533. William Benett Doctor of Lawe 
Civill ; to my successor in my benefice of Mamhull for the 
reparations of the chauncel there 20 marcs. To my successor 
of my prebende in the cathedral church of Wells called Lytton 
for the reparations in the howse there £6 i$s. ^d. 

Residue : my debts to be paid and the rest divided into two 
parts, one to be bestowed for my soul and that other part to be 
distributed among my brethren and sustern after the discretion 
of my uncle Maister John Benet merchant taillor of London 

Overseers : Mr. Dr. Wolman and Mr. Bell to whom I give 
my two silken bedds. 

Witnesses : John Burges, Edward Mowll, Robert Bassall. 

Proved May nth, 1534. 


[18 HOCEN.] 

•533- John Fitzjames of Templecombe in the diocese of 
Bath and Wells, esquire. My body to be buried where it please 
my executors. To the reparations of the ' wolde warkes ' of the 
cathedral church of St. Andrew in Wells, 6s. Zd. To the highe 
an Iter for my tithes and offerings forgotten . . . To 
Elisabeth my wife all my lese for term of yeres which I have 
of my Lorde of Arundell called Materface farme in the parish 
of Hill Dovirell co. Wilts and all my lese of one lesure or 
pasture in the parishe of Hengstriche co. Somersett with all the 
stocke and cattail uppon the same. To Thomas Wykkes my 
servant 20s. The residue to Elizabeth my wife, my executrix. 

Overseers : Sir John Fitz-james knyght and Chife Justice of 
Inglande and Aldrede Fitz-james, gentilman. 

Witnesses : the forsaid Aldred Fitz-james and John Fitz- 
james junior. 

Proved October 26th, 1534. 

20 Aonurtrt HJMU. 


[14 HOGEH.] 

Anne Whiting widow late the wife of John Whiting esquire ; 
to be buried in the parish church of Compton Paunscefote in the 
lie before St. Kateryn where my graunt-father and other of myn 
auncestors lyeth ; to the parish church of Kentisbere 6s. 8d„ and 
a paire of vestments ; to the lie of St. John where my husband 
lyeth buried a paire of vestments, to the bretherhede of St 
John in Kentisbere to have every year direge and masse to pray 
for the soul of John Whiting and Anne his wife 3 kyne ; to the 
chauntry of Compton Paunsfote a paire of vestments and my 
best gowne and best kyrtell to make a paire of vestments. To 
Sir Robert Brice chauntrye preest of Compton 40J., church of 
Compton a paire of vestments and 6s. %d., my sister Elizabeth 
Willughby £6 ijr. 4*/., half a dozen of my best smoks 
and my best bonet, a frountlet, my doughter Isabel Aysford a 
casket with Kerchers and my next bonet with the edge of 
peryll, my brother Robert Willoughby my best crose ; to my cosyn 
John Willoughby the King's cbaplyn ^10, my doughter Jane 
Whiting my best chamlet gowne and kirtell and the residue of 
my smoks and the cupp that Maister Nicholas Fitz-james did 
geve me. To my doughter Elizabeth my tabulment of golde 
with thre peryll. All the residue of my apparel! to my suster 
Elizabeth Willughby. To all my servants their quarter's wages 
and 6s. %d. apece. 

The residue to my brother Robert Willughby, my executor. 

February 3rd, 25 Hen. VIII. To all christian people etc. 
Anne Whiting, widow, late the wife of John Whiting of Wood, 
esquire, one of the sisters and heirs to Petir Paunscefoote son 
and heir to Water Paunscefote, esquire, greeting. That where 
Hugh Paulet, John Willughby, Robert Chudlegh, esquires, 
Robert Willughby, and George Willughby, gentilmen, with 
Humfrey Collys and John Caylwaye deceased, jointly in the 
year 22 -Hen. VIII at Westminster before Sir Robert Brudenell, 
knight, late Chief Justice, recovered against me the manor of 
Compton Paunscefote with the advowson of the church of 

flnnt aHijiting. 21 

Compton Paunscefote and with the chauntrye in the same 
church and two mills with the course of the water thereunto 
belonging running in the said manor and all my lands in 
Blakeforde and elsewhere in the county of Somerset which were 
the inheritance of me, by force whereof the said Hugh Paulett, 
John Willughby, Nicolas Willughby (sic), Robert Chudlegh, 
Robert Willughby, George Willughby with Humfrey Collys 
and John Caylwaye stand seased in their demeane as of fee of 
the said manor and premises to the use of me, I the said A. W. 
declare my will concerning them as follows : — My body to be 
intyred, after it is dede, in a chapel in the said parish church of 
Compton Paunscefote, wherein my grandfather and other 
ancestors be buried. I will my brothers John Willughby clerk 
and Robert Willughby take 100 marks of the issues of the said 
manor, of which 50 to be bestowed the day of my burial among 
poor people and for a Trentall and for all other things necessary 
for a gentilwoman of my estate as well blakes, hersis and light 
and the rest at my moneth and twelmoneth mynde and two 
priests to sing daily for me for one year at Compton Paunscefote. 
I will my brother Robert Willughby shall dwell at my 
mansion place of Compton Paunscefote for 7 years receiving 
the profits of the same and of my lands in Blakford. My said 
brothers to have 40J, yearly for five years for the execution of 
my will after which my said recoverers shall stand and be 
seised of and in the chief capital! mansion of Compton 
Paunscefote, with the gardyn and orchards barton and 
domynycall or demean lands therto belonging and also of the 
wood there called Holcombe Wood and of Custome mille there 
being with the course of water, lettes, spryngs, werys and 
fastenyng of the same and with the advowson of the Chauntrye 
of the same manor to the use of Humphry Keynys and Mary 
his wife on condition they dwell there at all tymes except when 
the pestelence is reynyng. If not my brother Robert Willughby 
to have the said manor and lands. Also my said recoverers 
to stand and be seised of and in all the tenantries in Compton 
Paunscefote, the hyer mille called the Est Mille and all my lands 
in Blakeford to the use of Agnes Walrond and Isabel Aysford 
and their heirs provided that if my daughter Jane Whiting 
marry with the son and heir of Nicolas Fitz-james, then she 

ftomtrStt WHU$, 

shall have her parte as ferforthe as her other two sisters. 
Likewise if my youngest daughter Elizabeth be married to 
a gentilman by my assent she shall have her part also as her 
other sisters. To my brother Robert Willughby ijr. 4d. yearly 
for gathering the rents of the above tenantries, with ioar. yearly 
out of the manor of Compton Paunscefote. 1 will that if my 
grauntfather or any of my ancestors have ever wrongfully taken 
away any land in Compton Paunscefote from Water Petwyn 
or from his father, my heirs shall make restitution thereof to 
the said Water Petwyn or to his heirs. 
Proved May 16th, 1534. 

1534. JOHN JOYCE. 

[i Dyngelev.] 

September 30th, 1534. John Jois on deperture on my viage 
from the Citie of London unto the cities of Tollos and Liofi in 
Fraunce. My bodie and my sowle unto Almighty God. To 
my mother in Taunton £100. To poor householders in London 
^50, in the town of Coscom £2$, and in the towne of Taunton 
£25. To my sister Annys wife of William Horssey, £40. To 
Margett and Alice her daughters £40 each. To my servant 
Anthony Manby^iO. 

Residue : To my master William Willford my executor. 

September 26th, 1535. John Jois at my deperting toward 
Tollos and Bilbo do amytte this my testament to stande in all 
causes, but that I give to Jone daughter of my suster Annys and 
William Horssey £40. 

Ultima voluntas ; — John Jois. To be buried in the church of 
the Graye Friers in Bilboo and I will that you William Wilford 
do see all costs paid unto Thomas Hollonde and Henry Grene 
my overseers. 

Item, for discharging of my consyens toward you John, 
William, Robert and Nycholas Willford I promys you by God 
I am not in charge to you nor to none of you and for all suche 
clothis as you sent in haddocke and artor Henry Grene shalbe 
comptable, and for them that went to the Feir. This ys 
sufficient now, refering me unto my testament left in London 
in the powre of my master William Willford. But sens my 

BHilltam fflSifttrton. 13 

comyng from London I have remembrid one dought that 
chargith my conssiens, ys, 300 ducketts bkweene Raff Foxly 
and me but I promys you I stonde in dought of ony trew dett 
but for so much as my conssiens movethe me, I will my 
executor see it paid. To my nostis 12 ducketts. To Henry 
all my wering gere in Btlboo. To Thomas Hollond my ring 
with my white saveyere and my smale turkis. Also if there 
lack anything to perform my will I shall desirelyou my executor 
in London to lett my stocke ronne foure or fyve yere whereby 
all things may be well complyed and this I dought not but you 
wil be so good to do. I will Thomas Hollond my nost and my 
nostis order my burying with masses for oon yere, and after my 
deth three trentalls of masses, one in begonia, another in Seynt ■ 
Jemys and a nother in the graye Friers and my oblacions for 
three yere after. To the place of Nonnys where Margaret ys 
2 ducketts to the bylding of their house. And to this I shall 
desire you my frends maister Sha and Thomas Hollond and 
maister Wilford for firme unto the same by cause 1 am not 
abull to wright myself. To John Shawe a rubyoner of small 

Proved January 12th, 1536. 


[19 Pynkyng.] 
October 26th, 26 Hen. VIII. William Wytherton Vicar of 
Stoke Gury, diocese of Bath and Wells. My body to be buried 
in the chauncelle of the parish church of St. Andrew in Stoke 
gury. To the same church to be regystred uppon the kalendre 
booke and prayed for, ljr. 4^., a corporas of purple velvett 
ymbrodered with goolde and an oulde Cope to make 
qwysshons. To the parish church of Ly stocke a pair of 
vestments of white dammeiske. To the parish church of 
Mappull Dorram in the diocese of Oxford a paire of vestments 
of redd satten and I will my executors shall buy cloth to make 
the albe and ammys. To my two goddaughters Honor daughter 
of Hugh Wytherton and Mary daughter of Hughe Pytt, six 
spoons of silver to each. To Sir James Smythe my best gown 

24 Aomtrtftt Mills. 

lined with satten of Cipres. To Sir John Blackwode my black 
furred frocke. To Mystres Hobbys a pair of sheets. To Elieno r 
Bocher a pair of sheets. To Isabel! Clerke a mantel). To John 
Clerke a gown lined with tawny worsted, a doublet of worsted 
and a pair of hose. To the poor people of Stoke Gury 
inhabiting the borough there 3s, 4J. To the poor people of 
Mappull Durram 3*. 4*/. To Sir Richard of Lystocke I2i£ 
To the church of St. Andrew in Weils the moonay that I 
ought to have of the comyner there. To Sir Thomas of 
Edestocke my second best tippett To Master Vicar of 
Stokelande gaunts my best capp. To Mychael Rocke my 

The residue to my brothers Hugh, John and Richard 
Wytherton and Agnes Pytt my sister, executors. 

Overseers : Mr. Handesley of Mappull Dorram, Sir James 
Smythe and Michaell Rocke. 

Witnesses : Sir John Cowche vicar of Stokeland, Sir James 
Smythe, Michael Rocke, Michael jerman. 

Proved December 2nd, 1544. 


[37 HOGEN.] 

November 14th, 1534. Isabell Chauncelor, widowe in thecitie 
of Bathe. To be buried in the priory churche of Bathe, in 
St Leonard's chapell in the north ile under a stone there all redy 
by me prepared. I will that my expenses funerall be doon in 
moost honest maner at the discrccion of my executors. I willthat 
contynually by the space of 25 daies placebo and dirige with 
masse be said solempnely with the .... of Bathe in the 
parish church of Our Lady within North gate and that all electe 
and chosen to be at the said dirige and masse by my said 
executors do receyve for their labours and attendance thereat at 
the discrecion of my said executors. I will that my said 
executors fynde and exhibite of my goodes a sufficient able 
preest to singe and say masse in the said parish church of Our 
Lady for my soule and for the soule of Thomas Chauncelor 
some tyme my husband and for the soules of my father and 

l&tttuX tf&aunctllor. 35 

mother and for all christian souls by the space of 4 years from 
the day of my burial] next folowing. To the cathedral church 
of Wells, 2od. Everychoii of my brother's childre 2s. with oon 
silver spoon. Every of my godchildren i2rf. Every parishe 
church in Bath, $s. 41^. My cosyn Thomas Decon his wife IOj. 
To my cosyn Wm. Holden 10s., my cosyn Joane Boner 10s. 
To the gilde of St. Kateryn oon patre of briganders with one 
spilte. Kateryn Hutton a girdell, a pair of beads of corall, a 
nuutt, a flatt pece, a pylowe, 2 quysshens, and a towell of diaper. 
To my brother parson of Dodeswell of (sic) goblet with a cover. 
To my brother Sir Gilbert a powder pece silver and gilte. To 
my brother Thomas Wodeward a goblet. To the house of 
Henton icw. If my sonne Win. Chauncelor contynue in good 
disposicion and sadnesse folowing the good councell of the rest 
of my said executors that he shall have my tenement lying 
within the North gate of Bathe in the parish of Our Lady- 
aforesaid for terme of his life fynding yerely an obite in the 
parish church of Our Lady for my soule and for the said soules 
of the surnme of 6s. &£ by yere, and if God send him yssue of 
his body lawfuly begotten then the said tenement to remain to 
the said yssue and their heeres for ever. My son also to have 
my pasture in the parish of Walcote. I will that a doole be 
made to pour people in the day of my buriall, trigintall and 
yere's mynde. To my loving cosyn Maister Edmond Boner, 
Doctor of law, a standyng cupp gilte and the cover with a 
george. To my lord priour of Bathe shewing kyndnes to my 
said executors, ,£4. 

Executors; my said son Wm. Chauncelor, my said brothers 
Sir William and Sir Gilbert and my loving cosyn Maister 
Doctor Boner, to each 40s. 

Overseer : Henry Kevell gentilman, maior of Bathe to 
whom 30s. 

Witnesses : John Clement, Wm. Byam and Richard Batcn of 

Proved June 13th, 1536. 


[30 Alengek.] 

October 20th, 1535. John Bourghchier, knight, Lord 
Fitz-Warren. To be buried in the parish church of Baunton, or 
in the chappell there where my father is buried, in Devon, where 
[ will that one hearse shall be made upon my grave with tapers 
upon the same to be brcnnyng at all tymes of devyneservyceand 
prayeres. I will that on the days of my burial, month mynde 
and anniversary a Trentall of masses with placebo and dirige 
and other orysons be done and said ; also that a tombe or stone 
of marble be sett over my grave in which my picture in lattyn 
with my armes and cognysaunce the day and yere of my death 
shalbe graven and fyxed faste, and also that a priste seculer 
shall say masse there for 20 yeres, hyerid by my lady Elizabeth 
my wife, John Forde and Rychard Comer. To the Pryor of the 
Grey Freres of Bridgewater 20s., and to every order of fryers in 
Exeter 20s. To the Prior and Friars of Ivelchester 205. To 
each of the hedd or chife wardynes of the parish churches of 
Netherstowey, Baunton, and Tawstock for the use of the said 
churches 205. To my son and heir apparant Sir John Bourchier, 
knt, all household stuff at Tawstock in the county of Devon 
with all my harnes, armor, bowes, bylls, glcithis and other 
weapons defensyve at Netherstowe. To my wyfe all my estate 
and interest in the manor of Netherstowe co. Somerset which I 
now hold, which sometime were the inheritance of James 
Tuchett, knt., sometime Lord Awdeley to me granted by act of 
Parlyment. To Sir John Fitz-james, knt, Chief Justice xCio. 

Residue : to lady Elizabeth my wife. 

Sir John Fitzjames, knt., and John Forde of Ashberton, my 

Proved June 20th, 1541. 

Sofrn Cooptr. 37 


[29 HOGEN,] 

October 22nd, 1535. Anthonye Champney of the parish of 
[Frome] in the diocese of Bath and Wells. To be buried in the 
parish church of Matharne in the diocese of Landaff. To the 
church of Frome Selwode 10s. To the church of Matharne 5$. 

Residue : Alice my wife (executrix). 

Overseer : John Sergaunt of Matharne. 

Witnesses : Sir Phillip Vayne, vicar there, Walter Lewys, 
gentilman, John Nutte, Richard Barney, Roger Jones, and 
many other. 

Proved November 17th, 1535. 


[34 HOGEN.] 

■S3S- John Cooper senior of Bekington. To be buried in 
the parish church of Bekington. Cathedral church of Wells 
I2d. One mill situated within the parish of Frome to George 
Cooper son of John Cooper junior my brother and to the heirs 
of the said George. To Leonard Hylmon my godson a loom in 
the house of John Payn ; and the other loom in the house of 
Thomas Baily I leave to William his son. To Thomas 
Chaffyn my white gown and bene tatam troviculam meam veterem 
and a doublet and my hose and shoes with which I am clad 
when I walk. Wm. Weler that indusium which I now use. 
To the wife of Richarde Hylmon my furred gown which was 
my mother's. To Mary daughter of John my brother my girdle 
of blue fabric with silver buliis; to Elizabeth her daughter 
6 silver spoons, to Agnes and Philippa her daughters the same. 
To William my eldest brother £46 6s. 8d. which sum Master 
John Turney owes me, to the said William my chest which is at 
London and its contents, also my new white iogultam velveto 
undique septam, one brass pot and one brass pan and my best 
camisiam auro contextam. To the church of Bekington one 
brass morter ; to John Cooper junior my brother one mill called 
Scuttysmyll within the parish of Rood ; to the parish church of 

ftamrrftt HBtlR 

Bekington £3 to be paid for 3 years from the rent of the said 
mill and after the 3 years two waxlights to be placed on the 
altar of St. John the Baptist by the owner of the mill and to 
John Denman 20s. out of the profits of.the said mill. 

Executor : John Cooper, junior, my brother. 

Witnesses : John Ashlok, rector, John Born, John Gaster, 
John Clyrlood. 

Proved April 8th, 1536. 



1 535, William Moryce. My body to be buried where it 
please God. To Camell church, 40^ To my five children half 
my goods and to Johan my wife the other half, she to be my 
executrix or if she refuse my son William to be executor. My 
wife to occupy my fermes during herwidowhood, and if she 
marry the profits to go to my children until my eldest son come 
to 21 years and then he to have it and in no wise my wife's 

Overseers: my uncle Richard Harvy, my brother Henry 
Moryce, Walter Cary, my brother Rychard Pounsett and 
William Credy. 

Proved May 31st, 154a 


[1 Cromwell.] 

March 39th, 1536. Roger Blacdon of Hungerford Ferley 
diocese of Bath and Wells. My body to be buried in holy 
grave. To St. Andrewe church in Wells. 12-/. To the parish 
church of Hungerford Freely, \2d. To my sons Hugh, Nicolas, 
Roger and Raafand my daughters Cristeane, Marye the elder, 
Alice and Mary the yonger, .£"10 each. To my wife Agnes my 
house and after her decease it shall remain to my children in 
order and their heirs. If they all die it shall remain to the 
parish church of Ferley Hungerford. 

Residue: Agnes my wife, my executrix. 

Witnesses : Sir Raafe Hayes, parson of Hungerford Ferleye, 
Nicolas Flower, John Trewman and John Foxe. 
Proved May 18th, 1536. 


[24 Powell.] 

April 1st, 1 536. John Balche of Horton, co. Somerset. My 
body to be buried in the patish church of Ilemynster. To St. 
Andrewe's Church in Wells, i2d. To the parish church of 
Ilemynster, 6s. %d. To the crosse store of the same church, 
3j. 4</. To Sir Poole for tithes forgotten, $s. ^d. To my 
daughter Anne, besides her purchase with her own goods, 
£13 6s. id. at her marriage. To my daughters Alice and 
Agnes, £10 each at their marriage. To my son John at his 
marriage, £\0. To my sons Thomas and Anthonye, £\o each. 
If any of my elder children die before marriage his or her part 
to remain to Agnes, Thomas and Anthonye. To my son 
George Balche, my heir, my baye gelding in Donyett Parke. 

The residue to Isabell Balche, my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : John Walys, William Balche. 

Proved September 2nd, 1552. 


[38 HOGEN.] 

August 4th, 1536. John Tryvett, priest My body to be 
tmried in the church of Alhalowes in Oxforth yf the Kcctor so 
will. To the mother church of Lincoln, $d. To the mother 
church of Wells, 1 2d. To the Rectoi of Lincoln college yf he 
wilt feache me to ctturche and singe masse and dirige, is. 4d. 
To the Sub-rector and to Maister Clerk eche of them so doing, 
2od. To every felowe of the College there, 1 2d. To the Comyn 
chest of Lincoln college and of the college of Wells, 20s. each. 
To be bestowed at the daye of my burying £4 and at my 
moncth mynde the same. To my suster dwelling beside Bathe 
the bedde which 1 have in Oxforth and oon gowne and hode 
lyned with Saten of Sypers with 40*. To the parish church of 

3° ttamtrttt EMilIa. 

Butley, 13.1, 4d. To the chapel of Balsborowe, \os. To be 
distributed among my poor parishioners in almesdedes, 20s. To 
the Vicar of Ashecote my best gowne and hoode lyned with St. 
Thomas wursted with a dublet of tawnye chamlet. 0011 worsted 
cote and 40J., of the whiche 20s. I wolde be reserved to his loving 
frende and myn called Poldn. To Mr. Robert Colmer my blak 
velwet dublett and 20s. To Agnes Barbour, 6s, 8d. To the 
Coke of Saint Mary college the secunde course gowne. To 
Katheryn Hull my warst gowne and 2s. To the Convent of 
Osney for singing masse and dirige, 6s. %d. To the students of 

Glastonbury . To Maister Andrews, 6s. fid. To Master 

Atherstone, 20s. To Mr. Newet, 13$. a4- To Mr. Weston, 5-t. 
To Mr. Mark, sj. To William Colmer, junior, all my bruying 
vessells. To Joane Acowrte, dr. fid. and oon olde gowne new 
wrought at Thomas Fosters, oon paire of good shetes and oon 
shurte for hir husbande. To John Barbour oon shurte and 
3.r. 4d. The residue to Mr. Robert Colmer and Maister Playsted, 

Overseer : Maister William Bowreman, Sub-dean of Welts. 

Witnesses : Thomas Massy, Richard Wygmore, Humfrey 

Proved October 6th, 1536. 



August 25th, 1536. Thomas Style, alderman of the city of 
Bath. My body to be buried in the cathedral church or monas- 
tery of Bath. To the mother church of Wells, $d. To Leonard 
my son the ihird part of the hangings of my house and of my 
mylles ol Bathewyke by Bath during the life of Agnes my wife, 
and after her death the whole mylles with the remainder of my 
ferme at Bathewyke after such manner as I hold the same by 
lease of the house of Horwell. To Robert my son a cruse of 
silver and a black gown furred with fox. To John Sachefeld, 
alderman of Bath, and to Henry Bewshen, gentilman, my over- 
seers, 20J. each. 

Residue : Agnes, my wife, my executrix. 

3JoI]ii HordtngUn. 

Witnesses : Sir Gilbert Wodwarde, curate, Jeffrey Francombe, 
alderman, and William Horsyngton. 
Proved February 16th, 1536. 


[41 HOGEN.] 

September 29th, 1536. Nicholas Prowse of Tawnton, mer- 
chaunt. To be buried within the church of the Priory of Tawn- 
ton and also there to be made brother among them. To my 
lord prior for tithes forgotten, 6s. Sd. To the sub-prior, 3.1. 41/. 
To every chanon being preest, i6d., being noo prest, 12a., to 
pray for me. Maister Vicar of Magdalen my gostly father, 
6s. Sd. ; highe crosse service, p. qd. ; sepulcre service, 3J. $d. ; 
church of St. Mary Magdalen, $s. \d. ; our lady service of St 
James, 6s. %d. ; service of St Kateryn in St. James, zod. ; 
cathedral church of Wells, zod. ; every suster of mine to pray for 
me, 6s. 8d. Anne Horssey wife to Wm. Horssey, cV. id. John 
Lappeworthye for his diligence and good labour, 6s. 8d. 

Residue : Isabell, my wife. 

Overseers : Richard-Baker of Milverton, and John Adams of 

£10 to the poor to pray for the soul of Edmund Hawkyns 
and my awnte his wife. 

Witnesses: Maister Wm. Bery, vicar of Mary Magdalen, 
John Soper, John Lappeworthye, Margaret Horssey. 

Proved December 19th, 1536. 


[41 HOGEN.] 

October 1st, 1536. John Horssyngton of the parish of 
Coston. To be buried' in the parish church of Coston. 
Cathedral church of Wells, Sd. ; every godchild, 4d. ; every one 
of my own children, £ doz. silver spones and a cupp of silver ; to 
every householder in Coston, izd.; to the pour people of the 
spittell house of Bathe, izd. ; pour people of the almes 
house of Pensforth, 6d. ; my son Richard Horsington the mylls 
at Pensforthe, the Tannehouse, twoo culverhouses there ; 1 will 

32 *omrr«t Will*. 

that my wife Agnes' mother shall have half part during her life ; 
if Richard dies then my sonne Giles Horsington and his mother 
to have the mylls ; to my sonne Maister Thomas Horsington 
£4, which shall be paid yerely by the hands of John Taillour of 
the parish of Mydsomer Northton for the term of 8 years. Agnes 
my wife £7, which is a portion of the rent of the parsonage of 
Midsomer Northton yerely to be paid for the term of 10 yeres ; 
to my goostly father Sir Thomas Goldstone 13.1. ^d. ; Wm. 
Manerd of Northstoke 20s. ; Water Horsington 2or. ; Nicholas 
Moorton 20*. 

Residue : Agnes my wyf, to her \ and A to Giles my son, 
and Richard my son. 

Overseers: Wm. H. my son, Thomas H. my son, Walter 
H. my brother, Wm. Manerd, and Nicholas Moorton of 

Witnesses: Sir Thomas Goldston, priest, Christopher 
Stork, clerk, Wm. Rynge, John Ryngc, John Colton, John 

Proved December 19th, 1536. 



October 31st, 1536. Agnes Piny of the parish of Nynhed, 
widow. My body to be buried in the churchyard of All Saynts 
in Nynhed. To the mother church of Wells, 2Qd. To the 
parish churches of Brodforde and Wellynton, 3^.41/. each. To the 
churches of Hydon, Langforde and Mylverton, 3.1. ^d. each. To 
the church of Ronyngton, 20d. To my parish church of 
Nynhed my crosse of silver and 6 yewes to have my anniversary 
by the year by the wardens there for ever. To the children of 
Edward Pyrry, viz., Thomas, William and Alice, 3 sheep each, 
and to Edward 12 sheep. To John Browne, ioj. To Alice 
Pirry, daughter of Robert Perry, 40J. with her wages and 
3 sheep. To four children of my son John Cavell not yet 
married, 3 sheep each. To Agnes Walrond, a cawdron. To 
Thomas Walrond and Elizabeth, 4 sheep. To John Walrond, a 
sheep. To Thomas Pirry, 2 sheep. To Agnes, his daughter, 

SMn aigar. 33 

and to Nycholas Pirry, a sheep each. To William Wykes, 
2 sheep. To Kateryn Stallinge my blewe gowne. To Elenor 
Colics, 2ar. and my best kyrtell. (Bequests of sheep to the two 
children of Henry Browne, Isabel! Pirry, the five children of 
Robert Perry and to John Ball.) To Sir John Marler, $s. 4*/. 
To Sir Robert Dyar, $s. $d. To Our Lady of Mylverton, lid. 
To every godchild, ^d. To the light of All Souls in Nynhed, 
Zd. To Alice Pyrry my best gyrdell. To Mary Cavell, a 
gyrdell. To Anne Blewet, a sheep. 

Residue : Robert Pyrry, my son, executor. 

Supervisors : Sir Richard Warr, knight, and Sir John Marler, 
my goostly father. 

Witnesses: Andrewe Wykes, Henry Wykes, Sir Robert 
Dyar, William Baker and Sir John Pyers. 

Proved February 19th, 1536. 

1536. JOHN ALGAR. 


November 7th, 1 536. John Algar, preest and prebendary in the 
collegiate King's chapell within the palace at Westminster of St. 
Stephen's. To be buried in the cloyster of the said collegiate 
chapell. To the deane being at Deryge the day of my sepulture 
and at masse of Requiem on the morrow, ior. ; to every chanon 
likewise being present, 6s. Sd. ; to every vicar chorall, 3J. 4*/. ; to 
every chauntre preest of the said chapell, 3J. 4d. : to the 
gospcllar, $s. ^d. ; to every one of the other 3 clerks, 2od. ; to 
every chorester, &d. ; to the vergiar, 2s. ; to the under sextene, 
I2d. ; to the bell ringer, \6d. ; to 12 torche bayrers, 4c. ; to my 
churches of Netherbury, Bymester, Depforde, High Bekynton, 
Bagborow and to my prebende in Wolvarhampton (each) 20s. : 
to the vicars chorall now being and to ther successors a cuppe of 
sylver and gilt with a cover with knoppes in the tope at the 
valour of £6 and better to saye daily at their grace, 

" tGott habt tntrcD of iMaistn aloars soinie." 
To Sir Richard Skerne, 6s. fid. I will that 12 new torches be 
bought and after my buriall to be given unto the chapell of 
St. Stephen's aforesaid. I will that the next daye after my 

34 j&omtrtfit QROItl. 

dirige and masse be done the vicars and the chantry preests do 
sing a trental of masses, receiving therfore 10s. I will that 
after my buriall an honest preest be hyred to sing for my 
soule and all Christian sowlis by the space of one hole yere 
at the pewe having for his yeres wagis, £6 t$s. $d., and the said 
preest to have for brede and wyne and waxe, 6s. id f will 
that his wages be payde by myn executors quarterly. I will at 
my moneth mynde a dirige and a masse be kepte and the deane 
to have 3*. ^d. ; and every chanon, 2od, ; every vicar and 
chauntry preest, I id ; every clerke, id ; every chorester, a4- '■> the 
wergiar, \2d. ; the under sextene, qd. ; and the bell ringer, $d. ; 

The residue to Master Dr. Chamber, Deane of St Stephens 
and Master John Brereton, chanon, executors; to the first a 
basyne and ewar of silver and parcell gilt and £,\0 and to the 
second a standing torned cuppe [silver and] gilt with the cover 
and £\o. 

Witnesses : Thomas Bellot, John Cotton, and Sir Richard 
Skerne, preest. 

Proved January i6th, 1536. 



1536. Robert Strete of Mells. My body to be buried in the 
church of Mells. To every awter \2d. To the bells izd To 
the High Cross light \id. To my brother Edward a Trucker 
cloth. To my brother John the same. To every godchild $d. 
To each of my brother's children i2d. To the churches of Lye, 
Watley, Hemyngton, and Bucklond \2d. each. To the building 
of Elms church-house izd. To each of my servants \2d. To 
Rose \2d. To John Prygg a hewling hose cloth. To 
Alysaunder Pery my fryse cote. To John Lane a hewling hose 
cloth. To the wife of John Strete 20rf. for a kerchewe. To my 
gostly father \2d. To Thomas Evans %d. To Thomas my son 

Residue : Edith my wife (executrix). 

To my mother a gownecloth of 6s. id. a yarde. 

Witnesses : John Stret, John Prigg, AHsaunder Pery, John 
Lane, Richard Stapull. 

To Richard Stapull a russet hosecloth and to Stevyn Cabell 
the same. To the mother church of Wells Sd. 
Proved May 18th, 1538. 


[8 Dyngeley.] 

April I2th, 1537. Jone Tedbury in the town of Taunton. 
My body to be buried in the holy grave of Peter and Powle 
within the Priory of Taunton. To the High Cross service and 
the Sepulcre service in Mary Magdalyn church, 6s. id. to each. To 
the bylding of the churchehowse in the churchyard of the same 
church 40s., on condition that it be paid when they be in byldinge 
and sett men to labour upon byldinge of the house. To John 
Tedbury the younger when he is 20 years of age a cup called 
Notte, all a pake of wareclothes, a brassen croke. To the Prior 
ioj. To his Convent 6s. &d. To maister vicar of Maudleyn 
my gostly father a noble. I will Sir William Harveye my 
priest pray for me in his masse for two years having 20 nobles a 
year. To the church of Wells Sd. My executor John Coper 
and his wife to have my house, keeping an obbet yearly in the 
church of Magdalyn for the souls of William Tedbury and Johan 
his wife. To every child of Richard Tedbury except John the 
younger, 20s. at their marriage. 

Residue: John Coper and John Adams my servants, my 

Overseers : John Coper, Richard Rawdon and John Adams. 

Witnesses : William Bery, vicar, Roger Hill, John Coper, Sir 
William Harvey and William Vox. 

Proved July 12th, 1537. 


[8 Dyngbley.] 

June l?th, 1537. Robert Horsey, of Taunton, merchant. 

To be buried in the church of Peter and Pawle in the Priory, 

before the image of Our Ladie of Pittye. To the church of 

Wells i2d. A priest to sing for me for three years having £6 

36 *onutStt Witts. 

yearly. To the Prior for tithes forgotten ioj. To the services 
of the High Cross and Sepulture in the church of Magdalen 
3i. 4tt. to each. To the poor people of S. Margarett's spite)] nigh 
Taunton 3J. 4*/. To the service of Our Ladye in the church of 
Saynt James 3.1. 4^. To the repair of high waies £10. To poor on 
the day of my burial £10. To the Prior and Convent of 
Taunton rcw. to make me a brother among them, and for my 
grave 6s. &d. To every chanon being preest coming to my 
dirige i2t/. to every novys 6d, to the Prior if he come 6s. 8</., 
and to the sub-prior 2od. To Master William Bery vicar of 
Magdalyn my gostly father 6j. &d. 

Residue : Margaret my wife, executrix. 

Overseers : John Loren and William Gowjght. 

Witnesses : Master Wm. Bery, Sir John Wyly, priest, George 
Handlay, John Calowe the younger of Taunton, constables, John 
Adam, Alexander Togwill, portreves. 

Proved August nth, 1537. 


[13 DlNGLEV.] 

August 26th, 1537. John Clevelod of Bekington clothman ; 
to be buried In the churchyard of the parish church of St 
Andrew the Apostle of Okeford Fytzpayn in co. Dorset ; church 
of Okeford 2 books, viz., one Antiphonale and the other Graduale : 
to each godchild 1 2d. 

Residue : Agnes my wife and Marie my daughter (executors). 

Overseer : Thomas Kytson, knt 

If my wife marry again Mary shall have my tenement in 
Bekington with the fulling mill and granary next to it sigillum 
pannorum vo<? " le oynage," so that she give my wife every week 
one bushell of wheat and another of barley. 

Witnesses : Henry Laven, chaplain and Rector of Okeford, 
Edward Benet and John Row, yomen. 

Proved February 8th, 1537. 


[l8 DlNGLEY.] 

December 7th, 1 537. Thomas Broke in Rowlands; to be 
buried in Gownynghams He within the parish church of Illton 
yf I die in Rowlands ; to the vicar of Asshehill 6j. Sd. to pray for 
me. To Margaret myn eldest daughter all such stuffe and shepe 
as is at Currey with the come in the ground, the corne in the 
barne, and £41, whereof £zt to be paide unto the kinge for the 
fyne of the tenures in Currey and the other ^20 to be paide to 
thuse of Matster Norrys for his gentilnes, the same to be levyed . 
and paid of my plate and my catall by myn executors. To Elnor 
and Besse my daughters 10 quarters of whete owte of my barne 
in Currey and to every of them a ffetherbede ; my son Hugh to 
fynde the said Elnor and Besse mete, drynke and cloth or cause 
them so to be honestly found till they be maried at his owne 
proper costes and charges ; to Margaret Elnor and Besse 
3 frontletts of velwet. To Margaret my wife's best bonet and to 
Elynor the 2nd best. To Elnor and Besse my daughters 
8 marcs to be paid them of Longe Ayston of a fyne there made 
with one Martin and 4 yerlyng bullocks. 

Overseer : The right worshipfull Sir Nicholas Wadham, 

Residue : Hugh Broke my son and heire 

Witness : I have subscribed my name with my own hand. 

Proved July 8th, 1538. 


[14 DlNGLEY.] 

December 12th, 1537. John Gybbons, clerk. To be buried 
where I happen to die. To my father a gilt cup with a cover 
which my father gave to me and £6. To my brother Thomas 
Gybbons 6 gobletts of one sorte parcell gilte with the covers to 
the same. To my 3 sisters one gold cup called a goblet and to 
Anne wife of Est the junior of them a cover to tile same cup 
and to each of them £8. To my patron named Robert living at 
Burton £6. To my cousin Joyce Massy £4. To Joyce my 

38 Snintrirt W&ftU. 

niece, daughter of my sister Alice Yardley for her marriage ^ia 
To my cousin Elizabeth Chippenham 40*. To Wm. Gybbons 
formerly my servant now dwelling at Sutton 40*. To Robert 
Wastlyng at London £$, Robert Johnson, servant to Master 
Wyxson 40J. To be distributed to the pour parishioners of St 
Newline in Cornwall £3. To the pour parishioners of St Enoder 
in Cornwall 4.0s. To the pour parishioners of Stoke Gabriell 20s. 
To N. Gybbons son of Robert Gybbons my uncle now living 
with my father ,£10, ut incumbat litteris. To my chorister Robert 
Stone ut incumbat litteris £\Q. Secundaria meo Torker £$, To 
Dr. Reynolds my best gown of scarlet with 2 ale cupps. To 
John Fawfylde chaplain "annuellar" £10, to celebrate and pray 
for my soule. To John Bury £5 and 20s. for arreragiis not 
paid ; to Robert Palmer, Roger Mysmare, Wm, Sater and John 
Andrewe 3 years wages over and above the term in which I die 
and all to have lugubrem togam after my funeral. 

Executors : John Gybbons my uncle, Edward Est and Wm. 
Gybbons of Plymowthe, [to each £\o\. 

Overseer: My reverend lord John, Bishop of Exeter. 

Residue : For the health of my soule. 

Witnesses: Sir Richard Antell, Richard Toker, John 
Androwe, John Myllet 

Dated at Chard. Proved March 4th, 1537. 


[16 Dyngeley.] 
January 13th, 1537. Elizabeth Speke, widow, late the wife 
of Sir George Speke, knt To be buried in the parish church of 
Est Doulish by my late husband. To the church of Wells 6s. 8a\ 
To the church of Est Doulish £6 1 $s. $d. and a satten gowne 
for a cope. To each of the churches of Ilminster, Whitlakyngton 
and Cudworth 6s. &d. To Nicholas Speke and Elizabeth Speke 
two pots of silver. To my Lord Daubeney a cup. To my 
nephew John Coode a cup. To Sir Baldwyn Hill parson of Est 
Doulish £20. To Sir William Abbot 40J. To Sir Thos. Elyot 
20s. To John Balch of Horton 40*., John Balche his son 2Cw. 
To <my servant Robert Pophyn 53J. $d. To George Rocetour 

S»o5 n * a *»- 39 

my servant 40*. To poor at my burial ,£20. To the church of 
Kyngeston 6s. fid. To the Lazar houses of Burton, Langport, 
Byrport and Taunton 6s. Sd. to each. To the Gray Freres of 
Bridgwater, the Blak Freres of Excetur. and the Freres of 
Yevilchester 4CW. to each. To Sir Nicholas Wadham, knt, an 
ale cupp of silver. To my cousin Robert Hill a silver salt 
standing upon thre wyars. To Sir Hugh Powlett, knt., a cup. 
To Henry Ogan the same. To Gyles Peny a boll of silver and 
my best gelding. All lands purchased by my late husband in 
Up Oterey, and by me of John Dawe of Dreyton to remain to 
Anne Ratclyf widow and her heirs by Thoiias Ratclyf begotten. 
To the said Anne 6 oxen, 6 kye and calves, 100 shepe, 
6 fetherbeds, oon skelet, oon water chaffer, oon chaffing dishe of 
laten, 6 cusshens, 3 sparvers of Dornax and Say, half my naprye 
ware with a. mare, two colts, my bay gelding and £ 10 of the £20 
which the Lord Abbot of Glaston owes me ; the other £10 to be 
given to the said Lord Abbot for a trentall. To Edward 
Ratclif 50 marcs, To George and Thomas Ratclif my best 
cheyne of gold and to Grace Ratclif and each of them IOO 
marcs and a cheyne of gold on their marriage. To Mary 
Ratcliff a gilt cup &c. To John Wadham esquier a flatt cup 
with a cover, graven. To the parson of Est Doulish a white 
boll of silver. 

Overseers : Sir Nicholas Wadham, Sir Hugh Paulet, knights, 
and Giles Peny, gentilman. 

Residue : To my nephew, Sir Thos. Speke, knight, executor. 

Witnesses: Sir Baldwyn Hill, parson of Est Doulishe, Sir 
William Abbot, preest and John Balche. 

Proved May 15th, 1538. 

1537. JOHN NASE. 


January 27th, 1537. John Nase, priest. To be buried in 
christian burial. To the cathedral church of Wells, 3*. 41/. To 
Whitchurch, Saint Decos, Barcombe church in Sussex and to 
cathedral churche of Saint Richard in Chichester and to every 
of this same churches use, 3*. 4^. To Joane Nase my natural! 
mother £6 13s. ^d. and the apparell of my chambre within 

4° Somtrttt QHilld. 

Bathe place at London. To Joane the wife of Thomas Adams 
my natural suster £5 with two gownes in Bath place and all 
the apparel of my chambre in the palys of Wells. To Joyce 
my old servant 40*., my white horse bought of maister Jury and 
the apparel of my chambre at Chewe. To my especiall good 
Lord Bisshop of Bath and Wells a paire of vestments blak with 
byrdes. To William Alyn my servant 20s. To maister 
Richard Clerkson my murrey gown lined with damaske, my best 
black gown and all my books of divinitie with the apparel of 
my chambre at Ban well. To Maister Thomas Jury my 
crymsyn gown lined with tawny sarcenet. To Sir Adam my 
long gown. To Sir Nicholas Sygyner two pair of new sheets. 
To John Hylacre all my bokes of humanitie. 

Residue : to pour people for, Crist's sake. 

Executor : Maister Clerkson. 

Witnesses : John Hylacre, Nicolas Hamonde, George Bel- 
felde, Roger Myller. Maister Clerkson to provide 100 masses 
to the lawde of God and for the absolicion of paynes due for my 
synnes. To poor at my funeralls £6 13$. qd. 

Proved July 18th, 1538. 



April 1st, 1538, Amisius Poulet, knight. My body to be 
buried in the church of Chafecombe or wherever it shall please 
the most High. To the cathedral church of Wells $s. To the 
parish church of Henton 3$. $d. To the Rector there for tithes 
forgotten 6s. %d. To the churches of Chafcombe, Cnarde, Croke- 
horne, Ylmynster, South Peterton and Dynyngton, is. qd. each. 
To the Abbot and Convent of Forde ioj. Residue, to my son 
and heir Sir Hugh Poulet, knight, my executor, charging him to 
be frendely to my sons John Poulet and Henry Poulet and to use 
himself gentilly amongst my tenants and servants, with Goddes 
blessing and myn to him and all his brothers and sisters. 

Witnesses ; Thomas, Abbot of the Monastery of Forde, Sir 
Hugh Webbe, parson of Dynyngton and Richard Webber. 

Proved June 25th, 1538. 

9ttVrrto fcitttrril. But. 41 


[■9 DyNGELEV.] 

April 14th, 1538. Sir Andrewe Luttrell, knight, of the 
parish of Est Quantock. My body to be buried in the chauncell 
of Est Quantock before the picture of Our Lady at the 
northende of the high awter under the wallc there provided ; 
my executrice and overseer to cause a Tombe and a newc 
wyndowe to be made there. To the matrikc church of Wells 
201, To the church of Est Quantock ,65 to bestowe in a 
chalice. To the high awter of Est Quantock for forgoten 
tythjngs 2or. To the Freres of Bruggewater to kcpe asolempne 
obite for my soule and the soules of Sir Hugh Luttrell and the 
Lady Margaret his wife my father and mother and of Hugh. 
Trott one tyme a yere for thre yores, 201. a yere. I will a 
Trentall of masses be done the day of my burial and monev 
distributed among poor men at my burial and twelmonth day. 
Fyve preests daily for a yere to syng masse with dirige and 
masse of requiem every Wennysday and Fry day saying 
Dt profundi^ before the first lavatory viva voce, each priest 
having yearly £6 i$s. $d. with wyne, waxe and singing bred 
beside vestments and bokes. To the Carterhouse in London 
40J. for two solempne obites with two diriges. To my son John 
Luttrell all my raiment with my bowes and arrowes. To my 
servant William Marchaunt £6 13J. \d. My housholdc 
servants to have 40s. each and their lyvery with mete and drink 
for one year if they abide with the Lady Margaret my wife. 
To my godson Andrewe Marchaunt during his life ail the 
ground called Prestlonde and Hokeway that his father William 
Marchaunt and Christen his wife now holdeth. To each of my 
sons, my eldest son excepted, 400 marcs to their marriage when 
they come to 21 years. To each of my daughters likewise when 
they come to 18 years of age. The Lady Margaret my wife to 
be my executrix and to have all my goods, but if she marry, 
John Wyndam my brother in law, George Wyndam preest and 
John Luttrell my son to be my executors, and to receive 
restitution of my wife of all the goods to the use of my children ; 
my said wife to have no more but her joynture according to the 
recovery granted by my father Sir Hugh Luttrell, knt. If my 

43 Aonumt Witti. 

son John disturb any part of my will he shall be excluded from 
the administration thereof. To my Lord Prevye Seall a silver 
cup to be good lord unto my lady my wife and my children. 
Supervisor, John Wyndam the elder esquier my brother-in-law. 

Witnesses: Sir Robert Mathey curate of Est Quantock, John 
Wyndam esquier, William Marchaunt. 

Memorandum : the said sums of 400 marcs bequeathed to 
my children to be levied of my manor of Mynehede according 
to an indenture made unto Sir Humfrey Wyngfeld and John 
Wyndam esquier the elder for the term of 28 years as by the 
same indenture more at large it may appear. 

Proved July 13th, 1538. 


[11 Crumwell.] 
May 19th, 1538. William Kyppynge. My body to be 
buried within the churche hey of Buckland Dynham. To the 
church of St. Andrew of Wells 8d. To the church of Buck- 
lande Dynham a cowe. To the Almyshouse of Frame 6 kye, 
to the relefe of the pourc people, the profitte to be bestowed in 
mete and drynke and nott in reparations. To the church of 
Frome two kyne to have an obitt yearly with dirige and 
masse of one priste, and he to have when he hath massed Sd., 
and the other i6d. to the wardens, and the profitte of the other 
cowe to go to the church profit perpetually. To my two 
daughters, Margarett and Julyan, £10 each. To foure of my 
kynnesmen 4 hecfords to be delivered at my month's mynde. 
To Harrye Coppe a baye amblynge mare. To William 
Gryffyne an heckfore and a shepc. To Robert Gryven iQr. and 
a shepe. To Julyan Yonge an heckforde. To William Payne 
an ox named " Sharpe." To Thomas Collys an ox named 
" Meryman." To John Pope, the yonger, an ewe and a lambe. 
To John Reve 2 cwys and 2 lambes. To each of mygodchildre 
a lamb. To John Vegur an ox and a cow. To William 
Newman an ox. To Margerye my wife's sister and my servant 
an heckforde. To John Syngcr and Richard Ycrle an ewe and 
a lamb to each. To Come a lambe. To Jone Pcther a lamb 

3ofjn Jfttrfjartfi. 

To John Pope the elder 10 ewys. To every householder in the 
parish a bushel of wheat (Lytman Hawkyns and Treherne 
Gunwen excepte). To the vicare a grey horse-colte of 2 years 
of age and the vantage. 

Residue : Jone, my wife, my executrix ; and if she departe 
of this plage nowe and my children lyve, then Edwarde Whytt 
dwellynge in the parish of Mylsam to have the guydynge of my 
children and goods and 4.0s. for his labour. 

Overseer : John Bowrde my wife's father. And if my wife 
and both my children depart now, my neighbours John Pope, 
Robert Gunwen, William Gryffyri, John Reve, William Payne 
and Robert Carker to distribute my goods among my poor 
kynnesmen and wymen and specially to the poor neighbours in 
the parish. 

Proved November 7th, 1538. 


[20 Dynueley.] 

July 22nd, 1538. John Richard. My body to the holy 
grave of St. Mighell of Angerslegh. To" the mother church of 
Wells 4d, To the sepulcre of Angerslegh a kowe to maynteyn 
the light therewith, the increse oon man to have the order 
thereof. To each of my, three brothers a shepe. To Emmot 
my suster a valowe heyffer. To Joane Ware my wife's daughter 
a kowe and a calfe and a mowe of Rye being in the parish of 
St. Mary Ottery. To Agnes, my daughter, £6 13s. ^d. To the 
parish church of Neton 120'. To my goostly fader is. ^d. To' 
John Cocks my grene cote. To Robert Luscombe a cote. 

Residue : Thomasyn my wife, executrix. 

Witnesses: Sir Nicolas Choldas, my gostly father, William 
Brewer, John Cocks and Robert Horwode. . 

Overseers: Thomas Knyght, William Richard, Robert Mate 
and Andrewe Holwell. 

Proved August 30th, 1 538. 

44 ftomtrtfrt Willi. 


f20 Dyngeley.] 

August 3rd, 1538. Thomasyn Richardes, widowe. To be 
buried in the churchyard of St. Mighel! in Angerslegh. To the 
church of Wells a4- To Isabell White my violett capp -and my 
best petycote. To Joane Symmys my violet kirtell. To Joane 
Legh my crymsyn kirtell. To Thomas Taillo r a sarge doublet 
ana a blak capp. To the parish church of Angerslegh my 
paire of bedes of corall gawded with amber and a ryng in the 

Residue : Joane and Agnes, my daughters, executors. 

Overseers : Sir Nicolas Chowldish, Sir Peter Holwell and 
Andrew Holwell. 

Witnesses : Sir Nicholas Chowldish, my goostly father, 
Robert Mate, John Cookes and William Brewer. 

Proved August 30th, 1538. 



August 20th, 1538. John Browne of the town of Bristow, 
gentillman. My weake carkes to be buryed wkmte anny pompe 
where it please God to putt in the mynde of myne executours. 
To Elizabeth Browne my niece daughter to Robert Browne a 
bason and ewer of silver parcel gilt weighing 64 ounces. To 
my lorde Hungerforde my best ring. To Master William 
Vowell my next best ring. To my cousin Richard Bethemore 
all rents due to me in Est Pennarde and Lye uppon Mennydepe 
during his life and after to mine heirs, also all my books, 
apparel not bequeathed, and my best bed. To my sister Isabell 
Cole, widow, my -second bed and two gowns which be at 
Marshall's and ^20 to store her ground at her farm and 
£6 [jr. 4</. for ware for her shop. To Isabell Cole, my sister's 
daughter, my next bed and £26 13J. $d. to her marriage. To 
Elizabeth Cole, another of my sister's daughters, the next bed 
and £,20 to her marriage. To Mawde wife of William CourLney, 
another of my sister's daughters, the next bed, and if her 

jjohit Srolum. 45 

husband demean himself well and honest and thriving I give 
her £i 3 6s. %d., and if he be not forward or thriving or else, to 
be at the pleasure of mine executors. To my sister's said 
daughters over and above their bequests 20 marks in the hands 
of Sir John Seyntlowe, knight. To Richard Cole, my sister's 
son, ^20, when he come out of his apprenticeship. To the Prior 
of the Fryer Augustynnes in Bristowe £$. To fryer Lawrence, 
fryer I'arker, fryer Robert and fryer Pynner of the said house, 
20s. each. To Thomas Smythe the elder of Bristow ^3 6s. &d. 
To Alyce Barton and Jone Elsoure, servants of the said Henry 
White (sic), £5 each. To Richard Marshall towker a gown of 
London russet faced with black conny. To Margery his wife 
20s. to buy her a gown, To the goodman Andrew Wever 
3s. 4d. To the proc tours of Recle to the reparations of the 
church 13J. 4rf. To Thomas my servant my ryding cote and 
his year's wages. To Thomas my servant and fawkenei" another 
best ryding cote. I give out of my lands in Edingworth, co. 
Somerset, £j for 7 years to Thomas Smyth the elder of Bristow 
purser to pay yearly £6 13^. $d. to the said John Browne his 
executors to perform this my will, and I will all my title En the 
closes by the barres in the countie of Bristowe called Ringlings 
lease be sold by my exors, and Master George Norton, gentle- 
man, to have the preferment thereof. To every poor man and 
woman in the almeshouses without Temple gate of Bristow, in 
Saint Katherynnes in Temple streate, to the almeshouses in 
Bredstreat and of St. Peters \2d. each. To 12 poor men 12 
gowns of russet, and to 12 poor women 12 white petty cotes. 
My exor the said Henry White, and my overseer, William 
Popley, to receive the profits of all my lands, tenements with 
shoppes, sellers and sollcrs, gardeynes, which I have in Bristow 
and precincte of the same up to the sum of £100, to perform my 

Executors : Henry White with my sister Elizabeth Cole, 

Overseers : William Popley and Richard Bethemore. 

Witnesses : Maister Mychaell, doctor of physicke, Maister 
Sandforde, Pryor of the house of Fryer Augustynnes, Thomas 
Thorne, poticary, Margery Marshall and Rychard Cole. 

Proved February 8th, 1543. 

46 Stomnatt BSilti. 

The probate clause is followed by depositions of witnesses 
produced by Isabel Cole, executrix, testifying with reservations, 
to the validity of the above will, made before Master John Dawes 
bachelor in the Law in the presence of John Gye notary public, 
Master Robert Beckni of Wells, Sir James Bayly clerk, Sir John 
Martyn chaplain, and Raulin Webb of Bristol, September and 
October, 1 543 : — 

" Henry Whyte, Maior of the city of Bristoll aged 60 years, 
said that about six or seven days before the testator's death, who 
died about Bartillmewtyde, was five years, the said testator began 
to make his testament who was three or four days in making of 
the same, and further, that he, two or three days before his death 
then lying in his bed in a certain high chamber situate within the 
late house of Fryer Augustynnes in Bristow, caused his said 
testament to be read, but by whom this deponent doth not now 
remember, before this deponent, Maister Nycholas Sandforde 
then pryor of the said house of Augustynne Fryers, one Maister 
Mychaell Doctor of Phisicke, Thomas Thorne, Richard Cole, 
Isabel! Barbor and Margery Marshall, ail they giving care to the 
reading of the said testament and the said testator likewise 
hearkened to the reading of the same, and then and there 
subscribed the same with his own hand ; and also he saith that 
the said testator both when he began to make his said testament 
and also when it was read before him was, and so continued until 
death, of perfect and good remembrance. And further he saith 
that the testament shewed and read to this deponent doth agree 
in all points with the testament so made by the testator and read 
before him." (September 14th, 1543.) 

A similar deposition by Margery Marshall wife of Richard 
Marshall of the city of Bristoll, aged 40 years. Also by Isabel! 
Barbor («£( Cole) wife of John Barbor of the parish of St Nicholas, 
Bristol, aged 22 years, born at Wells, except that "she does not 
remember that the said testator bequeathed to Friar Lawrence, 
Friar Parker, Friar Robert and Friar Pynner of the late house of 
Friars Augustynnes of Bristoll, icw. each." " She heard and saw 
one Maister Popley read the said testament openly " before the 
witnesses as abovesaid. (September 15th, 1543.) Also by Sir 
Nicholas Sandforde, clerk, perpetual vicar of the parish church of 
Bedminster where he has been vicar for three years and more, 

CftomAd Atar&tn. 47 

before which he was for four years Prior of the house of Friars 
Augustine now dissolved, born at Thorpe Salvyn co. York, aged 
SO years and more ; except that " he does not remember that 
the said testator bequeathed 20 marks in the hands of Master 
Seintlowe, knight, to the daughters of the said Isabel Cole ; also 
he said that the said testator willed 2CW. towards the reparations 
of a Conducte of water in Bristoll . . . and that the said 
testament was read by Master Popley in the presence of Master 
Henry White late Maior of Bristol, Master Bythemore, a certain 
Master Michael doctor in medicine, Thomas Thorne potycarie, 
Margery Marshall, Isabel Cole, sister of the said deceased and 
Richard Cole son of the said Isabel." (September 20th, 1 543.) 
Also by Thomas Thorne, " pharmacapola anglice pottycary " 
of the parish of St. Thomas the Apostle in the city of Sarum, 
where he has dwelt for 20 years, born at Rumsey, aged 40 years 
and more, being the said Browne's pottycary in his sickness ; 
produced as a witness by Richard Cole son of the said Isabel 
Cole, in the name of his mother, in the house of Robert Ncckton, 
in the said parish. (October 1 3th, 1 543.) 

[6 Pynnync] 
August 25th, 1538. Thomas Starkey, Clarke. My body to be 
buried in the chancel of Northe Petherton at the discretion of the 
curate there. To the mother church of Wells Sd. To the 
reparation of the church of N. Petherton 6s. To my father 
Thomas Starkey in part of recompense of his great cost and 
charges upon my bringing up in good learning £40. " To the 
veray honnerable and my singulier good lorde, my lorde Moun- 
tague £4 to bie hymm a Nagg and my bedd that I lay in." To 
my brother John Starky my best gown. To my servant Robert 
Bigbroke £5 and my second bed. To William Starkey my 
servant £5. AH my books to be at the ordering of Master 
doctor Wotton to take certain to his children as he think profit- 
able to their learning. I will that he dispose certain other books 
to the furnishing of the library of Magdalen College and give the 
residue to such scholars as he shall see apt to learning or letters. 

48 jfromrrftt HBiUif. 

To Mr. doctor Wotton my second best gown. Among the 
servants and family of the vicar of N. Pctherton for their pains 
and labours by night and day about me in mine infirmity, 
4 marks. The residue to Mr. doctor Wotton and my servant 
Robert Bigbroke, executors. 

Witnesses : Sir John Bulcu [Bulcomb] vicar of N. Pethcrton, 
Robert Goodyn, Richard Noke. 

Proved May 2nd, 1 544. 


[26 Dynget.kv.] 

October 20th, 1 538. Henry Newlondc of the parish of Long- 
assheton in the diocese of Bath and Wells. To be buried in the 
churchyard of Long Assheton. To St. Andrew's church 4*/. 
To the high awter light qd. To the light of the Crucifix a 
bushel of wheat. To each of the Hghtes upon the awters in the 
church half a bushel of barlye. To the light upon the awter in 
Our Lady Chapell half a bushel of wheat. To myn eldest son 
John £\ 5 at his marriage. To my son John the junior ^10 at his 
marriage. To Alice my servant 20s. at her marriage. 

Residue : Agnes my wife and William my son, executors. 

Witnesses : Sir John Rowthe, vicar, William Capull, Thomas 

Proved July 3rd, 1539. 


[5 Spert.] 
October 23rd, 30 Hen. VIII. John Fitzjames, knight, Cheff 
Justice of the Kinges Benche. My body to be buried in the 
parishc churche of Brewton or els where it shalbe thought 
convenyent, and assone after my deceas as yt may be 
conveniently 15 masses of the Fyve Wondes of Our Lorde by 
fyftyn most honest prestes, to each of whom saying one of the 
sayd masses I bequeath 2s. I will there be songe and sayd in 
the churche where my body shalbe buryed every daye for one 
month " placebo " and " dirige " and 8 severall masses of 
Requiem in the mornyng by 8 honest prestes and 6 Clerkes yf 

3of)ii jFtt^amtB. 

they may be gotten ; one of the sayd masses to be songe by 
note, each prest having izd. at each " dirige " and masse and 
each clerke &/. I will that 1 2 po r men shall kneyll aboute my 
hersse every daye at the time of the sayd "dirige " and masse, 
every of theym having a Torche in their hands and there to 
pray for my soule and all Christian sowles ; every of the same po r 
men to have a blake gowne and every daye 4//. untill the sayd 
moneth be passyd. My executors at my buryall and moneth 
mynde to deal suche almes as shalbe thought necessarie. To 
every parishe churche through whiche my body shalbe caryed 
towards my burying 6s. %d., and yf my body rest in any churche 
one night, then to that churche 20s., so that they cleame no waxe 
ne other thing for my comyng to the said churche. To my wyfe 
plate value £100, she to have it after the price that olde 
plate ys comenly bought, two of the best beddes of downe at 
Redliche, except that in the greate chambf over the parlor, with 
fustians and coverledds, three fetherbeds and thre mattras with 
coverledds and blanketts, two payre of the best sheetes, all suche 
chaynes, flowers, ringes and other Jewells as she hath used to 
were, the best plough of oxen w 1 weane, sowle and other thinges 
belonging at Yearlynton or at Redliche, all my sheepe at 
Smalden, two tableclothes, one dosyn napkyns, 1 2 mylche kyne at 
Redliche, six of the best horses or geldings in stable or at grasse 
and ^20. I will that the person whiche shall have the manere 
of Redliche after my deceas shall have six flatt boolls parcell gilte 
with the covers havyng a Dolphyn in the knapp of the cover, 
also the salte of the man and woman w' the flower to the same, 
two basons and two yewers of sylver parcell gilte, also the two 
cuppes called the " Apetrull," that ys the cuppe and the cover — 
they will make two cuppes yf nede be — also two pottes of sylver 
one of the standing cuppes that I hadd of my Lorde of London, 
my best chaffing dishe of sylver, my gilte pottes of sylver that I 
hadd of my Lorde of London, also my two saltes of sylver and 
gilte made lyke Faggotts, my standing cupp of sylver called the 
" bryde cupp " and thre olde Gobletts that be most used to be 
occupied, to the intent that the said plate alwey remain to the 
occupant of my house at Redliche, and also all my howseholde 
stuf, and all my oxen and kyen at Redliche ; he to leve all after 
his or her deceas to the successor. And where I have caused 

So AomtrSrt VEHOi. 

Estate to be made to my daughter Elizabeth Fitzjames of my 
maners of Redliche and Knoll for her life, I will she shal Bnde 
sufficient suretie to my exors that she shall not discontynue the 
maner of South Brewhm ne onye parcell therof other then for 
terme of lyfe or lyves yelding the rent therof at this tyme dew 
and accustomyd ; and yf she refuse, then all the seyd plate, 
catall and stuf of householde to be delivered to my cosyn 
Nicholas Fitz-james or to his next heire male and he to occupic 
the same during his lyfe, leving it to his next heire male and for 
default therof to the heire male of my cosyn Aldred Fitzjames 
and for default therof to my right heires. 

To the Fraternitie of r Lady in the paryshe churche of 
Brewton 40s. To my doughter Moreton all my howsehold stuf 
in London except one fetherbed which 1 will be delyvered to 
the chambre that I last laye in at the Mydle Temple. To my 
cosyn Alderd Fitz-james all my bokes of lawe in recompense of 
suche bokes as I had of his father, except my greate boke of 
Statutes in vellem or parchement, which I give to my cosyn 
Nicholas Fitz-james, and then to remayn to the howse of Red- 
liche. To the sayd Aldred a pott of sylver and gilte. I had 
hym of my Lorde of London and the said Aldred had his felowe 
of my sayd Lorde. To my nevey Thomas Michell £10. To 
my cosyn Roger Blewet a standing cupp of sylver, one of the 
three whiche I had of my Lorde of London, which cupp my 
Lorde bequethed to myn Aunte, his Grammother. To my cosyn 
Nicholas Fitz-james my two chasid bockes of sylver and all my 
ham esse, that he may serve the king withall, and I will he have 
all my terme and interest in the parsonage of Charleton upon 
Horethorne. To each of my houshold servants that take any 
wages, one yere's wages and meate and drynke in my howse yf 
they luste to take hit to my month mynde be passed, and four 
marks to every of those that take no wages, at my months 
mynde. To the vicar of Shepton Montegewe 20s. To the vicar 
of Redliche 20s. To the vicar of Meere 20s. To the vicar of 
Evill 20s. To the vicar of Brewham 20s. To Margery my 
woman in my chambre 5 marks. My successor to give po r 
Wyndesholde and George Bollyng some honest lyving at Red- 
liche. To each of the houses of Charterhouse Witham and 
Hen ton £3 6s. $d., to pray for me. To Johanne Parcyvall 

#ir William Coffpn, fint. 

being w l one doster (sic) to my nyce perceval! £20 to her 
manage. To every mayden of good conversacon, fatherlesse 
and motherlesse, unmarryed and dwelling within onye parte of 
my inheritaunce 40J. to her manage. To every po r howseholder 
dwelling within onye parte of my inheritaunce 6s. &d. My 
ex6rs to deal ^5 in almes yerely for fyve yeres at the feastes of 
the Nativitie of r Lorde God, Ester, Assencion of r Lord, 
Assumption of r Ladye, and the feast All Saints amonge the 
most poryst and nedy in Brewton, Weke, Pitcum, Shepton, 
Knoll, Stowke, Redliche and Cherleton Musgrove. 

Executors : my very good master Syr Geyles Strangwiche, 
knight, to whom I bequeth my flagon of sylver, my trustie and 
lovyng cosyn Sir John Horsay, knight, to whom I bequeth my 
two dosen Trangers of sylver — they coste me beyond £ 20, — and 
my shaving bason of sylver, and my trustie frends, William 
Portman and Geyles Penye. To William Portman the stonding 
cup of sylver that I had of Sir Phillippe Fulforde and to Geyles 
Peny my stonding cup gilt that ys comenly used to drynke 
clarett wyne in. 

The residue to my exors to be distributed among my po r 
kynnesmen and women that have moche nede and title helpe. 

Witnesses: John Fitz-james, ego Joties Walgrave clericus 
testis sum, Thomas Horner. 

Proved May 12th, 1542. 


[27 DlNGLEY.] 

December 8th, 1538. Sir William Coffyn, knt, to be buried 
after the discrecion of my wife Dame Margaret Coffyn in what 
place she ttiincketh best and I make her my soole and full 
executrice ; to her all my fermes and theis that I have by leases 
or without any leases with suche interest and after as large a 
fashon as ever I have or hadd in them ; also to her all my goodes 
movable and unmoveable, corne, catall, plate, Jewells with all 
myn apparell longing to my body. My debts to be paid. To 
my two oldc servants Henry Irelaunde and Robert Roo all such 
landes as I have in Bakewell that 1 purchased called Bounde 

£ei)Mrtftt EHiltiJ. 

his lande and Sais lande. To ray two nevcwes Wm. Coffyn thelder 
and Wm. Coffyn yongcr all my lande in Devonshire longing to the 
Coffyns land, severally and indifferently to be divided between 
them both. To my wife my lande of Esthakinton in Devonshire 
to give and to sell for the performance of this my will. To my 
nephew Richard Coffyn the parke and the mannor of Heaunton 
that I have by leases paying my said wife ^"20 or ells not and 
yow to have it if he be not so contented. Also to Robert Graunger, 
John Rogers, Thomas Dale, and Rafe Beverley my servaunts myn 
annuitie paid to me yerelie by Sir Robert Chadwike parson of 
Sheill which is £6 1 3.$. ^d. Robert Graunger, yerely 401. John 
Rogers yerely 40J. Thomas Dale yerely 26s. &d. Rafe Beverley 
yerely 26s. %d., and to Richard Lamas yerely 401. As touching 
thother annuitie of the parsonne of Elson, I remit it hole to the 
discrecion of my wif. 

Witnesses: Robert Ive, Henry Irelaunde, gentilman, Robert 

Proved May 17th, 1539. 


[19 Spert.] 
March 13th, 1538. Richard Uphill. My body to be buried 
in the churchyard of Feme [Penselwood], To St Andrew of 
Wells \2d. To the parish church of Peme 201. To the Crosse 
light 4d. To Our Lady $d. To St. Margaret $d. To St. 
Mighell 4d. To St. Kathereyn 4d. To St. Christofer a,d. To the 
maintenance of the church of Peme twoo kyne and sevyn shepe. 
To my kynneswoman Wenyfride a cowe and a calfe. To my 
servant John Halley sevyn nobills and almaner of stuff that doth 
belong to my occupacion. To the said Halley and to my servant 
Alice Lame 40 pounde of yame, and a coverlett. To my goostly 
father Sir More, Thomas Mathewe and John Mathewe my corne 
close. To niy brother John Hiscockc all my bestes and catall, 
To Thomas Alen my Reke of corne. To my Godde children ^d. 
apece. To every householder in the parish of Peme I2d. Tojohn 
Hyscock and Thomas Alen my bill of debts. Also I have 
delivered willingly to my goostly father ^20 of money to be 

3o|)ii ILittfahtll. 53 

songe for in the parish church of Feme. Also delivered to John 
Mathewe and Thomas Mathewe a certeyn name of money the 
sume of xix marks, all my Talowe and candells wt the residue 
of my dets owt of my bill aforesaid, for to bestowe for the 
welthe of my soute, and if there be sufficient left, they shall 
deliver it to the parson of Pemc for to have a prcst synge for me 
in the church of Feme for four years. 

Overseers : The said parson, Thomas Mathewe, John Mathewe 
and John Sparowe. 

The residue to John Hescock, William Broke, and Thomas 
Alen, executors. 

Witnesses : My goostly father John Mowre, Thomas Mathewe 
John Mathewe. 

Proved May 5th, 1 543. 



May 19th, 1539. John Lytelskell, priest. To be buried in 
christian burial). To Maister Colynce 20s. To Sir Bocher ioj. 
and to Sir James Bonde ioj. My Bedding to Jamys Blakalarre 
my greke bokes to Sir Bocher, my latyn bokes and Cypryane 
and a paire of shetes to master Colynce, my best gowne typpett 
and capp to Sir Henry Hunte and the rest to poure scolers with 
all debts owed me at Wells as apperith by billes in Sir Giles 
hands. Of my other stuff, 40s. to my cosyn Eboralle in 
Warwikshire of late with Maister Lucyanc. To the College of 
Wells 20J. among the company. To the cathedral church of 
Wells icu. To the quoresters 10s. To the Almeshouse at 
Wells 20s. "Orera Chrisostomi ct Originis " to master Gye, 
" Ambrose et Paraphises Erasmi " to master Bowreman. 

Executors : Master John Edwards of Corpus Cristi College 
in Oxford, master Marten Colyns of Exeter College in Oxford, 
and Sir Giles, Chauntrye preest in the cathedral church of Wells, 

Witnesses : John Dotyn and John White. 

Proved June 30th, 1539. 

54 Aemersrt mills. 


[2 Alenger.] 

August 4th, 1539. George George of Wescobe in the parish 
of Batcombe, co. Somerset. My body to be buried in the 
church of Batcombe. To the cathedra! church of Wells 8d. To 
the Hyc Cros lyght of Batcombe 8^ To the bylding of the 
Towre of Batcombe 2or. To the maintenance of the torches of 
Batcombe 12^. To the meyntenance of the brotherhedd of 
Batcombe 6s. fW. To William George my son £10, half money, 
half catall. To John George my son ^20. To Margaret 
George my daughter £13 6s. 8d. To Agnes George my 
daughter the same, and her mothers best gyrdell. To Jone 
Brynt my daughter in lawe a heyffor, six shepe and a pane. To 
Dorathe Brynte my daughter in lawe the same. To James 
Benet Sj. To William Brynt 4 shepe. To my daughter Jone 
6s. Sd. To William Yerberye of Batcombe 5 acres of corne 
lying upon Spergrovys downe. To every childyste childe of 
myn a shepe or a hogge. To Edye Jones two heyffers. To 
my sons William, Walter and John and my daughters Jone, 
Margaret and Agnes my salte of silver and 10 silver spones 
whereof six be knaped w l mayden hedds and fowre w l square 
hedds sharped. My woode ffatt and my fumes to Walter and 
John my sons. To Edith my wife my lome w l all the harnes 
and afterward to John yf he fall to that occupation, yf not, to 
Walter my son. To each of my daughters Margaret and Agnes 
a bed furnished, that is a flocke bedd, a boulster of fflockes, a 
payr of blankets, a peyre of sheets of lockram and a coverlet, 
with six poull of pewter vessel!. To Isbel! Brynte and Kateryn 
Brynt my daughters in lawe, to each, a pane. To Robert 
Welshe my best gowne. To William George my son my 
chainlet coote. Item, where Mysteres Elsabeth Fyzth James 
oweth me ^4 delivered by way of lone to Maister John Fizth 
James her late husbonde in the chambre of the hall in William 
North's house at Bruton in the presens of John Galy his own 
servant, for the greate goodnes that I found in his mastership I 
forgyve the one half. 1 will that Geyles Slade of Bruton pay to 
Edith my wife and Walter my son the 20J. Set, he oweth me. 

Residue to Edith my wife and Walter my son, executors. 

HUifoUi Wattfiam, Bnt. 55 

Overseers : Maister Nicholas Fizthjames, Master Docter 
Bysse, Thomas Yerbcrye of Batcombe, and William Cornyshe 
of Spargrove, the elder. 

Witnesses : Robert Welshe, John Bleke, John Atthewoude 
the elder, Sir John Gotlar, parson of Spargrove, Sir John Ryley, 
curate of Batcombe. 

Proved January 30th, 1539. 

[15 Spert.] 
November 25th, 1539. Nicholas Wadham of Muryfelde co. 
Somerset, knight. My body to be buried in the parish church 
of Ilemyster if I die within the counties of Somerset, Dorset, 
Wiltshire, Southampton, or Devonshire. If I die elsewhere, 
then where my exors shall think best. To the cathedral church 
of Wells 6s. hd. To the parish church of Ilemyster 2Qs. To 
the parish churches of Ileton and Whitlakyngton 6s. 8<Z. to each 
and to the vicars there for tithes forgotten ioj. to each. If 
dame Johane my wife overlive me she to'have all such plate 
apparel and household stuff as she brought to Muryfeld the 
time of the marriage between her and me or any time sithen. 
To my wife 100 marks. The residue of my chaynes, gold ryngs, 
crossis, juells and plate not bequeathed, all my corn, cattle and 
household stuff at Muryfelde or in any other manors or lands in 
Somerset and all my wulle on my ferme of Frome co. Dorset to 
be sold by my exors. (except my sheep on my farm of Frome 
which I give to my wife, she paying for them after the rate as I 
did) and the money thereof coming to bear the charges of my 
burial and months mind and to pay my debts and legacies. To 
my son Giles being on lyfe at Deiesse my best horse or gelding 
with the apparel! to the value of 13J. a4- To my son Andrewe 
my second best horse. To my son Nicholas my third best 
horse. To Roger Fauntleroy, William Bevyn, John Balche and 
Anthony Bolleyn my servants ,63 6>. %d. each above their wages 
if they continue in my service during my life. To every other 
gentleman in my service the time of my decease, above their 
wages 40s. To my Chapleyn above his wages 40J. To every 

$6 *omemt SHflfs. 

yeoman servant 20s. above his wages. To every labouring 
servant, and woman servant 6s. Sd., so that they all continue 
with my wife and exors till my month mind be past. Also 
where I Nicholas Wadham, knight, do owe to my son-in-law 
Richard Chudleigh, esquier, ^60, I will my exors. pay the same. 
To my son John Wadham my best gown. To my three other 
sons Giles, Andrewe, and Nicolas all my wearing clothes and 
^100 each to be paid out of my manor of Haydon as appeareth 
by a deed whose date is November 23rd, 31 Hen. VIII. 

The residue to my executors. Sir Hugh Paulett, knight, 
William Portman, esquire, John Ogan, Andrewe Wadham, 
William Beven and Roger Fauntleroy, gentlemen. 

Overseers : The Lord Storton and Richard Poullard, csquicr, 

Proved January 31st, 1542. 

[4 Alenger.] 

December 15th, 1539. William Saunders of the parish of 
Chewstoke. My body to be buried in the church of Chewe, to 
which church 6s. 8rf. To the reparacion of the chapell of Chewe 
2od. To the reparacion of the church of Chewstoke 4*. ^d. 
To the reparacion of the parish church of Compton Martyn 2s. 
To the reparacion of the church of Ublcy i6d. To the 
reparacion of the church of Prydie 2 shepe. To my goostly 
father Sir John Bary 6s. Sd. To each of my god-children i2d. 
To the daughters of William my son dwelling at Prydie viz. 
Margaret and Agnes iooj. each. I will that a prest be hyered by 
my exors to pray for my soule and all christian souls for half a 
yere. If William my son when the time cometh will surrender 
his estate in the house in which I dwell, to Thomas my son, he 
to have £20, and if he will not he to have but my bequest which 
is 20 shepe. To the sustentacion of poor people oone hole cloth 
value 60s. To the repair of the high wey between my house 
and Stoke 6s. id. The residue to Margery my wife and 
Thomas my son, my executors. Witnesses : Sir John Bary 
prest, William Paynes, John Hilkes, and John Fyssher. 

Proved March 4th, 1539. 

SW&n Otftlett. 57 

; 154-0. ALICE PYCKE. 

[7 Alenger.] 

March 25th, 1540. Alse Pycke, gentlewoman, widow, of the 
parish of S. John, Glastonburye. To be buried in the parish 
church abovesaid before the altar of the Trinitie. For my burial 
there, 40s. To the four principal lights there, 3.1. 4d. To the 
poor at my burial moneth mynde and twelvemoneth mynde, £20. 
To every priest present \2d. To my son Master Stevyn Peycke 
my best cup. To Maistres Dorathe Pycke, my daughter-in-law, 
a standing cup. To my daughter, Mestres Jane Walton, my 
best gown and kyrtill of right satyn and my frontlett. To my 
daughter Mestres Margery Roo, my second best gown. To Sir 
Thomas Barrett, my priest, a standing cup with the image of 
Thomas Beckett in the bothome and my chalice. To Sir 
James Smythe, my gostly father- a litle ale cup, a fetherbed, 
2 pare of shetes, one of 3 levys, and the other of 2 leves, and 
S nobles to sing for me, To Margery Attewe, widow, £6 i$s, qd. 
To Julyane Attewe, £$ to help to marry her. To Hugh Savage 
40s. To Isabel] Fastar 6s. $d. 

Residue, my son Master Stephen Pycke, executor. 

Overseers : Master John Walton and Sir Thomas Barrett 

Witnesses : Sir James Smythe, Sir Thos. Barrett, Thomas 
Uppam, Thomas Penny, Thomas Clercke, and Peter Mede. 

Proved June 26th, 1 540. 


[10 Alenger.] 
May 23rd, 1540. John Wyllet of the parish of Lutcombe 
[sic] co. Somerset, clothmaker. To be buried in the church of 
St Michael the Archangell of Butcombe. To the cathedral 
church of Wells, 6d. To the church of Butcombe, 6s. Sd. To 
the sepulture light there i2d. To the church of Wrington 6s. &d. 
To the church of Blagdon $s. To each of my children, viz., 
Henry, William, Thomas, John the elder, John the younger, 
Annes, Isabel, Johanne, and Annes the younger, 20s. To my 
son John Wyllet the younger /"to more to buy him some 

58 Aomtrrtt Wffli. 

purchase withal. To Johanne Weke my servant 401. to her 
marriage. To John Wyllet son of William Willet of Bristowe 20s. 
to his marriage. To Johan Willett, my servant, daughter of 
John Willett the elder, to her marriage, 40c. 

Residue: Margery my wife, executrix. 

Overseers: John Baber, Thomas Willett 

Witnesses : William Ketingale, parson of the said parish 
of Butcombe, Henry Busshe of the parish of Wrington, and 
John Hypsley of Butcombe. 

Proved August 20th, 1 540. 


[10 Alenger.] 

July loth, 1540, William Saunders of the parish of Yatton. 
To be buried in the church of 'Yatton. To my mother Margery 
20 wethers. To John Saunders the same. To Thomas Waile 
three we3ght of woll. To Richard Wayle a steyre. To Prede 
church 6s. %d. To West Harttre church 6s. %d. To a priest to 
pray for me 8 marks. To John Erolle a kow. To my wife, 
all goods which were hers before I married her which John 
Wayle left her. To my two daughters Margaret and Agnes all 
the stuff of my house at Prede. To John Sherborn a cow, left 
him by his mother my wife. To Thomas Saunders, 20 wedders. 

Residue : to my wife Jone and my daughters Margaret and 
Agnes, my executors. 

Overseers : Thomas Saunders, my brother, John Lane of 
Prede and John Erobe of Yatton, 

Witnesses: Robert Cocke, priest, Thos. Saunders, John Erole, 
and John Willing. 

Proved August 20th, 1540. 


[17 Alenger.] 
July 20th, 1 540. John Mawdeley the elder, of Wells. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of St. Cuthberts of Wells 
before the high aulter where rest the bodies of "my children 

SSnijn JHatriKltp. 59 

deceased. To the cathedral church of St Andrew of Wells jr. 4^. 
To the high aulter of St Cuthbert for tithes forgotten 6s. Sd. 
To the Guylde of the Blessed Trynytie in the same church 2cw. 
to be praid for there with other benefactors. To every other 
altar in the said church \2d. To the said church to Gods 
service there my best Chaleys, a sute of vestments of cloathe 
of golde. To the Maister and CoTaltie of *he towne of 
Wells to the maintenance of their comen rents and landes .£20, 
they to keep one yearly anniversary or obit in the said church 
for 10 yeares bestowing to six preests tyd. each, to three 
clerkes gd., to the bedeman 2d., and to the churchwardens 80. 
To the maister of the said towne. for distribution of bredd at 
every obit, ioj. To the said Maister and CoTaltie my tenement 
in Chaumberlen Street in Wells, in which my cousin Richard 
Mawdeley dwelleth, to keep an anniversary in the said church 
on Palme Sonday and on the morrowe for my soul and the soule 
of Joane my wife and of William Atwater, To the Almes- 
house of Wells 40J. for an obit there to be kept during eight 
yeares, $s. at every obit viz. : — to the chapleyn saying "Dirige " 
comendacions and masse pro defunctis 8d., to another preest to 
help him qd. and id. to every poor man and woman of the house 
being present. I will a vertuous priest sing for me in the said 
church for 20 years at the altars S. Erasmus, S. James or S. John, 
helping the quyre in daily service and three tymes the week 
to say 'dirige' comendations, Masse of Requiem and Masse 
of the Fyve Wounds w' this psalme " Miserere mei Deus " 
and " De profundis," every Friday psalmes of the Passion 
and ons in the Advente and ons in the Lentte to say David 
Spalter. And if Sir RobeTt Nelyng will have the said service 
he shall have the house he now dwelleth in during his life 
and £$ yearly of my rents in the parishe of Winscombe by 
Axbridge to be paid by my son John Mawdeley. To amend- 
ment of the high ways towards Oky and Dulcott aboutes 
Wells 40J. To the poor of this streate and town 30 yards of 
cloath. My executors to pay such sums as shalbe taxed 
and assessed towards the first payment of the Kings silver 
that is, the furste fifteene within the town of Wells newe 
granted upon every .poor householder of the same town, being 
none aliens, not having goods to the value of iocw., and to 

5o d o merit t TOillS. 

every such person within the towne not having goods of the said 
value I doo for Goddes sake remyt all such debts as they 
owe unto me. To Joane my wife £200 and my house. 

Executors : Joane my wife and John Mawdeley my son. 
To the said John a standing cup having an image of Mary 
Magdalene and the residue of my goods. To- his wife Joyce, 
40 marks. To James Baker eldest son of my daughter, a 
standing cup, and to Edward, Jasper, John, and Mary Baker 
children of my said daughter Joan Baker, deceased, £40 
each to their marriages. To my cosen Richard Mawdeley 
and his wife 20s., and to his son John Mawdeley 10s. I remit 
one quarter's rent to every of my tenants in Wells. To the 
marriages of poor maydens j£io and to the exhibitions of poor 
scoters at Oxford £\o. To young Elizabeth Mawdeley my 
son's daughter £40 at her marriage. My son John Mawdeley 
to have all my lands in Somerset and for default of heir, 
the remainder to Edward, Jasper, and John Baker equally, 
paying yearly to Sir Robert Nelyng £$. To my chaplain 
Syr Morisshe 6s. id. and a gown 

Overseers : Maister John Cntte and Sir Robert Nelyng, 
my chaplain. To Margaret Asshe my mayden 40J. 

Witnesses : Maister John Atwell maister of the town of 
Wells, Maister Cutte, Maister Geneys, Sir Robert Reede, my 
curate, Sir Robert Neling, Sir Morisshe Fyn. 

Proved November 24th, 1 540. 


[15 Alengbr.] 
September 8th, 1540. John Watkyns, servant to the Bishop 
of Bath. To be buried in the parish church or churchyard where 

1 die. To my two sisters Elizabeth and Alice, 20 angell nobles 
in the custody of myhoostMr. Raynold. To my said sister Alice 
my purchase in Chewe or £6 i^s.^d. which it cost me. To 
Aurthur Payton a pair of harnes. To Richard Parson's wife 
my servant in Chewe, a gown. To John Sadler and his wife, a 
gown each. To my hoost and hostess at London, each of them 

2 Ryalls of the 20 of mine that he hath in custody, also a cote of 

Soijjn CInkt, »i*t)op. 61 

Say to him and a coffer to his wife. Among my fellowes of my 
Lord's chamber my coffer in Wells and all therein. To Master 
Clerckson and Master Dogye 2 Ryalls each and to Roger 
Allunner one ryall. I forgive Master Higham the 2or, he oweth 
me. For distribution of bread to the poor in Chewe, 40*. My 
fellowes to have amongst them, £4. To Phillyp Andros a shirt 
and to John Andros a shirt wrought with gould. To Grene a 
shirt To Master Clerckson the same. To William Glasier a 
case of knyves, and a cote of Say. To Roger Allunner a cote of 
Say. To Master Dogyon a shirt, my cote of skarlet, a pair of 
sleeves of male and a stull. To Joyce my best case of knyves. 

Residue : Master George Dogyon, executor. 

Witnesses : Master Richard Clerckson, Phillip Andros, Roger 

Proved November 29th, 1 540. 


[20 Alenger.] 
September 27th, f 540. I, John, Busshop of Bath. My body 
to be buried in the principall churche of the towne of Calleis and 
there to have suche dooles and distributions to po' people, suche 
nomber of masses for my soule as shaibe seen to my welbiloved 
chapleyns Masters Richard Clerkeson and George Dogyon, so 
that the charges passe not the some of ,£100. I will £10 be" left 
at the place of ray buryall to be distributed there to the po r at 
my monethes mynde. I will my monethes mynde be kept at 
the cathedral church of Wells and £40 distributed there in 
masses and dooles. I will myn obit be kept at Chiew and 
Banwell and £20 distributed in either place. To the cathedral 
church of Wells my mytre and fyve coppes of damaske, two 
white and three redd. To the King's maiestie of a Remem- 
braunce £100 praying the same to assist myn exours. To my 
lorde Erie of Hampton, lord pryvie seale, my two gilted standing 
pottes. To my lord of Sussex my mnytt and my barber's bason 
of sylver. To my lord of Dunellme my best sapher in a ring 
wrought w 1 amell for that other is but conterfet. To my lord of 
Winchester my belle of sylver. To my lorde Russell lorde 

62 Somtnirt SBtlU. 

Admiral! a basen and an ewer of sylver. To all my servants 
that reccyved wages and lyvery of me this last yere and quarter 
their hoole yere's wages and borde wages for oon half yere. To 
my servant Thomas Cusyn, j£io. To ail my houshold servants 
and chapleyns a tevery of blake clothe, to the chapleyns 
v yerds and thother iiiij yerds. To Master Higham my chap- 
leyn all that he ought me of an old dette making full accompt 
and paying his debet upon his last medling in office. I will none 
other servant of mine shal be troubled for any mony that he 
dothe owe me. All my goodes being on thisyde the see not 
delyvered before my death to be disposid by myn executour 
whom I make for this only my servante John Pale to whom £20 
for his labour and £20 for his costs in lying on this side to see the 
execution of the same I will my said exour shall sende by 
Masters Clerkeson and Dodyori to the por Almose house in 
Welles, 40 marcs. I will have a gravestone and written there- 
upon : — hie jacet Jokes Epus Bathoniefl et Wetten Anglicus qui 
cum obiisset plures itisigties legations tande obiit diem suum in 
Legatioe Clevensis anno dtli mdxl. To Thomas Clerke my 
brother my gowne of satten. The rest of my apparell and 
bedding which is here, among my servants. 

Residue : to my mother and my brother Thomas Clerke, my 
executours, to be disposed to the preferment of Alice, Annie and 
Thomas, children of the said Thomas Clerke, and Alice the wife 
of Thomas Semarke. 

Wrytten at Dunekerke in Flaunders, Johes Epus Bathon et 
Wellefl, Ricardus Clerkeson, Georgius Dogyon. 

Proved January 17th, 1540. 


[22 ALENGER.] 
October 6th, 1540. Thomas Tynberyof Mynchyn Buckland. 
My body to be buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas of 
Durston before the west door. To the same church 6s. 8d. to 
maintain a light before the Sacrament. To the chapell of 
Bucklande Priors, 6s. Sd. for a like light. To Sir James Muck- 
ley, 20s. To Johan Knowllis, 20s. and the bede wherein she 

EDmaiiB Beldam. 63 

now lieth. To Humfry, my servant, a bed. To Sir Richard, 
2s. To Sir Davy, \2d. To my son Halley, my callyd mare. 
To my daughter, his wife, my ryding gelding. My son John 
Tynbery to make a grant of one annuity of 2.0s. to Sir James 
Muckley and a like grant to Johan Knolles, to be taken of 
such lands in Somerset as my father-in-lawe Henry Thorneton 
had for terme of certain years of the gift of the Lady Gorge, 
deceased. I will that Alexander Popham, John Bulcomb, clerk, 
vicar of North Petherton, my son William Halley and James 
Muckley, clerk, sell all my plate and my mowe of whette in 
Wynsyll and have the occupation of my ferme of Halamp 
Courte in the county of Dorset and my sheep there with which 
to pay the debts which 1 owe to Peter Hymmerforde, Elizabeth 
Hymmerford, and Henry Totehill and the above annuities, after 
which my son John Tynbery to have my ferine and sheep. To 
the said Alexander Popham my house wherein I dwell in like 
form as I have it of the grant and sale of Sir Thomas Arundel), 
knight, high surveyor of the King's landes belonging to the late 
dyssolvyd howses in these west parties. 

Residue: to my said son and executor John Tynbery with 
these debts, that is, of the vycary of Lyng 20J., of Hughe 
Rowswell £5 10s., and of John Cheeke l$s. id. 

Overseer : Alexander Popham. 

Proved February 3rd, 1540. 

[18 Alencer.] 
November 16th, 1540. Edmond Bekham, gentilman, of the 
Kings chapel. My body to be buried in the parish church of 
Seynt Ellyns. To the high altar there 20d. To Master 
William Crane a salte, the fote of hit sylver and gilt, the salt 
burrall, the cover silver and gilt and a case of Iether to close yt 
in. To Mastres Margaret Crane his wife two litle Dansse cuppis 
of silver to close and to shytto or to make two salts of them. 
To Margaret Haukyns sometime wife of Robert Hawkyns 
sometime of the Kings chapel, km. To Nicholas Alwhyn 
goldsmith at the Sterr in Chepeside and to his wife 2ar. To 

64 aoimrurt KROIl. 

Maistres Danyell in Bassing Halle I Of. To Mr. Richard 
Brampston at Wells a ring of gold with a Cornell. To Sir 
Thomas Edyngton Curat of St. Ellyns my gostly father, 10s. 
To John Harrow, clerk, of St. Ellyns and to his wife 10s. 

Residue, to my father Robert Bekham and my sister Alice 
Bekham in Wells, my executors. 

Witnesses : Sir Thomas Edyngton, Sir Nicholas Lamere, Sir 
Thomas Wynstanley, and William Curtt. 

Proved December 4th, 1540. 


[31 Alenger.J 

January 23rd, 1540. Joyce Sturgen. To be buried in holy 
ground where I die. For my burial with dirigc and masse 
1 3i. 4d. My executors, Master Thomas Ballgaye petty canon 
of Bowles and Thomas Martyn my fellow, to receive all my 
goods here in London and in Somersetshire in the keeping of 
Master Dogyn late chaplain to the Bishop of Bath, with a 
certain cofer in my chamber in Wells within my Lord's palace. 
They also shall receive my wages and board wages with the 
bequest that my master the Bishop of Bath gave unto me as he 
dyde, my Company being beyonde See with him. To Master 
Balgaye a great redd coverlet of Yselonde cloth. 

Residue: Master Thomas Ballgay and Thomas Martyn. 

Overseer : Master John Baptist, chauntrye priste of Poules 
to whom a pewter basonne and a Candelstick of Latten. 

Witnesses : Thomas Hebbe, Edward Wigan, Richard 
HoperB, John Thorpe. 

Proved July 6th, 1541. 


[34 Alencek.] 
March 10th, 1 540. Robert Style, maior of the City of Bath. 
To be buried in the churchyard of Stalles within the said city. 
To the mother church of Wells 4d. To John Style mine eldest 
son J&40 and my house in Stalles parish. To Thomas Style my 
son ^40, and all my shop stuff equally between them. If they 

fcugft Vtptit. 65 

die, the above to. Johan my wife. My said wife Johan to have 
the above goods till my sons be married. To Johan my wife 
my farm ofBathwyke with the mylls. To John Sachfetde and 
John Cleoment aldermen 6\r. Sd. each to be overseers. 

Residue : Johan my wife, executrix. 

Witnesses : Sir Gylbert Woodwarde my curate, Henry 
Savell, John Sachefelde, John Cleoment aldermen, Henry 
Bewswyn gentilman, William Romsey, Richard Fyssher and 
Robert Mary. Proved September 9th, 1541. 



March 26th, 1541. Hughe Veysie vicar choral of the cathe- 
dral church of Wells. My body to Christian burial. To the 
said cathedral church, $s. $d. To the repair of the vestments of 
our Lady chappell behind the high altar, 5.1., and of St. Martyn's 
chapel, 2od. To the Close Hall for the repair of such vestments 
as the place is bound to repair, 26s. 8d. To the Stocke of the 
Close Hall, 6r. %d. for Nycholas Marshall sometime vicar there. 
To Thomas Smithe of Bristowe, ioj. To Johane my sister's 
servant a newe petycot of cloth, a newe smocke, a newe paire of 
hoose and a newe pair of shues. To my nevew William Colway 
certain plate and money to the value of £20. To my cousin Sir 
Richard Scotson, priest, 20J. of his debt, a russet gown furred 
with blacke lambe and all my bookes, my masse booke 
excepted. To the parish church of Puclechurche, a pair of vest- 
ments and my masse booke. To my godson, Cuthbert Bulman, 
a spoon of silver with a seale in theknappe. To Alyce, daughter 
of Robert Colway, a harnest gurdell. To Master John Uvedale 
overseer of my will, a goblet To Master Richard Erington, 
canon residentiary of Wells, a little goblet, my best surples and 
a pair of andirons standing in the hall. To my sister Margery 
the value of £6 i jj. ^d. of my household stuff. To the poor of 
Puclechurche, £10. 

Executors : Master Richard Erington and Robert Colway, 
my nephew. 

Witnesses : Sir Andrewe Thorne, Sir John Lambert, Sir Thos. 
Hooper, priests vicars choral of Wells. Proved May loth, 1541. 

66 j&omrrSet SBtlU. 


[17 PVNNYNG.] 

October 1st, 1541. In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas 
Bysshope of Solubrie make my will and testament in manner 
flowing. Firste, I bequeathe my soule to Allmighty God, Our 
Lady Saint Mary and all the saincts in heaven and my boddic 
to be buryed where it please God. All suche temporall goods 
that I have, I gyve to the poore and needy people by the 
ordeflnce of Roger Hill, Xpofer Wylkyns and Isabell his wief 
reserving £6 1 $s. ^d. for their labours, also all suche thinges that 
I have gyven with my hands, as, to my servant Sir William 
Wynter a sallte of silver withe a coover pared! gilte and a silver 
cupp with a cover and the bedde that he liethe yn with apour- 
tennce. To the colledge churche of Sainte Mary Oterey a cup 
of silver and gillte. To the churche of St. Mary Magdalen in 
Taunton, 6s. &d. and a dammaskc cope and to the two servyces 
of the same churche 2s. To the churches of Wellington, 
Holberton, Saint Gorram and Saint Gluas in Cornewaile, and 
Litle Torrington, to each an aungell noble. My debts are thies, 
firste, Mr. Robert Gibes owithe me £$7 17s. Sd. as it appearithe 
in Docto r Peter's booke. Item, Worser, ioj. Item, Edmunde 
Abree, 20s. Item, Lardcombe of Chardstoke, 401. Item, 
'William Grenehm of Norton, 10s. Item, Mr. Bell registre of 
Wells, £4. Item, Henry Symbarde owithe me £1 whiche I doo 
give to my kynnesman John Williams towards his learning. 

To this bearith witnes, William Wynter, William Harvic and 
fohn Edwardes, preestes, w 1 oother. 

Proved November 4th, 1 544. 


[6 Spert.] 
March 8th, 1541. Margaret Horssey of Tawnton, wydow. 
My body to be buried in the church of Mary Mawdclyn of 
Taunton. To the high aulter of the same churche, 6s. Sd. To 

fiKarqaitt ftorasco. 67 

the high crosse service and the sepulcre service there, 6s, fid. To 
the cathedral church of St. Andrew in Wells, I2<£ To the 
service of our Lady and Saynt Katheryn in the church of Seynt 
James in Taunton, 6s. Sd. To the church of Bronefyld, 6s. Sd. 
To the Sicke Leprye people in the hospitall of St Margaret and 
St. Katheryn nighe Taunton, ioj. To the reparacions of high 
wayes nighe Taunton, ^10. Among poor people in Taunton, 
;£l0 at the day of my burial and monthes mynde. To William 
Horssey my best cover with his cover. To Barnard Smyth in 
Totynes a standing cup. To my daughter Isbell Smyth his 
wife my best girdell with the buckell and the pendent To 
Robert, son of William Horssey, six spones with greate knoppes, 
a flocke bedd half a garnyshe of pewter vessels, a cobberd, two 
latten basons, thre brason crockes and two tableclothes thone 
thereof dyaper, etc. To Alice, daughter of William Horssey, 
my gyrdell with the blake velvet with bossis and chaynis, my 
best beads, my best boole pece of sylver, my best gown furred 
with shanks, a kyrtell, vj kerchers and a cappe, etc. To Johane, 
daughter of William Horsey, a girdell, a demye with a chayne, 
and a gowne lyned with taflata, etc To Isbell, daughter of 
William Horssey, a girdle with buckle and pendente, a flate pece 
parcell gilte, a borne garnished with silver gilt, my gowne lyned 
fyne wolsted, a coffer of sypresse, etc To the forsaid Robert 
and Isbell, 100 marks each. Where there is six score pounds 
bequeathed by the legacy of John Joys, my son, deceased, 
betwixt Alice and Johane, daughters of the- said William 
Horssey, I bequeath to each of them £6 15s. $d. accomplishing 
to each too marks, the said .£120 accompted the same. And if 
any of the said Robert, Alice, Johane and Isbell die before they 
be marrigeable, their legacy to remain to their father. 

The residue to the said William Horssey, my son, my 

Overseers : Roger Fauntlaroy, George Hendley, Nicholas 
Broune and John Lauryn. 

Witnesses: Sir John Rowsewell, curate, William Vyney, 
Roger Fauntlaroy, George Hendley, Nicholas Broune, John 

Proved May 26th, 1542. 

68 #omrr*rt WHilUf. 


[u Spkrt.] 

May 5th, 1542. Thomas Warre, esquire. My body to be 
buried in the church at Kyngiston, to which church 6s. 8</. 
To the vicar there 6s. &/. To the maintenance of the torches 
2orf. To the bells, 20rf. To the high aulter y. 4^. To the 
churches of Monkton and Cheddon 3J. 4^ each. To the church 
of Bromefyld 2orf. To the marriage of my three daughters 
600 marks equally among them, each having four marks yearly 
to their finding until they shall have received their marriage 
money. To each of my sons .640 and four marks yearly for 
their finding till they shall have received their said portions. 
Ho Christian my wife all the goods that were her mother's, and 
she to have the parsonage of Kyngiston for my term of 
years to come, so long as she live sole. And if she marry or 
die before the end of my term, my son John to have the 
parsonage, To my said wife all the corn in the barns at the said 
parsonage. To my servant Richard Clowter my black gown, 
a black satten doublet, a black jackett, and all my black cappes 
of cloth. To Raynold my servant, my cloth gown gardyd 
with tawny velvet. The residue to my son Richard Warre, 
executor, and if he refuse to execute my will, my brother 
Richard Chidley and my cosens John Wyndham, Alexander 
Popham, and Michel! Malett, to be executors and to take as 
much of the issues of my lands and tenements as the Law 
will permit for the execution of my will, until my said heir and 
executor Richard Warre shall make such surety unto them for the 
performance of my will as shall be convenient Provided my 
sons shall be ordered by my said executor and my said trusty 
friends until they come to 24 years of age, and my daughters 
likewise in marriage. 

Witnesses : Roger Cluett, esquire, John Verney, gentleman, 
Richard Geoffrye, vicar of Kyngiston, Richard Clowter. 

Proved November 2nd, 1542. 

. fiolmt Cfjtifef. 69 


[11 Spert.] 
July 9th, 1 542. Robert Chyke of the parish of Bruttfi co. 
Somerset My body to be buried in halowed grounde where 
yt please God the lyf shall departe from it. To our mother 
churche in Welles \2d. To the parish church in Bruttfi 6s. id. 
To the performance and bylding of the newe crosse 20J. To 
the Brotherhed of Our Lady $s. $d. To Alice my wife in 
money or else in such stuff as belongeth to my occupying in my 
house, £66 1 $s. $d. To William Chike my eldest son £1 3 6s. Sd 
To John Chyke prentice in London £26 13J. ^d. To William 
Chyke prentice in London £26 ^p. ^d. To Nicholas ^20. 
To Annes £20. To Robert Chyke son to William Chike my 
godson £6 i$s. $d. If any die before he come to lawful age, his 
bequest to remain to the survivors. And that I have gevyn to 
Robert Chyke son of William Chyke shall remayn to his next 
eldyst brother yf God take hym before the age of twenty yeres. 
My wife to have the use of my ground called Collyns heyse 
during her life and after her days, the years then to come to 
be sold, both ground, wood and trees, and the benefits to be 
divided among my said children. Also the time that I have 
the Capelond I give to my wife. I will that a true Inventary be 
made of my goods and brought to one gross sum to perform 
my will. To William Chyke my eldest son, my best gown, 
doublet and jerkyn, my sorell gelding which I used to ride. 
To John Chyke my son, my white mare with her foal and . 
thencresse of her, tyll he come owte of hys yeres of prentyshod, 
and so long she with her ofspring to be pastured in Collyns 
heyse, and then he to have them thens and so to use them as he 
lyst. To William Chyke the younger, my baye horsse callyd my 
stalyn, wylling suche as shalhave the rule of my wyll to se hym 
usyd to the best behofe for the pfytt of the por ladde. To 
Nicholas my sorell mare with her colt. To Alice my daughter 
wife of William Cottisholde ^6 13^.4^. To my brother Stephyn 
Chike a gown cloth of mouster coler and a furr of blake.lambe. 
To Olyvermy servant above his wages 6s. id. To every of my 
mayde servants above their wages 20s. The residue to be 

7° *omrrtrt WlilU. 

equally divided to these five children, William, John, William, 
Nicholas, and Annes, my executors. 

Overseers: my good lady Fitz-jamys, to whom 4OJ. desiring 
her ladyship to be friendly to my wife and children, and William 
my eldest son. 

Witness : Richard Antell, curate of Bruton. 

Proved November 7th, 1542. 


[lo PVNKVNG.] 

October 7th, 1542. Thomas Arthure of Clopton co. 
Somerset, esquire. My body to be buried in the chancel of the 
parish church of Porteshed to which church 6s. Xet. To the 
parish church of Clopton 6s. 8tf. To Anne my wife roo marks 
which is in the hands of her mother so long that she bring my 
body honestly in earth according to my degree and keep my 
month and twelvemonth mind and pay all other funeral 
expenses. To Thomas Arthure my second son £40. To 
George Arthure my third son £40, which sums of money are in 
the hands of Thomas Launsden my brother and he to pay them 
when they come 10 21 years of age. To Anne Arthure my 
daughter to her marriage .650, levied of my manor of Clopton. 
I will that John Bulbecke and Giles Dodyngton gentlemen 
receive £10 yearly of the said manor until they have fully 
received the said .£50. If any of my said two younger sons or 
my daughter die before the age of 21 years his or her bequest 
to remain to the survivors. And if they all die, as God defend, 
their legacies to remain to Edmunde Arthure my brother and 
to his heirs forever. I will that the said John Bulbecke and 
Giles Dodyngton shall take £6 yearly of my manor of North- 
weston co. Somerset to the finding of my said two sons and 
daughter until they come to the age of 21 years or marry. To 
my said brother Edmund Arthur £6 ijj. $d. To the said John 
Bulbecke, Giles Dodyngton and my brother Thomas Launsdon 
• 4OJ. each. To John Launsden, Thomas Hopkynnes, Roger 
Lowle, John Everode and William Redhedd my servants, 401. 
each, which legacies I will be paid at my month's mind. To 

djoman aem. 71 

the said William Redhedd the reversion of William Stalpde his 
house and of all lands that he holdeth of me. I will that John 
Arthure my son and heir apparent when he come to the age of 
21 years shall make him a good deed of the said grant for the 
term of his life, yielding to the said John Arthure like rent and 
service as the said William Stalparde now beareth. To the 
parson of Weston my ghostly father 6s. &d. 
The residue to Anne my wife- 
Executors: John Bulbecke and Giles Dodingtonne. 
Overseer : Thomas Launsdcn. 

Witnesses : Edward Gorges, knight, Edmunde Percy vail, 
esquire, Richard Bythemore, William Oldemixe, Leonard Borne, 
Edmund Bithemore, gentlemen, Sir William Adams, parson of 
Weston, John Launsden, John Polle and Richard Feylond. 
Proved July 7th, 1544. 


[18 Spert.] 

November 15th, 1542. Sir Thomas West parson of Chel- 
worth in the diocese of Bath and Wells. My body to be buried 
in the chauncel of Chelworth, to which church 6s. Sd. To the 
cathedral church of Wells Sd. To the chapell of Chewe 35. 44/, 
To the bretherhed of Keynsham is. \d. To the church of Olde 
Sadbery is. qd. To the churches of Farnborowe, Lyttelton, 
Clutton, Staunton Drewe, Pensford and I'ublowc zod. each. I 
will that an honest priest say masse for my soul and all 
christian souls for one year having for his labour and for 
singinge bred wyne and waxe £$ 13.F. qd. ; he to be provided by 
the discretion of maister Thomas Trewbody. To John West 
servant to our Soveraigne Lord the King £$ 6s. 8d. To 
William West of the parish of Abston £3 6>. 8^. To Roger 
West, John West and Thomas West sons of my brother John 
West £$ 6s. Sd. each. To Agnes daughter of Thomas West 
20s. To her sister 20s. To John son of Thomas West 2CXE 
To each of my godchildren Sd. 

The residue to my godson Thomas West of Abston, William 
Puppyn of Colley, John Cockes and Isabell Tewe of Chchvorthe, 

72 domrrttt SWille. 

my executors, who shall make penny dole at my burial and 
months mynd to all poor people resorting then. 

Overseer: Master Thomas Trewbody. I will ail goods 
bequeathed to John Cockes, one of my executors, remain in the 
custody of Richard Parsons of Chelworth and of William 
Puppyn of Colley until he be 24 years of age. 

Witnesses : Maister Thomas Trewbody parson of Norton : 
Thomas Sholbroke of Norton, Richard Parsons, John Parsons 
of Chelworth and John Hoogeys of Farborowe. 

Proved April 13th, 1543. 



January 20th, 1542. John Tyllie of the parish of Hutton 
My body to be buried in the churchyard of O Lady in Hutton. 
To the church of St. Andrewe at Wells, qd. To the high altar 
of Hutton, 4«£ To Elizabeth, my wife, £ 3, which I delivered 
to her at my last being, with a panne, ij platters, ij pottingers, a 
brand yron, an axe and a spade. To Elizabeth, my son's 
daughter, my great panne. 

The residue to Robert Tylle, my son, executor. 

Witnesses : George Paine, gentleman, John Bcnnct, John 
Offer and Thomas Squier. 

Proved January 19th, 1543. 


[26 Spert.] 
February 25th, 1542. Thomas Ingler of Charde, co. Somer- 
set. My body to be buried in the church of Chard before the 
aulter of Saint Katheryn. To the cathedral chutch of Wells, 6,d. 
To the vicar of Charde for tithes forgotten, 6s. id. To the 
church of Charde to have my name written in the bedde roll and 
to be praied for, 6s. &d. To Sir John Pyll, my curate, 6s. fW. 
To Sir John Peers and Sir Robert Stempte, 3J. 4^. each. To 
Emme, my wife, my close called Crowell Close in the south part 
of the town of Charde betwixt the ground called the Towne 

3ol)H doutftfoooD. 

mede in the est parte and the lane called Crowell Lane which 
leedith unto Crymchard felde on the southe parte and a close 
belonging to the service of Our Lady in the church of Chard and 
now in the hands of Thomas Aulston on the northe parte, to 
have and hold to the said Emme and her heirs for ever. To 
Alice Longe, my servant, ^10. To my servant Katheryn, 20s. 
to be paid in woode. To William Bartlett, John Colyns, 
Thurstan Carswell, Willm Slade, Richard Hyett and Elyano' 
Redgounde, a measure of woode each. 

The residue to Emme, my wife, executrix. 

Overseer : William Clap. 

Witnesses : Sir John Pyll, curate, John Selwood and Water 
Gachell. Yoven in Charde. 

Proved October 25th, 1 543. 


[20 Spert.] 
March 16th, 1542. John Sowthwood, priest, canon residence 
of the cathedral church of St Andrew in Wells. My body to 
be buried in the said cathedral church. To the fabrick of the 
said church, 3J. 41/. To every ministre of the said church at my 
funeral!, 20<£ To the maister of the town of Wells and to the 
ministres of the parish church of St. Cuthbert, to kepe an obit 
at the day of my burial, 20s. To the priests and clerks of the 
parish church of Mertock to kepe an obit for my soule there as 
soon as they shall hear of my death, lor To the poor of 
Mertock, 3J. 4d. on the day of my obit. To each of my 
servants Morys Marten, John Coke, Thomas Tynbye, Blase 
Rodberd and William Richards, his quarter's wages due at 
Midsomer next and icw. each. To John Tyler, po r man of my 
kechyn,^!, 41/, All these servants to have meate and drynke in 
my house for 8 dayes after my buriall. To Elyonor Bowthe oon 
blak wustayd gowne. To Richard Blechley a blak wusted cote. 
To Thomas Sowthwoode, my brother, a fetherbed, a bolster and 
the coverlet on my bedde in the parlour. I will that at my 
burial there be dealyd in bred of thre to a peny, 26s. Zd. 

&onw«t 381010. 

The residue to William Lucas my brother-in-law, George 
Nosse and Thomas Blecheley, my executors. 

Overseers : Maister George Dogyon Chauntour and resident 
of the said cathedral church and Doctor Edgeworthe, canon 
resident of the same church, to each of whom 20s. and a gilte 

Witnesses : Maister George Dogyon, Maister Roger Edge- 
worth, Sir William Nedys and Sir John Pydsley. 

Proved May 10th, 1543. 

f (23 Spbrt.] 

1542. J'ohn Exhall of Bruham in the diocese of Bath and 
Wells. My body to be buried in the chapel of St John Baptist 
in the parish church of Bruham, in the north lie of the said 
chapel. To the church of St Andrew in Wells, %s. $d. To the 
brotherhed of Bruham, a kowe and a paire of vestments. To 
the high roode light there, %s. $d. To Sir John Tanner, curate 
there, 20d. To Sir Robert Wells, 20d. To the parishe clerke 
there, Sd. To John James, a yerling of twelmonth age. To 
Stephen Twyney, a bullock of twoo yeres age. 

The residue to Alice, my wife, my execu trice. 

Overseers : Thomas Tabor and John Starye. 

Witnesses : Sir John Tanner, curate, Sir Robert Wells, 
William Hill, Thomas Tabor, John Itary, and John Barbour, 
Stocke Clerke. 

Proved August 1st, 1 543. 

[3 Pymwyng.] 
May 21st, 35 Hen. VIII. Edwarde Sydenham. My body 
to be brought and buried in holy grave. To the church of 
Dulverton to be prayed for, 20s. To each of my godchildren, 
I2i/. To Sir John Slocoke to be prayed for, jr. 4*/. To the 
parson ne of Brusheforde, 13.1. $d. To Sir John Hooper, 16W. 
To Sir John Berde, clerc, of Dulverton, 2s. To the church of 

Chomas »urg«. 75 

Brushefordc, 6c Sd. To George Sydenham, my son, ,£[0. To 
Thomas Sydenham, son of John Sydenham, £6 13.?. 4k To the 
rest of John Sydenham's children, 40J. each. To John Cowoode 
at Northe Ende in the parish of Culmestocke, zs. Unto 12 poor 
men, \2d. 

The residue to Jane, my wife, and John, my son, executors. 

Witnesses : Sir John Slococke, Rafe Jose, Edwarde 

And further that after my decease the moiety of all my lands 
and tenements in the city of Exeter shall remain to George 
Sidenham, my son, and to his heirs and for default of issue, to 
John Sidenham, my son, and his heirs. The other moiety to 
the said John Sydenham and his heirs for ever. 

Proved February 12th, 1543. 


[25 Spert.] 

July 24th, IS43. Thomas Burges of Lye uppon Mendyppe. 
My body to be buried in the churchyarde of Hatisbury yf I die 
there, but if I die at Lye I will be buried there. To my mother 
church of Wells \zd. To the church of Hatisbury to be praid 
for 6s. Sd. To every pourehouse of Lye and Wellys where my 
executrix shall judge to be nede i\d. To Thomas and James 
my sonnes £20 each. To Elynore my daughter £10, and if 
they die within the age of 22 yere, their bequests to remain to 
my executrix. To John Burges, my prentice, a trucker cloth 
and 205., and I will he be released of his covenants. I will that 
Stevyn Legate, my prentice, be also released, and to him 20J. 
To Maister John Shene, my gostly father, $s. 

Residue: to Margery my wife, executrix. 

Witnesses : Maister John Shene, curate of Hatisbury, Thomas 
Ashlock of the same towne, John Colys of Lye. 

Proved September 28th, 1543. 

154a. JOHN WEST. 

[4 Pynnvno.] 

September 6th, 1543. John West, doctor in divinity and 
vicar of the parish church of Ringwode in the diocese of 
Winchester. My body to be buried before the high altar in the 
parish church of Our Lady Stalks in the city of Bath. First, 
my debts to be paid. My exequies in the day of my burial to 
be done in the said church by ten priests, each having 8rf. My 
month's mind to be kept at these three places, Stalles, Ringwode 
and Harebridge. To the mother church of Winchester 2orf. 
To the cathedral church of Sarum 1 id. To every of the lights 
in the church of Ringwode, viz., Saint Mary light, Saint James 
light, Saint John the baptiste light, Saint Nicholas light and the 
Crowne light id., or the value in wex. To the same church a 
grene cope of silke or else my cope of cloth ymperiall. To the 
church of Harebridge my whole vestments with the bulles. I 
forgive my nephew Thomas Daker all debts and I bequeath to 
him all such lands belonging to me as he knoweth with all the 
evidences belonging. To Sir John Kakei my nephew all my 
sermons written with mine own hand. To Alyce my sister my 
two kine with all hyves and swarmes of bees in my vicarage of 
Ringwood and my second gold ring. To my sister Christine a 
gilt cup, my best gold ring, six silver spoons (two with knoppes 
be in the keeping of my sister Alyce), and six cusshynnes in the 
keeping of my Lord Awdeley. To my niece Edith to her 
marriage a goblet parcel gilt, a saulte with a cover, a mazer, a 
fetherbed, half a garnish of pewter vessell being in my studie or 
in the custody of my sister Alyce) two croocks, two cawdrones 
and two pannes. To Richard Lettsam my kinsman all my 
grammer bookes for his learning and my furred gown. The 
residue to Maister William Sherwode, parson of Coldaiston, and 
William Lettsam, my kinsman, executors. Overseers: John 
Higdon, gentleman, and Master William Dowsing, vicar of 
Forde. To the said Master Hogdon an aungell noble and to 
Maister doctor Dawsing my skarlett hoodde furred with mynyver. 

Witnesses : Nicholas Bathe ats Jobyns my gostely father, 
vicar of Stalles, William Cupper, William Rumsey and Mathewe 
Crosse. Proved April 29th, 1544. 

ahrtjn WBaigrabr. 


£26 Spert.] 

September 7th, 35 Hen. VIII. John Walgrave, esquier, To 
the high aulter of the same church [? Sudbury, Suffolk] for my 
tithes necligently forgotten, 20^. My body to be buried in the 
said church of All Saints and 0011 bell to be tollyd without any 
rynging and also at my " dirige " and masse the great bell to be 
tollyd w*out any rynging. I will that four of my servants shall 
bere rae to the church, having 41. To poure people of Sainte 
Gregories and Sainte Peters, 13J. 4^. And as concernyng my 
VII th day and XXX th day I putt it unto the discreton of myn 
exoiirs. To Robert Waldgrave and John, my sonnes, £4 eche 
of a yerely annuytie owt of my manor of Spaxston payed by 
my exoiirs at twoo termes in the yere, that is at the Annun- 
ciacon of our Lady and at the feast of Saint Mighell tharch- 
aungell or within foure wekes therof. And if their said annuyties 
be not haulfe yerely paid them then I will that they into the 
satd manor of Spaxston to entre and distr.iyn and the distresse 
so taken to leade dryve beire and carye away and that to 
imparke pownde and price detayne and witholde untill they be 
fully satisfied of their said annuyties. My exoflrs to kepe my 
said sonnes honestly untill they come to xxi yeres and then 
they to have their said annuyties. To Mary Waldgrave and 
Anne, my daughters, 100 marks each at their manages, so that 
they be ruled and maried honestly by the assent of my exoiirs. 
And if they will not be advertised by my said exoiirs, they to 
have nothinge of my said bequests but by the discrecion of my 
exoiirs. To Fraunces and John, my servants, their holeyeres wages 
eche, to be paid at my xxx' h daye, that is, Fraunces 40.1. and 
John 26s. %d. I forgeve James Lowe and Richard Leeffe all 
suche money that they owe me. 

The residue to my executours, my wife and my son Edward 

Overseer : my father, Edward Waldgrave. 

Witnesses : Sir Thomas Elys, priest, James Love, Fraunces 

Proved October loth, 1543. 

78 damrrtftt WLiUi. 



September 12th, 1543. John Alleyng of the parish of 
Wrington. My body to be buried in the church of Wrington, 
To St. Andrew church in Wells, qd. To the parish church of 
Wrington, a bushel of wheat. To the high altar, qd. To our 
Lady service, a cow. To my six sons, William, the elder, 
Edmunde, Richarde, Thomas, John and William, the younger, 
20 marks each at their marriages. If my wife marry she to find 
surety for the fulfilment of the above bequests. If any die, his 
part to be distributed for his soule and all Christian souls 
" accordinge as hiering a priste for di annum." To Johan, my 
daughter, 6 ewes. To each of my godchildren, 4^ 

The residue to Agnes, my wife, executrix. 

Witnesses : Sir Robert Bede, curate, Richarde Alleyng afore- 
said, my brother William Lawraunce, John my son the elder. 

Overseers : Richard Allyng foresaid, William Lawraunce, 
Richard Whatley of Byrington [Burrington] and John, my son, 
the elder. 

Proved April 4th, 1544. 


[3 Pynnyng.] 
October 12th, 1543. Richard Chaplinge, the elder, of 
Taunton. My body to be buried in the Ilde of St. Nicholas in 
the parish church of St. James nigh Taunton. To the high altar 
there, y. $d. To the service of our Lady there, 20s. To the 
service of St. Katherin there " quamdam parcellam terre." To 
the church of St. Andrew in Wells, qd. To Cristian, my eldest 
daughter, £40. To Annastace, my daughter, £40; the said 
legacies to remain in the custody of Alson, my wife, until they 
be married, and if they die, to be divided between my two sons, 
Nicholas and John. To Nicholas, £40. To John, my son, £40. 
To the repair of Toone bridge, 205. To the prisoners of 
Ilchester,2J. To every of the almes people in the almes housen 

3ofjn Burnt. 79 

of Mary Mawdelyn and St James, id. To the lazer people of 
the hospital of St. Margaretes nigh Taunton, I2d. 

The residue to Alson, my wife, executrix. 

Overseers : Roger Fautelery and Robert Hill. 

Witnesses : Alexaunder Boolle, clerk, Roger Fautelery, 
Robert Hill, Symonde Gibbons, Richard Gilman. 

And if it chance my two sons not to return with my 
substance which I have with them beyond the sea, their legacies 
to be of none effect but their reward to be at the discretion of 
my executors and overseers. 

Proved February 16th, 1543. 


[2 Pyknyng.] 

January 7th, 1 543. William Reynes of the parish of Chew, 
husbandman. My body to be buried in the church of Chewe for 
which, m 6s. Zd., to the same church. To my mother church of 
Wells, ^d. To Isabell Lovell, my servant, one cow. To the 
church of Bladdon, one hundred of leade which is in the hands 
of John Hamis. To the church of Comtonmarton, one hundred 
of Leade in the hands of William Wykes. To each of my 
godchildren, ^d. 

The residue to Johan, my wife, and Thomas Raynes, my 
brother's son, executors. 

Overseers : Master Doggeson Chaunter of Wells and vicar of 
this parish of Chewe and my brother John Raynes of the parish 
of Fostcolte. 

Witnesses : Nychas Wilson, curate of Chewe, John Jones and 
John Smythe. 

Proved January 8th, 1 543. 

1648. JOHN BORNE. 


February 3rd, 1543. John Borne the elder of Beckington. 
My body to be buried in the parish church of Beckington. To 
the cathedral church of Wells, \2d. To the parish church of 

Aamtrttt Wills. 

Bcckington, 2ar. To my wife Cristian all goods that were hers 
before I married her and £g. 

The residue to my sons, John Borne, the elder, and John 
Borne, the younger, executors. 

Witnesses : John Ashelocke, parson there, John Hammonde 
and Thomas Chaunsler. 

Proved May 19th, 1544. 


[18 Pykhyhg.] 

September 16th, 1544. John Burnell of Poyntington, esquire. 
My body to be buried in the parish church of Poyntington 
before the image of All Saintes. To the mother church of 
Wells J*. 4d. To the church of Evill jr. 4^ To the church of 
Poyntington 6s, Sd. To the parson of Poyntington for the 
breaking of the ground in the chauncell there 6s. id . To six 
poor men six black gowns to bear the six torches at my burying 
and at my month's mind. I will have a penny dole to all poor 
people at my burying. I will some honest priest shall sing for 
me " a yere two or thre or mo yeres yn the lie of Our Ladye at 
Poynctington " having a sufficient salary and wages. I will have 
at my burying a Trentall of Prestes masses to be sung at the church 
of Pointington if so many that day may be had, or else the Trentall 
to be finished at the month's mind. My executrix to distribute 
by hand to five of my poor neighbour? id, each above the dole, 
that is to William Miller, John Tayler and too others or to five 
others in their absence discreetly chosen. To Robert Staunton 
my servant my best gown of cloth. To the vicar of Woborne 
6r. id The residue to Dorothee my wife, executrix. 

Overseer : My cousin William Porteman. 

Witnesses: Sir John Maister, clerke, William Portman, 
sergeaunt in the Lawe, Robert Staunton and Richard Dyer. 

Proved November 20th, 1 544. 

Cfjoma* Vfngt. 


[27 Pynnyng.] 

September 19th, 1 544. Henry 1 Robertes My body to be 
buried in the chauncell of S. Gregorye in the parish (church) of 
Fylton otherwise called Whychurch, co. Somerset, in the diocese 
of Bath and Wells. The residue of all my goods to Elizabeth 
my wife, Thomas my son and George my younger son, my 
executors, and if any of these two children die before lawful age, 
his part to remain to the other. 

Overseer: Sir William Jonys. 

Witnesses : Sir William Jonys curate of the parish, William 
Hasyll, Thomas Heyns, John Roberts. 

Proved May 12th, 1545. 


[24 Pynnyng.] 

October 20th, 36 Hen. VIII. Thomas Strowde, esquier, one 
of the gentleman ushers to the Queen's grace. In that it hath 
pleased the king's majesty's highness to appointe me to doo his 
grace and his realm service in his warres on the see ... I 
make my will in manner following. My body to be buried 
where it please God. My whole right and estate in my farm and 
parsonage of Butley and Balsborough to Andrewe Wadham, 
esquire, one of the gentleman ushers to the Queen's grace, so 
that he pay to John Strowde my brother £20, and to Elizabeth 
Hewyke A20, which I owe. To Thomas Whiting £5- The 
residue to my executor John Strowde my brother. 

Overseer : Richard Weston gentleman of the Mydle Temple 
in London. 

Proved March 24th, 1544 


[43 Pynnyng.] 
November 8th, 1544. Thomas Pyng, husbandman, of the 
parish of Holewell co. Somerset. My body to be buried in 
1 " Katy " to filed will. 

83 imrrett WIOU. 

christianmans buriall where it please God. To Alice my wife my 
house and land with all household stuff so long as she is widow. 
To William Pyng my eldest son my hole plough with oxen, cart 
and all that longith to it. To Richard Pyng my son six of the 
best beasts that I have. To Harry Pyng my son the six beasts 
more next the best I have. To William Pyng the younger four 
beasts. To each of my three daughters 20 sheep. The residue 
to Alice Pyng my wife, executrix. 

Witnesses : John Smythe vicar of Egham, Richard Rundell 
and William Harding. 

Proved November 21st, 1545. 

1544. ROGER HILL. 

[7 Alen.] 
January 6th, 1544. Roger Hill marchauntof Taunton. My 
body to rest in the church of Mary Magdaleyn in Taunton. To 
the mother church of Wells \2d. To the high altar in Mawdlyn 
church 20s. To the high cross service and sepulchre service there 
6s. id. to each. To Our Lady service of St. James by Taunton 
JOS. and to St. Kateryn's service there 10s. To Our Lady service in 
Lyme $s, aM- To the repair of the Cobbe there %s. $d. A priest 
to sing in Mawdlyn church for 20 years having £6 a year. To 
Sir Robarte Rede my ghostly father 201. To every priest 
coming to my burying and saying a mass \2d. To every priest 
in Mawdlyn church 20d. To poor at my burial and at the 
" moneth ende" j£l00. To my daughter Alice ,£100 if she be 
married and ruled by the advice of my executors or else her 
bequest to be divided between my sons William and Robert and 
my daughter Margaret. To my daughter Jone late at Buckelande 
40j. No implements of my house to be removed by my wife 
viz., " table bourdes, cubbourds, greate chests and hangings " in 
every chamber, hall and parlour. To John Hill is children £4. 
To John Toose's children £4. To each of my godchildren \2d. 
To John Hill my eldest son a packeof warecloth. To Alexander 
Togwell my son-in-law the same. 

Residue : To Margery my wife, my executrix. 

Overseers : William Portman, esquire, serjaunt at the law and 
Alexander Togwell my son-in-law. 

Hicftara (Togaii. 

Witnesses : William Portman esquier Robart Rede vicar of 
Mawdeleyne, Alexander Togwell, John Tusse and William 
Halley. My wife to be bound by obligation in £ 1,000 to 
perform my will ; if not, my four children, William, Robert, 
Margaret and Alice to be my executors and to have the residue 
of my goods. 

Witnesses : William Portman, John Soper, William Halleye, 
Sir Robart Rede. 

Proved April 8th, 1546. 


{5 Alen.'J 

July 5th, 1545. Alis Graunt widow of the parish of Yatton. 
My body to be buried in the church of Our Blessed Lady of 
Yatton. To the cathedral church of Wells $d. To the church 
of Yatton 2od. to be praid for. To the mayntenance of the 
chappell of St James there 3$. ^d. To each of my godchildren 
Sd. To Richard Wale of Yatton j£io and a nutt of silver and 
gilt. Thomas Wale the younger ,£10. To Davyd Warren ;£io. 
To Ursula wife of Thomas Wale thelder my best girdle and my 
best bedes. To Agnes Welbe my best gowne. To Isabel 
Warren my second best gowne and my best kyrtle. To the 
repair and mendinge of the high weye between the said church 
of Yatton and my house, 20s. To Alice Page 6s. $d. A preist 
to be hyred for one yere to pray for me. 

Residue: Thomas Wale the elder, my executor. 

Overseers : William Dale, William Craddoclcc to whom 
6s. 9d. each. 

Witnesses : Sir John Danyell prist curat there, Humphrey 
Lette, William Cradocke and Alexander Ilarres. 

Proved February 18th, 1545. 


[48 Aleh.] 
August 8th, 1545. Richard Cogan of Charde. My body to 
be buried in the parish church of Charde. To the mother 

feomtrsft Wills. 

church of St Andrew in Wells &/. To the parish church of 
Charde 6s. Sd. To the service of bur Lady 3*. \d. To St. 
Katheryn service 3.1. \d. To have my name sett upon the bede 
roll and to be prayed for 6s. %d. To John Cogan my son £30 
when he come to lawful age. To Annys Cogan my wife and to 
her heirs all my burgages in the borow of Charde, that is, d! an 
acre of grounde in the north side of the strete, between a 
burgage of my lord Cobham's on the est side and a burgage of 
Our Lady on the west side ; a burgage on the north side of the 
strete which now James Haryson holdithe, between a burgage 
of the said lorde Cobham's on the est side and a burgage of 
Robert Cogan's on the west side which now John Chapell 
dwellith on ; 2 burgages on the south side of the strete together, 
sometyme called the Harte, and oon acre of grounde which I 
had of my father which he purchased of Sir John Rodeney, now 
lying jointly together between a burgage of Our Lady on the 
est side and a burgage of the lord Cobhams on the west side. 
To poor people at my burial and months mynde £10. 

The residue to Annys my wife, executrix. 

Overseers ; John Whythorne and John Morys the elder. 

Witnesses: Sir Richard Antyll my goostly father and John 

Proved November 14th, 1547. 

Sentence at 25 Coode. 


[8 ALE*.] 

September 3rd, 1 545. Richard Erington clerlce and canon 
Resident of the cathedral church of Wells. My body to be 
buried in the church of St. Andrew in Wells. To the church 
workes of St. Andrew aforesaide 40J. To Edward Erington my 
sister's son £20 and a tenement at Wedmore. To litle Arthure 
Erington ^20 of which £10 to gett him gramer and writynge 
and the other .610 for his preferment and setting forthe. I give 
and forgive to Nycholas Ridleygh my sister's son all debts. To 
Gilbert Towker £4. To Thomas Waker my servant 20s. To 
Nycholas Erington 40*. 

atotin &oiot. 85 

The residue to Gerarde Erington my brother's son, my 

Overseers: Master George Dogyn, Chaunter, and Master 
Jamys Gilbert, to whom 20s. each. To St Stephen's altar a 
paier of whyte vestments and I will that the vestments of redd 
damaske that be there with the deacon and subdeacon that I 
have, be delivered unto the treasure house as my gift. 

Proved May 20th, 1 546. 

1545. JOHN GOLDE. 

[33 More.] 
October 2nd, 1545. John Golde gentilman of Seborowjth. 
My body to be buried in the church of Cruckhorne if I die 
there. To the cathedral church of Wells $s. 4d. To the church 
of Zeborowe 20J. To the church of Norton under Hamden 
6s. id. To the church of Cruckhorne 6s. %d. To Elizabeth my 
wife, if she live sole, all my lands in Somersettshire, Dorsetshire 
and Devonshire, all my leases and goodes within the manner of 
Seborought and without, provided she make no sale of tymber 
or woodd but only take necessary for fierboote and ploughboote. 
To Katherin Golde my sister £20 and £4 yearly during the 
life of my wife, if she doth not marry. After my wife's death 
Giles Penny thonger to have the hole manner of Seborough 
during his life, paying yearly to the heir 20 marks. My servant 
Edmonde Pey, John Willes of Sampitt and Hugh Hoper shall 
have jointly my lease of Estham after the death of Elizabeth 
my wife. Further, Hugh Hooper shall have the reversion of 
Isabell Godwin without payinge anny fyne and John Willes of 
Sampitt shall have the reversion of Agnes Cockes and Edmonde 
Pay shall have his bargain during his life, without paying any 
ren . My wife Elizabeth to give yearly for 5 years £4 6s. fid. 
to any honest prest to pray for me and my freendes. To 
Thomas Hobell vicar of Chardstock 20s. yearly, to pray for me 
during the life of my wife. If my wife do marry, then the 
children of John Bale and William Martin shall have all the 
moveable goods out of the manner of Seborough, the £20 before 

86 &uiurut Wills. 

given to Elizabeth Bally to be parcell of the same. 
Barnard Golde my best geldinge. 

Executrix : Elizabeth my wife. 

Witness : Thomas Hobell vicar of Chardstocke. 

Proved October 25th, 1555. 


[9 Alen.] 
November 30th, 1545. Dame Elizabeth Fitz-james, widow, 
late the wife of Sir John Fitz-james, knt, Cheffe Justice of the 
Kinges Bench. My body to be buried in the parish church of 
Brewton by my late husband, if I die within 6 miles of Brewton, 
but if I die in Gloucestershire or within 6 miles of Westbury then 
my body to be buried in the College of Westbury by my first 
husband Richard Barckleye, Esquier, butif I die elsewhere, then 
in the next parishchurch. To our mother church of Wells, 3$. \d. 
To the mother church of the Blissid Trinitye in Bristowe y. a,d. 
To the parish church of Brewton icw. To the curatt of Brewton 
6s. Zd. To the vicar of Stooke Gifforde 6s. &d. To the 
curatt where I depart 6s. 8</. To be said for my soul the 
day of my burial fyve masses of the name of Jhu, fyve of the 
v woundes, thre of the Blessed Trinity and fyve of the fyve 
principall feasts of Our Lady, each priest having Sd Among 
the poor on the day of my burial in bread 20s. To each of my 
own children present at my burial or month mynde a black 
gowne price the yard 6s. 8rf., and to each of my servants there 
a black gown price the yerd 3s. ^d. To my son Sir Morice 
Barckley, knight, two salts with the dolphyn upon them, my two 
wine pottes of silver with the Dolphyn and the Conysse 
upon the covers, fyve spones with blue animell upon the 
knappes, a trussinge bed of yelowe and red sarcenett w l a bed 
of downe, a pair of fustiane blankettes w' a coverlet of verder, 
being in the chamber called the Lord Lyssle's chamber and 
in the ynner chamber belonging to the same, w l all the stuff" 
in the utter chamber and the chappell annexed, also a pair 
of fyne shetes of holland, fyve ells in length and fyve yerdes in 
bredithe,w< a paier of pillowe towes &c. To Richard Barckeley, 
my Sonne's son, when he is 21 years of age, a bason and 

Elizabeth : fit\4*mts. 87 

ewer with the dolphyn and the conysse in the raydes of the 
bason. To my son-in-law, Wylliam Fraunces a great goblett 
pownced and my trussinge bed in the porche chamber, a pair 
of shetes of calacowe, and a pair of pillowe towes. To my 
son-in-law Gibbes a standing cup. To my woman Elizabeth 
Trade a fetlierbed and such bedding as shalbe at Hewton [sic] 
at my death in recompense for such things as I had of her at 
my first coming to Hewton [tic,] My farme of Smaldon let to 
Thorns Harner for the yearly rent of ,£13 6s. id. to be retained 
by my executors to pay my legacies and detts. To my porre 
servant Giles Welbe $s. quarterly. My son^. Morrice Barckeley 
to have my lease and interest of and in the parsonage of 
Shipton Montegue the years to come in after my decease for 
£20 over and above the Kinge's graces rent or else my executors 
to sell the said lease ; and my said son to have also all my 
household stuff at Brewton paying therefor £20, or else ,my 
executors to sell the same. My executors to sell all my sheep, 
cattle, and horses as well rother as every other kind. To my 
son's son Richard Barkley all my cattle and household goods 
in Gloucestershire, which shall remain in the custody of my 
daughter dame Elizabeth Barkley his mother. I will a priest be 
founde to say masse in the parish church of Brewton at Our 
Lady aulter where my husband lieth buried. To my daughter- 
in-law dame Elizabeth Barkley my best velvet gown. To my 
daughter-in-law dame Katheryne Barckleye my second best 
velvet gown. To my daughter dame Anne Speke my sattyn 
gown furrid with Ermyn. To my daughter Mary Fraunces my 
sattyn gown furred with mynckes, a kyrtell of black sattyn, and 
my best velvet bonett. To my cosyn Joane Foskewe my 
gown of black chamblett lyned with frise, and my curtill of 
taffata. To my woman Elizabeth Marshall my frocke of Russett 
worsted and my kirtill of Saye. 

Residue : to my daughter Elizabeth Barkley, wydow, my cosyn 
Anthony Gilbert, and John Rouse, gentilman, my executors. 

Overseers : my son Mauryee Barkley, knight, my son-in-law 
William Fraunces esquier. Also that where I and my cosyn 
Nicholas Fitz-james were put in trust by one Harman Devyn- 
shere to have the governance of one Elinor his daughter, I will 
at her marriage that my executors give her £%. 

88 j&oiiwrfrt ZHilR 

Witnesses: Nycholas Gilberde, gentleman, Sir John Eryngton, 
curat of Brewton, my gostly father, Sir Richard Bysshopp, and 
John Bosgrove. 

Proved May 8th, 1546. 


[26 Alen.] 

December 1st, 1545. Christofer Wykes, marchante taillor of 
London. My body to christian burial. To my four children 
Anthonye, Elizabeth, Marye and Maliadus, £40 each. To my 
unborn child, £40. If all my children die, the goods 
bequeathed to them to remain to the kynredde that come of my 
twoo brothers. To Roger Brayton, William Harryson and 
Richard Mannyng, my servants, 40s. each. To my brothers, 
John Wykes and Thomas Wykes, 40s. each. To Agnes, my 
sister-in-law, widow, in Oxford, £10. To Sir Baker, curate of 
St Magnus in London, nd. To Sir Pate, priest of the chapel 
on the bridge in London, $s. 

Residue : to Joane, my wife, executrix. 

Witnesses : Raufe Pilkington, citezen and haberdasher of 
London, William Lane of Bristol, mercer, William Wever of 
Bristol, yoman, John Gye of Wells, co. Somerset, notarye 
publique and Roger Brayton of London. Yoven at Wells. 

Proved January 27th, 1546. 


[10 Alen.] 
December 19th, 1 545, the xxxvii th yere of the reigne of Lord 
Henry the Eighth, etc., in earth of the church of England, the 
Supreme Heade. Nycholas Barbour of the parish of Clutton, 
diocese of Bath and Wells. My body to be buried in the church 
earthe of Clutton. To the cathedral church of Wells, $d. To 
John, my son, £6 13$. 4<i. To Agnes, my daughter, £6 13$. ^d. 
To each of the children of Thomas Cornyshe, 2cW. To Thomas, 
my son, one of my weanes and my best mazer. To each of my 

JHBmimn JftahrffiW. 89 

godchildren, $d. To Alys, my wyf, all maner of beddyng, bras 
and peuter vessels. 

The residue to Alys, my wyf, and Robarte, my son, my 

Witnesses : Sir Wylliam Marshall, curate, John Poole and 
Richard Blacker. 

Overseers : John Bysse, thelder, of Publowe, and Thomas 
Trewbody, clerk. 

Proved May 21st, 1546. 


[16 AL£N.] 

January 24th, 1 545. Margaret Soper, wydow. My body to 
be buried in the church of Mary Magdaleyne of Taunton. To 
St Andrew church in Wells, 2dd. To the high cross service in 
the church of Mary Magdaleyne, 5s. To the sepulcre service 
there, $s. To Sir John ■ Sabyn, 201. To Barbara Selwood 
and Ann Selwood, daughters of John Selwood, £6 13J. 40?. 
each. To the vicar of Magdalen, 20d. To every priest coming 
to my dirige and mass, 8d. and to every clerk, 6d. To poor 
at my burial /io,and at my moneths mynde, £6 i$s. 4^., and at 
my twelve moneths mynde, £3 6s. Sd. To Sir John Sabyn, 
20 marks to sing and celebrate masses for me for 2 years. 
To Mary Selwood, daughter of John Selwood, £3 fir. Sd. To 
Elizabeth, her sister, the same. 

Residue : to Elizabeth Selwood, my daughter, and Emmc 
Selwood, daughter of John Selwood, my executrices. 

Overseers : Mr. John Newport and John Selwood. 

Witnesses : Mr. William Rede, vicar, Sir John Sabyn and 
George Hawlye. 

Proved September 2nd, 1546. 


[12 ALEN.] 

Sentence of intestacy, June 5th, 1546, of Master William 
Rawlyns, clerk, deceased, while he lived provost of the cathedral 
church of Wells. 

9° Stamtritt Wills. 

Administration renounced by Sir Humfrey Brown, knight, 
and Jeronimus Shelton, nephew and kinsman of the deceased 
and committed to William Shelton and Thomas Shelton, 
nephews of the deceased. 


[7 Powell.] 

July 22nd, 1546. Nycholas Derell of Markesbury. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of Markesbury. To the 
church of Markesbury to buy such as shall be thought needful, 
20s. To the cathedral church of Wells, i2d. To the churches 
of Farneborowe, Chelworthe, Preston, Prior Staunton, Newton 
Seintlowe, Burnet, Compton Dando and Publowe, one bushel ot 
barley to each. To Richard Gage, £10 in the hands of Thomas 
Holbroke of Norton Malerward and the leasur that I hold of 
Robert Holbroke within the lordship of Staunton Prior during 
my years therein. To William Lynsey, £4 and one cow. To 
Alice Bowcher, the same. To John Avanam, 40J. To Robert 
Watheft, 40s. and a yearling which is with Thomas Holbroke 
which shall be kept until she hath calvyd. To George Avanam, 
£10. To Margery, wife of William Richeman, for her children, 
40J. To William Richeman, two coots, two dublets, two payre 
of hosen, two shirts, two cappes and 6s. &d. I forgive my sister 
Agnes Derell all debts except 5 marks. To John Holbroke and 
Johane Holbroke, 6j. %d. each. To every of the children of 
Agnes Saunders, 6s. 8rf. To every householder of the parish of 
Markesbury, i\d. To the parson of Farneborowe to see my 
legacies paid, 26s. Sd. 

The residue to Alice Derell, my wife. 

Executors : the said Alice and Richard Gage. 

Overseers : Thomas Holbroke of Norton and John Richman 
of Stanton. 

To Alice, daughter of George Avanam, 2oj. and the second 
paul that I bought of John Slegge, a flockbedde and a coverlet ; 
if she die her mother shall have it My wife and George Avanam 
to have my lease of my ferme after Mychelmas and after my wife's 
decease, the said George to have the whole. To Robert Derell, 
^20, eight yearlings and two kyen in the custody of the widow 

9oi)n fpv 1 '- 9 1 

of William Jenns of Were, which goods I will shall remain in the 
hands of Thomas Trewbodye, parson of Fameborowe, and of 
Thomas Holbroke of Norton (witnesses). 
Proved March 15th, 1 55 1. 

[Another will (void) is registered at (6. 3 Powell.] 

[21 Alen.J 

August 29th, 1546. Thomas Heyward of Charleton [Queen 
Charlton] in the county of Somerset, husbandman. My body to 
be buried in the parish church of St Margaret in Charleton. To 
Agnes my wife the ferme of the parsonage of Charleton and 
after her death it shall remain to William my son. To William 
my son all my lands lyeing upon Baykwell doune in the parish 
of Backwell and my best doulett To my daughter Flower £4 
worth of cattell. To my daughter's children Thomas and 
Margaret a heyfor each. To John Jones of Chewe a maser. To 
Thomas Gollock of Tymsborough half a dozen silver spones. 
To poor people too bushells of wheat To John Hervo 2 oxen. 
To Sir William Jones my confessor 20s. To Thomas White my 
servant a cote and dublett. Half of the residue to Agnes my 
wife and the other half to my son William after the laudable 
custome of the countrey, my executors. To Thomas Thorn ray 
servant a cote. 

Overseer : Mr. John Bys. 

Witnesses : William Vale, John Hervo. 

Proved October 15th, 1546. 

1546. JOHN PYPER. 

[37 ALEN.J 

September 17th, 1546. John Pyper of Butleigh, diocese of 
Bath and Wells. My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
St. Leonard*: of Butleigh. To the mother church of Wells $d. To 
the Brotherhed of the benefactors of the church of Butleigh a kow. 

Residue : To John Scott thelder of Butleigh, my executor. 

Witnesses : Sir John Dowle, John Burdam, William Gibbes. 

Proved May 14th, 1547. 

domtrdtt BSill*. 


[18 Ai.en.] 

1546, Richard Beke. My body to christen buriall. To my 
parish of Brodwey. I wolde my wiffe shalbe made wourthe 
20 marks in money and to byde in my howse of Brodwey for 
one year if she contynue widdow so long taking half of every- 
thing. To Harry my son 40s. To William Beke 4 marks. To 
Elisabeth Beke my daughter 40J., a gerdle and a flockbedde. 
To Jone Beke £3. To Edith Beke 5 marks. If my mother doo 
outlive (me), she to have mete and drink with my house, as in 
my tyme. The residue to Nicholas Beke my executor, to whom 
and to his issue male I give my bargayn in Brodewey and for 
lack thereof, to Harry Beke in the same manner, and in default 
to William Beke, Thomas Beke or my daughters in order. 

Witnesses : Sir William Harnap parson of Brodewey, Sir 
John Page and John Knighton. 

Proved October 20th, 1 546. 

1546. JOHN HTLL. 

[26 Albn.] 

October 29th, 1 546. John Hyll marchaunte of the parish of 
Mynhed in the diocese of Bath and Wells, co. Somerset. My 
body to be sett in earth at the discretion of my frends. To the 
reparation of Mynhed 20J. To the reparacion of the were of 
Mynhed 20$. To the church of Wells $d. To my servant 
Margaret Torkyn 40J. 

Residue : To Margaret my wife and my children Robert, 
John, Andrewe, William and Margaret, my executors provided 
none of the said children claim their goods before they come to 
22 years of age or else receive the sacrament of matrimony. 

Overseer: My father William Hyll. 

Witnesses : John Ryce vicar, Thomas Karewell clerk, John 
Dodyng marchant, and William Dovell marchant. 

Proved January 18th, 1546. 

William QRalmiu. 93 


[29 Alen.] 

November 1st, 1546- John Chilcot in the parish of Bromfyll. 
My body to be buried in the church of Alhalowen of Bromfill. 
To the cathedral church of Wells 6,d. To Our Lady service of 
Dulverton 3J. qd. To Alhalowen of Bromfill 6s. Zd. To the 
church of Bromfill to be buried therein 6s. 8a 7 . To the dead light 
of Dulverton a shepe. To the bridge of Dulverton 1 2d. To the 
church of Hawkerige 3J. 4^. To my son John thelder £10. 
To Emmot my daughter £10. To Alice my daughter 12 good 
ewes. To Johane, Ambrose, John the younger and Elizabeth 
53j. 4d. each. If their mother mary, the overseers to hold this 
for the children's use. To each of my godchildren a shepe. 
To each of my son John's children a shepe. To each of John 
Way is children the same. 

Residue : Katheryn my wife, my executrix. 

Overseers : Richard Skynner, Thomas Chilcott, Robert 
Chilcot and my son John to each of whom 2s. 

Witnesses : Sir Nichas Bazell curate, Thomas Chilcot, Henry 
Jankyn and Robert Chilcot 

Proved February 26th, 1546. 


[28 Alen.] 
November 14th, 1 546. William Walrone of Langrege co, 
Somerset gentilman. My body to cristcn burial. To the 
cathedral church of Wells $d. To William Walrone my son 
£20, my parte of the fynne of Coggens Holdeand 13J. 4^. which 
he should pay to me for my part of two heryatts, and a graye 
geldinge. To Robert Walrone my son £40, my lease of one 
close and one parrocke in Bruslyngton purchased of John 
Morgane and all my goods moveable in the over part of my 
house of Langrege the which under loke fast To John More 
£3 6s. Sd. To Nicholas Edwards of Heydon 20s. To Thomas 
Walrone my best fetherbed, a paire of lokeram shetes, two 
pelstoues and my tawnye dublet of Sattyn. To Robert Kelley 

94 ftomtrttt OTillsf. 

my wcaryng cote and Furstyn doublet and baye mare, and 
5 marks 6s. &d. which he borrowed of me for Robert Clyfford 
his son in law. 

Residue : Thomas Walron my son, executor. 

Overseers : Mighell Quynten gentilman and Richard 
U Rename gentilman and to Mighell Quynten 40s. and to his 
wife a kyrtell of Chamlett and to Richard U Rename my riding 
gelding, sadell and brydell, and to his wife a gowne of chamlett 
To Robert Walron £40 13s. $d. and he to occupy half the 
demaynes of Langrege with Thomas Walron for 2 years, after 
which Thomas Walron to have the whole. To John Sheperd of 
Brigmarston a stone horse colt To the church of Broughton \2d. 
To the bells there 3.1. 4d. To my godson William Walron a 
gray gelding of my own brede. 

Witnesses ; William Hall, Nicholas Pryor, William Maxham 
and William Edmonde. 

Proved February 16th, 1546. 



December 24th, 1546. John Rowswell of the parish of 
Hilferonce. My body to the holly burial. To the church of 
Hilferonce, 3s. qd. To the parish church of Oke, 3s. qd. To 
poor people, 201. To three of my sons, viz., William, Anthony 
and Richard, Longham with all the cattail that doth depasture 
on the same. To Roger, William, Anthony and Richard all my 
sheep of Oterford and Aldelmore ; and if any die before he 
come to years of discretion his goods to remain to the survivors. 
The custody of the said goods and the bringing up of my said 
children to be unto Edmunde Tymell and Thomas Tymell, my 
brothers in law. To Thomas Ashe, a mare. To Jane, my 
daughter, a cow. To Richarde Whiteknighte, one gelding, the 
value 4OJ. To Joane, my daughter, 40J. 

The residue to Dorothe, my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Edmunde Tymell and George Arundell, my 
brothers in law. 

Witnesses: John Verlie, parson of Oke, Sir John Husshe, 
prest, Robert Rawe and Thomas Asshe. 

Proved July 28th, 1 548. 

9of)it 9Vam0. 


[33 ALEN.] 

April 1st, 1547. Robert Swan of London, letherseller. My 
body to christian burial. To Annes Fysheman my lease of my 
ferme in Brettells. All money recovered by my executor of 
Thomas Cossen to be delivered to Mr. Lord and other creditors 
by the oversight of William Braband, my overseer. To Nicholas 
my servant all my goods at the vicaredge of South Petherton. 
I forgive to the goodwife Borwell all debts that she doth owe 
me. I bequeath to her the rest of a pece of Saynt Thomas 
worsted containing 10 or 12 yards and my nightgown. 

Residue to Thomas Davys of London, marcer, my executor, 
he to pay to Mastres Borton all debts for Mighell James and to 
se my line boy Richard honestly kept. 

Overseer: William Braband. 

Witnesses: Sir Randall Cook, prest, Andrew Carr, Richard 
Morry, Richard Lame. 

Proved April 7th, 1 547. 

1647. JOHN ADAMS. 

[4S ALEN.] 
April 20th, 1 547. John Adams of Taunton. To be buried in 
the yelde of the sepultre within the church of St. Mary Magdalen. 
To the cathedral church of St. Andrew of Wells, I2d. To the 
sepulture service, 6s. &d. To the high cross service, 3J. 4V. To 
the mayntenance of the copes in St. Mary Magdalen church, 
6s. id. To the two services in St. James' church, 6s. 8d. To 
the church of Norton, $s. To every person in the almshouse in 
Taunton, qd. To every of my godchildren, qd. To the poor 
people of Burpot, iar. To the vicar of Mawdelyn, a gown cloth, 
and 4$ brode yerdes of fyne cloth. To Richard Davage a 
standing cup, a flatt pece, a salt gilt and a goblett To William 
Davage a white standing cup and half-a-dosen spones with 
mayden's heads. To John Davage, a nest of goblets. To 
Elisabeth Davage a bell cup and haulf a dosen spones that 

y6 domtrtftt BBrtti. 

goeth abrode in the house of the best To the son of Richard 
Davage, 20s. To Rychard Whetherton, 40*. 

Residue ■. Avys my wyf which lyeth sick and yf she dye 
before me, Rychard Davage, Willyam, John and Elizabeth 
Davage to be my executors. 

Witnesses : Sir Robert Reade, vicar of Mawdelyn, John 
Calowe, constable, Rychard Comer and Rychard Davage. 

Proved August 3rd, 1 547. 


[45 Ales.] 

April 26th, 1547. John Sydenham. My body to be buried 
in the church or chancel of Clyve. To my son Alexander £ 100 
towards a lyving to bestowe in lands or a bargayne towards a 
perpetual! lyving. To my daughter Margaret, £140, the same 
to remain in the hands of John Sydenham, my son and heir, till 
she marry. To Alexander Syde, my godson, £20. To Thomas 
Winter £4. 

Residue : to my executors John Sydenham, Joane, my wife, 
and Alexander, my son. 

Witnesses : Sir Robert Welshman, Sir Roger Marten, 
Thomas Glasse. 

Proved August 22nd, 1547. 

1647. JOHN LOCK. 


June 2nd, 1547. John Lock of the parish of Bedmister, 
husbandman. My body to be buried in the church of St. John 
the Baptiste in Bedmyster. To the two pristes, 2j. To the 
church one kowe to thuse of Ower Ladyes aulter. To Margery 
Brooke, £6 13J. ^d., which her father did promise to pay to me 
at her marriage — which Margery I do intende to marry if it 
please God that I may live. To the said Margerye half the 
corn growing over my ground in the parish of Bedmyster. 

The residue to my four children, Annes Locke, Elizabeth ' 
Locke, Alice Locke and Agnes Locke the younger (executors), 

Wtffiiam Bnijrftt, Bishop. 97 

to be equally divided among them or among the survivors if any 
die before they come to lawful age. 

Overseers : John Cradocke, gentleman, John Hamonde, 
Richard Brooke and John Monye. 

Witnesses : Sir Rowlande Jenyns, Sir Rychard Orrell, priests, 
John Mellowes, John Diamonde, John Smythc, Roger Rymer, 
John Veroke, William Norman. 

Proved January 19th, 1547. 


[48 Alen.] 
In the name of the Father, the Sone, and the Holy Gooste, 
amen. August [2th, 1547. I, Wylliam, by the sufferaunce of 
God, Busshop of Bathe and Wells, make my will as follows : — 
My body to be buryed within the cathedral church of Wells 
and for the chargis of my burial!, bringing down of my corps and 
making of my tumbe, £100. To each of my servants, a yere's 
wages. To my cosigne Margaret James at London, £40. To 
Thomas Lambeley, £10 over and above his former legacie, a 
garnishe of pewter vessels, the hangings of my great dynyng 
chamber at Wyvelscombe of redd and greane saye, two fether- 
beds and two bolsters. To Richard Roberts, £10, a fetherbed 
and bolster. To Richard Mylner, £40, the same to be bestowed 
in thandes of some suche as will kepe the said innocent charitable 
and not lyk a wreche. To the said Richard, a fetherbed. To 
poure people in the hospitall at Welles, /io. To the convictes 
there, 40s. To John Moore, my servant, £10. To the prisoners 
in Ivelchestre, £4. To New College in Oxford where I was 
sometyme felowe, £40. To the college of Wynchester where I 
was brought up in my childehode, A20, also to each of these 
colleges, £4 for an obit To poor people in tharchdiaconrie 
of Richmond, £10. To poor people at Romaldkirk, £10. To 
forty poor maydens' marriages at 4ar. apiece, £%o. To the 
ministers in the cathedral church of Wells for an obit at my 
buriall, £5, and at the moneth's mynde, £$. To the poor 
people at the same tymes, £10. To Chuthberd Walker, £20 
and a standing cuppe. To every prison in London and South- 

98 ftomtrflrt WIT*. 

wark 40*'. to the releave of the poor prisoners there. To a 
preest to singe for my soule in the cathedral church of Wells 
with placebo, masse and dirige every Sonday and holiday and 
at the lest three tymes in the week beside, *io a yere for ten 
yeres, and if Mr. EdSn, my chaplen, after his return from his 
trouble, be not provided with a benefice by me I will he have 
the said service. To the chauntry preests of Mountroy in 
Welles that be abyding continually there, 20s. To Dionise 
Vawdie to her marriage, £20. To the repair of highways 
about Bridgewater, £20. To the churchwardens of Wyvels- 
combe, Banwell, Chedder, Wellington, Charde, Chewe, Congres- 
burie, Poklechurch, Busshop Lydderard, Kyngesburie and 
Hewishe for the poor people of the said parishes at the oversight 
of the curate and two honest men of the parish, ,£4 apiece. To 
Johane Norman, daughter of William Norman, my late servant 
£6 i$s. 4rf. to her marriage. To my lord Russell the Lord 
Prevaie Seale my hangings of t'Historie of Thobye. To the 
cathedral church of Wells, a basin and ewer of silver with two 
candelsticks for an aulter and my sacring bell. To Cuthbert 
Walker all the profetts of the standings within the crosse at 
Wells that I made there at my cost, which profetts shall here- 
after renew and arise at the tyme of the two fayres kept there, viz., 
St Calixt and St Andrewe dales on condition that he make as 
good assurance of the same yerely profitts as can be devised by 
the lawe for ever to the Dean and Chapter of Welles to thintent 
that they applie the same to the use of the choristers of the 
cathedral church every yere at their audite time. To Mr. Juge 
Portman my barber's basin and pot of silver. To Mr. Doctor 
Dakyn a- standing cup, my two salts garnished with anticke, a 
dosen spones and three gobletts. To Mr. Trcgonwell a boll that 
hath the fote pounced. 

I make executors, Master Portman, Mr. Dakyns and Mr. 
Tregonwell to whom ^40 each. 

Overseer ; my go(od) Lord Privaie Seale to whom a ringe of 
gold with a turkas. 

Proved November nth, 1547. 

tfcomas flbooS. 99 



March 3 1st, 1 548. Richard Bushe of the parish of 
Butcombe, clothmaker. My body to be buried in the church of 
Saint Myghell Tharchangel of Butcombe. To my five sons my 
free land in the parish of Dondre, viz., to Thomas Bushe and 
John Bushe the younger, my sons, my house in the tenure of 
Harry Weke ; to William Busshe, my son, my house that 
standeth before the church stile of Dondre in the tenure of John 
Kinge; to John Bushe the eider, my son, my house in Dondre, 
in the tenure of John Burdc, and to Richard Bushe, my son, my 
house in Dondre in the tenure of Harry Walter. To the said 
William four hole clothes ; to the said Thomas nine hole clothes 
made reddy to theire handes. To John Bushe the younger 
£30. To Isabel! Bushe, my daughter ^30. To every of my 
sons and daughter's children one ewe to be delivered before 
shere tyme next comynge. To Agnes Busshe, my brother 
John Busshe's daughter, a heyfore. To Margery Phyler an ewe. 
To Johane Atnasse, Alyce Freye and Agnes Wattes, two 
sheep apiece . The goods bequeathed to my unmarried children 
to remain to the unmarried survivors, if any die before marriage, 
William Bushe aforesaid only excepted for he shall have liberty 
to give at his own pleasure the half part of his goods. 

The residue: to Richard Busshe, my son (executor). 

Witnesses : William Ketingale, parson [of] Butcombe, Harrye 
Bushe, William Collier, John Atnasse. 

Proved May nth, 1548. 



April 8th, 1 548. Thomas Awood of Hareffbrd in the 
parish of Langford Budwell. My body to christian burial. To 
the common box of the church of Langford for the relief of the 
poor 2s. To Margaret Hichecocke one of my god daughters 
an ewe and a lamb. To John Haddon his eight children, an 
ewe and a lamb to each. To the four children of Thomas 

ioo Aomtrttt BHi'IU. 

Chaplyng a lamb each. To John Thatcher one mowe of come. 
To the two children of William Chappellyng, four ewes and four 
lambs. To Johane Thome an ewe and a lamb. To John 
Thatcher the younger 20s. To Dorathee Pcnfonde 20s. To 
each of my brothers' and sisters' children 3^. qd. To Alice 
Hundell my servant ,£3 6s. %d. 

The residue : to my trusty and well-beloved John Marchaunt 

Overseers: Sir Roger Bluett, knight, Robert Wether and 
William Chappellyn. 

Witnesses : Richard Calmady, William Person, Nichas 
Predye, Thomas Brackham, John Thatcher, John Marchaunt, 
Robert Wether. 

Proved June 9th, 1 548. 


[5 BUCKE.] 

June 1st, 1548. Margerye Hyll wydowe. My body to be 
buried in the church of Marye Magdaleyn in Taunton under the 
stone that my husband now Hethe whose soul Jhu pardon. To 
the church of St Andrew in Wells, I2d, To the church of 
Mary Magdaleyn in Taunton 20s. To the poor 20s. to be put 
in the comen Cofer in Magdalyn churche. To St. James' 
Church 20s. To the vicar of Mawdelyn 20s. To every prest 
of Magdalyn 20d. To every other prest coming to my burial 
1 2d. To the Vicar of Pytmestere 6s. Sd. To the churches of 
Pytmyster, Trulle, Wylton, 3^. qd. to each. To the poor on the 
day of my burial and monthes and twelve monthes ende £30 
I will my executors give yearly for seven years at the feast of 
All Saynts £3, to be (bejstowed in shertysand smockes to poor 
people until £ 2 1 be bestowed. To my son William Hilles three 
children half a pipe of oode, each. To Alexander Togwells 
three children the same. To my god-daughter Mary Portman 
and to Henry Portman and to every of them 66s. %d. To my 
son-in-law John Whyt 66s. 8d. To Sir John Hyll 20s. and to 
his sister Johan Hill 20s. I will that my apparel be divided 
between my four daughters. I will that six poor men have six 
black gowns at the day of my burying. To each of my servants 

Sotju feolbjm. 101 

then with me Jr. \d. And where my late husband Roger Hill 
whose soul Jhu pardon, constituted me his sole executrice to 
perform his will, I charge my executor to see his will performed 
and this my present will as he will answere before God [cum 
vetterit judicare vivos et mortuos). 

Residue : to my son Robert Hill (executor). 

Overseer : Sir William Portman, knight, William Hill my 
son, and Alexander Togwell my son-in-law. 

Witnesses : Sir William Portman, knight, John Cuffe, 
William Halley and Thomas Bowdon. 

Proved February 14th, 1550. 



August 23rd, 1548. John Holbyn of the parish of Northe 
Stoke. My body to christian burial. To the cathedral church 
of Wells 4</ To my parish church \os. To the poore manes 
boxe i6rf. To William my son one score of my best wethers, 
etc., and the leaseis called Asshely to my wife and the said 
William jointly for their lives. To Thomas my son one score of 
my wethers etc., and my best jyrkyn. To John Davys my son- 
in-law and to Thomas Crede a score of wethers. To Alice 
Godhyn 10 ewes. To each of my godchildren in Northe stoke, 
Byttfl and Upton a chylver hogge. To John Davys' three 
children a chilver shepe to each. To my son William's child 
two sheep. To William Godhyn my daughter's son a good ewe. 
To John Holbyn's daughter two ewes. To Margaret my servant 
two ewes. To my servant Thomas Bygge one ewe. To Mary 
my daughter-in-law's two sons John and Thomas a hogge shepe 
each. To William Hill of Kelston a payre of white hosys. To 
John my son 20J. etc. The residue to Alice my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : John and William my sons. 

Witnesses : Sir Richard Harper parson there, John Davys 
and William Maynerde. 

Proved December 15 th, 1548. 



September 8th, 1548. William Stowrton, knight, Lord 
Stowrton, Deputie generall of Ne\ve Haven and the Marches of 
the same. My body to be buried where it please God. To my 
daughter Clynton two silver potts to the value of ^20. To my 
daughter Brent the same, to be caused to be made by my executor 
with my armes and name upon them. To Mistress Agnes Rise, 
daughter to the Counties my Lady Brigwater, all my plate of 
silver now at Newe Haven in her keeping with all household 
stuff in my manor or lordship of Stourton as well come and 
heye as all other necessaries of husbandry, and all my corne as 
. well presently growing as in my barnes, garnells or other places 
in the said lordship. The residue to Charles Stowrton my 
eldest son (executor) and if he die before me my next heir to 
be executor. 

Overseers : the Lord William Haward and Sir John Brigcs, 
knight, now deputie of Bolleyn. 


September 9th, 1548. To my servants now with me in 
household especially myne olde servants to have for their lives 
such wages and meat and drink as they have presently of me, if 
they will, serve my son Charles Stourton and such others as have 
been with me but one year or two and will not serve my son to 
have one year's wages and depart where they will. To the said 
Mistress Agnes Rise all my cattle and household stuff that I 
have this side the see and all debts due unto me whereof she 
hath a boke and notes (except only £20 lent by me to William 
Fauntleroy which I will he shall not paye to any person if I die 
before he paye the some unto me). My servant Henry Barnes 
to have the reversion of certain ground that Thomas Kemys of 
Curtlington co. Dorset now holdeth of me, lying in Buchorn 
Weston to have and hold to him for 20 years without paying 
any fyne for the same. To Joane Fauntleroy and Anne 
Townley my maydens £20 to each. 

Witnesses : Sir William Pyrton, knight, porter of Newe 

jfcofjn Uotfntn. 103 

Haven, John Aster, gentleman, bayly of the Marches of Newe 
Haven, Doctor Martin Corenbeck, medicus, Sir William Fowler, 
clerke, and William Paynter, sirurgon. 
Proved November 15th, 1548. 



November 20th, 1548. John Rodney of Backwell co. 
Somerset, esquire. My burial I committe to the ordre of my 
executors, and the rule of my doughter Elizabeth Rodney to my 
brother in lawe Edmond Mordaunt and the rule of my doughter 
Anne Rodney to my brother-in-lawe Thomas Powtrell and 
my suster his wife, as well for their education and bringing up 
until their marriage as also for the custody of such lands as I 
have gevyn to theym as by my dede dated October 20th 
2 Ed. VI. more playnly doth appere. To my brother in lawe 
Nicolas Powtrell and to my suster Anne his wife all my lands 
and tenements in the city of Bristowe and suburbes of the same 
and in Chippyng Norton co. Oxford. To my brother in lawe 
Edmunde Mordant all my title in certeyn londs tenements in 
Kememalton co. Huntygndon. To my brother(s) in law Thomas 
Powtrell and Nicholas Powtrell my plough of oxen with my 
wayne and all things belonging and towe of my best mares. To 
my said sisters Elizabeth Powtrell and Anne Powtrell £10 each 
requiring either of them to give to pour folks in the parishe 
where they dwell or in the parishe next adjoyning 5 marks. 
To my brother in law Edmunde Mordant £20. To my 
cosyn William Vowell £4 and to my cosyn his wife £4 and 
to my cosyn John Ronyon 40s. and to each of his younger 
children not married 401'. and to each of my Aunte Ronyons 
childer not married 4ar. and to each of my Aunte Tothebies 
younger childer not married 40s. To the person of Stooke 
Rodney for tithes 20s. To the parson of Backwell for tithes 
forgotten 6s. 8d. To the vicar there 13s. 4</. To the church 
of Backwell 6s. id. To my servants Symond Badger, John 
Walder and Fraunces Reve 40J. each. To John Twyte of 
Backwell 20s. and a cowe. To Alice my servant the same. To 

io4 ftonumt TOtlld. 

Agnes Stevyns and Beatrix that were my servants at Grafton 
co. Northampton 10s. each. To olde Genyns wife of Stooke 20s. 
and a cowe. To William Wayneman my servant doble apparell 
in all things and 40s. To Thomas Dycke oon newe apparell in 
all thinges and to every of my servants a blak cote. Also I will 
that the yerely profile of the hyre of six kyne that William Revc 
of Stook hath of myn shalbe bestowed amongst the poure people 
in Stoke, Draycote and Predye by the discretion of the said 
parson of Stook and John Cheseman of the same town and after 
the said yeres I will the said 6 kyne be gevyn to the marriage 
of sixe yonge maides. Also I will that the nyne quarters of 
Maltc which I shulde have of John Bate of Grafton, for which I 
have paid him 4ar. and sende to him 20s. by Thomas Stevyns 
of Grafton shalbe distributed amongst the pourest people in 
Grafton, Islippe, Slypton, Thropson, Sudbrugh and Luffyckc 
in the said county of Northampton. To the poure people in the 
parishe of Stagedon and Carleton co. Beds and in Newton Molse, 
Crawley, Herdmeyde, Lavendon and Brafelde co. Bucks. 
£5 6s. id To each of my god children lew. To my cosyns 
William Fetypase and Dorothe Fetypase my godchildren 20s. 
each. To my said brother in lawe Edmunde Mordant almancr 
of my apparell except my gown of Damaske which 1 geve to my 
brother Thomas Powtrell. To my susters Elizabeth and Anne 
Powtrell all the apparell of Anne Rodney my late wife deceased. 
And where I have enfeoffed by a dede dated November 15th, 
2 Ed. vi, the said Edmonde Mordant, Thomas Powtrell and 
Nicholas Powtrell of and in the manour of Lamyat and other 
lands and hereditaments in Lamyat, Alampton, Dichet, Stone, 
Hornebloton and Everryche co. Somerset, my will is that my 
executors shall geve unto my said daughters Elizabeth and Anne 
of the issues thereof so moche money towardes their marriages 
and exhibicion as shalbe thought convenient, and also to bestow 
money upon the reparations of my mansion houses of Stoke 
Rodney and Backwell as shalbe thought most mete, and also to 
deliver to my son Morice Rodney ,6100 when he shall come to 
the age of 2\ yeres. 

Executors : My brothers in lawe Edmunde Mordant, Thomas 
Powtrell and Nicholas Powtrell. The residue to be bestowed in 
deades of Charitie for my soule. 

Hmr» CxbfQ. 105 

Witnesses : William Vowel), John Sprynt, Trystram 
Dyllyngton and Peter Demoye. 
Proved January 31st, 1540. 


[2 C00DE.J 

January 18th, 1548. Johane Sydenham of Legh, widowe. 
My body to be buried in the church in the parish of Olde Cleve 
next to the body of John Sydenham, late my husband. To 
Alysander Sydenham my son, £6 13$. ^d. To my daughter 
Margaret Sydenham for her labour being with me 4,0s. To my 
daughter Jane Beamont 20s. To Jane Wynter a ryng with a 
grene stone. 

The residue to my son John Sydenham (executor). 

Witnesses : Sir Robert Walshman, curat of the Chapel of 
Legh, William Peperell of Taunton, and David Pepeii. 

Proved January 28th, 1549. 


[3 COODE.} 

March 31st, IJ49- Henry Cavell of the Citie of Bathe, 
alderman. My body to be buried in my parish church of Saint 
Mary within the yate above the pulpytt. To the poor men's box 
of the same parish 6s. 8d. To my son William Cavell all my 
desperat detts, all my apparel except such as shall be given in 
this testament, my standing cup double gilt, a nutt, my best hope 
of gold, my owche of gold, ten crockys and ten pannys. To my 
daughter Elizabeth my rynge of golde with a stone that I used to 
wear on my forefinger. To my daughter Alice my great round 
Hope of gold which my wife weareth, after the decease of her 
mother. To my daughter Anne my ale cup of silver, my pece 
of silver callid the chast pece and my wives weddyng ryng after 
her mother's decease and at her marriage. 

The residue : to Suzan my wife (executrix) and after her 
decease or if she marry one half to William my son. 

Overseers : my two sons-in-law Walter Wear and Richard 

io6 Somrrsrt W&ittt. 

Chapman and to Walter Wear my gown of muster de villys 
furred with blak lambe and my doblet of tawny velvet, and to 
Richard Chapman my gown of scarlet lined with chamlet, and 
a doblet of black velvet. 

Witnesses : William Clement, priest, John Clement, alderman, 
John Baker of the said city, glover. 

Dated at Bath. Proved February 14th, 1549. 



July nth, 1549. John Byllinghaye of Illmister. My body 
to be buried in the churchyard of Illmister. To the church of 
Illmister 20s. To John, Robert, William, Margaret, Elizabeth, 
Marye and Thomzifi, my children, £40 each, and if any die 
before the age of 16 years his portion to be divided among the 
survivors. My wife Johane before her next marriage to find 
sufficient sureties to my overseers for the payment of the said 
bequests. To the poor people £6 13J. \d. To Isett my servant 
and kinswoman, £10. To Julyan Laurence my sister £4 
and a coverlet which was Mystres Ballingers. To Johane 
Morryce and Isabel! Torrye my sisters 20J. each. I forgive 
Thomas Hawker and George Hawker the debts owed to John 
Manffelde, preste. To Henry Polwebbe my servant 4OJ. To 
John Draper, Thomas WoIHngton, Hewe Slade, and Margerye 
Palmer, my servants, 20$. each. To John Poole, prest, 10s. To 
John Battin and Robert Oliver, preist, 3J. qd, each. To Maryc 
Hawker my golde rynge sett with a redd stone which I now 
were. To Henry Grenefellde ioj. To John Whithorne 3s. $d. 
To every godchild of John Manffelde preste departede, \2d. 
To the mending of the watercourse to the towne stoocke jr. \d. 
My bargain at Winsam called Ambram Mill and Clooswoode to 
Johane my wife and after her death to John my son, after his 
death to Robert my son, and after his death to William my son, 
if the year of my purchase will so long extend. And if William 
die before that time the said bargain shall remain equally 
to Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, and Thomzin my daughters. 
The residue to Johane my wife (executrix). 

3Sojjn Virntg. Ia l 

Overseers : Humffrey Wallron, John Ballche, and Thomas 
Hawker gentilmen, Thomas Laurence and George Hawker, 

Witnesses : John Balche, gentilman, John Poole, clarke, 
Henry Grenfelde and John Whithorne. 

Proved November 30th, 1549. 


[35 BUCKE.] 
July nth, 1549. John Vernay of Fairfyld in the parish of 
Stoke Gursey co. Somerset, Esquier. My body to be buried at 
the discretion of my executors. To my brother George Verney 
an annual rent of 40s. out of my lands in Wolmerston and 
North Petherton. I will that my friends Richard Malet, Richard 
Warre, Alexaunder Popham, Nicholas Halswell, William Hody, 
Richard Michel], Erasmus Pym, John Dodington, and John 
Sayntabyn, esquiyrs, shall receive sufficient rents of my manors 
and lands in Durborow, Wolmerston, North Petherton, Cossing- 
ton, Cattecote, and Hunspyll for the payment of my debts, the 
marriage of my daughters and for the performance of my will, 
of which issues my daughters Agnes, Johane, Elizabeth, 
Elyanor, and Grace shall have ;fioo each to their marriages. To 
my brother Antell 100 marks of the same issues in satisfaction of 
a legacy made to my sister his wife by my father Robert Verney. 
To Johane my wife my mansion house of Fayrfyld with all lands 
and woods with the same as long as she live sole paying therefor 
£16 yearly, of which I will the lords of whom I hold any land 
by knightes service shall have their allowance of their third part 
during the minority of mine heir. To mine heir all my apparel, 
my signet of gold and the use of the implements of household 
in my house of Fayrfyld, that is, two payre of the greatest 
Rackys of Iron, two barrys of iron, foure of the best Crockys, 
my furnays, half my pewter vessel), two fetherbeds, my virgynalls 
and my clocke standing in the Oryall and all my harneys. To 
John Verney my younger son my bay mare which is with John 
Burlond, my blacke mare and the copie of the land in Reversion 
of William Teder. To each of my servants their hole yeres wages. 

io8 jSoamsct wbum. 

The residue to Johanne my wife (executrix). 
Witnesses : Christofer Pers, Christofer Davys, 
Bigegood, Thomas Dale. 

Proved November 30th, 1551. 


[■4 RUCKE.l 


October 17th, 1549. John Walton. My body to be buried 
in the chauncell of the parish church of Higham bitwene the 
burialls of Mr. Dyer sometime parson of the same church 
and my twoo wyves. To the cathedral church of Wells 6d. 
To the parish church of Higham fir. %d. To the mayntenance 
of Goddis Dyvyne service in the chapell of Netherham sixe 
good wethershepe out of my flock. To my son Alexander 
Walton all my purches in West Muncketon, my gray Curtail 
geldyng and my dublet of Crymsyn velwet. To my son 
Andrew Walton and his heirs all my lands and tenements 
in Langportt Estover and Westover co. Somerset late in the 
possession of William Milbome and Barbor and .610 for his 

2iprentiship in London. To my daughter Johane Walton 
40 and oon flatt pece with a cover of silver and oon bedde 
so that she be ordered in her marriage by the discretion 
of Sir Thomas Dyer, knight, William Walton and Thomas 
Walton her brothers. To my daughters Elizabeth Walton 
and Agnes Walton £40 each so that they abide like order. 
And if they all die their said portions to be divided between 
my three sons Thomas, Alexander and Andrew towards 
their livings. To my cosen Richard Walton son of my brother 
William Walton the elder my woodknyfe. To the poor 
people of the two Almeshouses in Glaston 2s. To the poure 
Lazar people of the hospital! of Mary- Magdaleyn in Longport 
lid. To the poure people of the Almeshouse in Ivelchester 
izd. To the Reliefe of the prisoners of Ivelchester \id. To 
Sir Peter Milward my Fryse gowne and Jf. qd. To my servant 
John Mathewe my yong bull. 

The residue to my son Thomas Walton (executor). 
Overseers : my brother William Walton and my gossip 
Uppehm and to the former my blacke cloke garded with velwet 

flfpttd CofJM. 109 

and to my said gossip Thomas Uppehm my litell gray 
Amblyng mare. 

Witnesses : William Walton, Thomas Uppehm, Richard 
Walton and Sir Peter Mylward. 

Proved May 4th, 1551. 


[25 CO0DE.] . 

October 28th, 1549. Agnes Coganne of Chard widowe. 
My body to hollie sepultur in the parish church of Charde. To 
John Monrishe my servant £30. To Henry Burtonne 20 marks. 
To Joane Lomanne my servant 20 marks. To Alice Morrishe 
my servant 20 marks. To the said Johane Lomane and to 
Alice Morrishe all myne apparell. To George my servant 4ar, 
To Christian Coganne my servant 401. After my decease my 
son John Cogan to have all my burgages within the borrowe 
of Charde, my Ferme of Chaffcome during my term and all 
my houses in Taunton. And if he die before lawful age my 
servant John Morrishe to have the said burgages in Charde 
except the burgayge which I last purchased which is the 
comer house standing before the chapell within the borrowe 
of Charde, which I will that the son of my brother John 
Morrishe the younger, whose name is John, shall have. And if 
my said son John Cogane die before the term of my farm of 
Chaffcome be expired then I will that John Morrishe, Johane 
Lomane and Alice Morrishe my servants shall occupy the same. 

Executors : John Morrishe the elder my brother and 
William Alforde my brother in Lawe, until my son John Cogan 
come to lawful age when he shall be my sole executor. If he 
die, the said John Morrishe and William Alforde to bestow my 
goods amongst my brothers and sisters' children. 

Overseers : John Selwood and John Bell the younger. 

Witnesses: John Selwood, John Beile the younger, Harrie 
Burton, John Morrishe the younger of Colyton, John Morrishe 
of Charde. 

Proved October 31st, 1550. 

1549. JOHN POPE. 

[4 COODE.] 

November 6th, 3 Ed. VI. John Pope of Taunton. My 
body to be buried in the chauncell of St Mary Magdaleyn in 
Taunton to which church 6s. fid. To the poore there 4 marks. 
I will that my three sons Lewes, John and Thomas shall have 
such portion of goods of my gift as I have willed and com- 
manded my wife before Robert Reed, priest, John Calowe and 
John Willesdon of Taunton, my overseers, to whom she 
standeth bound for the delivery of their portions, which bond 
beareth date November 28th, 3 Ed. VI. (sic). I will my son 
Lewes have his portion after my departing. The portions of 
John and Thomas to remain in my wife's hands till they be 
married. To be distributed to the poor, £10. 

The residue to Emme Pope my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Robert Reid, priest, vicar of St. Mary 
Magdaleyn, John Calowe and John Wyllesdon, merchants of 
the same town. 

Proved February 7th, 1 549. 

[6 Powell.] 
November 21st, 1549.- Agnes Whyte (ats. Frye). My body 
to the earth. To the church of Wells, &d. To the parish 
church of Martoke, 6s. Sd. To the poor men's box, izd. To 
Thomas White, 4 oxen and steres, neither the best neither the 
worst, my best wayne with all the apparel for to yooke 4 oxen 
and a baye ambling mare with her colte. To Thomas 
Howchyn, 20 sheep whereof shalbe tenne wethers and tenne 
yewes. To Thomas Trootte, towker, my best crocke, etc., and to 
each of his children, a lambe shepe. To the same Thomas, a 
cow and her calf whose name is Colver. To Henry Trotte, a 
bande of Hron for a payre of wheles with the doweltes belonging 
to the same with a shere and a culter. To Thomas Trotte, a stere 
of two years and ten sheep the whiche have gone all this year 
at home. To John Trotte, a cow whose name is Rodye and to 

ffgmrf BHhftr. in 

his son a Wenlyn calfe, a crocke that stondith in the soller, a 
panne of two gallons, a porynger, etc. To Thomas, son of 
Robert Cribbe, a stere ; to Margaret, his sister, an heyffer ; to 
William, his brother, 10 sheep the whiche do goo in Kinges 
more. To John Squyer of Langport, my young rone mare. 
To John Hoskyn, a cowe whose name ys Lylly. To Johane 
Eglonde, my best bedd, my panne whiche ys called the heavy 
panne, the bright crocke half a dosyn of pewter vessel and the 
fynest pece of blewe clothe. To the poor people of the almose- 
house at Westover, 8 busshels of wheat, and of the almose house 
of Ilchester, the same. To Thomas, son of Thomas Trotte of 
Aysshe, one yewe shepe. To Johan Pill, half a weight of wott 
and an olde petycote. To Elizabeth Elyde, her daughter, a 
weight of wott. To John Rychards of Norton, 10 sheep ; to 
Richard Richards, gs. 41/. in his brother's hands, John Richards 
of Aller. To Thomas Adam, an heifer ; to Sir Robert Lowgh 
a blacke horse colte ; to my lady Rogers, my great mare's col£ ; 
to Mr. Wytcombe, my great mare; to Mastres Wytcombe, a 
heifer whose name is Berye ; to John Richards, 4 oxen and 
steres, my olde rone mare, a wayne, a payr of wheeles, a put, a 
dragge, a neythe, a cowe whose name is Markell and all my 
debts except Henry Androwe's, Johane Jurdayn's and Mr. 
Wytcombe's debts, which I forgive. To the same John, a dust 
bedde. To Johan Salweyes wife of Somerton, my best kyrtell,. 
a kerchief, a necke kerchief, a smocke and a n apron. To 
Richard Pullin, 20s. of Mr. Siddeames debt. To Alice, daughter 
of William Cribbe, an heifer ; to the children of Thomas 
Spacklyn, a sheep each ; to William Crybbe, son of Tomson 
Spacklyn, a shepe ; to Laurence Baleche a young bay mare. To 
lame poor Johane Illarye, a russet cootc slyves and all. To 
Johane Illary, wife of Illary the clarke, a pair of sheets of 
canvas. To John Stegge, my servant, two chilver sheep. To 
Agnes Richards, a cowe one of the twenty. To Agnes and Isabel, 
my servants a kyrtell clothe of bright vyolet, to each. To Sir 
Stephen Nurse for his paynes, 6s. 8rf. To John Hyllarde, my 
lytell boye, 2 silver spones. To John Jurdayne, my godson, a 
young mare. To Margery Jurdayne, daughter of Johan 
Jurdayne, a heifer. 

The residue to Johane [John] Richards and to Margaret 

ti2 Aonwttt Vttelh. 

Hillarde, Thomas Hillarde, John Hillarde, Robert Hillarde, 
Isabel Hillarde, Alice Hillarde and John Hillarde (executors). 

Overseer ; Henry Androwe, If the said John Richards or 
the children of John Hitlard ymbesell or take aweye anything 
other than is delivered by my overseer then they shall have 
nothing of my goodes. 

Witnesses : Sir Stephen Nurse, John Genys, Richard Pope, 
Elizabeth Elyde, John Stegge and Henry Trott 

Proved May 6th, 1552. 

[A sentence relating to this will, February, 1551, is registered at the 
same folio.] 


[6 BUCKE.] 

March 1st, 1549. Edmund Wynter ["of diocese B. and W." 
Act Book]. My soule to the mercie of Almightie God trusting 
to have the everlasting fruicon of his Kingdom w' Abram, Isack 
and Jacobe. My body to be buried where my executors shall 
think convenient. To my cosyn John Wynter, son of my 
unckell Edmund Wynter, deceased, the holle apparell ymple- 
ments and forneture of three chambers as they now stand, the 
beddes excepted, that is, the chamber wherein I do now lye, the 
Ittle chamber over the buttrie and the greate chamber over the 
same litle chamber, also five fetherbeds, my lesser ranges of 
spittes being seven in numbre and the lesser payr of rackes 
belonging to the same, four of my best pottes, the horde 
standing in the hall that comonly serveth for the altare, two of 
my greatist fourmes and two stoolys. 

The residue to Elianor, my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : my frendes Alexaunder Popham and Nicholas 

Witnesses : John Cufte, gentleman, Alexander Sidnam, 
gentleman, Nicholas Bluet, gentleman, - Richard Noke and 
Richard Willis. 

Proved February 24th, 1550. 

9o$n Crattortt. 113 


[34 BtTCKE.] 

May 25th, 1550. John Cradocke of Bydmister, co. Somerset, 
gentilman. My body to be buried in the parish church of Seynt 
John Baptist in Bedminster within the quyere where my wife 
and my son Arthur were buried. To the poor men's box in the 
said church, ioj. To the cathedral church of Wells, 120?. To the 
curate of Bedminster, izd. To Edythe, my wife, £100 in the 
hands of John Magot of Bristowe, inholder, and two woods, 
thone called Wythie wood and thother Seynt John's wood at 
Bishporte in the parish of Bedminster, during her life, provided 
she shall coppes sufficiently in the said St. John's wood which 
contayneth xxxij acres iij styches from tyme to tyme as she 
fellithe yt and so to maintain it according to the statute of this 
realm. To my said wife eight collynge horses and all household 
stuff and lands as she brought with her which were Richard 
Daues, her late husband's, also the use, while she live sole, of the 
two pieces of ground which I hold of Fraunces Stradlinge and of 
two closes called the great nithe and the title nithe and of a 
certain ground and a colver house which I hold of Johanne 
Dewporte, gentilwoman, and of the house which I nowe dwell in 
with the garden called the Parsonage and of the two garden 
grounds which I hold of John Ball : after which the said two 
woods, closes and gardens shall remain to my executors. I will 
that my wife shall pay to one Anthony Marloo a certeyn dutie 
which her late husband did owe him. To my said wife all the 
corn in the barne provided she let John Flemynge of Bristowe 
and John Mayott of the same town have all such tymber as I 
have promised to them ; provided also that my wife and John 
Daue, her son, perform all such grants as I have made. I will 
my wife shall find Mother Skynner her life in all things as I am 
bound to do. To every of my wife's children, £10. To my 
mother, 53J. \d. yearly. I will that my son John Cradocke shall 
enter into his lands at the age of 21 years. To Mr, Mathew 
Herbert, esquyer, my reversion, after the decease of Richard 
Broke, of a tenement and lands which is of the ground called St. 
John's ground in Bedminster. To Mr. John Bassete of 
Llandrythed in Walles my great fetherbed, etc. To Fraunces 


Stamtxitt TOtlfa. 

Stradlinge, my best gown of caffa. To Mr. Arthur of the Wood 
my gown of sylke saye furred with foines. To my cousin, Sir 
Nicholas Harryes, priest, 20s. To Robert Harryson, my servant, 
£6 13$. 4^., my gray gelding and a lease that I have upon a 
ground called Luckmore. To Christian, my servant,40r. To Alice 
Walles, my servant, 10s. To Elizabeth, my servant, $s. To 
Robert Grayle, my servant, 6s. Zd, All which bequests to my 
servants I will my executors shall perform before the feast of 
All Saynts next ensuing and I will they shall receive the issues 
of my farm of the parsonage of Bedminster to perform my will 
and to pay my debts and the legacies to my wife's five children 
bequeathed by their father and by me. My executors to receive 
the issues of my farmes of Porbery, Ticknam and Clyvedon to 
pay the rents thereof and to recover all debts due to me or to 
Richard Daue, late of Bristowe, deceased. And I will they 
have all my corn growing, six oxen with waynes, one stoned 
horse, a baye gelding, a great white mare with a colte, xvi elms 
to be sawed in tymbr leide at Bisshipworth. 

The residue to Sir George Herbert, knight, and Mathew 
Herbert, his son and heir (executors), to whom ! bequeath my 
lease of my farm of the parsonage of Bedminster, which lease I 
will shall remain in the custody of the Right Worshipfull the Maier 
and Masters of Bristowe until my legacies and debts be paid. I 
will my executors discharge my servant Robert Harryson in of 
and for an obligation wherein he standeth bound to Richarde 
Haclett of London, skynner, in the sum of £21 13s. 4d. for the 
delivery of one hundred dossen of welche mattes which I am 
paid for, and I will they pay to Robert Graill of Portbury, 20x. 
yearly of and for Hamgren and take the issues of the said 

Witnesses : George Herbert, Janken Franklyn, William 

These be the debts that John Cradocke of Bedminster doth 
owe for himself and for Richard Daue. 

To Robert Graill of Porberye at Mighel- 

mas xxx li. 

„ the Bishop of Bristowe at Mighelmas xx li. iiijj. 
„ the Kinges Ma lie at Christmas Ixxx li. 

iStdjarH Slight. 


To the Sadler of London at Mighelmas 

iij li. 

„ Richard Hacklet, skynner of London 

xvj U. xiijj. 


„ Mr. Sheparde at Mighelmas 

iiij li. 

„ Mr. Dalle at Mighelmas 


„ the Kinges Ma tie of the arrerage of a 

releffe due at Mighelmas 

xj li. 

„ Roger Jonnes of Bristowe at Barthil- 


ix li. xiij s. 


„ be paid furthe w l Master Pepwell 

ix n. 

„ Mr. Croston 

vj li viijj. 

„ Mr. Harrys of Bristow 

ix A'. xs. 

„ Mr. Grenesmyth of Hampton Courte 

xj li. 

„ Mr. White of Bedminster 

xxv li. xv'js. 

„ the churche of Bedminster 

iij li. 

Sfii. ccxliiij li. iiijj. 


Proved November 25th, 1551. 


[19 COODK.] 

May 27th, 1550. Richard Bushe clothmaker of the parishe 
of Butcombe co. Somerset My body to be buried in the 
church of Seynt Michell Tharchaungelt at Butcombe. To the 
cathedral church of Wells 41/. To the church of Butcombe 1 2d. 
To the poor men's coffer or Almes coffer of the same church \2d. 
To the poor people \zd. more. To John Atnasse my brother by 
the Lawe and to William Bushe my brother a Sortting clothe. 
To William Bushe my brother aforesaid 401. To Thomas Bushe 
my brother 2ar. To Agnes Bushe my kinswoman and servant 
a heyffer. To John Fry, William Watts, Isabell Bushe my 
sister, Agnes Whyte, John Phyler and Thomas Colens a yew 
and a lambe to each. To the said Thomas Colens a payre of 
hosys and a pair of shoes. Also my wife now being with childe, 
I bequeath to the said childe when she be delivered thereof ^40. 
The residue to Margerye Bushe my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : William Ketyngale prest and parson of Butcombe. 
William Colyer and John Ellys of the parish of Nempnet 

Proved August 22nd, 1550. 

£onwait WLttlt. 


[4 BUCKE.] 
September 1st, 1550. Elizabeth Fitz-james dwelling at the 
Temple Combe CO. Somerset, widowe. My body to be buried 
in the Chauncell of the parish church of Brewham of Saynt John 
Baptyst To the mother church of Wells 6s. M. To the 
mending of the high ways in the parish of Brewham I cor To 
the reparations of the same church 66s. %d. To the church of 
Brixton Deverell co. Wilts 40s. To every householder in the 
parishes of Combe and Horsmgton 8d. r so that they take paynes 
to goo w" my corpus to see yt buried, and to every lame and 
blynde person in the same parishes M. I will that my executor 
give peny dole at my buryall and funeralls and such prestes as 
shall come to have %d. each. To my servant Thomas Weekes 
an annuity of 4 or. going out of Barteletts tenement in 
Chenton, 200 of my best wethers a fetherbed and two pair of 
yoman sheets. To William Savery my servant one annuity of 
20J. out of the said tenement and £3 6s. id. To Sir William 
Palmer chapleyn the same. To Sir Roger Boydell pryste being 
in household with me all my lands etc., in the parish of MornehiR 
co. Dorset. To my brother Richarde Lygons son being my 
nephew by what name he is or shall be called, all my lands in 
Sturmister Marshall, LauerensWaltham, Marnhill.NorthCheryton 
and South Cheryton in the counties of Barkeshire, Somerset and 
Dorset to have and to hold to him and his heirs and for default 
of issue the remainder to my right heirs. My executors to take 
the profit for one half year of my lease of Temple Combe for 
the pasturing of my cattail and performance of my will after 
which my whole interest and term of the premises in Temple 
Combe to Mary Hyrde and her husband. To my brother 
Robert Moreton a seriauntos Ringe and to my sister his wife a 
Rynge W a Rubye in hit To my cosyn James Fitz-james a 
nnge of gold price 40J. with E and F ingraved in the same. To 
Mister Senaunt Harrys a Ring of gold w< a Rubye in it cut and 
to his wife my best velvet kyrtill. To' my cousin Aldred Fitz- 
james a sperver of a trussing bedd of yellowe and tawny sarcenet 
and curteyns of the same, a pair of fustian blanketts, my third 
gilt Ale cupp and my best damaske diaper table clothe and to 

SEltjabttf) ,|Fttj<jaim<s. 

his wife my best damask diaper towel 1 -etc. To Margaret Fitz- - 
james my god-daughter my best ale cupp, my best gown of 
satten and my tawny saten kyrtell etc. To her sister my 
god-daughter six silver spoons. To Dorothe Fitz-james the 
same. To my cousin William Thornhull a ring of gold with E 
and F ingraved and to his wife my best velvet bonet. To 
Mastres Weston my second velvet bonet. To Lawrence Hyde . 
a ringe of gold with a fayre dyamounde in hit To Mr. Parson 
Nicholson six silver spoons. To the parson of Bryxton Deverell 
and the vicar of Henstridge a black gown to each. To Phillip 
Etere 20s. To all such as shall be of my household or clothinge 
at my death six silver spoons with E and F ingraved in thendes 
and to each of them his or her blacke cote or gown. To. John 
Galley my servant the elder 100 wethers and one tester of a 
bedd of redd and grene saye and to his wife a Cassock of 
unwater Chamlet. To Thomas Brunds wife my servant two 
kyen. To Walter Huet of Salisbury taylor, 20 marks. To 
every of my gentilwomen, to the elder in service my second best 
gown, to thother my third best gown. My executors to see 
Thomas Mylar found in meat, drink and clothing until he come 
to years of discretion, and then to be bound prentice to some 
craftsman. To the said Thomas £4 and one of my best plough 
oxen and he to be double appareled in all things. To William 
Corket junior 40*. To Pytridge one of my best plough oxen. 
To John Crokett 40s. T,o John Doll ats. Michill 40J. To Ely 
40J. Among the pourest householders in Brewham Alforde 
Bryan and Burneham 40s. All the wood left after my months 
mind at my house to be bestowed among my poor neighbours 
in Combe and Horsington. To the mending of the highe waye 
at Abbayes forde 401. and betwixt Combe and Shasberye 40J. 
To William Michell my servant £3 6s. Zd„ a bruche w 1 a man 
in hym and my colte in Seelles. To Robert Stydman my 
servant and to Jane Benbery £% 6s. %d. each To Margaret 
Fitz-james and Elizabeth Hannam alt my lynnen apparell saving 
my smockes. To Thomas Garrat my servant my fourth best 
mare, and to his wife a fetherbed etc. To my servant William 
Wyne my fyfte best mare. To John Kynge and Joan Wygmore 
my servants 4,0s. each. My smockes to be divided between 
Thomas Garrat's wife, John Ganat's wife, Mother Becham, 

n8 Aomiriet EKtll*. 

Clewell's wife and Wayres wife. To Phillipp Stone 20j. To my 
cousin Margaret Maudetey my cassocke of blak damaske and to 
my cousin her daughter in law my litle ringe w< a Ruby. To 
my cousin Richard Maudley 20 wethers and to my godson 
George his brother 40 wethers. I will my executors make 
proclamation in the towns of Brewton and Sherborne within two 
months of my decease that if there be any person that can 
clayme debt of me they shall demand the same, duly proved, 
of my executors. Of the residue one half to my executors and 
the other half to be bestowed in mending of high ways, to 
prisoners and to the marriage of the poor where as I had lands. 

Executors : Mine approved friends, my cousin Anthony 
Gylbert, my cousin Roger Mawdeley and Robert Evered ats. 
Newman. And if they fail in the execution of my will, then Mr. 
Thomas Clerke, Sir John Dotyn, clerk, and Sir Thomas Classe, 
clerk, to be my executors. 

Overseers : Sir Thomas Speake, knight, Mr. John Harrys 
seriaunte at the lawe and my cousin Aldred Fitz-james. 

Witnesses : L. Hyde, Richard Lawrence, William Saverff, 
Nicholas Gilbert. 


Forasmuche as there ys come to my knowledge that some of 
those to whom I have given dyvers legacies are mynded after 
my decease trobelowsely to demande more, my farder will is 
that yf any person to whom I have given any legacie molest 
any of my executors or otherwise imbesyll any of my goods 
personal! or Ryall or do breke any article or clause of my said 
will, then my bequest to them to be utterly frustrate and voyd. 
November 19th, 4 Ed. VI. In the presence of Sir Thomas 
Horner, knight, John Horner, esquier, and John Smyth ats, 

Proved February 6th, 1550. 

fttnrp Burg. 1 19 


[27 Coodk.] 

October 19th, 1550. Henry Lawghwyll in Mynhed. My 
body to be buried in the church of Mynhed to which church 
6s. id. To the poor men's box 3.1. 4^. To the were of Mynhed 
6s. Sd. To ray six children ^100, that is to Agnes and John 
£\0 each, to Robert, Alice, Katheryn and Johane .£20 each, 
and if any die before they be of lawful discretion or marriageable 
their goods to remain to the survivors. The goods to remain in 
my wife's hands until she promes mariage and then she to 
deliver the .£100 to Mychell Lawghwill, William Prelatt and 
Robert Terell my overseers. To William Terell 20s. To John 
Terell 20s. The residue to Johane my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Thomas Robert, clerke, Richard Gelys and 
William Polyng. 

Proved November 19th, 1550. 

1650. HEKRY PURY. 

[28 BUCKB.] 

November 27th, 4 Ed. VI. Henrye Purye of the peculyer 
of Cudworth. My body to be buried in the churchyerde of 
Cudworth. To my aunte Elyn Knight, a quarter of wheat and 
ten wether sheep. To Maryan Dowham, a bushel of wheat. 
To John Wygham, 10s. To William Robyns and Denys his 
sister, two yewes apiece. Elynor Perys, daughter of William 
Perys, two yewes. To John Norton's son, the youngest, my best 
cote. To Thomas Ellyott, curate, \2d. with a better reward at 
the discretion of my overseers. 

The residue to my brothers and sisters, that is, John, 
Richard, Roger, William, Johane and Elizabeth (executors J. 

Overseers : William Membrye, the elder, John Launce and 
Robert Lumbert, and they to have these goods in their keeping 
till my executors come to the age of twenty years or marry. 

Witnesses: William Membrey, John Launce, Robert 
Lumbert and Thomas Elyot. 

Proved October 17th, 1551, 

1550. ALICE JANE. 

[8 Buckk.] 

November 30th, 155a Alice Jane of Chafcomb, widow. 
My body to be buried in the churchyard of Chafcomb or else- 
where where it please my executors. To the parson there, ^d. 
To Robert Hawkyns, my son, a mare, a fethcrbed, a bolster and 
a gerete fate. To Alice, his wife, a silver spoon and to each of 
their children, id. To John Grynfilde and his wife, my best 
cow, a greate cawdron, a bruyng trye and my best red peticote. 
To every of their four sons, id. To Alice Grynfylde, a grenc 
coverlet and a porynger. To Mary Grynfelde and Elynor, I2d. 
each, and to every other of their mayden children, id. To John 
Gammon and his wife, my second cow, a shete, a blanket, the 
long grene helen, a cubberd, etc., and to each of their children, 
id. To Agnes, their daughter, the long stelde possnet, a poger 
and a whey panne. To Water Palmer and. his wife, my third 
cow and the new crocke, etc. To John Palmer, 3s. qd., Richard 
Palmer, 12^., Markes Palmer, Alice Palmer and to every of 
them, id. To John Elyott and his wife, the fourth cow, etc., and 
a litle old whiche. To Agnes Elyott of the bequest of Nycholas 
Hawkyns, a potynger, and of my bequest, a gallon black panne, 
a candelstik, a crymsyn kirtell and the wex crocke and to Mary 
Elyott, a potinger, and to every of his other children, id. To 
my sister, Elynor Br is tow, a kerchyfT" and to Edithe, her 
daughter, id. To Peter Hawkyns and Gye Hawkyns, 3s. $d. 
each. To Isabell Cole, my daughter, if she be alive, $s. of the 
.bequest of Nicholas Hawkyns and is. $d. of my bequest and if 
she be dede, the same to her two eldest daughters and if they be 
dead, to be divided between Robert Hawkyns, John Grynfelde, 
John Gammon, Water Palmer and John Elyott All trashe of 
householde to be divided between Robert Hawkyns, John 
Grynfilde, John Elyot, Edith Gammon and Margery Palmer. 

Residue : Robert Hawkyns, John Grynfylde and Water 
Palmer (executors). 

Witnesses : John Clawseye, parson there, William Morren, 
William Welman, Robert Macye and Robert Lambert. 

Proved March 9th, 1550. 

SJnijn Abttsng. 

[36 BUCKE.] 

January 12th, 1550. Thomas Richeman otherwise Sheppard 
of the parish of Babyngton, co. Somerset. My body to be 
buried in the churchyard. To William my son, £6 13s. \d. 
and four drawte bullocks of the worst. To John, Thomas and 
Richard, my sons, £20 each. To my daughters Johane and 
Edeth, 20 marks each. To Robert my son, £40. If my wife 
Dorothie do not marry these children to have no claim to these 
bequests but at her pleasure, provided that my son Robert have 
his £40 whether my wife marry or not. To my mother, 40s. 

The residue to my wife Dorothie (executrix). 

Witnesses : Edward Style, parsone, Richard Coke, Thomas 

Proved December 10th, 1551. 


[12 C00DE.] 

January 14th, 1550. John Swetynge of Stogumer, the elder 
My body to mc buried in the church of Stogumer. To the 
church boxe, 2cu. Every one of my godchildren, $$■ John, my 
eldest son, to have the land of Wexforde which, to be performed, 
I put my trust in Sir John Wyndham, knyght. To Hugh, my 
son, £20. To Henry, Robert and William, my sons, £20 each. 
To Robert, my son, 6 silver spoons, a cubbarde, a tableboorde 
and a trowe to put come in. To Johan, Isabell, Margaret and 
Agnes, £20 each. And if all my said children die then 
£6 l $s. 4*£ of the said sums of money to remain to my brothers 
children and the residue to my wife. To John, my son, two 
pair of lomes and if there be six slayes in the house he shall have 
three of them and his mother other three. Also yf John have 
any goodes of his owne — be it neversomoche — his mother shall 
have nothynge to do w l it 

The residue to Christyan, my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Sir John Wyndham, Robert Swetynge, my 
brother, and Thomas Zete. 

Witnesses : Sir John Wyndham, Robert Swetynge and 
Justinian Langcaster. 

Proved May 12th, 1550. 


[2 Powell.] 

February 2nd, 1550. John Grymsted of the parish of Weste 
Pennard. My body to be buried in the churchyard of West 
Pennard. To the poore mens box of the same church, 200". To 
Agnes Grymsted and Joane Grymsted, 20s. each. To William 
Grymsted, 6s. Sd. To every of my godchildren, a lamb and ^d. 
apiece. To the reparations of the high waies, $s. $d. 

Of the residue, one half to my wife Edithe (executrix) so 
that she have my household stuff, my grayne and ploughe 
harnys and the other half to my seven children, viz., John, 
John, Margerie, Thomas, William, Robert and Thomas. If any 
of them die before lawful age his or her part to remain to the 

Overseers : Hayne and Thomas Bucke. 

Witnesses : Sir John Crandon, priest, Richard Hayne, Thomas 
Bucke and Thomas Wylkyns. 

Proved January 27th, 1551. 


[22 Bucke.] 
February 26th, 1550. John Bonvyle of West Dillyngton in . 
the parish of Illmystre, Esquier. My body to be buried in the 
parish church of Illmystre, to which church for the breking of 
the grounde and my buryall and towards the reparations 13^.4//. 
To the vicar of Illmystre or his proctor now being fermore 
there for tythes forgotten 6s. Zd. To the high parsone of 
Creukerne or to his proctor or fermer there for tythes forgotten 
6s. %d. To Margrett my wife four fetherbedds, one at Clapton, 
and the other three in my Est chamber at Dylynton, all my 
household stuff at Clapton, two silver cuppes doble gylt one 
weying xxiiij ounces and a half and the other xix ounces and 

William feaptu. 113 

a half, two silver goblets value £4, and a white silver cup or 
cruse. To my daughter Johane Bonvyle £$0 at her marriage. 
To my daughter Gertred Bonvyle the same, and I will my wife 
Margrett have the rule of my said two daughters until their 
marriage. To my son Nicholas Bonvyle my best cloke. 

The residue to Thomas my son (executor). 

Overseers : John Ogans esquyer, my brother Gye Bonvyle, 
and Humfrey Wallrond of See. 

Witnesses; John Ogans, Humfrey Wallrond, Nicholas 
Rose, Hughe Whogans, Nicholas Bonvyle, Henry Syinpson. 

Proved August 19th, 1551. 


[34 Wrastley.] 

May 10th, 1551. .William Hayne of Kyngestone juxta 
Yevell, yeman. My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Yevyll. To the cathedral church of Wells, 4d. To the church 
of Yevyll 1 2d. To the poor people of the A Imsehowse of Yevyll 
3j. <\d. To the prisoners of Ilchester 3s. &,d. To Jone my wife 
4 oxen and 40 wethers, 2 myll horsses, also all suche kynde of 
grayne as I do now grow upon all those bargaynes that I do 
hold with my mother-in-law Jone Erlyche, the fetherbed and 
silver spones which my father gave to me, with the bedstede in 
my parlour. To William my son the bedstede and fetherbed 
that I do now ly in and all such debts as John Cleves and 
William Mylford of Mutygew owe me. To my daughter Alice 
a flockbedd. All the rest of my household stuf to jone my 
wife and William and Alice my two children. To William my 
son my lease of Rodgrove and of the house in Backstrete in 
Yevyll which I bought of the portryfe and burgesses of Yevyll 
and if he die before lawful age, the said two leases shall remain 
to Alice my daughter. To Grace Wilton 40.1. To my father 
my best gelding and my two burgages which I bought of my 
Lord Sturton for ever. To my brother Gyles Hayne my best 
salt of silver and gilt 

The residue to William my son and Alice my daughter 

i24 Smntrftt Willi. 

Overseers: my father William Hayne and my brother Gyles 
Hayne to whom I commit the custody of my children's goods 
until they come to lawful age. If they both die their goods 
shall remain to my father and to my brother Gyles and his 

Witnesses : Sir John Beall curate, John Tyrdo, William 
Stone, John Pillippes the elder, Richard Jacobbe, Thomas Clare, 
Artyr Mawnsyll, " acta per me J ohm Beall curat de Yevill." 

September 22nd, 1 557. Administration committed to William 
Hayne and Giles Hayne the overseers, during the minority of 
William and Alice, children and executors of the deceased. 
January 25th, 1574. Testamentum hujusmodi probatur per 


[8 Powell.] ' ■ 
July 9th, 1551. The honourable man Master William Clerk, 
lying sick in his bed, bequeathed his body to be buried in 
the choir of the parish church of Barrowe of which he is dominus 
et solus patronus. To William Clerk his son and heir 1000 marks, 
to remain in the custody of his wife, mother of the said William. 
To his own mother ^40. To his sister Elizabeth .£20. To his 
sister de Londonus and to her sons £40. To Paul Tharmtun, 
Henry Tharmtun and Ann Tharmtun £60. To his brother 
Eddemend Clerk the custody and marriage of William Sexter 
with all the lands in Tantun which the said William Clerk holds 
as appears in the patent 

The residue to his wife to whom he bequeathed £100 supra 
Edward Thynt burgess of the town of Bristo, and £\oa supra 
John Welches merchant and burgess of the said town, and .£100 
supra Martin File merchant of the said town, and £,\<x> supra 
Robert Ache. 

Item : supra William a Morgan of the town of Newporte, 
et supra Thomas Chester merchant of Bristo, £100 ; supra John 
Prynte merchant of Bristow £30, supra Thomas Chapman £20, 
et supra William Thynte de Bowthen £10. 

And the aforesaid gentleman gave to his wife his lands and 

Chmnii* Apifcf, But. 115 

hereditaments in the parish of Barro and after (her) death he 
wished his son and heir William Clerk to possess them and if he 
died without heir, Edemend Clerk his hrother to have the same 
and if he died without heir Henry Tharmtun to have the said 

Executrix : his wife. 

Overseers : Master William Charultun, knight, Eddemend 
Clerk, Master William Morgan, and Giles Amorgan. 

Proved March 4th, 1551. 

Administration committed to Jane, relict 
[A sentence relating to this will is registered at the same folio.] 


[18 Bucks.] 
July 1 r th, 1551. Sir Thomas Speke, knight, one of the gentil- 
men of the Kinges most honorable privy Chamber. My body to 
be buried in the churche of Seynt Dunstons within Temple Barre 
in London. To George Speke my son and heir all my lands in 
the counties of Somerset, Devon, and Cornewall and elsewhere, 
all such reversions of lands which shall come to my heirs 
wherein I stand revertioner and the reversion of the lands of 
John Beachampe, Esquier, which should come to me and my 
heirs after the death of the said John Beachampe. And if the 
said George my son die without issue, then the premises shall 
remain to my two daughters Elizabeth Speke the elder and 
Elizabeth Speke the younger and if one of them die without issue, 
the same shall remain to the heirs of the longest liver and 
for default of issue to my next heirs. To my wife £240 
in old gold, the one half of all my household stuff, the manor 
of Dolishe so long as she keepeth sole paying the yearly rent 
thereof to my said son, and all her juelles and apparel]. To 
my said son George my two great Chaynes in my deske with 
all other my juelles and apparel! and also, because he is a 
young man and is like to be greatly charged, all my stocks 
of money and the residue of all my goods. To each of my 
two daughters abovesaid 500 marks towards their marriages. 
Whereas I have made divers estates of bargains and copie 
holdes both of my own lands and of the Kinges lands in 

■ 26 ftonttrtftt EHilU. 

Somerset, whereof I was his hignes Surveyor by his grace's 
Ires patentes under his seale of the courte of Augmentations 
and Revenues of his Crowne as well as to my own servants as 
to sundry other persons, of the which grants some be not full 
performed, I will therefore that the same states shall stand 
in full force and effect desiring my executors and overseers to 
see and procure the same to be in good estate and strength 
because most of them be not taken and enrolled in the courte rolles 
as I was minded they should have been at my next coming down. 

Executors : my said son George Speke and my said wife. 

Overseers : Sir William Harberte, knight, the Lord Warden, 
Sir Hughe Poulet, knight, Alexander Popham, Esquier, and 
John Walron, Esquier. To Mr. Wrathe of the pryvie chamber 
my sore gossehawke. 

Witnesses : John Sidenhm, William Gravesende, Thomas 
Grenewoode who held his pillowe. Will ft Warner who 
dyd holde his bolster, Thomas Waye, Robert Davars, Roger 
Baker, Phillip Lightfoote. 

Memorandum : that Roger Baker, Robert Davars and 
William Gravesende, affirm all things contained in the same will 
except the bequeathing of the stocks of money and the 
appointing of the executors, at which they were absent. Also 
William Gravesende standithe in doubte whether the said Sir 
Thomas sayd his wyfe shoulde have half of all his goodes or 
whether he said she shoulde have all his household stuf. In 
this point the said Gravesende standith in doubte and dyd not 
harken to the same because he thought the said Mr. Speke 
wolde not dye. 

Proved July i8th, 1551. Administration granted to George 
Speke, power reserved to the relict and executrix when she 
shall appear. 

A sentence, November 14th, 1552, confirming the above will 
with the exception of the clauses relating to Elizabeth the 
relict (ats Willoughby) is registered at fo. 32, Powell. 

Stofan ftctepfft. 127 


[6 Tashe.] 

July 20th, 1551. John Compton of Glastenberie, gentilman. 
My body to be buried in hollie earthie where it please God. To 
St. Andrewe's church in Wells, \2d. To the church of St. Jones 
of Glastonbury \2d. To either of the two Almeshouses of 
Glastenbury i2d. All the yeres to come after my death, of 
Master Horner's land called Wellington, to my son Silvester 
Compton, and one tenement in Warmester of 20J. rent. 

The residue to Thomas and Silvester my sons (executors). 

Overseers : John Light of Lightes Caric, esquier, to whom 1 
bequeath my writing dexe of Sipers. 

Witnesses : both my sons, John White the elder, my servant, 
Thomas White his son, and John Light of Lightescarie, esquier, 
was writer of this my last will. 

Proved March 9th, 1552. 


[3 Tashe.] 

July 24th, 1551. John Hewyshe of Donyforde, gentleman. 
My body to be buried in the parish church or chauncell of 
Sainct Decuman. To Dorothe Hewyshe my eldest daughter ^20. 
To Alice Borne my youngest daughter £7 6s. 8d. and one obliga- 
tion wherein my brother Humphrey Walrond and one Thomas 
Alston of Charde stand bound unto me for the payment of £20. 
To Jamys Huysh my youngest son £20. To Roger Hewyshe 
my son all my lease in my tenement in Donyforde which I had 
of the grant and demise of one John Walton, afterwards 
confirmed by Robert Walton gentleman his cousin and next 

The residue to the said Roger Hewyshe my son (executor). 

Witnesses: John Borne, Thomas Abington, Rychard 
Dodington, and John Dodington. 

Further, the said John Hewyshe afterward bequeathed to 
William Hewyshe his son 6 oxen, 6 kyene, fourscore shepe, and 
the half of his swyne. To Dorothe Hewyshe his daughter, a 

US Stamnttt WMli. 

fetherbed, a flockbedd or mattres, etc., and a pece of silver which 
he had in gage of Humfrey Walrond, gentleman, his brother in 
the iawe upon the lone of £4. To Sir Robert his preste a payr 
of sheets and 6s. &ef., and to Anne his servant a jackett of 

Proved February 8th, 1552. 


[17 Powell.] 
July 25th, 1551. Alexander Barqucley, doctor of divinitie, 
vicar of Myche Badowe co. Essex. My body to be buried 
where it shall please God. To the poor people of the said 
parish of Badowe 5CW. To the reparations of the same church 
6s. 8rf. To the poor people of the parishe of Owkey co. 
Somerset 50J. To the reparations of the same church 6i. 8rf. 
To Mr. Horsey of Tawnton one fetherbed and a bolster which I 
had of him or else 20s. To Edwarde Capper otherwise called 
Edwarde Mathewe of Tawnton, 33J. ^d. To Johane Atkynson 
daughter of Thomas Atkynson of London scryvener, one fether- 
bed whereuppon I used to lye having a new tyke with the 
bolster, blankettes and coverlett, tester, pillowe and two payre ol 
my best shetes and £8 to be received of the money due unto me 
by Cutbeard Crokk of Wynchester, also a flockebed, a quylte 
and all my pewter, brasse and other stuf of my kechen. To 
Jeronymy Atkynson daughter of the said Thomas Atkynson 
£6 13* 4J. to be received of the said Cutbeard Crok. To 
Tymothyand Elizabeth Atkynson daughters of the said Thomas 
Atkynson ,£5 each, to be received of the said Cutbeard Croke. 
The rest of the money which he oweth me, £80, 1 bequeath to be 
divided amongst poor and needy persons and manely to such as 
be bedrcd, blynd, lame, ympotent, wydowesand fatherles children. 
If any of the said four children of Thomas Atkynson die before 
20 years of age or marriage, his or her part so deceasing shall 
remain to the survivors. To Sir John Gate, knight, Sir Henry 
Gate, knight, and to Mr. Cheke four angell nobles each to make 
every of them aringe of golde to be wornein remembrance of me. 
To Hugh Rnokc of London scryvener, Henry Bosoll of London 

i&irijflrti f&alUtt. 

goldsmythe, Thomas Wytton of London screvener, and to the 
wife of Humfrey Stevens of London goldsmythe, to Humfrey 
Edwardes clerk, and John Owhan of the parish of Badowe, 
to each of them one angell noble of gold or else y e valew 
thereof in silver. To Mr. Thomas Clerk of Owkey, Thomas 
Eden, gentleman, and to the said Thomas Atkynson 4 angell 
nobles each to make therof for every of them a Ringe to were 
in remembrance of our oulde acquayntaunce and famyliarity. 
My executors to distribute at the day of my burial among poor 
and needy people £6 15 J. To Parnell Atkynson, the wife of 
the said Thomas Atkynson, my cosyn, ^13 13^, 4k To John 
Watson of London clotheworker, 3 angell nobles to make a 
Ring therof to be worn in Remembraunce of oure oulde 
famyliarytie. Also I desire all such as shall have eny benyfytt 
by these my legacies and all other good chrestian people to 
pray to Almightie God for remission of my synnes and mercy 
upon my soule. To Johan Bowyer the sister of the said Pamell 
my cosen 40s. To the said Thomas Atkynson £10 whom with 
the said Thomas Eden I constitute executor, to whom 1 bequeath 
the residue of all my goods to be distributed at their discretion 
in workes of mercy to poor people, not peny mele but by larger 
portion to persons bedred, maydens, widowes and other 
ympotent persons. 

Overseer : the said Mr. Rochester (sk). 

Proved June ioth, 1552. (Obiit apud Croidon.) 

[A sentence relating to this will is registered at fa. 11, Tashe.] 


[10 Powell.] 
July 25th, 5 Ed. VI. Richard Mallett of Corypole co. 
Somerset, esquier. Concerning my manors of Sherehampton 
and Lawresweston in the county of Gloucester, my lands in 
Henbury, Westbury, Atmesbury, and Fillton in the same 
county, my manor of Dewdon co. Devon, my manors of Oke, 
Lydearde Powncherden, Charlynche and Corseley co. Somerset, 
and my lands in Postridge in the parish of Ayshole and in 
Borchippull in the parish of Kyngsbury co. Somerset now in the 

130 Aomtrltt WOtt*. 

occupation of William Hodges and Agnes Lye, as also my 
manor of Wraxhall co. Wilts, I will that Elizabeth Mallet 
my wife, Dame Margaret Luttrell widow, Sir John Wyndham 
knight, Richard Rogers, Thomas Luttrell, John Payne, 
Barthilmew Combe and Robert May, Esquiers, shall yearly 
receive, after my decease, all the rents of all the said manors 
and lands and therewith shall pay these bequests : To every of 
my household servants one year's wages. To the poor people of 
Taunton £10, of Bridgwater ,£10, and of the parishes of 
Enmore and Chirlynche ^10. To each of my children .£400 
for their marriages. To my sister Mary Mallet 100 marks of 
my mother's gift and 300 marks for her marriage. To my sister 
Johane j£8o. And if any of my children or my sisters Elizabeth 
(sic) or Mary do not marry by the assent of my wife or 
executors they shall have but half my bequests above made to 
them. And after the performance of my will my lands shall 
remain to my heir. After my decease, Elizabeth Mallet my 
wife shall have my mansion house of Coripole with the parke 
and a water myll and all my manor of Corypole and one house 
or ferme called Swyngdon with 200 acres of lands thereto 
belonging in the parish of Charlynche, one close of pasture 
called Gennells Hookc in the parish of Bridgwater so long as 
she live sole, paying therefor yearly to my heirs a Redd rose at 
the feast of the Natyvitie of Saynt John the Baptist, if it be 
asked. All my goods I bequeath to the said Elizabeth Mallet 
my wife (executrix), and if she marry again I will that she pay 
immediately to Thomas Mallet my son 400 marks. 

Overseers : the abovesaid Dame Margarett Luttrell widow. 
Sir John Wyndham knight, Richard Rogers, Thomas Luttrell, 
John Payne, Barthilmewe Combe and Robert Maye, Esquiers. 

Witnesses: John Payne, Barthilmew Combe, esquiers, 
William Michel], Nicholas Stallynche Myller and others. 

Proved March 31st, 1552. 

[July and, 1584, Comraissio ' emanavit Georgio Speke armigero ad 

administranda bona dicti defuncti, per dictam Elizabethan! relictam, r 

tricem et mat rem dicti Georgii jam defunctam non plene admin'"" " 

Ettitf) C^onu. 131 


[14 NOODES.] 

August 9th, 5 Ed. VI. Thomas Litman of the parish of 
Buckland. My body to be buried where it please God. To 
Henry Longe son of Thomas Longe of Trowbridge the house 
that 1 dwell in and my holding at Laverton. If he die without 
issue the same to remain to James Longe son of Harry Longe 
of Whaddon. To Edward Horton son of Thomas Horton my 
holding at Corseley. To Thomas Litman of Lees iar. To St. 
Andrewe's church of Wells 3*. 4<£ To the parish churches of 
Frome, Corseleye, Merston Bigott, Murnney, Whatley, Elme, 
Hennyngton, Laverton, Wolverton, Beckington, Roode, 
Coleford, Wingefeld, Hungerford Farleigh, West wood. Holt, 
Skymorl Upton, Lullington and Borteley, 3.1. ^d. to each. To 
the parish church of Bucklande 6s. &d. To Dame Elianore 
Barkisdale 20s. To every household sarvant of Margery 
Hortons I2d. To Thomas Pewe of Brouzeton a fetherbed. 
To Sir Thomas Philippes curate of Frome $s. 4<t. I bequeath 
£10 to be divided amongst my kynnerede called Classys. To 
the poor at the day of my burial and at my Monethis ende £\0. 
To the Ringars at my burial \2d. each. To the four men that 
bear me to the church 4V. each. To John Bailif of Roode a gown 
of gentishe tawny. To Richard Cooles all my household corne 
and cattail (executor). 

Overseers : Mr. Thomas Longe of Trowbridge and Robert 
Courte of Frome. 

Witnesses : Thomas Long, John Walford, Thomas Stocke. 

Proved January 31st, 1557. 

[Commission to administer granted to Elizabeth Cooles relict of Richard 
Cooles the executor named.] 


[12 Powell.] 
August 14th, s Ed. VI. Edythe Thome, widow, of the 
parish of Lylstoke. My body to. be buried in the churchyard 
of Lylstoke. To the poor men's box of Lylstoke qd. To the 

i$i Stamnsn flHilla. 

Curate of Lylstoke $s. $d. To Gyles Taylor my servant my 
wayne, whelis, yokes, ropes, zulle, dreye and harrowe and one 
broche. To Johane Thorne my son's daughter two vates etc. 
The residue to Johan Thome abovesaid and to William Colles 
and John Colles my daughter's children (executors). 

Witnesses: Gyles Rugge clerke, vicar of Kylton. Androwe 
Colles, John Yewen and Gyles Taylor. 

Proved April 29th, 1552. 


[8 Powell.] 

December 6th, 1551. Thomas Donne in the parish of 
Barwyke. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Barwyke. 
To the church of Barwyke 3 s, $d. To the church of St. 
Andrew in Wells $d. To poor people i2d. To four of my 
eldest children xxxij sheep, viz. William, Joane, John and 
Alice and four pans, four crakes etc., and one wight of wolle. 
To William my son my best coote, my best worsted doblett and 
a cow. To Alice Godfraye my daughter in law six sheep or 40J. 
and a dosyn of hempe. To Nicholas Sely my blacke coote. 
To John Rosse my fryce coote and a wether shepe. To William 
Frenche one wether shepe. The residue to Anne my wife, 
Richard and John my youngest sons (executors), and if either 
of the latter die before xvj years of age, his part to remain to 
the survivor. If any of the above four children die before the 
age of xviij years, his or her goods shall remain to the survivors. 
Item, yf ther be anny getheringe made in the parishe for the 
mayntayning of the churche, I bequeathe one sacke of Malte to 
the churche. 

Witnesses : Henry Lyrbike, Curate, William Denbery, John 
Myller, John Crise. 

Overseers : Sir Henry, Thomas Frye, John Denys, Richard 
Berton, godfathers to my youngest sons. 

Proved March 5th, 1551. 



[13 Powell.] 

January 17th, 155 1. Roger Kynsey in the parish of 
Wynsham. gentilman. My body to be buried where it please 
God. To the mother church of Wells, 20s. To Elizabeth, my 
daughter and heir, ^20. To George Serrye, .£20. To Isabell his 
sister to her marriage, £20. To Hugh Pyscyii of Est Elworthe, 
6s. Sd. To John Pysyfi, Richard Pysyfi, Johan Paynes and Alice 
Peke, her sister, 6s. &d. each. To Hugh Pysyfi and Robert 
his brother, and to Roger Pysyfi, my godson, i2rf. each. To 
Elizabeth Pysyfi, to her marriage, 4.0*. To John Clutterye, 
6s, 8d. To Agnes Cluttery, his sister, is. ^d. To Edmond 
Langden, $s. d,d. To Edward Glede, my late servant, \2d. To 
Margery Hengeston, \2d. To the rest of my servants, $d. each. 
To John Stephyns and to Julyan, his sister, \2d. If Elizabeth 
Coxsdon, my daughter and heir, die without issue, my land of 
Hayc to remain to George Serrye and my land at Exceter 
and Alphyngton to John Pysyfi and my land at Crukerne to 
Richard Pysyfi. To the forsaid Hugh Pysyn, John Pysyn and 
Richard, his brothem, and to George Serrye, all my tyn works. 
My wife Elizabeth's -dowry of all my said lands and tyn works 
to be reserved during her life. If my lands of Exceter and 
Alphyngton for default of issue of my daughter Elizabeth, come 
to John Pysyn, I will he and his heirs pay yearly to Johan Payn, 
wife of John Payn, 26s. fid. ; and to Alice Beke, wife of Nicholas 
Bekc, the same ; and to Isabell Serryes, the same. 

The residue to. my wife Elizabeth (executrix). 

Overseers : John Toosc, gentleman, and Jehn Wallys. 

Witnesses : the said overseers, John Hengeston, John Pike 
. and William Bawdon. 

Proved May 6th, 1552. 


[6 Powell.] 
February 2nd, 1551. John Person of the parish of Longe 
Sutton. My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Long Sutton. To the cathedral church of Wells, i2i£ To the 

134 jtomtrsrt CHAW. 

parish church of Long Sutton, 6s. &d. To the poor men's box, 
nd. To William Mapowder, now being in my house in my 
keeping, £6 be paid by Thomas Mapowder, gentle- 
man. To Margery Hoskyn, two ewe sheep. To the mending 
of the cawse waye between the church and my bouse, 20s. 
To Thomas Saye, a heifer with her calf. 

The residue to Deannes, my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : William Harte, vicar of Longe Sutton, Richard 
Freydaie and John Person, my neighbour. 

Proved February 20th, 1551. 

[6 Powell.] 

February 16th, 1551. William Smythe of Chard. My body 
to be buried in the churchyard of Chard. To the poor men's 
box, $s. 44. within the parish of Chard. To my six children, 
Richard, Margett, Alice, John, Thomas and Henry, 40?. each 
at the age of 18 years. 

The residue to Johane, my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : John Clappe and William Selwood. 

Witnesses : John Selwood and John Chapell. 

Proved February 20th, 1551. 


[25 Powell.] 
March 9th, 1551. Alice Derell of Merkesbury, widow. My 
body to holy burial. To Johafl Saunders, my daughter's child, 
one dosen of silver spoons and two weddyng gyrdells plated 
with silver and my best coverlet, which shall remain in the keep- 
ing of her mother Agnes Saunders, my daughter, till she come 
to lawful age. To my cousin Richard Gage, my donne mare, 
my best colt, my great crock, my parte and other half of my 
brewing kettill. To John Holbroke and Johan Holbroke 
children of my son-in-law Thomas Holbroke, a cow to each. 

9»&n »p«»on. i 35 

The residue to my daughter Agnes Saunders and to Richard 
Gage, my cousin (executors). 

Overseers : Thomas Holbroke and John Aprice. 

Witnesses : John Bysse, Nicholas Barnhouse, Nicholas Bathe 
als. Jobyn, clerk, William Chapman and John Aprice. 

Proved October 6th, 1552. 

1551. JOHN WEBBE, 

[14 Powell.] 

March 24th, 1551. John Webbe, vicar of Est Chynnock. 
My body to be buried in the churchyard of Est Chynnock. 
To the mother church in Wells, 6d. To the parish of Est 
Chynnock, to the high ways or to any other necessity, 20s. in 
the hands of Richard Slade of Est Chynnock. To Richard 
Perye, my brother-in-law seven kye and heffers, a mare and two 
pygges. To Isbell Perye, his daughter, two kye, all my shepe 
and lambes and my best gowne. To Edye Perye, daughter of 
the said Richard, two bullocks going in my lease at Wodelonge 
and all my corn and hemppe in the house. To John Webbe, 
son of Barnarde Webbe, whom I make my executor, 20 marks 
in the hands of Thomas Symes of Chard, my brother-in-law, a 
maser bound with silver, a fetherbed with bolster, pillowe and 
pillowe tye ; provided that the residue remain to Richard Perye 
abovesaid. I, Robert Gybbys rede this to the aforesaid John 
Webbe Aprill xj ,h before Henry Tailler and Richard Coplandc 
and he was content that this will shall stondc. 

Proved May 16th, 1552. 
[Cessate Grant April, 1562.] 


[27 Powell.] 
May 10th, 6 Ed. VI. John Hygdone of the parish of 
Merstone [Marston Magna], My body to be buried in the 
church of Merstone. To Anne Cutler, wife of William Cutler, 
my young mare. To John Hayife my old mare. To Robert 
Stokes, Edward Waterman, Nicholas Shude, Richard Barber, 
Srephyn Phillips, Thomas Jcnkyne, Henry Wylcokes, John 
Cutler, John Wevcr, Robert Tayler, Raynold Damper, John 

<$6 AomtrStt VRitti. 

Warde, Thomas Jenns and Robert Mottes, 20<£ and a bushel of 
wheat to each. To Isbcll Powmcry, widow, 2cx£ To Humfrey 
Umfry a bushel of wheat. To William Haylle my oxe called 
Prettye. To Annys Hayle and jelyan Hayle, 4 sheep each. 
To Christian Hayle 20s. which William Burche oweth me. To 
Thomas Hygdone 20s., Water Hygdone two yearlings, Peter 
Higdone a yearling calf, and to the rest of Richard Hygdon's 
children 2 sheep each. To my servant Richard Hamma, two 
stores of two years age, an alter of wheate that lieth agaist 
John Martyns backe syde. To John Hame two bushels of 
bennys to whom I owe a bushel of wheate. To John Cutler a 
heifer. To each of John Cutler's children two sheep. To my 
brother Edward Hygdone, 20s. To repair the faltes of the 
church 40s-., in the hands of Richard Clench of Rymton. To 
repair the faltes of a lane called Lambrokes lane lying at 
Marstone 40s. which William Barber oweth me. To John 
Goodsons 20rf. and a bushel of wheat. To the vicar of Mcrston 
and my curat, 10s. To my overseers William Cutler and 
Robert Goodson, loj.each. To Mother Sparrows of Sherbornne 
20d. and a bushel of wheat. To Annys Myltons of Yevell, 20 
pound of wool. To William Hayle, my weyn and whills of my 
weyn only. To John Bayly 20<£ and a bushel of wheat, 
Margret [ ] 3.1. 41/., Frykes wife ioj., and to Isbel Jeniis 

2orf. and a bushel of wheat. I will my executors for ten years 
yearly keep a dirige for my soule if it shall stand with the 
Kinges procedings and to bestow a mark apiece thereupon, or 
else they shall bestow that marke yearly upon the poor 
neighbours of Merston until the 20 nobles be bestowed. To 
every poor man that cometh to my burial a peny. To the 
Clarke, a bushel of malte, and half a bushel of wheat. To 
Pachy half a bushel of wheat. To Goodd's wife, the same. To 
the poor woman dwelling with Thomas Clench 2orf. To John 
Conocke, a bushel of wheat. I forgive William Barber, son of 
Annys Barbar, 4s. of the 8s. he oweth me The residue to 
Richard Hygdone and John Hayle (executors). 

Witnesses : Robert Elyott, vicar, William Cutler, Robert 

Proved October 27th, 1552. 

goljn Cuff. 137 

1552. JOHN COGAN. 
[3 Tashe.] 

June 6th, 1552. John Coganof the parish of Martock. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of Martock. To the 
cathedral church of Wells, \2d. To the parish church of 
Martock, $s. To the relief of the poore, 401. To John Cogan, 
Stephyn Cogan and William Cogan, my sons, and to Johane 
Cogan, my daughter, £35 each. William my son, to have in 
reversion of my wife, my house and bargayne in Lamporte. 
To Symon Towker, my wife's son, 40J. To Johane Towker, 
my wife's daughter, 5 marks, which John Gold the elder oweth 
me for an oxe. 

The residue to Maryon my wife (executrix) 

Overseers : George Spraygot, clerk, and Thomas Cogan of 

Witnesses : George Spraygot, vicar there, Thomas Fox, and 
Thomas Scott. 

A sentence, February 6th, 1552, is registered at the same 
folio, annulling the will and committing the administration to 
Robert Cogan, brother of the deceased during the minority of 
the testator's children abovenamed. 

1652. JOHN CUFF. 

[3 Tashe.] 
July 1st, 1552. John Cuff of Tyntenhull. My body to be 
buried where it please God. To the church where it shall 
happen me to be laid 13$. 41/. for the brekyng of the grounde, 
To the churches of Yevelchester and Northover, 6s. Sd. to each. 
To the cathedral church of St Andrewe of Wells I2rf. To my 
daughter Dorothee, wife to Thomas Broughton, a pair of beades 
of silver and the gawdes gilt and a flatt boll pounsed of silver. 
To Agnes, my daughter wife to Thomas Hawker, a lytle ale 
cupp and a string of sylver bedstones gylt to the number of 
xlvj stones. To Agnes, another of my daughters, wife to 
William Jenes, a cupp for ale of silver, and a string of coral! 
bedstones to the nomber of one hundrcth and xiij. To John 
Cuff, Peter Cuff and Thomas Cuff sons of my youngest son 

138 j&omtrfirt Willi. 

John Cuff, which died in Bolen, j£io each, to buy tenements or 
bargeyns to help them to live. If they all die the said money 
shall remain to William Cuff, son of John Cuff of Cryche, and 
to Phelipp Cuff son of Robert Cuff of Rowlands. To John 
Cuff my eldest son of Cryche a bason and ewer of silver, vj 
spones of silver with mayden heddes, a black gown of cayffa 
garded with black velvet and lyned with saten and a great 
cushion of yelowe in recompense of the beddes in the great 
chamber that I had given to Robert his brother. To Robert 
Cuff my second son, vj spones of silver with rounde knappes 
which I had of William Bylche, a cupp called a Nutt which I 
had of John Stacey in gage for vj angells to pay the kyng when 
the greate preste was payde, over and besides that he oweth me 
for a mare that he bought for 40s., whereof I hadd never peny : 
nevertheles yf John Stacey's exors will pay you the said 
vj angells let hym have the cupp. Also to the same Robert 
two dublets of damaske, one of them skarlet ingrayned and 
the other tawny of colo r and one of my yryshe blankets. To 
John Cuff, my third son, now in Irelande in the kinges service, 
seven great spones of silver wyth postles at thendes and a great 
standing cupp. And in case Thomas Broughton will give you 
in old money £10 for the said cupp to the use of yong Pyke 
son to Dorothe yor suster, then let him have him, notwithstanding 
he cost me £1 1 in olde money. To the same John my lytle 
bedd in the orryall chamber and in olde golde towards his costs 
betwene Englande and Irelande two portaguys and ten crasadoos. 
My exfirs to take the rents of my farm called Torrells which I 
hold of my lord of Stiff and which Thomas Rodde now holdeth 
of me, to perform my will, after which I give it to my youngest 
son John Cuff. To John Cooke my servant 20s. and my doon 
gelding. To Agnes Parke my servant for her diligence to my 
wife in her sicknes and syns to me, my two kyen at pasture 
with William Jenys at Chiltryn and 4.0s. at my months mirtde. 
And I charge you that you take nothing from her that were of 
my wives gerc and of her gifte and myne, that she may have 
cause to pray for me. 

The residue to John Cuff my eldest son, and to Robert Cufl 
my second son (executors). 

Proved February 8th, 1552. 

Sgius WRyhta. 139 


[33 Powell.] 

July 22nd, 1552. Richarde, Lord Zouche, Seymor and 
Cantelope. My body to be buried at the pleasure of my 
executrix. To Margaret Zouche my wife all my interest and 
right title of the Manor of Northmolton with the appurtenances 
co. Devon for term of her life and after her decease to the use 
of my right heirs forever. 

Executrix : Dame Lady Margaret Zouche, my said wife. 

Overseers : Sir Thomas Cheynye, knight, Lorde Warden of y 8 
cincque portes and my brother Sir John Zouche, knight 

Witnesses: Edward Humbley, John Masc hart, Roger Hardy, 
Anthonye Bowthe, Richard Halford, Robert Goodwyn. 

Proved December 10th, 1552. [The filed will appears to be 
the Probate granted in the Consistory Court of Bath and Wells, 
August 5th, 1552.] 

[6 More.] 
July 30th, 1552. Agnes Wykes, widow, late the wife of 
William Wykes of Nynhedflorye co. Somerset, esquier, deceased. 
My body to be buried in the churche of Nynheed. To Alice 
Wykes my daughter ^100, Thomas Wykes my son 2 oxen, 
Androwe Wykes my son 2 oxen, John Wykes my son 2 oxen, 
Johan wife of Androw Wykes 401., William Wykes son of 
Androwe Wykes 20r., Anne Wykes daughter of Androwe 
Wykes £10, Elizabeth Wykes wife of John Wykes 20J., John 
Wykes son of John Wykes 20c, Alice Wikes daughter of John 
Wykes 20s., Elizabeth Wykes daughter of Androwe Wykes 20s., 
my servant Elizabeth Combe one cow, Alice Wekes my daughter 
if that she be not married before my death my ground called 
Stowthames, and if she be, I bequeath the same to Adam Wykes 
my son. To Henry Wykes an ox, Henry Wikes a fetherbed, 
my servant Joane Norrice a cow, Richard Pomerie esquier 
£6 1 $s. $d. Adam Wykes son of John Wykes 4 shape, John 
■ Wykes son of Henry Wykes an ox, John Wykes the younger, 
son of John Wykes the elder 4 sheep. The residue to Adam 
Wykes my son (executor). 

14° Souimitt Wills. 

Overseer : Richard Pomerie, esquier. 

Witnesses : Richard Pomerye, esquier, Androw Wykes, 
gentleman, Laurence Porter, James Spark e, Hugh Evans, 
Richard Dudrige and Thomas Michell vicar there. 

Proved August 17th, 1554. 


[1 Tashe.] 

August 28th, 1552. John Trevilion of the parish of 
Kingesbmy co. Somerset, husbandeman. My body to be buried 
in the parish church or churchyard of Kingesbury there to reste 
amongeste my predycessores. To the poor mens box of the 
parish church of Kingesbury I2rf. To St Andrewes church of 
Wells qd. To John Trevilion my eldest son my bay gelding 
and 40J. To his four children 4 calves. To Richard Trevilyon 
my second son ,£4 8s. and to his two children 2 yearlings. To 
Raff Trevilion my third son my greatest payre of whealles, a 
younge mare, a steare and £34 13J. 4^. To William Trevillion 
my fourth son £3 t$s. ^d., a colte which goeth in Horsey, one 
wayne, one payre of whelles, one Soole, one Drage, one extree 
with yockes and ropes for the ploughe, all which goodes as 
wayne, whelles, soole, Drage, eythe, yockes, ropes I will that 
Isabel Trevillion my wife shall occupy during her life. To 
Thomas Trevilion my youngest son my youngest mare and 
£39 i^s. $d. To Mary Trevilion my eldest daughter my 
greatest pan. To Joane my youngest daughter £10 and my 
greatest crocke. To Robert Bentley my frysse coate. To 20 
of the poorest inhabitants of Kingesburye half a bushel of 
wheat and a half a bushel of maulte to be delivered against the 
feast of the Nativitie of Owre Lord God next after my decease. 
The residue to Isabell my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses ; William Winter curate of Kingesbury, Thomas 
Prigge of the same town, husbandman, John Trevilion of the 
same town, webber. 

Proved January 21st, 1552. 

6totqt Bojrron. 141 

1563. JOHN SNOWE. 

[29 Powell.] 

September 10th, 1552. John Snowe of Langeporte. My 
body to be buried where yt please God to call me oute of this 
transitorie worlds. To y* povertie 6s. Sd. To John Snowe and 
Willyam Snowe my sons all the Iron that I have. To Alice 
Snowe my daughter the younger ,£20. To Elizabeth Snowe, 
Anne Snowe, and Katheryn Snowe, my daughters, £zo each. 
To Willyam Snowe my brother £6 6s. %d. To John Mowdy and 
George Fyshe £3 6s. Sd. each. To the poor people of the Almis- 
house of Lengeport 6s. Sd. To the poor people of the parish of 
Pedillgrenthide 3J. $d. To Edward Hebbes clerke vicar there 
3^. 4//. To William Porter, Thomas Squyer, Richard Collyar, 
and Matild Collier 3J. ^d. each. To Joane Collyar and Margaret 
Chnrchehouse izd. The residue to Isabel! my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses: Edward Hebbes,. clerk, vicar aforesaid, William 
Porter, Thomas Squyer, Richard Collyar, John Roper and John 

Proved November 12th, 1552. 

[26 Tashe.] 
October 1st, 1552. George Dogeon, clercke, Chaunter of the 
Cathedrall churche of Wells. My body to be buried in the church 
of St. Andrewe in Wells. To the Aimoshowse there 20s. To 
Mystres Thomasen Stourton my Saulte of silver with a cover gilte 
footed withe Cristall. To Anne wiffe of Thomas Erie £6 1 $s. 41J*. 
and a fetherbedd. To Sir Henry Banckes vicar of Pucklechurch 
401. and a long gowne w< a sarcenett tipett. To Mr. John Fitz- 
james a Spone. To Mr, Gilbert a gilte spone. To Mr. Doctor 
Edgewourthe the same. To Mr. Needes an earthen cupp. To 
Maurice Lewellen my greate cupp. To Marten Gosvell and 
Elizabeth his sister 2ar.each. To Sir Barthilmewe Biitheman all 
Sainte Jerrome's woorkes. To the vicar of Blandefourthe a silver 
spone. To William Capper the cupbourde in the Oryall w' a 
bedstedd. To John Gosvell my bay mare w' a bedstedd. To 
John Kendall, Thomas Sawyer and William Browne 20s. each. 

i42 Somerset nStlU. 

To RTc. Upton a coverlet* of Arreis which is in the towre 
chambre. To John King iQr. To William Brewer ioj. To 
Thomas Browne a cote. To John Hieter 20J. To Joan, 
daughter of Maurice Cooke, 40s. The residue to Mr. William 
Stourton and George Herberde (executors). 

Overseers : Mr. Jefferey Upton and Sir Thomas Fudge. To 
the said Mr. Upton 40*., my Crossebowe and my battle axe and 
to Sir Thomas Fudge 40s., a litle cupboarde in the towre 
chambre, a bedstedd in the Oriall chambre and a blacke trussing 
Cofer, the bigger of twayne. 

Witnesses : Sir Barthilmewe Blitheman, William Capper als. 
Spratt, John Gosvell. 

Proved February 19th, 1553. 



[n Tashe.] 

December 21st, 1552. Willyam Bocher. My body to be 
buried in the church of Henton Bluett. To Elynor my wife ^50 
of which she shall receive £20 of William Karre and £20 of 
John Cutte which they owe me and £10 more to be paide in 
golde halfe, that is, in 6 Ryalles and on Angell noble and the 
rest in money, also, four of the best kyen, half the household 
stuff thorowe of all things, except the two cupberds one in the 
hall and thother in the parler, all her own apparel and goods, 
the third foote of the howse and grounde belonging to it if she 
depart and will not dwell in it, her chamber and the chamber 
above to lye in, I meane the chamber which she is wont to have. 
To Johan my daughter 40?. To Marget my daughter 40J. To 
Catcot all my rayment as will do hym pleasure — I meane some 
of the best To Amys Tegge a cow. To John's wife a cow. 
To the children a cowe. 

The residue to John my son and William (executors). 

Overseer, my son Henry Hylbert to whom I bequeath one 
barre of Iron. Also to John of Wallebroke, ons my man, 3$. 4J. 
My son John to fynde my wife and she to help towards her 
fynding putting owte her owne grounde as she list. Item, for 

$ofjtt Cmfturgt. 

three kyen hering John shall paye me 6j. and to fynde the other 
for me. 

Proved May 19th, 1553. 


[17 Tashe] 

January I2th, 1552. George Prowse of Olde Clever. My 
body to be buried in the church of Olde Clever. To the cathedral 
church of Wells, I2</. To my son William the elder £7. To my 
son Robert .£5. To John Prowse £7 of which he shall pay to 
his daughter Joan 40s. To my son William the younger ^5. 
To my servant John Davill a cow. If William the younger die 
his money shall remain to his children. To my godson Robert 
Barbor a sheep. To 20 poor men 6s. id. To each of my god- 
children $d. To William my son the elder the ferme of Croyden 
after my decease and my wife's. 

Executrix : my wife Johan. 

Witnesses : Sir John Nebbe, curate, Thomas Spede, Hughe 
Dowderydge, John Baydon and Water Elysse. 

Proved August 18th, 1553. 


[10 Tashe.] 
February 5th, 1552. John Tynburye of Linge, co. Somerset, 
gentleman. My body to be buried where God shall appoint. 
Whereas I stand seasid of and in the manor or scite of the late 
monasterie of Athelney being holden of the kinges highnes by 
knightes service in chief, I will that Florence my wife have 
one-third part thereof for her life, and if my heir be within age 
at the time of my death then the kinges highnes shall have one 
other third part, during his minority and my brother William 
Halley the other third part, until my heir be of his full age of 
24 years, to pay my debts. To the said William Halley my 
whole estate and interest in the manors of West Newton and 
West Luccombe, co. Somerset, and of and in the manors and 

i44 Smmtttt Wfflfo. 

lands in Netherex, Tyverton, Anste and Lytle Toryton, co. 
Devon, and in the ferme of Lynge Courte, co. Somerset, which 
I hold of John Leighe, Esquyre, on condition that he make 
good assurance in the law of the said ferme for the years to 
come to Henry my son, and if he die without issue, to William 
my son, and if he die without issue then to remain to the said 
William Halley to the advancement of my kinsmen, George, 
Gabriell and Fraunces his younger sons, paying to Agnes Curie 
£10, and to George Curie ^20 by the. advice of Sir William 
Portman, knight, Alexaunder Popham, Nicftas Halswell and 
Hughe Byckham, esquires. And if my heir have exhibition of 
the kinge, he shall have no benyfytt of my will until he come 
to his said full age, other than by the discretion of the said 
William Halley. To the said William Halley all my estate in 
certain lands in Upotry, co. Devon, by virtue of a lease made by 
the masters of the town of Taunton, under like condition as 
above. And I will the said William Halley have and hold the 
Westercourtfeldes, the Myddle cow mores, the Westcowmores and 
Valbore wood, parcell of the said farm of Lynge from Our Ladye 
daye last past for 12 years next following, paying no rent, until 
he shall have received the sum of £4.6 which I owe him. To 
Katheryn Curie £6 13$. $d. The residue to Henry and William 
my sons (executors). Overseer, William Halley my brother. 
To Florence my wife all my plough geer, a mare, a colte, a 
gelding, four kyne or £4 and two thousand fagottes. To John 
Wyvell £4. 

Witnesses : William Halley, Richard Gybbes, John Wyvell, 
Jeronimus de Padoa, John Pyle, William Collyns. My wife to 
have my mansion house at Lynge Courte and the grounde 
called the Courte orchard and those parcells of grounde that 
one Clerke of Staplegrote holdeth, being parcell of the farm of 
Lynge Court, during her wydowed. And I will she have £20 
parcell of the £g$ that Thomas Blanchflour payeth for my 
interest and years in Newhouse. Alexaunder Popham being 
witness of the same. 

Proved May 12th, 1553. 

gfrijatas jicb&tm. 145 


[10 Tashe.] 
March 6th, 7 Ed. VI. Nicholas Jobbyn of the parish of 
Scynt Mary's of Stalles within the citie of Bathe, vicarie. My 
body to be buried in the body of Stalles churche before' the 
pulpit t. To the mother church of Wells, 12^. To the parish 
church of Stalles to the poor men's box, $d, To y f making or 
setting up of the name of Jhus in goodlye colours upon the highe 
frounte or weynscott in Stalles churche and thes texte wryten 
after the best maner in the same frounte. In nole Jk% oiite genu 
fiectat celestium terestrtu el infernorit et c both in Englishe and 
Latten that all men may se to rede yt, to the making of that, 
40J. To the Maier and Comons of Bathe for the use of the free 
gramer scole, certeyne books of gramer and learnyng, for the use 
of the scolemaster and the scollers ther at the delyveraunce of the 
Meyre and his brethern. To the meyntening of the tenements 
belonging to the freescole of Bathe, all my tymber. To the 
Chamber of the Citie of Bathe, 2or. To Sir William Clement, 
my best jackett of wosteyd, a sarcenet typpet, etc. To Syr J ohn 
Symons, Master of St. John the Baptist in Bathe, my best 
cappe and my best shorte gowne. All my books to be divided 
between Mr. Sherewoode, Sir William Clement, parson, and Sir 
Richard Gybbes, curat of Wydcombe : Mr. Sherewoode to have 
the choice (except one course of bookes which Syr Richard 
Gybbes must have, paying for them, 26s. &d.) To Walter 
Adams, my gowne furred with white, my best hosys and all my 
tymber in his seller and to pay for the fyne of his house I give 
him ?.os. and my second best jacket To Elizabeth Clement the 
best payre of sheets save one shele wherein my bodye shalbe 
wrapid. To joane Adams, daughter of Walter Adams, a great 
crocks, a grydyron, a fyre panne, etc. To John Shorte my 
second short gowne, and if he contynuc at the free gramer scole 
he shall have some of my gramer bookes. To Alice Barrye, a 
platter, etc. To Lucy Barrye, a earedishe, and a sawcer. To 
John Bale, a redd peticote furred with grey about the colore. 
To Johan Shorte, a crocke panne, etc. To Susan Cowper, a 
crocke. To Besse Acton, a platter, etc. To Alice Senyor, my 
lessar bason. To Elynor Colyn, a bason of pewter. To 

146 Sommjtt BKiTIa. 

Margaret DracoK, an earedishe. To five poor people every wyke 
2d. ob. t every one of them ob every Fryday, and every Fryday 
in the Lent they shall have a peny each delivered by iny over- 
seers, who shall have for their labour, 31. $d. apece every yere 
at the feast of thynuncyacon of Our Ladye, the charges borne 
out of my goods, my two tenements and 53J. ^d. out of the 
bell yerely during the term of Walter Adams lease, they giving 
a true accompt yerely before' the Meyar upon payne of loosyng 
20s. to thuse of the Chamber. To Thomas Turner, $s. To 
Sir Willyam Clement for the wryting of this boke, 6s. Sd. To 
Master Ludwell, Meiar, my best gowne and 20s. to be myn 

Overseers : Willyam Clement, clerke, and Water Barrye, 

The residue to the relyffe of the poor people, with my two 
tenements and 53J. a,d. out of the bell as aforesaid. 

Witnesses : William Clement, clerk, Water Barrye, Thomas 
Turner, Thomas Gowreney, William Stevens, Water Adams. 

Proved May 14th, 1553. 


[11 Tashe.] 
March loth, 1552. Thomas Brocke of Bathialton. My body 
to holy grave. To the poor dwelling in Magdalene lane and 
in the spittell house at Tafiton, Gj. 8d. To the poor in Wivelis- 
combe, 3^. 4//., in Mylverton, 3J. ^d., in Wellington, 3J. ^d. in 
Bathialton, Kyttesforde, Stalley and Hagley tything, 5^, among 
them and in Ronnyngton and Langford, 3s. $d. Also to the 
poor in Magdalene lane and in the spittell house in Taunton, 
above my first gift, 6j. Sd. yerely for two years. To Thomas 
Gregorie and Alice Campe, so that they marie together, one 
stone of good woole and at their marriage sufficient breade, 
come and ale come of my wife as will serve them, so they 
have not of gestes above the nomber of eight messes. To 
William Brocke, my son, £20 (in case my son John lyve to 
the years of marriage). To my doughters Agnes and Alice, 
£20 each. My wife Alice to have the governance of all my 

fttnrp Compjij. 14.7 

children, sons and doughters, until they marry or come to the 
age of 21 years. If my wife die or marry, then Mr. Hill of 
Kingeston, William Lancaster of Mylverton, John Combe, my 
father-in law and John Hill, the younger, to have the gover- 
nance of my children. My wife to have the bargayne she 
dwellith upon, during her widowhede and half my grounde until 
my son John come to the age of 22 years, when he shall be half 
executor with his mother. My wife also to have half my 
bargayne at Yencote which I hold of Mr. Sydenham of Brynton 
[Brympton], My son John to be my assigne in all my right and 
tytle of lands. If he die without male issue, my son William to 
be my assigne and if he die without male issue, my daughters 
Agnes and Alice to be my assignes. 

The residue to Alice, my wife, and John, my son 

Overseers : Thomas Hill of Kingeston, Willyam Lancaster 
of Mylverton. 

Witnesses : John Combe, John Barbye als. Borough, John 
Hill, the younger, of Radington, and John Swadalle, clerk. 

Proved May 27th, 1553. 


[6 NOODES.] 

July 13th, 1553. Henry Cornyshe of Glastinburye, esquier. 
My body to be buried in some convenient place where it please 
God I die. To Henry Cornyshe, my son, my lease of the manor 
of the Meere, all my armor with their furniture as, two complett 
harnes and twoo demy launces, a gilte saddell of blacke velvit 
with the trapper gilt, a tonke, a dagger, stirropes, spurres and a 
handegonne sutable gilte w 1 a morreyn of blacke velvit, a 
shanfreyn, iiij handgonnes, iiij shippe peaces w" all other my 
furniture for the warre, iiij crosse bowes, three long bowes ; more, 
my signette of armes w l my small signett, my velvit cappe 
trymmed w l a chayne and the brouche of a woman's hed being a 
Cameue also my chayne by estimate worthe ^20 with my sworde 
and buckler, if God geve hym life. Otherwise, the whole to 
Margaret Cornyshe, my wif, whom I make my sole executrix. 
To Henrye Corny.she, my son, all my bookes and twoo lutes. 

Proved February 7th, 1557. 

148 ♦om««t WWW. 


[27 MORE.] 

July 14th, 1553. Thomas Wyndham, csquier. I make my 
executors, my lorde Chamberleyn, John Checestar and Humfrey 
Cowlys. The ,6000 that my lord Chamberleyn shall paye me, 
that I woulde shulde purchase £30 a yere and so to be made 
astate of that lande to my brother Sir Edmunde Wyndham as 
he had in the manor of Wytou. If my goodes comyth home 
that comythe oute of Gynne wher I go myself, then 1 give to 
John Luttreil, jfioo, to my eldist doughter, 500 marks, to the 
seconde doughter £200 and my sone Henry the land that shalbe 
purchased and the parke of Marsywood. To my lorde 
Chamberleyn, £100. To John Chechester, £20; and to my 
brother Cowlys, £20. To Watsone, £20, Wallentyne, £20, 
Saywery, £20, Water Willyams, £5, and to poore folks, 
100 marks. 

The residue to my sonne Henry. I have lefte my bokes and 
all my rekenyngs and all my state and in what state I am in and 
what I have to the see, with Willyam Watsone, my servante 
dwelling in tholde change. 

Proved June 12th, 1555. 

[Died beyond seas, Act book.] 

1553. JOHN MORE. 

[27 Tashe.] 
August 22nd, 1553. John More in the parish of Stokegursir. 
My body to be buried in holy grave. To each of my three 
youngest daughters £30 at their marriage. To my daughter 
Joan £10 to be paid within three years of her marriage. To my 
daughter Elizabeth the same. To my daughter Dorathee six 
oxen with the wayne and wheles, yokes, ropes, solowes, dragges 
and layrors and six kyue, four young beasts and seven yewes. To 
my daughter Margaret half-a dosen silver spoons. To William 
Mannyng £6 t$s. 4^/. attiis marriage if he continue dwelling with 
his dame. To Richard Frenclic 20*. Sir Richard Lloyde 2 bushels 
of wheat, poor people 40J. John Bur lande $s. 4^., Robert More 
6s. %d., Robert Blake 6s. oV., and Richard Campling 20fi. 

Hatio JBatbmiu SijjjKombr. 

The residue to Jone my wife (executrix). 
Overseers : Robert More and Robert Blake. 
Witnesses : Sir Richard Lloyd, clerk Richard Campling, and 
John Burlande. 

Proved March 5th, 1553. 

[22 Tashe.] 

December 4th, 1553. Dame Katheryn Eggecombe of 
Cuthele co. Cornewal), i\ idowe. To Katheryn Luttrell one of the 
daughters of Sir John Lutrell one cheyne of gold with a flower 
set with two diamounds and a rubie. To Dorothy Luttrell her 
sister one of my great bolles. To Mary Luttrell her sister the 
same. The said goods to be delivered at their marriage or at 
the age of 18 years. I bequeath 40s. to be delivered, part to 
people present at my burial and the residue to the comen box 
of the church of Calstocke ; 26s. 8a*. to the comen box ot 
Tavistock, and 26s. Zd. to Launceston, whereof I jr. 4^. for the 
relief of the poor prisoners in the Quene's Jeyle, and 13^. ^d. 
to the comen box of the parish church of Mary Magdalen there. 
To the comen box of the church of St. Domynicke 20*. and 
to the comen box of the parish of Botefleminenge 20s. My 
executors shall have ill my term and interest of one parcel! 
of land called Fosters Medowe beside the Newe Bridge of 
Calstock and shall demise the same to William Penryff my 
servant for his life and after his death to such person as will 
give most rent, paying to the heirs of one John Newton Sj. 
yearly and also the high rent to the chief Lorde of the fee 
thereof. To each of my household servants being a daylie 
waiter in my house (except my two chaplyns and gentilwomen) 
one year's wages. My executors shall have the governance and 
letting of all my Tynneworks in the said county and with 
the issues they shall perform my will paying £4 yearly to Mary 
Sampere my gen til woman, after which the said Tynneworks 
shall remain to the said Katheryn Luttrell and her assignes, 
according to the custom of the Stannery of Comewall. To my 
daughter Mary Luttrell all such household and goods of mine 

150 jtamerfct CBtilfc. 

as she hath at Dunster co. Somerset which sometime was Sir 
Griffith Ryse her fathers. To Thomas Corbett my servant one 
cow and 6s. fid. yearly. To Alice Drewe my servant 20s. To 
each of my chapleyns one year's wages. My olde chapleyn Sir 
William Jenkyns to have one mark more. If my executors be 
troubled for any matter or cause concerning me or my late hus- 
bands Sir Griffith Ris or Sir Pierre Eggecombe, knights, they shall 
retain sufficient portion of my goods for their costs in that behalf. 

Executor : my brother Sir John Seint Jone, knight, and my 
nephew Sir Thomas Stradlyng. knight. 

Overseers : Mr. John Moreman doctor of Divinitie, and 
Adam Witiyams gentilman. 

Witnesses : John Marshall, John Whitwell, William Persey, 
John Bever, Thomas Reulay. To Adam Rawley, my husband 
Mr. Eggecombe his old servant, 26s. Sd. yearly during his life. 

Proved December 12th, 1553. 


[28 Tashe.] 
December 30th, 1553. Thomas Bonell, clerk and curat of 
East Brent. My body to be buried in the chauncell of Easte- 
brent church. To the mother church of Wells 6d. To the 
parishes of South Brent, Berroughes and Lymplesham 10s. to 
each, for the poor. To the church of East Brent is. $d. To 
twenty poor householders in East Brent I2d. each. To the poor 
men's box \ld. To the povertie in Axebridge iar. To Annes 
Boroughe, Thorn asin Boroughe and Johan Boroughe daughters of 
Robert Boroughe £20 each in olde golde, twenty ounces of silver 
in plate, four counterfeit platters, four pottage dishes of tynne, 
etc., a bourde cloth of diaper and another of dowlas, a cofer, a 
cheyre and a joined stoole. To Thomasin a chafer to heat water 
and to Joan my trusse bed with all the hangings of say. To 
Thomasyn my white testor and three white curteynes. If they 
all die, half the money bequeathed to them to maintain a priest 
to pray for me and the other half to be employed to the high 
wayes and other godly uses. And if any of them do marry 
with a lighte parson contrarie to their father's will, my legacy to 

■HiTItam RtoDgM. 151 

her so doing to be void. To every of my brother's children, 
Richard Bonell and William Bonell 6s. 8d. To Thomas Codpath 
6s. fid. To Thomas Williams of Axebridge 3j. ^d. To Mr. 
John Whiting vicar of East Brent a cruesse of silver with the 
cover of silver. To Anthony Deane $s. To Thomas Mascall 
5 yardes of Blewe clothe and a flock bed that John Clerck lay on. 
To four pore maydens of the parishe of Easte Brent that be next 
married 55. each. To my sister Joan Bonell 3.F. ^d. To Nicholas 
Brigges $s. To James DSgarton my gown lined with Buckeram 
and a small gold ring. To John Bonell a flocke bedd, Roger 
Bonell $s. John Kewe 5s. i,d. 1 give £6 131 ^d. to a priest to 
pray for me the space of a twelvemonth. I will there be bestowed 
every year for 7 years, once a year about the time of my burying 
to priestes and clerks and other poor folkes, to pray for me 6s. 8d 
To John Thomas, clerk curat of Limplesham my Turkie gowne 
that I bought of the vicarie of Bournham. To William Trivett 
my black cotton gowne. 

Overseers : William Katcott the elder, Christofer Hagett, 
Morgan Gettowe and John Thomas, clerk. 

The residue to Robert Boroughe of Est Brent (executor). 

Witnesses; John Thomas, clerk, Christofer Hagett, John 
Kewe, James Dungarton and Thomas Mascall. 

Proved March 7th, 1553. 

[1 More.] 
January 14th, 1553. William Hodges ol llchester. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of llchester. To the 
cathedral church of Wells i2d. To the parson of llchester, 
35. ^d. and 2od. at my monthes end, and 20c£ at my yercs 
mynde. To Jone Clyffe £10. To Jerom Bysshopp £10, and 
twentie shipe leaste in Bealye and a gelding going there. Among 
my poor kynswomen at their marriage ^40. To the mending of 
the high waves abowte llchester and Lymyngton £20. To Mr. 
Phillips of Montygewe ^20 and to his wife 40s., and to every 
of his children being my godchildren, 40J. and to every other 
of his children 20s. To Mr. Kaylles child, 20s. All which 

'5 2 &anurtrt Witt*. 

bequests I will be paid of the money that Thomas Cogan of 
Montygewe oweth me. To the parish church of Ilchester ioj., 
of Lymyngton 6s. 8d., of Longe Sutton, 6s. Sd, of Yevelton 2s., 
and of Northover 2s. To poorc householders in Ilchester and 
Lymyngton i2d, the pece. To Henry and James my sons, a 
gelding to each. To William Popham ^20 at his marriage. 
To Elynor my servant, £6 i$s. ^d. To James my son the fee 
symple of my land called Copple and a lease in Bealye called 
Okye close and also such part of Chester mcade until Michaelmas 
next as he now occupieth and also my lease of Aldermore. To 
Mathewe Androwes fourtie fatt wethers. To John Forde a 
lode of wood at Draycotte, to his wife 6s. Sd., to Joane his 
daughter 6s. %d., and to six other of his children $s. i,d. each. 
To William Hyctt a loode of woode. To Isabel! Martyn a 
loode of woode. To Alyce Dypinge 4CW. To Thomas Helyer 
2ar. To Richard Hopkyns, Richard Browne, William Belton, 
John Hamylyn and Joane Collyns, 6s. 3d. each. To William 
My 1 ward, John Gregorie, Thomas Alyffe, Androwe Loder, Myles 
Borowe, Alice Whylken and Isabel John Hodges servant, 
$s. 4d. each. To the poor of Longe Sutton 20r., and of 
Montigewe 6s. lid. The residue to Henry Hodges and John 
Hodges my sons (executors). 

Witnesses ; John Ford, John Phillips and John Sporier, 

Proved May 5th, 1554. 

1553. JOHN QUYBR. 

[19 Tashe.] 
March 8th, 1553. John Quyer of Mysterton in the parish of 
Crukern. My body to the earth. To the church of Crukern a 
sheep. To the poor mens box 2d. To my eldest son an ox. 
To Robert my son 2 steers of four year old and my weane 
after the decease of my wife. To John the younger two steers. 
To Joane my daughter two young kyne. To Margery my 
daughter a young heifler. To Em my daughter a heiffer. To 
Alice the same. To Lawrence my son the same. To John 
Frenches wife a Chilver hogge. To John Marshe, preest, &d. 
To Robert Frenche, $d. The residue to Johane my wife 

*Ud)ar& Brampton ah. &m»ti)t. 

Witnesses: John Marshe, prest, Frank Freke, Robert 

Proved October 26th, 1553. 

[15 Tashe.] 

March 18th, IS53- John Raynolde of Keynsham. My 
body to be buried where it shall please God. To Robert 
Raynolde my violet gown furred and a jaket of velvet. To 
Mawde my daughter my skarlett gown. To John Mayden my 
gown of puke furred with martorns. To my daughter 
Christian a flockbedd, a bolster, a payrc of sheets, a coverlet of 
Carpettworke, an olde furred gowne, a sengill gowne, a 
gaberdeyn, three platters, three sawcers, three pottingers and 
two caadelstickes. The residue to Joane my wife (executrix). 

Overseers: John Mayden and John Hoper. 

Witnesses : William Achewe, William Harflbie, Richard 
Wraxall and William Barrowe. 

Proved July 8th, 1553. 

[8 More.] 
May 26th, i5S4- Richard Brampston als. Smythe oneof the 
cathedral churche of Wells. My body to be buried where it 
please God to provide for me. To Margcrie my wife 40 marks. 
To Richard Bramston, Roger, Thomas, Elizabeth, Grace, and 
Anne Bramston, children of John Bramston citeyen and mercer 
of London, £60. To the said Richard Bramston, my godson, a 
ring of gold graven with a Tunne therin. To the said John 
Bramston, two cups of silver made tunnc fashion whereupon is 
graven an R.B. and a tunne. To the same John and Margaret 
his wife to each of them, a black gown. To Agnes Campion 
wife of Christofcr Campion citizen and mercer of London, 
£76 13J. A,d. t and a salte of silver called a Seynt Margarettcs 
Salte with a dragon. To Ellyn, Barbara and Elizabeth 
Campion, their children, £6 Iji. $d. each. To my servant 

iS4 Sanunsrt Wills. 

Wiltyam Storydge, 4.0s., Mr. Walter Creting doctor of Lawe my 
best bedd, John Haywoode my best howpe of gold which I 
now weare, Richard Daye my second gowne, Elizabeth Daye 
his wife my ringe of golde set with a flower De luce of 
dyamoundes, Hamond Hamcottes a black gown, Elizabeth his 
wife my bay guylding with white fete. Thomas Fraunces, 
servant to the said Mr. Walter Creting my black gown lyned 
with Chamblet. To the poore of the Almesse howse of Wells, 
3j. ^d. To Mighell Burton my best satten doblet. I will my 
executors shall deliver to ten yonge occupiers of the towne of 
Wells ;£ioo, that is ,610 to each, to occupy the same for two 
ycres next after the delyvery thereof and the gaynes thereof to 
be to their proper uses and comodities, each of the said ten 
putting in sufficient suerties to the Master and 24 chief burgesses 
of the towne for the payment of their somes at the end of the 
said two yeres : and at the end of the said two yeres the said 
Master and burgesses shall receive the said £100 and deliver it 
furthe to other ten yonge occupiers for other two yeres and so 
for evermore for the furtherance of yonge occupiers from two 
yeres to two yeres forever. To the Dean and Chapiter of the 
cathedral church of Wells all my lands in Torre lane in Wells. I 
remit to all my tenants in Torre Lane all money which they 
owe me for rent till Mydsomer next coming. The residue to 
the said Christofer Campion, John Bramston and Thomas 
Howper clarke of Wells (executors). 

Overseers : Mr. Walter Creting and John Heywood. 

Witnesses : Walter Cretinge, Rechard Dey, John Heywood, 
Thomas , Brend, scrivener, William Layng, servient** dicti 

Proved September 13th, 1554 

[6 More.] 
June 2nd, 1554. William Goloppe of the parish of Combe 
Nichas. My body to Christian burial. To St. Andrewes 
church of Wells $d. To the parish church of Combe Nichas 
3s. 4V. To my son Robert Golope £20, my best payer of 
whelles, a wayne bodye, a putt and ycokes and ropes according 

Cfcomatf fiovtfyobtr. 155 

to viij oxen. To my son Henry Golope £10, my daughter 
Alice 20 marks, my daughter Rawlyn 20 marks, my son John 
Golope a payer of whelles and a putt, my son William Golope 
jr. 4rf., my daughter Tonsyn $s. 4d., my daughter Johane Wolfe 
is. 4<Z, my daughter Elynor Lumberd 3J. qd. 

The residue to Johane Golope my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Thomas Raymond and William Frye. 

Witnesses : John Drake, Edward Woode, Alexander Noble, 
Robert Lumberd, Sir Robert Trentt, person of Whitstanton. 

Proved August 17th, 1554. 


[21 More.] 
June 22nd, 1554. Thomas Northover now parishioner in 
the parish of Aller, co. Somerset, yeman. My body to be 
buried in the parish church of Aller. To the cathedral! church 
of Wells i2d. To the parish church of Aller 6s. 8d. To the 
churches of Gregorystoke and Curri Malett is, ^d. to each. To 
the poor of Lamporte iar. To my poor neighbours in Aller 
10s. To the maintenance of the high waies of Aller 6s. %d. To 
William Taylor of North Curr ids., Henry Kerill of Stoke icw. ( 
William Northover of Stoke 10s., Edith Northover iar., Agnes 
her sister 20s., litill John Catill my hyne 20s., Dorothe Danyell 
£4, Edith for her service 20s, To Agnes my daughter-in-law 
.£20, which is in the hands of Phillipp Mede in Curri Malett. 
To Richard Mede my son-in-law my title of eleven acres of 
ground lying beneath the oxen lesse Dreve and if he die before 
marriage then the owner of the lease to have the holle. To 
Jone Samee my title of 4 acres now in the occupation of Water 
Gachell lying beneath oxen Lesse Dryve. To Elizabeth my 
naturall daughter £40. To John my son £40 and my title of 
12 acres lieng be gose mede now in the occupation of John 
Decon and 6 acres at StafTe walle in the occupation of Nicholas 
Irelandes wife and 25 acres in the occupation of litle John 
Russells children, yelding the Lordes rent and bearing during 
the yeres unto his mother 26s. 8d. To John my son the ten 
acres called Stathe Parke, but the appells growing thereupon to 
William my son. If the said William do not permitt the said 

156 Aetnrrtrt Mill*. 

John to injoie the same, the said John shall have aleven acres 
called Durlesse as is now mentioned in a lease. When the said 
William my son come to the age of 1 5 years I give to him my 
title of half the moytie of the profits of the farme of Allcr with 
his mother and also my title of half of all these parcells of 
grounde of 23 acres called Golde knappe and of 12 acres now 
in the occupation of Chilcote and of 22 acres in the occupation 
of John Walles called Durlesse. To the said William one dosen 
of spones the toppes gilt with A. W. Note, if Maistres Pagent 
do decease, the said William shall bye the ferme at his owne 
charges. If any of my natural children decease before marriage 
the longest liver to have all. 

Overseers : William Bridge of Gregoristoke and John Hoggis 
of Lymygton. 

Executors : Mawde my wife and William my natural) son. 

Witnesses : William Muntagew generosus, Thomas Male, 
curate there, John Grig, John Hogges. 

Proved February 22nd, 15 54. 


[21 Mors.] 

June 23rd, 1554. John Chyles ail. Spyser of Crukern. 
Considering with myself than man ys mortall and hath but a 
tyme here in this vale of Mvserie . . . my body to be 
buried in the parish church of Crukern. To the cathedral 
church of Wells 8rf. To my parish church 3^. To Grace my 
daughter-in-law 53J. 4^. more to that she hath in hand and her 
mother's best gold ring, a bering shete, two pillowbers, two of 
her best kerchers and two of her best neckerchers. 

The residue to William my son and Elynor my daughter 

Overseers: Thomas Baker and Robert Hill. 

Witnesses : Thomas P 9 nce, Robert Palmer and John Tett 

Proved February 22nd, 1554. 

BHt'Uiiim S9alb|>t. 157 

[19 Kechyn.] 

June 27th, 1554. Davyd Moris of Mynhed. My body to 
be buried where as pleaseth my company. To Nicholas 
Thomas botswayne in the mynyon my barbara purse. To 
Thomas Corbet my Rapyre. To John Kyrie my chest and my 
writing boke. To Fraunces Savyor my blacke fustian dublet 
a payer of biewe briches and a clooke. To Sander Lambard a 
Cassake and a payer of briches. To Lawghwilles wief a pece 
of paynted clothe. To John Beysars wife of Bristowe the 
bygger pece °f Beme clothe, and thother pece to my sister. 

The residue to Agnes Morys my sister (executrix). 

Witnesses: John Willyams and John Welche with other of 
the company. 

Proved October 29th, 155& 


[19 More.] 
July nth, 2 Mary. William Walbee. My body to be 
buried in Crists churche. To my cossen John Togwell ^"20. 
To his sister Elizabeth's marriage ^40. To the poor people of 
Taunton ,630. To Alice Togwell £$. To poore people in Ox- 
forthe £20. To the marriage of yonge women that are poore ^20. 
To poor scholers of Oxeforde £20. To the repair of highe waies 
adjoininge nighe Oxforde £20. To my servant Hedgis ^20. 
To the establisshinge of a stipend for the scolemaster of 
Taunton 20 marks in land or else so much mony as maie 
purchase the saide 20 marks after twentie yeres purchase. 
To the warden of All Solne Colledge 2s. To every fellowe i2d. 
and to the rest of the servants 6a. To Alexander Mors 20 
marks to remain in the hands of William Pottycary. To 
master Tolley 20 nobles. To Elizabeth Friar half a garnishe 
of vessel!. To Maistres Fryar my greate ringe and my great 
spone. To Alice Baily 3 fine pillowbers of Callacowe. To 
Master Presidente of Corporis Christi Colledge £3. To Henry 
Maule 20 nobles. 

15S &omrmt EHiTIo. 

The residue to Master Presidente of Corpus Cristi Colledge, 
Master Warden of the Newe College, Master Napper, Master 
Fryar and Henry Baily (executors). 

Witnesses : Master Davy Tolley, William Lenings, John 


July 18th, 2 Mary. I forgive Master Edwardc Fryar £40 
of what he oweth me and I give him my gowne of Growegraine 
faced with geuetts and my gowne of Chamlet faced with foynes 
and my cry m son satten doublet. To Master London my 
confessor my best prestes gowne and one booke of divinitie. 
To Master Elcocke my other gowne etc. To Besse Fryar a 
salte duble gilte. To Thomas Mall 20s. To Henry Baily 
" Opera Josueri." To John Cawoode in Winchester 40s. 

Witnesses : Master London, William Lenyns, Andrewe 
Carpenter, Henrye Malle. 

Proved February 1st, 1554. 

[20 More.] 

July 20th, 1554- Aldred Fitz-james, gcntilman, of the 
dioces of the bisshopricke of Bristowe. To Dorothee my eldest 
daughter ;£io to her marriage. To Elizabeth my daughter j£io 
to her marriage. And because Margaret my youngest daughter 
to whom I have given nothing is advanced towards her 
marriage by her friends, wherein I would my executrix should 
use her discretion and also (because) John my son and heir shall 
inherit my lands which shall be sufficient for his advance, I 
bequeath the residue to Jone my wife (executrix). 

Overseer : Master C of the city of Bristowe. To Jone my 
tenement in Uphill co. Somerset wherein John Paine did 
sometime dwell with remainder to John my son and his 
heirs forever. , 

Proved February 13th, 1554. 

Stomas Cttrfet. 159 

1554. JOHN MILLE. 

[19 More.] 

August 9th, 1554. John Mille of the parishes of Mylles 
[Mells] and Babynton. My body to be buried in the church of 
Mylles by my seete there. To Edward my son £4., to Richard 
my son my tenement called Hoopers and ^4, to Isabell and 
Dorothy my daughters £6 13J.4//. each. To our cathedral church 
of St. Andrew 4S To the church of Mylles 6s. Sd. for my burial. 
To John Mylle my son £10, my father Thomas Mylle 20s. and 
to my mother Edith 20s. The residue to Edith Mylle my wife 

Witnesses : Thomas White, person of Mylles, John Atkins 
and Alexander Abbot 

Overseer: William Croppe. 

Proved February 6th, 1554. 

[26 More.] 
November 24th, 1554. Thomas Clerkc of Wookey, Esquier. 
My body to Christian burial in the church of Wookey or where 
it shall please my executors. To the cathedral church of Wells 
3J. 4</. To the church of Wookey 6s. 8d., and to the churches of 
Lockinge, Kyngeston Seymer, and Great Lyvermere, co. Suffolk, 
3.1. 41L to each to be prayed for, I will 20 marks be distributed 
among the poor of Wells and Wookey as follows ; — 10 marks the 
day of my burial, 5 marks the month after and 5 marks the end 
of the year. To the high waye between Wookey and Wellis 
20 marks. To the two daughters of my son Henry Clerke, Johan 
and Anthony, and Elizabeth Hyll, daughter of Alice Hill deceased, 
and every of the children of my daughter Anne Claxton, that is, 
John, Thomas, Elizabeth, and Anthoni, £40 each when they come 
to the age of 18 years. To my frende Doctor Egeworth a pott 
of silver with a cover marked with I and C. To Mr. John Maw- 
delyn one of my juggis of silver. To my servant William Watson 
the same. To my lord Busshopp of Bathe Doctor Howrne an ewer 
of silver. To my servant Richard Power my tenement in Wellys 

160 Aomtrdtt BBMIU. 

that Robert Clement now holdeth. To my servant William 
Gervys my myll and grountle at Keward and after his death Mr. 
Parson Fitz-james to have it, paying yearly to the Almeshouse 
of Weill's ^5 6s. 8d. To my son-in-law Hamond Claxton my 
harbor's bason and ewer of silver. To my servant George Couper 
20J. yearly above his wages. To Richard Cooke the same. To 
John Thomas and William Hawkyns the same. To Elizabeth 
Croker and Isabcll iar. each. To Agnes Richards 20s. To 
Nicholas Rydley my second best gown. To John Bennet my 
silver pounsyd pott. My wife and my son Henry to execute all 
bargains, promises, or leases of any annuity, rent or land in 
Blackford, Locking and Kingcston Seymor. The residue to my 
wife, Anthoni Clarke, and my son-in-law Hamond Claxton 

Witnesses ; Thomas Clerk, Henry Howe, John Wylcockes. 

Proved May 28th, 1555. 


[30 Wrastley.] 

December 8th, 1554. Philipp Walks r of Donderhyll co. 
Somerset. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Donder- 
hyll. To the parish church of Stowye 2d. All my moveable 
goods to Isabel! my wife during her life and after her decease to 
Jone Kele and her son Thomas. To James Walker my brother 
son one messuage in Karadon within the township of Traradon 
and Trecelle being in YerchinfTeld co. HcrfTbrd with one half of 
the land belonging which was mine by inheritance after the 
decease of Robert Walker my father, so that the Chief Lord of 
the Fe thereof be served with his rent and due accustomed. 

Executors: Isabel! my wife and the said James Walkar my 
brother son. 

Witnesses : Richard Mason of Whclsche Byckenor, Nicholas 
Badcoke, John Hony, Sir John Apkyn parson of Welsh Bykenor. 

Proved August 19th, 1557. 

Kobtrt Cotttrtll. 

1564. JOAN BAKER. 

[18 Wrastley.] 

January 4th, 1554. Johane Baker, widow, of the parish of 
Combe Nicholas. My body to be buried in the churche of Combe 
Nicholas. To my son Robert Baker 3 bushels of wheat. To 
Joane Baker the younger a bullock. To Joane Baker the elder 
a yewe sheep. To the residue of Robert Baker's children I2d£ 
each. To my daughter Maud Dyvenell a napron and a kerchew 
and to each of her children izd. To my daughter Isabell Gillett 
my best kirtell, a smocke etc., and to each of her children \2d. 
To my son Thomas Baker the elder a greate vate and to each of 
his children izd. To my daughter Agnes Dyvenell my best 
girdell, and after her death it shall remain to Isabell Gillett and 
to Maud Dyvenell and after the death of the three sisters, to my 
three sons Robert Baker, Thomas Baker the elder, and Thomas 
Baker the younger. To Henry Baker 2 bushels of wheat. The 
residue to my son Thomas Baker the younger (executor J. 

Overseers : Henry Warren and Thomas Baker the elder. 

Witnesses : Mathew Gillett, Alexander Noble the clarke, John 

Proved June 18th, 1557. 


[35 More.] 
January nth, 1554- Robert Cotterell of the parish of Whyn- 
forde, husbandman. My body to be buried in the church of 
Wynforde, to which church iar. To the church of St Andrewe 
in Wells izd. To the church of Longe Astone 6s. fid. To the 
church of Dondre 3J. 4*/. To John Battone, John Sergeaunt, 
John Goodchilde, John Allyne, John Picke, William Horte, John 
Derocke, and Annes Hiscock, half a bushel wheate each. To 
John Cotterell my son two bullockes of three years and the years 
to come in my tenement at Long Astone called Shortwoode. 
To Alice Cotterell my daughter 20 marks and the years to come 
in my tenement at Borow Astone called Peckys and in all my 
arable lands which I hold of Mr. Robert Bassett, esquycr, in the 

■6t Aotntrttt SHOT*. 

parish of Dondre. To John Horte the years to come of my 
ground at Longe Astone called Snowdens. To Joane Busare 
my daughter 20s. and to her two children an ewe and a lamb 
apiece. To Thomas Preston's four children 6s. &d. each. To 
Isabel) Preston a heyfer. To Henry Jennyns a cow. To Richard 
Cotterell an ewe and a lamb. The residue to Joane my wife 

Witnesses : Sir Rychard Kynge my ghostelye father, Rauff 
Buck, Lawrance Hannam, John Horte. 

Proved November 23rd, 1555. 


[3 More.] 
January 25th, 1554. Willyam Cavell, clarke and parson of 
Nettlecombe. My body to be buried within the chauncell of 
my parish church aforesaid. To my goddaughter at Orched 
6s. 8rf. To my cousin Dagges two younger daughters 40s. To 
my cousin Elizabeth Brown in Cornewall 401. To my cousin 
Henry Brownes children in Devon 40s. To my brother Robert 
Cavells two sons, Thomas and John the younger, £4, two of the 
best flockbedds, two paire of cowrs sheets, two payre of cowrs 
blanketts and two of the cowrs coverletts. To Sir Richard 
Marten my parishe priest of Nettelcombe £3 6s. Od. To Mr, 
John Trevilians three daughters £6 ljr. 4^. To Mistres 
Trevilians three daughters £0 13J. \d. To my brothers two 
daughters two fetherbeds hoely performyd, or a payre of fustian 
blanketts, and the residue of my household stuff. To John 
Cavell son of John Cavell of Longeforde £3. To Edward 
Trevilian son of Mr. John Trevilian, Esquier, towards his 
cxhibicon at Oxforde ,£5. To Christofer Trevilian his brother 
to fynde him at Oxforde at his lernyng £$. To the reliefe of 
the poore parisheners of Seynt Peryfi Uthnowe in Cornewall 
£5. To Katheryn Browne daughter of Gregorye Browne 20s. 
To Edward Cavell £3. To my cousin Elizabeth Upcot 40s., 
and my cousin Anne Taverner 401., to divide it among her 
children. To Conand Thome my servant £10. To Johane 
daughter of my brother Robert £6 13s. 4d. at her marriage. 
To the poor parisheners of Seynt Delyan in Cornewall wherof 1 

jHarsmi fllanBejt. 163 

was Prebendary £5. To my cousin Phillip Cavell 20s. I will 
my executors immediately after my death shall give all the 
poor children of the churche towne severall coteclothes of blacke 
clothe and that every of them at the day of my monthes my'nde 
during the tyme which the service shalbe saied shall holde in 
their handes a waxe candell burnynge in the parishe churche of 
Nettelcombe. To my brother Roberts two daughters my gold 
ringe and ten silver spones. To my brother Robert a furred 
gowne of fyches. To Conand a gowne furred with foxe. To 
Sir Bownden curate of Colompton my beste gowne furred with 
bowge and a velvet night cappe. To Sir Richard Marten my 
longe gowne and a tippet of ffurre. To the vicar of Cleif my 
best cloke and to John Cavell a dublet of worsted and a pair 
of hosectothe. To my cosyn Marye Graynfelde my salte parcell 

The residue to be distributed among poore scollers at Oxford 
and to repayre the high waye between the Mylle and Bowdcas 
Crosse so that the tenants of the lorde do bringe stuf in place. 

Executors : my cousin Humfrey Cavell, John Baker at 
Huyshe, John Gage at Begeringe Huys and Conant Thome. 

Proved June 23rd, 1554. 

[21 More.] 

February 4th, 1554. Margery Mondey of Chard, widow. 
My body to be buried in the churchyard of Chard. Unto 
tholde Richard Mondeye my father-in-law 40J. and a cloke. 
To every of my men servants a hoose clothe. To Edward my 
son a black gelding. To Katheryn my daughter my rings and 
other juells. 

The residue to the use of my four children. 

Executors: John Sellwood, Richard Mychell, Thomas Brage 
and Richard Birforde. My eldest son Richard to remain in 
the custody of Richard Michell. Henry my son in the custody 
of Thomas Bragge and Edward my son in the custody of John 
Spoake of Hawkechureh. My daughter Katheryn to be brought 
up with some honest man, as shall be thought good by my 

Witnesses : John Kylbery, curate, Robert Norman, Thomas 

Proved March 9th, 1554. 

1564. JOHN BEVYN. 

[22 More.] 
February 22nd, 1554. John Bevyn of Lufton, co. Somerset, 
esquier. My body to be buried in Christian burial. To the 
cathedral church of Wells izd. To the parish churches of 
Lufton, Mountagewe and Pendomer 10 grotes to each. To 
John Sidenhant of Lye, co. Somerset, esquier, one annuity of 
£4 out of my lands in Sutton Monntagewe, Crothorne, Adbar 
and Long Sutton. To my servant John Tachell one annuity of 
20s. To my daughter Ursula Sidenham all my abovenamed 
lands. To my brother William Bevyn alt my lands in Warth, 
Strotton, Haselbar, Mountagewe, Rydnes, Ladgattes and 
Bylgattes lands als. Bydillisgates Walles, co. Somerset, and to 
his heirs male for ever. To my wife Isabell Bevyn and Nicholas 
Kemer £60. To Brygitt Kemer 20 nobles. To my servant 
John Tachell one close of pasture called Broke als. Broke 
Mountagewe of eight acres late in the tenure of one John 
Thomkyns in the parish of Mountagewe, co, Somerset, for 36 
years and also one other close of 6 acres in Brooke als. Broke 
Mountagewe in the said parish now in the tenure of one Alice 
Priste. To Henry Kemer £40 at his marriage, to be delivered 
by my brother William Bevyn, Ellys Kemer, John Bellye and 
John Tachell and to them I bequeath all my okes, bark, toppes, 
loppes and underwood within my wood at Penne Dofher als. 
Penne Dumer called the New Wood in my manner of Penne 
Domer, for 21 years, to the intent that they shall have a stock 
of money made therewith in their hands for the defence of the 
title of the said manor, after which term the residue of the 
money to be given to the heirs male of my daughter Mary 
Kemer deceased. To my daughter Dorothy Bevyn my farm of 
Brooke als. Brooke Mountagewe in the parish of Mountagewe 
and if she die before the years thereof be ended I bequeath the 
same to Gyles Kemer. To Elys Bevyn one annuity of 5 marks 
until he be of 22 years of age. To my daughter Ursula 

Ettfoart »tmto»». 165 

Sydenham £10. To Saunder Wisman 20s., my servant John 
Partrigge 4CW., Jo Mawnfylles 33^. 4*/., Idith Robyson 10 grotes, 
Anne Hauken 10 grotes, Mary Newton 10 grotes and to Peter 
Holnian 40s. if he do not enjoie his howse the whiche he buyldid 
of late upon the farme at Lufton. To my daughter Dorothie 
Bevyn half the residue of my goods. To my brother William 
Bevyn, Elys Kemer, John Bellye and John Tachell (executors) 
the other half. 

Overseers : my cousin Thomas Duport and John Sydenham 
of Lye. 

Witnesses: Thomas Hawker, gentleman, Frances Whitton, 
gentleman and William Metford, clarke. 

Proved March 22nd, 1554. 


[21 More.] 

Sentence of Intestacy March 20th, 1554, of John Pemberton, 
Esquire, late of North Petherton, deceased. Inter Alice Pem- 
berton relict and Cuthbert Pemberton son of the above deceased 
exuna, et Johanna Pemberton ex altera. 

Administration committed to Alice and Cuthbert above- 


[41 More.] 
May 17th, 1555. Edward Stroude the elder of Shepton 
Mallet My body to be buried in holly grounde. To the 
mother church of Wells 12*/. To the maintenance of St Peters 
church of Shepton Mallet 3*. $d. To seavin of my childeme, 
that is, Agnes, Thomas, Richard, Anne, Jone, Edward and 
William, £20 each and if any of them die before marriage, his 
or her part not to be paid. To the poor people of Shepton 
Mallet at the day of my burial or within xxx days after, 40*. 
To my son John Stroude my best gown ; provided always that 
the dey howse withe the furneis remain to Thomas and 

166 tfomtrttt VBlittt. 

Overseers: my brother John Stroude, William Whitinge 
and Thomas Morgan. 

The residue to Alice my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : John Lamberte, clarke, Thomas Whitinge the 
elder, Roberte Cowarde, William Clarkwit. 

Proved March 3rd, 1555. 


[28 More.] 

June oth, 1555. Willyam Howell, Maryner, in the good 
shipp called the Trynitie of the citie of London. I bequeath 
my soule to Almighty God and my bodye into the world to be 
bestowed as His pleasure. To the poore, to be paid oute of my 
wages 401. To John Madey 20s. To John Tucke 23J. 6d. that 
Robert Best owith me, with all such things as I left in the hands 
of my hostes Agnes Purney. To my sister Isable Howell my 
chest and all the rest of my wages and all suche goods and 
debts as I have within the countie of Somerset. I was shipped 
in the said shipp the first of September and by the monethe my 
wages was xlxs whereof I have received xixs. 

Executor : John Tucke. 

Witnesses : Thomas Ashley, Laurence Olyflf, Davy Daye, 
and John Tucke, maryners in the said ship, John Nethewall, 
husbandman, John Baker, maryner. Wryten by me Richard 
Langton, scryvener, June 18th, 1555. 

Proved July 2nd, 1555. 

1555. HUGH HYLL. 

[30 More.] 
June [3th, 1555. Hughe Hill of the parish of Wynsford. 
My body to be sett in earth by the discretion of my frendes. 
To the parish churches of Wytston and Wynsford at the 
discretion of my wife. To John Nordon £20. My terms and 
lease for years of the Bartyn of Heyth to remain to Elizabeth, 
Johan and Alice my daughters, to be occupied by them 
intercomyng after their marriages. If they die before marriage 
the same to remain to Jane Hill my wife All such lands as f 

Walter Cretin g. 167 

am seysed in fee symple to remain to Elizabeth my eldest 
daughter and her heirs and for default of heir, to Johane my 
second daughter and for default of heir, to Alice my youngest 
daughter and for default of heir, to my right heirs for ever. 
To Jane Reynolde £4, Thomas Reynold 40J. 

The residue to Jane my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Richard Cole, my brother-in-law, and John 
Holcombe of Credyton. 

Witnesses : William Nycoll, clarke, Richard Hawtyn, John 
Bradford, Henry Bull, clarke, Thomas Bodye and Robert 

Proved August 19th, 1555. 


[49 Wrastley.] 
November 2nd, 2 and 3 Philip and Mary. Walter Creting 
of the Cathedral church of Wells, clerk. My body to be buried 
in such honest burial as shall be thought good to my executors. 
To the poor impotent, aged, needy people in the parish where I 
shall be buried 40c to be distributed at their dwellings rather 
than to call a multitude of idle people together. To every 
householder in the parishes where I shall have cure at the time 
of my death which shall not have in kye or horse beasts above 
one of their own goods i2d. and to every of their own children 
dwelling with them ^d. To the mending of hie wayes in Brent 
Mershe where most need is and specially between Hunspill and 
Paulet £6 l$s. $d. To Mr. Richard Daye dwelling in my house 
beside Smythefelde in London one hoope of fyne gold of the 
waight of one ounce. To my cousen Elizabeth his wife all such 
goods and debts as I have in London. To every of my household 
servants one new liverye cote clothe and a half year's wages and 
their meat and drink for one month after my death. To Thomas 
Fraunces, James Gan and Richard Coldcolt my servants 6s. &/. 
each for every year that he hath been in my service. To 
Edwarde Porter my kinsman £13 6s. &/., on condition that he 
shall from time to time grant and do all acts and deeds which 
shall be requisite by the counsel of learned men for the better 
performance of my will touching the lease of the parsonage ot 

tUmmitt WRiTR 

Stawnton Drewe. To Symon Porter his brother £10 upon the 
same condition, 'which money I do not give to Edward or 
Symon for any good title that I did ever mean that the said 
Edward had or ever should have in the said lease other than 
that the said Edward should father the matter that I might at 
all times dispose it at my liberty as I should think good, 
for I made all the labour of the suit thereof and bare every 
penny of the charges which my said working and meaning 
I did at the beginning declare unto Edward and took bonds of 
him that he should be content to perform my will because 
he should take nother harm nor loss thereby, which bonds be 
forthcoming and I will my executors shall use them to the 
uttermost against him if he styrre or wrastell by any 
mean contrary to this my will for the performance whereof 
if the said Edward refuse to be bound to my executors in 
^ioo or more if they so require it then I will the said Edward 
arid Symon to be clearly excluded from the foresaid bequests 
of 20 marks and £10. To Elizabeth Dixon now the curryours 
wife 40s. Margery Mason my kinswoman 40s. to be used 
, with the advise of my cousin Elizabeth Dey beforesaid. 
To Walter Creting son of John Creting late of Stamer the 
more in Middlesex, the lease of the two closes of medowe in 
Wells parish in my occupying which be holden of Maister 
Aileworth, also the copye of a ruffeles tofte or tenement 
belonging to the persounage and persoune of Hunspill called 
Ridiattes cloase already bought for him and £4. All which 
I would should be put to some trusty man's custody to the 
said child's most profit To Agnes sister to the said Walter 
66s. &d. and if she die before marriage or that Walter for- 
tune to die before he be 21 years of age, their bequests of £4 
and 5 marks to be bestowed among the other of the said 
John Cretinges children. To my cousin Margery Benson 
£6 lis. 4d. on condition that her husband find suerttes to 
be bound to my executors to leave her in money or other 
good stuff the value of 20 marks, if God call for him before 
He call for her. To my cousin Elizabeth Dey my scarlet 
gown and the lease of my house and gardens beside Smythfeeld 
in London to her use, her husbandes or her children if God 
send her any, on condition that she bear the charges of the 

IMatttr Crmng. 169 

same house and also of the setting forward of one John Creting 
that was born in Wales and now is dwelling with me that is, 
I will my said cousin Elizabeth or her husband provide some 
honest master of some honest occupation in London to whom 
he may be bound prentice and of whom he may learn to live 
without vile sowing or wourking and disburse to the said 
master 20 marks of money for so many years as the said 
John shall be bound prentice, taking bonds and suerties that 
at the end of his prentishodde the said money shall be freely 
without cavallacions or diminution delivered to the said John 
to his own use ; which charge if the said Elizabeth refuse 
to perform the said John Creting shall have the said lease. 
And if he die before the end of his prentishod the said money 
shall return to my said cousen Elizabeth, provided the said 
John shall not be bound premise for more than seven or eight 
years at the most. To my said cousin Elizabeth Daye the 
lease of my parsonage of Stanton Drewe confirmed by the 
bisshopp and chapter's seales and the tenement and oxe stalle, 
land and purtinences which I did there purchase in fee simple 
of Master John Horner the elder, to have for her life if the years 
of the said lease continue so long. And after her death, if 
the lease do yet continue, the same to remain to Walter 
Creting beforenamed and to his heirs male, that is, the lease 
during the years and the tenement for ever, and for default 
of such issue, the same to John Creting last beforenamed and 
his heirs male and for default of such issue, to John Needehrh 
my kinsman, to him and his assigns, provided that if the said 
Elizabeth my cousen do not with convenient speed after my 
time dwell upon the said parsonage and tenement herself, then 
my successor shall, if he will, dwell upon it for so long as he will 
paying for the same yearly to my said cousin Elizabeth and 
after her time to Walter Creting and his heirs male or to John 
Creting or to John Needehrh as aforesaid, over and above all 
other charges and reparations belonging to the same. And if 
my successor refuse to bear such charges then the said Elizabeth 
shall for her time make the best of the said premises without 
making waste, and so likewise after her Walter Creting, John 
Creting, or John Needehrh, desiring every one of them not 
willing or not able to occupy the said parsonage themselves, 

170 Aomntfrt BHillo. 

to prefer Thomas Fraunces my old servant therunto before any 
other and to give possession of the said tenement and oxe stall 
I ordain Maister Geoffry Upton of Wormyster and Thomas 
Fraunces my servant my lawful attornayes if need so require. 
To the city or town of Wells £60 to be distributed among six 
burgesses or occupiers of the said town to be named for the 
first time by my executors and after that two to be named 
always by the dean and chapter and four by the maister and 
burgesses or mayer and burgesses of the said town, and each to 
have the occupying of £10 for two years and so to be changed 
every two years and to continue from two year to two year 
forever for the comon welth of the said town, if God be so 
pleased, which thing I would should be assured by indentures 
and bonds to be made by the said M r and burgesses or Mayo' and 
burgesses to the dean and chapter with as good or better devises as 
is made for the disbursing of £ 100 to ten burgesses every two years 
for ever given by one Richard Brampston als. Smyth for that pur- 
pose always understanding that the said six burgesses shall be 
bound for the true repayment of the several sums at the end of 
every two years to the maister or Maior and xxiiij chief Burgesses 
of the said town. And as the meaning of the said Richard 
Brampston als. Smyth was that the disbursing of the said £ 1 00 to 
ten burgesses should be renewed to other ten burgesses every two 
years and so to have continuance for ever as far as the witte and 
power of man might reach even so is my meaning also. And 
therefore if it shall be seen to my executors that the obligations 
made for the assurance of Master Branston's will touching that 
part may be amended, I most heartily desire them to cause it 
so to be because he did put me in some trust for the same. 

Executors: my lord Gilbert Bourne, Bisshop of Bath, Mr. 
Richard Dey of Litill Saincte Barthilomewe's parish beside 
Smythefelde in London and Mr. Geoffrye Upton of Wormester 
beside Welles, gentilmen. To Sir Thomas Hooper of Welles, 
clerke, 40s. and one of my good puke gowns. To Symon Porter 
ray kinsman a joyned bedsteade that standeth over my larder 
house at Wells with theCeler, curtaynesandtestor. To Thomas 
Fraunces my servant the joyned bedsteade standing over the 
kechin at Stanton with celer curtaynes and testor. To Mr. 
Thomas Dey brother to the said Mr. Richard Dey, Mr. John 

XUlpii feannam. 171 

Ileywood servant to the Quene's Ma ,e , Maister Giles White of 
Bristow, merchante and to my cousin Porters wife and to John 
Irishe fermo 1 " of my benefice of Kyngeston to each of them a 
litill Jeomye or hoope of golde of the value of 20s. To Sir 
Vincent my curate of Kyngeston my best short riding gown. 
To Joane Scutt a poor woman of Welles that helpeth many 
times to brewe as much cloth of $s. the yard as will make heran 
honest kirtill. And bicause I have seen some alteration of 
mynde in my freendes by importunitie whan they have been in 
payne I do now therefore protest before God and all the worlde 
that whoo shall in my seekenes tynie cause me by importunitie 
or other meane to alter any parte of that which I have before 
dispoased touching my leases or landes being in veray good helth 
thanckes be geven to God that it shall not be my free will but a 
very forced will contrary to my free will, not mearvyng but that 
I may in the tyme of my seekenes be put in remembraunce of 
some thinges that I have now forgotten wherunto I may then 
and nowe perchaunce I woulde also agree unto if I did now 
remembr them. And therefore the alteration, if any suche 
happyn, if it be not against my expectacion it must needes be 
utterly against my wille. 

The residue 1 desire my executors to bestow amongst my poor 
kynnerede and somewhat by the advice of my cousin Elizabeth 
Daye having chief respect to those of my kynne which be likely 
by the said help to gather some increase and profit and having 
some respect unto Walter Creting and John Creting before-named. 

Proved November 20th, 1557. 


[5 Kechyn.] 
December 2nd, 1555. Raff Hannam of Evercriche, co. 
Somerset, yoman. My body to be buried in the parish church 
of Evercriche in the bodye of the churche before the Rodelof 
there. To the cathedral church of Wells 3^. 4J. To the parish 
church of Evercriche 40s. To the mending of the highe waye 
betwene Nether hey and Heth strete within the parish of 
Evercriche ,£10. To Henry Maye, son and heir apparaunt of 
John Maye of Dynton, co. Wiltes, £20. To Raff Maye brother 

i7* j&omn-stt sanu. 

of the said Henry £40. To Mawde Maye £30. To Alice 
Maye ^20, so that Raff, Mawde and Alice be ordered by my 
executors. To Margery Broderibbe, daughter of Thomas 
Broderibbe and Margery his wife, £30 at her marriage. To 
William Brace my servant £$. To John Stcphyns my servant 
and to his wife 4.0s. To each of the rest of my servants 4.0s. To 
Johane my wife my Frelande called Two acres lying in Coteyn 
within the parish of Evercriche and after her decease the same 
shall remain to Elynor Wattes, wife of Richard Wattes, my 
daughter and after her death to Alice my daughter wife to 
Richard Walton and after her death to the heirs of the above- 
said Elynor for ever. To Johane my wife the years to come of 
my term of and in the parsonage of Evercriche and if she marry 
or die before the end of the said term, Richard Joyce my son in 
law and Johane his wife shall have the residue of the years, and 
if they die, Mathey Joyce their son shall have the residue of the 
same, and if he die, Mary Joyce his sister, and if she die, Isabel! 
wife of John Abarowe, and if she die, Alice Aberowe daughter 
of the said lsabell, and if she die Mary Abarowe sister of the 
said Alice, and if she die, Agnes Abarowe sister of the said 
Alice and Mary, shall have the residue of the years. To the 
said Johane my wife the years not expired of my term of and in 
the Manor of Evercriche and after her death the said Richard 
Joyce and Jone his wife shall have the same. Also to the said 
Jone my wife the years not expired of and in my term of the 
Scite of the said Manor of Evercriche in the demayne lands, 
medowes and pastures which I had of the graunt of William 
Knight, late Busshop of Bath and Wells, deceased, and after her 
death the said Richard Joyce and Joane his wife shall have the 
same (except these parcells, that is Lewoodes, Yeolowickes and 
Midley), and if they die the others abovenamed shall have the 
same in order as abovesaid. To the said lsabell Abarowe the 
residue of the years of my term of and in Lewoodes, Yelowickes 
and Madley and after her death the same shall remain to the 
said Alice, Mary and Agnes Abarowe in order. To Richard 
Walton and to Alice his wife the residue of the years of my 
term of Lancherley in the parish of Wells, and after their death 
the same shall remain to Thomas and William Walton their 
sons and to Agath Walton their daughter successively, and if 

SHillfam ftartgill. 173 

they die, to Raff Maye, John Broderibbe son of Thomas Bro- 
deribbe and to James Broderibbe, successively. 

The residue to Joane my wife (executrix >. 

Overseers : the said Richard Joyce, Thomas Broderibbe, 
Richard Wattes, John Abarowe and Richard Walton, my sons- 
in-law. To Johane Pester wife of William Wattes 66s. 8<tf. I 
will that my executrix and Richard Joyce my son-in-law and 
Johane his wife shall make good and lawful estate to Raff Mayo, 
when he come to the age of 21 years, of and in one tenement 
called Hye howse with the Cote lying by the same called Cusse 
with all the land lying thereto and of the reversion of and in 
one tenement now in the hands of Thomas Hayes, to have and 
to hold the same for term of life of the said Raff, his wife and 
child for the old accustomed rents and services. 

Witnesses : Robert Brice, clarke, Thomas Hayes, Henry 


December 21st, 1555. To Mary Broderibbe, Stephin Bro- 
deribbe, John Broderibbe, Alice Broderibbe, Elleyfi Broderibbe, 
Nicholas Watts, Elizabeth Watts, Alice Abarowe, Mary Abarowe, 
Agnes Abarowe, Mathey Joyce, Mary Joyce, Thomas Walton, 
Agath Walton and William Walton her brother, 401.. each. 

I bequeath the £% which my brother John Hannam oweth 
me, to William, Richard and Alice Hannam his children towards 
their marriages. 

Witnesses : Robert Brice, clarke, Thomas Hayes, Henry 
Peynton and John Ellys. 

Proved May nth, 1556. 


[47 Wrastley.] 
January 12th, 1555. William Hartgill of Kyllmyngton, 
esquier. My body to be buried where it please God. To Joane 
my wife all her lands in Shaftisburye, Barow and Bristol! for 
her life and £100 of the money, corne, cattail and dubts that 
Charles Lord Stourton owith me and wrongfully keapith from 
me. I will also that she remain in ray house in Kylmyngton 

174 fcomtrStt CUiUtf. 

during her wedowhodde or else in the next house therunto, at 
her own pleasure. To my son Thomas Hartgill £40 of the 
same debts and the lease of my farme called Woods end in the 
parish of Mottecome, co. Dorset. If the said Thomas die while 
George his son do live or any other child of him and Anne his 
wife be living, I will that the said George and his other children 
enjoy the said lease one after other. And if they all die within 
the space of the yeres of the lease, I will it shall remain to Edward 
my son, and if he die, to John Hartgill and to Cuthbert his son 
and to the children of the said John successively. To Edward 
my son ^40 of the same debt and my title in a certeyn grounde 
of medowe lying in Est Knoyle, co. Wilts, and if he diejthe lease 
to remain to the said John Hartgill and Cuthbert his son and 
to the children of the said John. 

The residue to the said John Hartgill and Cuthbert Hartgill 
his son (executors). 

Proved November 13th, 1557. 1 


[24 More.] 

January 18th, 1555. Johan Meryfild, widowe, of the parish 
of Marke. My body to be buried in the church of Marke to 
which church 6s, Sd. To St. Andrewe's church in Wells $d. 
To Avys Corryndon 40?. Johiie Corryndon 40$., Gabriett 
Corryndon 40*. and Christofer Corryndon 40.1. To John Lyvyg 
two hecffers and a maser. To my daughter Marion a gilt 
cuppe, a litle pounced pece, a spruce coffer and all that ys in 
hym. To Mary Haggatt a silver spone and a gowne. To each 
of my godchildren 4k. To the poor people of the said parish 
6s. &/. To the high wayes $s. $d. To Avis Corryndon a 
fetherbedd, a tester, two fustian pillowes and pillowbers to the 
same, a bearing shete, etc. 

The residue to Fraunces Lyven my son (executor). 

Witnesses : Sir John Hancocks, curate there, George Deane, 
clarke there, Nicholas Corryndon, Hugh Peny and Thomas 
Kicke. Proved May 10th, 1 555. 

o June Hartgill relict of the deemed and to Dorothy I; 

fcugft Jalmttr. 175 


[28 More.] 
March nth, 1555. Hughe Palmer, clerke. My body to be 
buried where it shall seem to my executors most convenient 
Whereas I was fellowe of the newe college in Oxforde a long 
space and bare office there executinge the same sum what 
necligently and taking largely more peradventure then with 
good concience I ought to have done, in consideracon wherof I 
bequeathe to the said New College 40s. to be paide within one 
yere next folowing the making hereof. To the Newe College in 
Wynchester 20s. Where my sister Edithe whose soule Jesu 
pardon dyd leve three children Elynor, Thomas and John, I 
give to Elynor also to Thomas at the daye of their manage 
6s. %d. and to John 10s, to be delyvered to hym at any tyme 
within theis fyve yeres unlesse that his father will sett him to 
scole and so maynteyne hym at his lernyng, then to that 
purpose to delyver to William Whytinge his father the said iQr. 
forthwith. To my brother Thomas to make merye with his 
wyef and children 3^. ^d. To my syster Marie a sengle gowne. 
To my god sonne named Hughe, one of Bagottes children in 
Lichefeld 2s. To Gosynall one of the Clerke vicars their, for the 
refresshing of his children 2s. To the vicars prestes 6s. 8d. for 
the amending of their comons at three or foure meales according 
to the mynde of the subchaunter. To poor people in Lichefilde 
3*. 4<£, the moste parte to siiche pore people as do then resorte 
to the churche upon sume holydaye, To the porest sorte 
of the parishe of Ichyngton iar. and parte therof to be given at 
the chapel! of Gaelon to the poor there. To Sir Pawle, prest, 
late one of the dissolved College in Welles, 3J. 40?., praying hym, 
to praye for me. To John Dawys wief to make merye at sume 
brekefast or supper with her sonne Robert Dawe and the good- 
man Crusteman with their wifes, 2s. To poore folkes of the 
parishe of Watchett and Willyton 5,1., the most parte therof 
upon sume one holidaye or two to suche poore folke as shall be 
then present in the churche. To Sir Richard Wever chapleyn 
to the bishop of Coventree and Lychcfilde a new Testament of 
Erasmus translation and $s. which I thinkc I owe hym. And 
where that one Wyldbloud of Eckclshall receyved certeyne 

176 ftorarrm Witts. 

stuf of myne to the value of 13.J. or 141. wherof he never made 
me eny accompte, I will my executor shall receyve 10s. therof 
(if he may get yt) and the overplus I freely give to the said 
Wildbloud. To Sir Randall a boke of homilies in latyn 
callyd [ ]. 

The residue to my brother Peter Palmer (executor). 

Proved June 22nd, 1555. 


[30 more.] 
March 12th, 1555. Anthony Gylbert late of Estecocker, co. 
Somerset. My body to be buried in the parish church of Corton 
Dynhara near unto the place where Robert Gilbert my father 
and Margaret my mother lieth buried, or ellse yf it happen to be 
so farre by the distaunce of xij miles where it shall please God 
that I shall departe, then in the churche in that place. To the 
cathedral church of Wells $$. qd. To the parish church where I 
shall be buried 10s. if it be not at Corton. To the prisoners of 
Yevelchcster ioj. To the parish church of Corton Dynham 
13J. 4^. To the church of Charlton Campfeild 6s. %d. To the 
church of Quene Cammell 6s. %d. To Anne my wife 100 wethers 
pasturing upon Horethorne. To my nephewe John Gilbert my 
great black mare. To my sister Elizabeth Adames 2 kye and 
the moitie of all my pewter, brasse, and brewing vessel!. To my 
nephew Sir Henry Aischeley, knight, my Regalles. To my 
nephew Anthonye Aischeley my Crosbowe. To my cosyn Jamys 
Gilbert residenser of Welles my Ringe of golde graved with a 
seale of my Armes. To Sir Hewghe Pawlet, knight, the picture 
of Kinge Edward. To my cosyn Thomas Cheeke my trotting - 
sorell colte. To my cosyn John Speeke of Somerton the picture - 
of Our Ladye hanging at my beddes hedd and also the picture of 
Dives hanging in the parlour. To my nephew Willyam Gilbert 
half a hundreth wethers. To one Gerney merchant of Bristowe 
my Turkeys or ^4. Four flockebeddes or matteresses to be 
distributed unto four poor men in the parishes of Estecocker, 
Quencamell, Corton Dinham and Charlton Campfeild. To the 
church of Brewham on vessement of blacke velvet with braunches 

Sntfjonp ftplbert. 177 

of golde to serve and celebrate therein. To the church of Corton 
Dinham a vestment of white Damaske with purple clothe of 
Tyssue on the backe and in the foreparte. To the church of 
Estecocker iar. I will that my wife, her gentilwoman and every 
of my servantes being in my lyverie at my buriall shall weare 
such as my executors will provide for them, to whom 1 remytte 
the whole order therof not doubting but they will provide what 
shalbe mete according to my degree. To John Bounde and 
Richarde Dybble and all other my servants of my lyverie 20*. 
I will 5 marks be disposed at the day of my burial, whereof 
13J. 4d. to ten preests present at that time to singe and celebrat 
Dirige and Masseys and to praye for my soule, my father's and 
mother's and all christen soutes ; one of the said masses to be of 
the Trinltie, the secounde of the Holly Goste, the thirde of the 
Fyve Wondes, the fourthe of O r Lady and the fivethe to be a 
masse of Requiem ; and 4 marks upon a Dynner for such of my 
frends and preestes as shalbe there and no monethes mynde to 
be kept but my executors in the places where they dwell to give 
at their discretion to a preest to pray for my soule, saving that I 
wolde my executors send to the Curatt where I shall happen to 
be buried 2od for a masse and Dirige to be said there for my 
soule, at any time within the month. I will there be no dole at 
my burial but I bequeath to the poorest householders of Corton 
Dinham lot., of Charleton Campfeild 10s., of Horsingdone 5*., 
of Stowell sj., of Poyntington 5*., of Mylborn Porte 5*., of Samp- 
ford Orcas $s., of Rympton 5*.. of Quenecamell 6j. 8d., of Sowth- 
cadbury St., of Sutton Montague 5*., and of Estecocker 6s. Sd. 
To my frende John Billinge, gentleman, all my bookes of the 
Lawe and all other things in my study at London. In consider- 
ation of the trust that my Cosyn Elizabeth Fitzjamys dyd put 
in me for one Thomas Mylner whom I have bounde prentise to 
one Napper of Westcocker, to the same Thomas Milner I 
bequeath £6 1 3s. ^d. when he shall accomplish thage of 2 1 years. 
The residue to my trustie cozens John Wadham and Nicholas 
Gilbert (executors). All those to whom I have established and 
assuryd in the Lawe all my lands and tenements as it apperith 
by certeyn writinges by me made, shall quyetly suffer all my 
tenants to enjoie their states of their leases. To every preest 
present at my burial I2d. to thentent that I will have no monethes 

2 A 

178 *onur«tt mitt*. 

mynde kept there but only that they shall celebrate Masse and 
Dirige at the places where they dwell. 

Overseers : Sir William Portman Justice of the Lawe and Sir 
Hewghe Paulet, knight 

Witnesses : John Billinge, Thomas Wynnyff, William Gibbes. 

Proved August 13th, 1555. 


[27 More.] 

March 12th, 1555. Willyam Lumberd of the peculyer of 
Chard. My body, to be buried in the churchyard of Chard. 
To the parish church of Chard, 13J. 4^. To Thomas my eldest 
son, all my gryne corn growing in my grounde, a wayne and a 
payer of whiles. To Johane my daughter at her marriage 
£13 6s. %d. To my son John the elder 4<w., my son John the 
younger 40s., my son in law John Cogyn, 5 weights of wolle 
the price of £4 and to each of his children a yewe shepe, my 
daughter Margarete Marshe one yewe shepe. To every 
householder in the tything of Cryme Chard, fid. To 12 of the 
poorest men and women of my devocion, to the men all my 
wearing apparell, and to the women 6d. each. To my sister 
Alice Wythell £9, whereof £6 is in her husbands hands, and £3 
in Gyles Wythells hands the son of John Wythell, bycause she 
shall be a good governor to Edithe Lumberd my daughter 
whom I do put to keping of John Wythell. To my sister 
Agnes Peers one cow. The residue to William and Fraunces 
my sons, and Edithe and Margarete my daughters (executors). 

Overseers : John Wythell, George Peers, and Thomas 

Witnesses : the said overseers, and Giles Whithell. 

Proved June 7th, 1555. 


[16 Kbchyn.] 
March 12th, 1555. Thomas Wichefilde of Alverton. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of Our blessid Ladie of 
Wedmorc. To the cathedral church of Wells, and to my parish 

midjart! Budanbt. 179 

church of Alverton, half a bushel of wheate. To the churches 
of Wear and Wedmore . the same. To Willyam Genettes a 
greate brasse panne. To Joane Gennettes 3 silver spones, and 
if she die before marriage, Willyam Genettes to have the same. 
To Richard Wichefilde a brasse panne, Joane Genettes two 
heyfers, John Wynter a cowe, Edmond Gyles a cow, Willyam 
the poore childe my beste cowe. To the mending of the highe 
waies a cow. To Margeret Adams a cow at Mighelmas with 
the hiar. To Margeret Churchehowse a heyfer, John Gennetes 
\2d., Isabell Edgill I2d., Alice Warm3 12^ The residue to 
Katheryn my wife (executrix). 

Overseer : Thomas Hodges. 

Witnesses : John Cassye, John Wynter, John Westover, 
Thomas Tailor. 

December 1 5th, 1556. Commission of administration granted 
to Magdalene Barkley, executrix of the will of Katherine 
Wichefilde, deceased. 


[13 Wrastlev.] 
1555. Richard Bucland of Martoke, gentleman. My body 
to christian burial. To John Buclande the younger of the 
Temple, all my lands in Witcombe co. Somerset, from the day of 
my death to the end of the term of 21 years, yielding to the 
King and Quene all such relief and duties as shall apperteyn to 
them for the tenure thereof. To Cecile my wife my manor or 
Ferme house of Gerberdeston with all lands belonging to the 
same, co. Somerset, which 1 have of the demise and grant of 
William Fraunces, knight, by the name of William Fraunces 
Esquier, deceased, to have and hold to her during my years 
then to come, and also all such household stuff, corne, cattail and 
other' goods as I now have in the said mansion or berton house 
of Gerberston or upon any of the houses or ground belonging to 
the same ; all which said Mansion, lands and goods shall remain, 
after her death, to my nephew Christofer Dodington and to 
William Dodington his son, to the longest liver of them, his 
executors and assigns. To the said Cecile, my wife, my house 

i8o *omtrfirt SHi'lIsS. 

and tenement of Martok wherein I now dwell with my Barne 
and Stabells, the priours close, the brasies, two acres of mede in 
Cote mede and all household stuff, corn, cattail and other goods 
remayning upon the same or in or upon the houses or ground 
belonging to the same, or in or upon the Conygars, Sayes, 
Colhms, Cotehayes, Lytell Brayes, or in any place in the 
parish of Martoke and also all the parsonage and portion of 
Tithe within the said parish belonging to the late dissolvyd 
house of Syon co. Middlesex which I have of the gift and grant 
of . . . for term of years yet to come ; and after her 
decease the said tenement and house, all the said Barne, Stables, 
Priors close, Brasier, two acres of mede in Cote mede, Conygars 
Saies and porcion of Tithe and all the said household stuff 
cattell and other goods shall wholly remain to my nephew John 
Bucland son and heir apparent of John Bucland of Westharptre, 
gentleman. To my said wife one tenement called the 
Brethernehedd land which I have of the gift and graunt of 
. . . and after her decease the same to have to the said John 
and his assigns during the years then to come. 

May 8th, 1557. Commission of administration granted to 
Cicilia relict of the said Richard Bucland deceased and 
September 3rd, 1557, to John Bucland brother and John 
Bucland nephew of the said Richard Bucland upon decease of 
the said Cicilia. 


[10 Kechyn.] 
June 1st, 1556. Alexander Popham of Huntworth, co. 
Somerset, esquyer. My body to be buried in the church of 
North Petherton if I die in Somerset, otherwise in the church of 
the parish where I die at whiche my buriall my will is not to 
have any corned dole but myn executors to take annote of all 
the poor householders in Bridgewater and North Petherton in 
wryting and give to each, $d., and to every other of their famylie, 
2d. To the church of North Petherton, 20x To the boxe pre- 
pared for the relief of the poor, 20s. To Sir Richard, 3.1. $d. 
To Sir Thomas Clavelshay, is. ^d. To every other prest at my 
funerals, \2d., and to every of the clerks, %d. To my son, John 

airratrtlfv J}npl)am. 

Popham, and Amye, his wife, and their heirs, all my lands in 
Bridgwater, Bawdrype, Wembdon and Chylton except the 
ground of 2 acres in Dunwer which I purchased of Mr. Hody 
upon part whereof I have buyldyd a barnc. To Joan Kenipe, 
one annuity of 4 marks out of my manor of Huntworth and 
other my lands in the parish of North Petherton. To my 
daughter Katheryn, 200 marks at her marriage and if she marry 
with the advice and consent of my executors and overseers, 
^300 more or as moch thereof as they shall thinke to be corres- 
pondent to the qualites of the persone with whome she shall 
marrie. My executors to sell the wardship;) and marriage of 
John Mauncell, cosyn and heire of Marmeduke Mauncell, 
deceased, which held of me by knightes service, for the perform- 
ance of my will, and to pay yerely until my will be performed 
and my debts paid, to my son, Robert Popham, 20 nobles ; and 
to my daughter Katheryn, until her marriage, 20 nobles, towards 
their living. After the performance of my will and payment ol 
my debts, my son Edward Popham shall have all my interest 
and term to come in the manor of Wolmerston and Hadworth 
and in the tythe garbe of Dunwear bowre and Standenhaye and 
my son John Popham shall have all my interest in the vicarage 
of North Petherton and in the parsonages of Bridgwater and 
Durlegh, the parsonage and vicarage of Donyngton in Holland 
and my son Robert all my interest in the parsonage of Kyrton 
in Holland ; provided always that my son John Popham shall 
ratify a lease that I have made to John Braunch, his wife and 
child of the manor and parsonage of Kylmersdon ; likewise the 
said Robert after he shall have accomplished the age of 21 years 
shall ratify the same lease ; provided that if my son Edward 
Popham shall obstinately refuse to ratify all such bargains as I 
have made or shall make, he shall not have any of my said leases 
before to him bequeathed. To my said son John Popham, 
4 kyen, 3 iron spyttes, a payer of bygandyrons, a brandyron, half 
a garnyshe of pewter vessell, a paire of candelstickes of tyne, etc 
To my Ladys Margret and Elynor Bowrgher, one ale cup of 
silver and two loodes of woode to be yearly taken out of my 
wood called Barewood. To my daughter, Amye Popham, a 
standing cup. To my daughter, Katheryn Popham, a cup of 
a grypis egg. To my son, Edward Popham, 8 oxen, one hundred 

rSss *omrrstt WMU. 

lodes of fagottes and all my tymber of the Okes fellyd in the 
grove at Huntworth. To each of my household servants other 
than such as shall have special legacies one half year's wages 
over and above what shall be due at my death. To Richard 
Godyng, £20, Richard Noke, 20s. Whereas I, upon promise of 
joynter to be made by my son, Richard Mychell, to ray 
daughter, his wife, was contented to forgive unto him all money 
due to me for finding him, his wife and servants for four years 
after their marriage and thereupon made hym a bill of debt of 
£$o, my mind is that although the said joynter be not yet made, 
yet the said debt of £$0 shalbe paid unto the said Richard 
Michell as soon as he make the same joynter to ray daughter, 
his wife, for term of her life. To Alexander Popham, son of 
Mermeduke Popham, 40J. To my godson, Robert Wynyet, 20s. 
To Sir William Portman.kntght, Lord Chief Justice of Inglande, 
my greate blacke trottinge mare. To my cosyn, Henry Port- 
man, the colt of the same mare. To Erasmus Pyme, my best 

Executors : Sir Robert Stradling, knight, Barthu Combe, 
Humfry Walton, esquyers. 

Overseers : the said Lord Chief justice, and my son Richard 

Proved July 2nd, 1556. 


[10 Kkchyn.J 
June 10th, 1556. Thomas Peers of the parish of Bucklond 
Dynham. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Bucklond 
Denham. To Thomas Peers, my eldest son, £6 i$s.^d. To 
William, my son, £6 tp. qd. To Richard, my youngest son, 
£6 13J. 4d. To Alice, my daughter, £6 13J. ^d. To the 
cathedral church of Wells, $d. To my parish church of Buck- 
lond, 3J. ^d. To Mr. Vicar, my gostly father, 2s. To each of 
my sons' and daughter's children, 6s. 8d. To William, my son, 
such debts as remain in the hands of Mr. John Horner, thelder, 
of Stokelaye, and of John Wekes of the parish of Dowltinge 

Vtttr finiitrijani. 1S3 

and of William Shepperd of Babington. To Richard, my son, 
my debts in the hands of William Gylbert of Bucklond. 

The residue to Edith, my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Sir Robert Deram, John Acowrt, Walter Coles 
and William Guflyn. 

Proved July 20th, 1556, administration committed to Richard 
Perse, son of the above said deceased. 

[13 Kechyn.] 

July 25th, 1556. Peter Daberam. My body to be buried in 
Cristian grave. To the cathedral church of Wells, 2j. To the 
church of Mary Magdallen in Tanton, 20s. To the church of 
Seynt James, 3s. $d. To the church of Fenotrie, 6s. id. To the 
poor there, jj. ^d. To the church of Harford, 6s. id. To the 
poor people there, y. 4d. To the churches of Staplegrove, Nor- 
ton, Halboushoppis and Wylton, $s. 4^. each. To the towne of 
Tanton, £70, thencresse to be divided amongst the poor people 
after the discretion of the counstables and masters of the same 
town and to be distributed at. two tymes of the yere. At the 
day of (my) buriall, £20 to the poor, and £10 at my monthes 
mynde. To Jane, my sister, £10 and the howse that I. dwell in 
and the garden in Polstrett after the decease of my wife. To 
Agnes Wescot, my cosyn, £$ 6s. id. To Phillip Love, my ser- 
vant, one hole clothe of blewe, one half clothe of yalowe and one 
half clothe of white. To Dorothe Trowbridge, my servant, £$, 
Maude Bolton, wydowe, ioj., Margaret Slocombe, $s. 4//., 
Thomas Strowbridge, my son-in-law, prentice in London, 
£3 6s. id To Welthian, wife to Henry West, 3*. 40'., Robert 
Shaller, 3J. qd., Christopher Howper, 3J. 4^., my servant, John 
Michel], at his coming home from Le Southe, £$, Welthian 
Griffyn, 3*. 4d., Mr, William Dowell, vicar of Mary Magdalen, 
my gostly father, 6s. id., Willyam Horsey, my overseer, 
£6 13J. 4d., Laurence Carvanell, my other overseer, £$ 6s. id. 

The residue to Alice, my wife, Elizabeth Colwell, my natural] 
mother and Agnes, my daughter (executrices). If Agnes, my 
daughter, die before 16 years of age, her goods to be divided, 
one part to my' wife and the other to my brothers and sisters. 

184 &amtmi BROlK. 

Witnesses: Mr. William Dovell, clerk, vicar of St. Mary 
Magdalen, John Willesdon, Thomas Symons, Robert Lowles, 
Willyam Colverell, William Horsey and Laurence Carvenall. 

Proved September 2nd, 1556- 


[18 Wrastley.] 

August 12th, 1556. Thomas Dyffenell of the peculyer of 
Combe Saynt Nicholas. My body to the yearth. To the 
cathedral church of Wells qd. To the parish church of Combe 
Ss., which John Nicolles of Whitlakenton oweth me, towards the 
making of some ornament in the said church. To my daughter 
johane 20s. To my daughter Elynor 20s. To my daughters 
Maude and Grace 401. each. If they all die before marriage 
theirs bequests shall remain to John my son. To Richard my 
brother my best gowne and a quarter of Otes. To Johane my 
daughter my great chaier. To Mawde my daughter a porscenet 
of brasse and the best salte seller of tyne. To my daughter Alice 
a heyfer. To Johan More i2rf. To Johane Harvey two chilver 
shepe. To Robert Dyvynell a chilver shepe. To John Dyvynell 
ah. Mason a heyffer bullocke and my best sleeveles coote, my 
bowe, myn arrowes and my best sythe. To John James 2 blacke 
lambes and a chaier being with William Dyvynell. To Robagt 
Harvye my russet hosen and a doblet of lynclothe. To the 
Clarke two bushels of Malte. To my executors half the goods 
of my mother to whom I was executor, John More hath it in his 
custody. To Mr. George Sydenham two of my best oxen, 
desiring him to be good to my poor wife. The residue to 
Mawde my wife and John my son (executors), and if the said 
John die before marriage his goods shall remain to his sisters. 

Overseers : Robert Awood, John Whitma and Robert Baker. 

Witnesses: Barnard Marwood, Richard Dyvynell, Stephyn 
Townsend, Alexander Noble, William James, and John Harvye. 

Proved June 18th, 1557. 

Stromas Stvmts. 185 


[18 Wrastley.] 

October 7th, 1556. Willyam Tony of Combe Seynt Nicftas. 
My body to be buried in the churchyard of Combe St. Nicholas. 
To the church of St. Andrew in Wells I2tl. To the church of 
Combe St. Nicholas 6s. 8rf. To Elizabeth Screvyner my servant 
a chilver shepe. To John Morys my servant the same. To each 
of my children 10 sheep. To Alexander Nobyll I2rf. The 
residue to Thomasyn my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Sir William Mighell vicar, William Stone, William 
Gollopp, John Boby. 

Overseers: John Bobye, William Stone, William Gollope, 
Thomas Torrye, and Richard Dyvynell. 

Proved June iSth, 1557. 

[26 Kechyn.] 

November 28th, 1556, Thomas Symes of Weston in Soy- 
lande. My body to be buried in the church of Weston aforesaid. 
To Alice my wife all suche houscholde stuff as was at the house 
of Newton where I married her before I came thether, six of my 
Sest oxen, weyne and wheles. To the said Alice and to Thomas 
and Henry my sons (at their lawful age), ,£50. To the said 
Thomas and Henry my sons and to Alice and Joane my 
daughters all my title and interest in 32^ acres of groundc in 
Saltmore during the years of my lease. The part of any of the 
said children dying to remain to John my son and executor. 

Overseers : Henry Symes, Walter Doble, and John Tyther. 

The residue to John Symes the younger, my son (executor). 

Witnesses : John Parsons, Henry Symes, Walter Doble, John 
Tither, Edward Croydon, and Thomas Michell. 

Proved December 23rd, 1556. 



December 18th, 1556. William Cooke of Lympsham. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard at Lympsham. To the 
cathedral church of Wells \zd. To the church of Lympsham zs, 
To Joane Quycke the younger £6 13s. \d., whereof is paid £4 
for the fine of a bargain in Est Bryme. To Christopher Hagatt, ' 
John Cooke, and William Welshe £80, of which £44 is in the 
hands of Christopher Hagatt and the residue shall arise out of a 
bargain that William Welshe and I do hold in Salt Marshc. To 
John Rey 401. To Alice Say 13s, 4d. To Alice Amlcr ,£13 6s.8d. 
I will that Christopher Hagatt have the governance of three 
hogge coltes, which shall be two that I had of Cobbe and one 
that I had of Thomas Adam. To Joan Bulgen of Est Brymt 
10s. To Thomas Marren £6 13$. 4d. To Katheryn Teke 20s. 
The residue to Christian my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : William Cooke of Rucks Bridge, John Rcy, Alice 
Say, Joan Bulgen. 

Proved February loth, 1556. 

1556. JOHN LAVEB. 

[4 Wrastley.] 
December i8th, 1556. John Laver of the parish of Martock. 
My body to the erthe. To the mother church of Wells zad. 
To the parish church of Martock 6s. Zd. To William Laver 
my eldest son £l$ 1 5 J. To every of my other children, that is, 
to Robert, George, John, Thomas the younger, Marie, Johane 
and Agnes Laver, £20 each and I will that my children Thomas 
the younger, Mary and Agnes shall remain in the custody of 
Thomas Laver the elder, my son, and John and Johan in the 
custody of Robert Laver my son, until they be twenty years of 
age, except any of them do marry before that age. I will that 
if one or more of my children die before they be of the said age or 
married, then his or her money shall be divided amongst my 
said children that hath no bargaynes in hand, except to 
Willyam my son who shall have no part nor parcell thereof, 

jjoljn fcabrr. 187 

To Margaret my wife ^20 and all her goods that I had with her 
at our marriage. I fit happen that she be now with child, then the 
said child shall have £6 1 jj. \d. I will that this my household, 
my wife, my children and my servants do remain here together 
until Michelmas next following and here to be found with such 
- grayne and other kyndes of vitell as here is left ynough and my 
executor shall provide at his cost and charge things necessary 
for them. And my executor shall occupy all the pasture of my 
bargains as well the severall as the common until the said feast 
of Saynt Mighell. And after that feast everyone to depart to 
his own household and to take with them all the Cropp growing 
on their bargains. And where I have a lease of certain years to 
come in Ernshill I will that Thomas my eldest son (sic) shall 
have and enjoy my years in my said close called Mettforlonge 
and all the grounds there except these parcells of ground which 
1 have given unto my children, viz., To John my son one close 
called Wroton, to Thomas my younger son one close called 
Wheate close and all the padockes next beyond the Lane, also to 
Thomas the younger and John my sons all the medowe of 
Earnshill aforesaid as well that medowe which is sett by me to 
men of Barintou and Drayton ; notwithstanding Thomas my 
eldest son shall yearly pay the 'whole rent of all the said 
Earnshill and acquite and save harmeles Thomas the younger 
and John my sons. And if he will not, then Thomas the 
younger and John shall occupy and enjoy the said close called 
Metfurlonge until Thomas the elder pay the whole rent as 
aforesaid. To Thomas the elder, Robert and George my sons 
eight oxen and four great steris which shall remain here and do 
all such work as belongeth to plough to do as well at Borowe as 
at Stapulton all three bargains until the said feast of Saynt 
Mighell. To Robert and George my sons my two best weanes 
and wheles. To Robert Laver my son my best table borde, 
a cupborde, a new forme and hangings of the haull. 

Overseers : Robert Dyar of Stapulton and William Howchin. 
The residue to Thomas Laver my elder son (executor). 

Witnesses : Robert Hawkyns, John Mower the elder, Thomas 

Proved February 6th, 1556. 

i88 domntttt WMU. 


[5 Wrastley.] 

January 25th, 3 and 4 Phil, and Mary. Willyam Portmam 
knight, Chiffe Justice of England. My body to be buried where 
it shall please God to call me to His Mercie. To the parsone 
of Orchard for tithes forgotten 20s. To the poore £20 over and 
above the money bestowed at my burial! which I wold shulde be 
done after an honest sorte withoute pompe and pride. To each 
of my servants his whole year's wages over and above his wages 
due at the quarter after my death and to every of my servants 
taking no wages, 20s, My mother to have the occupation of 
the chamber wherein she lieth and, for a Remembrance, my 
Rynge that I were on my fynger and £6 1 Jr. 4d. to bye her a 
gown, praying her to blesse me with her blessinge and to praye 
for me. To my sister Dorothe £10 and £4 yearly during her 
life. To my brother John £\o. To my daughter Mary and to 
John Stowell £200, all my shepe at Cotherston, all her mother's 
wearing garments and her best chayne and her tabelet To 
Elizabeth Portman £40 to her marriage. I will my son put out 
none of my tenants to whom I have sold any bargain and if he 
do so I will that they be recompensed of the profits of my 
manor of Clawsey. I will John CufTe be discharged of the 40 
marks which I received of his father to be delivered into the 
Chaunceiye at the suyte of Robert a Cary. The residue to my 
son Henry Portman (executor), except one chayne which I give 
to my daughter his wife. 

Overseers : Sir John Baker, Sir Nicholas"^ are, knightes, to 
each of whom I bequeath a portegue, Nicholas Halsewcll, John 
Cuffe and William Halley. 

Proved February 13th, 1556. 

1556. JOHN CUFF. 

[is Wrastley.] 

February 10th, 1556. John Cuff of the parish of Cryche, 

gentilman, bequeathed his body to be buried in christen burial 

at the discretion of his executors. To his three sons, William 

Henry and John £40 each. To his six daughters, Marie, 

Arthur Dlaitr. 189 

Dorothie, Ursula, Luce, Susanna and Elizabeth £40 each. To 
Margaret Carvanell his daughter £20. The residue to Johane 
his wife and Robert his son (executors). 

Witnesses: William Chapieyn, Richard Archebold, dark, 
Robert Chappell. 

Proved May 17th, 1557. 


[25 Kechvn.] 

February nth, 1556. William Pertrige of Mysterton in the 
parish of Crukern. My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Crukcrn. To the mother church of Wells qd. To the parish 
church of Crukern a wether shepe. To our chappell of 
Mysterton a wether shepe. To my goostlye father Sir John 
Marsshe \2d. The residue to Agnes Pertrige my wife 

Witnesses : Sir John Marshe, John Currye, Willyam 

Proved December 8th, 1556. 


[14 Wrastlev.] 

March 1 5th, 1 5 56. Arthur Player of Keynsham, yoman, My 
body to the earth. To the church of Wells $d. To the parish 
church of Keynsham 3-r. $d. To the bells 20d. To Willyam 
Player my son £20. To Edy Crowe my daughter £20. To 
Alice Player my daughter £,20, at her marriage. To Anne Player 
my daughter £40 at her marriage. To Johane Player my 
daughter the same. 

The residue to Johane my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Edmonde Crewe my son-in-law, John Bronyng, 
John Whelar. 

Witnesses : Sir Thomas Alen, John Saunders. 

Proved May 4th, 1557. [De bonis non grant, 1580.] 

i9° ftomnttt Will*. 

[18 Wrastley.] 

April 6th, 1557. John Brangwyn of the parish and peculyer 
of Charde. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Charde. 
To St. Andrew's church of Wells 2d. To the church of Charde 
6s. Sd. To William my eldest son two wethers price 6s. To 
Robert my son six yowes and lambs and a cow. To John my 
eldest son (sic) £6 1 3J. 4d. To Richard my son his mother's 
best harnys girdle and £3. To Water my son a calf. To my 
son John the younger a lambe. To my son William the younger 
a lambe. 

The residue to Ellynor my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Sir John Kylbery my curate, William Sellowde, 
Richard Smyth and Water Gachyll. 

Proved June 18th, 1557. 


[15 Wrastlev.] 
April 8th, 1 5 57. John Sydenham of Brympton, co. Somerset, 
knight. My body to be buried in the parish church of Saynt 
Androwe in Brympton. To St. Andrew's church of Wells tor. 
To the church of Brympton 6s. iid. To my daughter Anne 
towards her marriage 400 marks. I will that all my purchase 
land as well the rentes as also all the casualties, fynes, profyttes 
and all other revenues of the same shall from time to time be 
and remain to the use and payment of my debts after which 
I bequeath to Henry my son all my messuages and lands etc. 
in Bouley, Mylston, Monkensale, Moreston, Sampford Peverell, 
Uplomen, Holycombe Rogue, Burlescombe, CoIIompton, 
Teberton, Gambeston, Chyttye Hinpton, Thorvorton, Upton 
Pyne, Langleigh and Rolleston, co. Devon to have and to hold 
to the said Henry Sydenham and his heirs male and for lack of 
such issue, to my right heirs forever, by the rents and services 
thereof to the Chyffe Lordes of the fee due and accustomed. 
To John my younger son of that name, all my lands etc., in 

3Snf|ii ftpUtnfcam, lint. 191 

Donyford, Hartrow, Kynges Brompton, Upton, Stogomer, 
Bycknaller, Crocombe, Brompton Rawfe, Mylverton, Westowe, 
VVestleighe, Combflorey, Kingeston juxta Yevill and the 
borough of Watchett, co. Somerset, all which lands lately I 
purchased together with Sir John Wyndhm, knight, all which 
were late the inheritance of John Sydenham of Orchard, Esquire, 
deceased, to have and to hold to the said John Sydenham and to 
his heirs male, and for lack of such issue, to my right heirs 
forever. To Walter my son all my lands etc., in the borough 
of Charde which I lately purchased of Thomas Cogan of 
Mountague to have and to hold to the said Walter Sydenham 
and his heirs male, and for lack of such issue to my right heirs 
forever. To Ursula my wife all my lands in the parishes of Est 
Coker and West Cokerand in Keynsford in the parish of Seynt 
Deacons, co. Somerset, to have and to hold to the said Ursula 
and her heirs forever, in consideration whereof I will that she 
pay one annual rent of £6 13s. $d. to Joane sometime wife of 
my brother John Sydenham deceased, during her life. And 
after the decease of me and my said wife I will that all my 
messuages lands and tenements known by the name of Combe 
Sydenham in the parish of Stogomer and all my lands lying in 
Combe Sydenham shall remain to George Sydenham my son 
and to his heirs male, and for lack of such issue, the remainder 
thereof to my right heirs forever. I will also that my manor 
of Lopyn, co. Somerset, which I lately purchased of Sir Gyles 
Strangeweye, knight, and all my lands in Lopyn aforesaid shall 
remain to John Sydenham my eldest son and heir apparunte on 
condition that he always ratify and confirm all such grants and 
estates as I and my wife have made or shall make by indenture or 
Copie of Courte Roll for term of lives or years whereupon tholde 
accustomed rent or more is reservyd to have and to hold to the 
said John Sydenham and his heirs forever; or else I will the said 
manor and lands shall remain to William Sydenham my son and 
his heirs male, and for lack of such issue to my right heirs. 

The residue to Ursula my wife (executrix) provided that if 
she marry all my goods shall remain to my children. To my 
servants, that is, to my yeoman's servyng men being my house- 
hold servants to each of them and also to Thomas Sampford 401., 
and to my hynes laborers 6s. 8</. each. 

193 Aomtrdtt TOiUtf. 

Witnesses : John Virgin, Thomas Harding, Thomas Virgin, 
John Torr, Robert Holmes. 
Proved May 21st, 1557. 


(12 Wrastlev.] 

April 12th, 1557. Willyam Gouppy of the parish of 
Butleigh. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Butlcigh. 
To the same church 2s. To our mother church of Wells $d. 
To Thomas Evens one payer of whelles. To Margery Knowlles 
£5 at her marriage. To William Knowlles 33.*. 4S. To Elenor 
Evens a sparked boll. To William Yeate a young mare. To 
Johane Berde a heyffer yerlinge. To Johane my wife four 
oxen, three kyne and calves, two mares, a horse colte, a gelding, 
two yerlings, a heyfer, three pigges, a wayne, a fetherbed, two 
dustebeddes, two crockes, a brewing leade with all manner of 
trecn vessell, one carpet clothe with all manner of stayned 
clothes and £ij us. Sd. of my debts and also three pounde of 
Tee which I have during John Perses lief with the mede and two 
colttes lesc in West Pennard. To Sir Richard Berser, curat, 

The residue to John Perce, clarke of the Checke to the King 
and Quenes Ma lics garde (executor). 

Overseers : Phillipp Gouppy and Gouppie thelder. 

Witnesses : Sir Richard Berser, curate, Phillipp Gouppie, 
Robert Gosmcr, John Knowlles, Richard Barratc. 

Proved May 3rd, 1557. 


[18 Wrastley.] 

April 15th, 1557. Thomas Longe of Dolysshcwake. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of Dolysshe. To St. 
Andrew's church of Wells $d. To the church of Dolysshe 
$s. ifd. To the church of Codworthe y. \d. 

The residue to Alice Longe my wife and Willyam Longe my 
son (executors), and if my son die before marriage then his 
whole moiety of my goodes shall remain to my wife. 

9ot)n Atlbtrt. 

Overseers : Nicholas Bragge and my cosyn George Longe. 
Witnesses : Sir John Batten parson there, Roger Longe. 
Proved June i8th, 1557. 


[23 Wrastley.] 
June 20th, 1557. John Gylbert of Wytcombe, co. Somerset, 
esquier. My body to be buried in the parish church of Gorton 
to which church 13.J. qd. To my son George Gilbert a bason 
and ewer of silver, etc., after the decease or marriage of my wife, 
his mother. To Grace my daughter ^100 at her marriage. To 
Anne, Dorethye and Jane three other of my daughters £40 
each at their marriage. And forasmuch as I know that my 
moveable goods be nothing like in value for the payment of 
these legacies and of my debts, viz., to Mr. Anthony Dylington 
£50, and to John Smythe of Quene Camell £55 over and 
besides such sums of money as he disbursed for me at Ester 
terme last in London, and to John Hebdiche &$ 6s. Sd, and to. 
John Frye of Shurborne 20s., I am forresyd to appoint such 
lands as I have and may by order of the law appoint, for the 
performance of all the premises and for the relief of my wife 
and the rest of my children. And for that as I am unlernyd in 
the lawe and have not at these presents lemyd councell what 
lands and what porcion of my lands I may lawfully appoint, I 
do by this my last will devise to my trusty friends John Keynes, 
esquier, my brother in law, John Lyte of Litiscary, esquier, 
Anthony Dylington, gentilman, and John Smythe of Queue 
Camell and to their heirs forever to the only use and behoffe of 
payment of my dets and legacies, going out of my lands, tene- 
ments and hereditaments in the Itde of Wight, co. Southampton, 
.£20 of annua! rent and I will that they stand and be seasyd of 
as much of all my said lands in the Ilde of Wight as shall 
amount to the said sum of £20 and for the better expedicon in 
paying the said debts and legacies I give and infeffe to my said 
friends 40 marks yearly out of my lands in Wytcombe and 
Srert and elsewhere within the parish of Babcarye, co. Somerset, 
and they to stand and be seasyd in as much thereof as shall 
yearly amount to the said sum and also of as much of my lands 

2 c 

i94 Aonumt ORAM. 

in Stert aforesaid which I purchased of one William Dauntsey 
Alderman of the Citie of London, deceased, as shall amount to 
the yearly value of £4, to the use of James and Robert two of 
my younger sons for term of their lives, 401. apiece yearly to be 
paid and the remainder thereof and of all other my abovesaid 
lands and tenements after the performance of my debts and 
legacies shall remain to my son and heir and to his heirs for- 

The residue of my moveable goodes to Anne my wife 
(executrix) to the intent that she pay my debts as far as they 
shall extend and amount unto by indifferent preasers by the 
supervisors of my will appointed or by themselves or the more 
part of them praysed. If my wife refuse, my son and heir 
George Gilbert to be my executor. 

Overseers : my aforesaid friends, John Keynes, esquire, my 
brother-in-law, John Lytt, esquier, Anthonye Dylingeton, gentle- 
man, and John Smythe of Quene Camell. 

Witnesses: John Smyth, who dyd wryte this presentc will, 
John Hebdyche, Water Gilbert, gentleman, Henry Soper, gentle- 
man, William Cary, Robert Mores. 

Proved July 5th, 1557. 


[29 Wrastlev.] 
June 28th, 1557. Sylvester Stukeley of the Mydle Temple 
in the Suburbes of London, gentleman. My body to be buried 
in the parish church of Saynt Bryde in Fletestrete in the 
Suburbes of London. I will that my executrix under wryttyn 
shall honestly bring my body to the Erthe and bestowe the 
same buryall £6 13*. 4*/. and distribute amongest the poor 
people 4CW. To William Carent of Mynhed co. Somerset, 
gentleman, 30J. To John Neweport of Brydgewater co. 
Somerset, gentleman, 20s. To Phillipp Willms of Pawlet in the 
said county, yeman, 20J., Thomas Gregory of Pawlett husbandman 
iof., Sir Anthony Hungerford knyght 40J., the poor people of 
Carampton 2or., the poor people of Dunster 40J. Towards the 
reparing of Mershe bridge in the parish of Caronton aforesaid 

ftplbmer &tufetltji. 195 

40s. To the reparing of Brokeland Fote Brydge leding towards 
Caronton 40J. To the vicar of Caranton for to say for my soule 
and my ffryndes soules vij masses and dirges 20s. I frely forgyve 
all suche persons as owe unto me any soft) or somes of money 
wythout any specialties, except my rentes which is or shalbe due 
to be payed. To William Swett of Salisbury 10s. ; my daughter 
Mary Stewkeley ^40 when she shall come to lawful age or 
marriage ; my welbeloved father Peter Stewkeley my don mare, 
my best gowne faced with Foynes welted with velvett and a 
blacke coote. To Richard Stewkeley my black Curtail and a 
black coote my gowne faced with damaske and welted with 
velvett ; my brother Robert a blacke coote ; my servant John 
Harte a black cote and 20s. besides his wages ; my brother 
Hughe Stewkeley a black gown and a murnyng capp ; Marye 
my wife a certeyn cheste in the hands of Christian Fylmer 
and £46 in half sufferans, £11 in old Aungelles and £16 in 
Aungelles and old Ryalles. To John Crathorn a black gowne 
and a murnyng capp ; Thomas Rylye a blacke gowne and a 
murnyng capp ; Roger Grace the same ; Margaret Craythorne 
wife of the said John Craythorne a black gowne. To my said 
wife all my goodes remanyng in thandes of my father, as follows: — 
First in pewter wythin two hampers, vj platters, vj dysshes 
vj porringers, xij saucers, vj trencher plates, two flatt plates, a 
basen and an ewer, a posset boule w< a cover, twoo standing 
disshes, two white candilstickes, a spyce morter of latten, a case 
of knyves gilte, one quarte pott, one chambre pott, which ij 
hampers are standing in the closett chamber and a cheste locked 
being full of lynnen in the same chamber and a bedsted of 
wynescott in the same chamber, a payer of Tonges, a fyer 
shovell of Flanderswork, a payer of Bellowes and a newe presse 
standing in my father's chamber being doble locked wyth vj 
Cuysshens, one long carpett, one coverlett, a pillough and all 
suche myn apparrell not bequethed as is remayning in the same 
presse and in the greate chamber and all her apparrell 
remayning in one of my father's chestes, a bedsted wyth a 
Testur and curteyns of Saye and Trundell, a joyned cupborde 
of waynescott, a lytle plate for candles, a chayer in the same 
chamber, an Amerye in the Buttrey and a byn there, vj stone 
cuppes, a Skalett of Brasse with dyvers oiher thynges the 

196 Aomtrtfrt BEUUs. 

which I cannot now remember. The residue to Mary my wife 

Overseers: Hugh Stewkeley gentleman arid John Crathorne. 

Witnesses : John Crathorne, Roger Grace, Thomas Wyley, 
Henry Vernon. 

Memorandum. Whereas the said Sylvester Stukeley had 
given to his daughter Mary Stukeley £40 to be paid at her 
lawful age or marriage, his will was that if the said Marye did 
die before she came to lawful age or marriage, then the said £40 
should remain to his wife Mary Stukeley. 

Witnesses : John Crathorn, Thomas Ryley, Roger Grace and 
Henry Vernon, servant to Mr. Hudson Steyvin. 

Proved August 25th, 1557. 

1557. JOHN JENYS. 
[39 Wrastley.] 

July 10th, 1 557. John Jennys of Wytcombe in the parish of 
Martocke. My body to be buried in the church of Martocke. 
To the mother church of Wells i2d. To the church of Martocke 
lac. To the highe altare of the same church \2d. To the 
children of my son Thomas Jenys 4CW. To the children of John 
Jonyes of South Petherton 401. To Edmond my son ^5. To 
Elizabeth daughter of John jonys a cow. To the poor people of 
Martocke 40s. 

The residue to William Jenys and Nichas Jenys my sons 

Overseers : Robert Jenys and Thomas Jenys, my sons. 

Witnesses : Sir Robert Luffe, vicar of Martocke, John Jony-s. 

Proved October 22nd, 1557. 


[32 Wrastley.] 
July 18th, 1557- William Panys of the parish of Stoke. 
My body to be buried at Chewe. To St Andrewes church in 
Wells 4d. To Annys my daughter £20. Isabell my daughter 
£20. Elizabeth my daughter £20. Jone my daughter £20. 
To Isabell Dogat a calf. To my wife Alice alt my purches 
during her life. 

laBn Joan SRfrtihatn. 197 

The residue to Alice my wyfe and John Panys my eldest son 
and John Panys my younger son (executors). 

Overseers : John Fyshear, and John Saunders. 

Witnesses : Sir Robert Ricardes parson of Stoke, John 
Saunders, John Fysshear, John Perryn and William Dennam. 

Proved September 2nd, 1557. 


[19 Wrastlev.J 
July 22nd, 1 557. Dame Jone, Lady Wadham of Meryfeld, 
co. Somerset, wydowe. My body to be buried in the parish 
church of liton if it please God to call me from my house of 
Meryfyld. To the cathedral church of Wells I2rf. To the 
churches of Ilton, Whitlackyngton, Abbotes lie and Fyffet a 
noble apiece. To my son Christofer Cheverel the elder and to 
Christopher Cheverell the younger, son and heir apparent of 
the said Christopher Cheverell the elder, my basen and ewer of 
silver for my will is that the said basen and ewer should always 
remain to the heirs of the house of Chauntmarell. Whereas 
my said son Christopher Cheverell hath received of me ^100 
and above and hath as yet made none accompt unto me for the 
same, I bequeath unto him all the said sum. To my daughter 
Elizabeth Cheverell two of my best gowns and kyrtilles. To 
Jane Wogan, widowe, as well £1$, for payment whereof she 
standeth bound to me, as also all other money that she had of 
me. I will that 300 marks be received out of my stockes and 
stores of goods for the marriage and preferment of Philipp 
Cheverell my said son's youngest daughter ; my servants William 
Bevin and Marten Poster to have the custody of the said money 
until her marriage and if she die, to divide it amongst her 
brothers. I will that my said son Christopher Cheverell, 
William Bevin and Martyn Poster shall have the Wardeshipp 
of my warde Edward Barough, and that he shall be kept to 
scoole and virtuously brought up until he be 21 years of age, 
and if he marry with their goodwill and consent then I bequeath 
to the said Edward his Wardeshipp and all the appurtenances 
and comodities thereunto belonging; and if he do not, 
then all such sums of money or other comodities that ought 

uj8 &omerStt BHtlhs. 

to come to me by reason of the said Wardeshipp shall revert 
unto Tiarfea Barough his sister. To the said Edward all such 
rents as I have collected upon the land of the said Edward by 
reason that I was Wardeyne in Socage unto him, the deductions 
that I have made for his meat, drink, apparel! and teaching 
according to one booke of Accompte my Bayliffes and me 
thereof made, only excepted. If he die before the said age, 
the said Barba his sister shall have all the said superplussage 
that shall remain of the said rents. To the said Barba ^Soo. ' 
if she contract matrimoni or promys her self in manage to any 
man before the full age of 20 years with the goodwill of my son 
John Wadham Esquier, the said Christopher Cheverell, William 
Bevin and Martyn Pester. If she die before the said age and 
not be married the said £500 shall remain to the said Edward 
her brother. I will that the said ,£500 shall remain in the 
custody of the said William Bevin and Martyn Fester to whose 
honest keeping I have committed the said Barbara. To the 
said Edward Barough one standing cup and my best pair of 
vestments. To Florens Wadham six yards of black sattyn to 
make her a gown. To Marye Bevin my best woursted gowne. 
To Jone of Shapwick and Jone Santer 20s. each. To my 
servants with me at the time of my death, as follows : — William 
Bevin, and Martyn Pester £6 1 3J. $d. each. Richard Manering 
£3 6s. %d., the Scole M r . 40J., Robert Taylor, John Goghe, and 
Richard Horsman 40J. each, Thomas Hurman, Anthony the 
Coke, and Henry the boye of the kyching, 20j. each, John 
Thome, and John Baker 6s. $d. each, Philyce, 401., Old Jone 40s. 
Jone Sweltman 20s, To Alice Pester a standing bedstedd and 
a fetherbcdd which are at the personage of Ramsham with the 
hangings of my house that were at Maydnewton. 

Memorandum : that where my cosyn George Payne hath 
laid certain lands unto me in Morgage upon condition that if he 
or his executors repaid not £103 6s. %d. unto me at a day 
appointed, as by one pair of Indentures bearing date November 
4th last past more plainly it doth appear, then the said lands to 
be and remain to me and my heirs forever, I will that the said 
lands shall remain to my executors for the performance of my 
will. Whereas I have made covenant with one Henry Reynold 
for £6 i$s. qd., his meate, drynke, and lodgyng, a studye gowne 

IflBp Siaan WShaham. 

of Fryse and a cote of good brode clothe to teche the said 
Edward Barough 3 whole years to begin at the feast of St 
Michael next coming, for the performance whereof I have 
caused the said Henry Reynold to be bound unto the said 
William Bevin and Martyn Pester, 1 will that they shall yearly 
not only provide an honest convenient place for the said Henry 
Reynold to instruct and teach the said Edward Barough in, but 
also pay quarterly for the same out of all such issues as ought 
to come to me by reason of the said Wardeshipp. To my said 
son Christopher Cheverell the elder £20. To Christopher 
Cheverell the younger .£20. To Nicholas Cheverell, Hugh 
Cheverell, John Cheverell the elder, Robert Cheverell, and 
John Cheverell the younger £10 each. To the said Barbara 
Baroughe one peace of playn red to make her two peticotes. 
To my daughter Elizabeth Cheverell three yardes of fync 
brode blacke. To John Surgion £1 6s. %d. Isabell Soper 
all such money as John Soper of Speckington her father doth 
owe me, my cousin Thomas Lyte £30, Phillipp Cheverell one 
peace of brode Russett cloth, Sir Thomas Stuckey vicar of 
Ilton 4OJ., Alice Pester one litle sylver salte with a cover. To 
the said Barbara Baroughe one litle spruse coffer full of stuf 
that is in my closett and one other spruse coffer that is at the 
parsonage at Ransham, and one great cheste there. To the said 
Edward Baroughe xj newe Cuysshens wrought wyth medle 
whereof ij are unstuffed and also ij litle carpettes of lyke worke. 
All the rest of my stuff of Ransham to my servants William 
Bevyn and Martyn Pester. I will that my body be honestly 
brought in earth and for the more better doing thereof I will 
£30 be bestowed in black cloth to make gownes and cotes, and 
£200 delte to the poor at my buriall, monthes mynde and 
twelvemonthes ende, and if any remain it shall be bestowed 
upon the highe wayes. 

The residue to the said Christopher Cheverell, Willfn Bevyn 
and Martyn Pester (executors) to fyndc a preste praying for my 
sou le and my late husband's, Sir Nicholas Wadham and other of 
my frendes in such church as I shall be buried, for one whole 
year and to have £10 for his wages. 

Overseers : my said son John Wadham and George Speake, 
Esquyer. In witness whereof I have set my seal, the day and 

zoo •anrrtrt WtfUi. 

year abovesaid, at my house of Meryffyld in the presence of 
John Wadham Esquyer, Edward Barough, and Richard 
Maneringe, gentillmen. 

Proved August 30th, 1557. 


[38 NOODES.] 

July 27th. 1 557. Isaboll Cole, wedowe, of Saincte Cuthbertes 
parisshe in the Cittie of Welles. My body to be buried in St 
Cuthbert's churchyard. To Mawde my daughter a fetherbedd 
and 40s. To poor impotent people I2</. To be distributed by 
hand to poor people zs. $d. To Richard Cole my son all my full 
power and title that I have by vertue of my brother's will. The 
residue to Richard Cole my son (exor.) 

Witnesses: Sir John Toumo' precst, Morice Llewelyn, 
Thomas FuKvcll, and John Breston. 

Proved June 8th, 1558. 

1557. JOHN HUBD. 

[38 Wrastlev.] 

August 5th, 1557. John Hurd of the parish of Longe Sutton. 
My body to be buried in the church of Longe Sutton, to which 
church 6s. 8d. To the cathedral church of Wells I2<£ To Sir 
William Hart vicar there iSs. $d. to be paid by the hands of 
Richard Pype of Wytcombe. To my brother Peter £6 13J. 4*/. 
To my brother John 26s. id. To Henry Lokyer, William Symes, 
William Maunder, Thomas Love, Thomas Wharbarton, William 
Goffe, John Baratt, and William Towker a bushel of wheat each. 
To Thomas West four bushels of wheat To Thomas my 
youngest son a wayne and wheles. The residue to be divided 
between Margaret my wife, William and Thomas my sons and 
Johane and Margery my daughters (executors). If my wife die 
and also all my children before they come to lawful age 1 I will 
that my overseers, viz., my father John Hurd, John Gaylberd, 
John Chamber the elder, and John Chamber the younger shall 
have the disposition of my will. 

Witnesses : Sir William Hart, William Michell, Nicholas Bull. 

Proved October 22nd, 1557. 

Sfolj" StoWbortf. soi 


(54 Wrastley.] 

August 9th, 1557. Alexaunder Muttilburye of Jurdayn in 
the peculier and parish of Ashehill. My body to be buried in 
the chauncell of the parish church of Aishehill where the bodies 
of my father and mother lieth, to which church 6s? id. to be 
prayed for. To my daughter Elizabeth ^40 and her arrayed and 
her wedding dynner. To Johane my unmarried daughter 40 
marks. To Joane Cockes whom I have bought up, ,£5. To the 
vicar of Ayshill 6s. 8d. for the openyng of the grounde. To the 
poor people of the same parish 6s. 8d. To the poor 33.1. $d. 
The residue to Catherine my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Robert Cuff, gentleman, of Roulaunds and William 
Pynnye of Brodewaye. 

Witnesses : Robert Cuff, gentleman, Robert CufTe the younger 
of Chriche, Artdrow Mason, Thomas Cuff and Philip Cuff. 

Proved December 4th, 1558. 



August 1 5th, 1 557. John Rodvord. My body to holy grave. 
To the cathedral church of Wells i2d To the parish church of 
Brushforde 20j. To each of my godchildren 4tf. To my children 
Agnes, Johan, John, Thomas, Edward and Gregory, £20 each. 
To William my son ^40. If any of these children die before 
marriage, his or her part shall remain to the survivors. The 
residue to Margaret my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Mr. John Rolles, esquier, Thomas Mudford, preist, 
and Gregory Rodvord. 

Witnesses : Thomas Mudford, preist, Gregory Rodvord and 
Robert Nicoll. 

Proved May 13th, 1558. 

*ommm WOIfl. 


[39 Wrastley.] 
August 17th, 1557. John Underhaye of the parish of Mary 
MagdaTyn, in Tawnton, clothier. My body to be buried in the 
church of Mary Magdalyn, to which church 20s. To the highc 
Crosse theyre 3^. ^d. To the mother church in Wells \2d. To 
the church of St. James by Tawnton 6j. 8rf. To the maintenance 
of the Brydge called Toone bridge in Tawnton 40J. I will that 
there be distributed among poor people at my burial £20 and at 
my monethes mynde and twelve monethes mynde £20 and I 
give ^20 to be distributed quartelye that is £ 5 at every quarter. 
To Olyver Underhaye all my land and Tynne woorkes in Devon 
and all the years to come of and in a bargain at Olde Cleave, co. 
Somerset being the lands of the Righte honorable Earle of Arun- 
dell and if he die having no issue, the remainder thereof to John 
Underhaye his brother and if he die having no issue, the remain- 
der to Alexander Underhaye his brother. To the poor people 
in the parishes of Old Cleave, St, Decoms and Bysshopp Lydearde 
20s. to each (parish) to be paid out of the rent of my bargain in 
Olde Cleave. To John Stalinge my best gowne and my best 
doblet, Richard Taylo r a gown, Olyver Underhaye a standing 
cuppe of sylver w' a cover gilte pounsed w lh relies wayenge xxix 
oz., an ale cupp, etc., and viij sylver spoones w» h mayden heddes 
wayenge viij oz., provided that if he die before marriage this legacy 
and land shall remain to John Underhaye his brother and for 
lack of issue of the said John to the eldest brother of the said 
Olyver and John and so remayntng from one brother to the other 
of all the men children of Thomas Underhaye my son. To 
Olyver Underhaye ,£40 provided that all these my legacies unto 
the said Olyver remain in the hands of Bartylmewe Combe, 
esquire, John Stalyngc and John Slocombe. To John Stalinge 
and Tomasin his wife £80 and to his children here named, that 
is, Willm, Roberte, Nichas, James, Henry and Jasper £10 each 
and if any die before marriage or the age of 21 years, his part 
shall remain to the survivors ; provided that John Stalinge my 
daughter's son shall have the use and custody of the said legacies 
until the said time or any time before when my overseers or the 
father of the said children shall see cause reasonable to bestow 

SJofjtt MuBfri)a»t. 203 

the same legacy in any bargain for the profit of the said children ; 
so that the said John Stalinge do use the trade of merchandyse 
and otherwise not to have the use of the said legacy. To John, 
Richard and George Stalinge, my daughter's sons ^20 each 
provided that if any die before marriage or the age of 21 years, 
this his legacy shall come to all the rest of the children of John 
Stalinge the elder. To John Stalinge my daughter's son all my 
interest and years to come in a lease of a house in the highe 
streate in Tawnton and if he die having no issue, the remainder 
thereof to come to Richard Stalinge his brother and if he die 
having no issue, the said term to come to any of the children of 
John Stalinge the elder at the discretion of my son-in-law John 
Stalinge and Thomasine his wife. To Thomasine Stalinge my 
daughter a neste of goblettes of sylver, six sylver spoones with 
knappes in the endes called thappostelles and ij ale cuppes, to 
the intent that whoever shall happen to dwell (in) and have the 
house in the highe streate in Tawnton of her children or childres 
children, shall have all the said plate to his use. To Thomasin 
Slowcombe my son's daughter a sylver salte parcell gilte. To 
Agnes Hawkins my servant ^20. To Mr. William Dovell, vycar 
of Mary Magdalen 20s. To Thomasin Stalinge my daughter 
all such household stuff as I have besides that my wife Alyce 
brought unto me, so that she shall deliver the same to him that 
shall have my house in the highe streete. To each of my god- 
children 1 2d. To John Chapplyn my wife's son, if it happen that 
Alyce my wife marry after my decease, .680. To Richard 
Stalinge my daughter's son a salt of silver, etc. ; to George 
Stalinge my daughter's son the same ; to John Underhaye, 
Alexander Underhaye, and Walter Underhaye my son's children 
£10 each to be paid by the hands of John Stalinge at such time 
as Mr. Bartylmewe Combe and my overseers shall appoint, out 
of my lands without the este gate of Tawnton which the said 
John Stalinge holdeth of my surrendor unto him according to the 
custom there. To Mr. Bartylmew Combe of Cannyngton £10. 
To Mr. Roger Hughysshe 40J. The residue to Alyce Underhaye 
my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : John Stalinge, John Chapplen and Roger Heugh- 
ishe. I shall desyre Mr. Combe of Canyngton to be Umper and 
my specall staye to se this my will performed. 

>°4 j&omtrstt BKillfl. 

Witnesses: William Dove!, vicar of Mary Magdalen, John 
Stalinge, John Chapplen, John Davedge, John Perette and Roger 

Proved October 22nd, 1557. 

1557. LEWES POPE. 

[17 NOODES.] 

August 23rd, 1557. Lewes Pope of Taunton, merchaunte, 
in London. All my moveable goods to be divided between my 
wife Joane and my children. Besides this, to my eldest son 
Robert all my lands and houses, my wife having the house I 
now dwell in, for her life. To the poor of Taunton, ^10. 

Executors : Symon Kelewaye, William Chaplen and John 

Witnesses : William Chaplen, Simon Keylewey, William 
Leonard, William Wodroff, preest, Thomas Susow" 1 , Thomas 

Proved April 30th, 1558. 

1557. JOHN BTSSE. 

[30 Wrastley.] 

John Byssc of Publow, My body to be buried in the 
churchyard of Publow. To each of my children which I have 
had by Julyan my wife, £40, that is James, John, Peter, Agnes, 
Margaret and Frances. Also I give to tenne persons as their 
names appear in a bill, to each of them a coteclothe of black 
Frese of myn own making. The residue to my wife (Julian), 

Witnesses : John Pykes of Bristowe the elder, John Bysse 
the elder. 

Proved August 25th, 1557. 

Joan Aannani. 205 


[23 NOODES.] 

August 25th, 1557. Richard James of Cowdworthe. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of Cowdworthe to which 
church ^d. To my two daughters Julyan and Alyce 40J. each 
to be paid them at the age of 16 years. To Robert Idez my 
lether jerkyn and a payer of hoses. The residue to Johan my 
wife (executrix). If my wife do mary, she shall deliver the 
same into some honest man's hands to the use of my two 
daughters, as my frynde John Gunner shall think best. 

Witnesses : Sir John Clawsy, curatt, John Gunner, John 

Proved May 18th, 1558. 

[18 Wells.] 
September 16th, 1 5 57. Johane Hannam of Evercriche, widow. 
My body to be buried in the church of Evercriche. To the 
cathedral church of Wells $s. ^d. To the parish church of 
Evercriche 20s. To Henrie Mayowe son and heir of John 
Maiowe of Bynton [Dinton] co. Wilts 6s. &r/., and likewise to 
every child of any of my godchildren 6s. Set. To every of my 
household servants 6s. id. To Mary Poytwyn 20j. To my 
daughter Alice wife of Richard Walton, my best payre of 
wheles and wayne which were given her by her grandfather. I 
will that my daughter Johanne wife of John Kaynes, Esquier, 
shall have my greatest salte of silver, six oxen, a wayne, sollowe 
and all manner of plough harnes, all the implements of and in 
the new parlour, the lyttle chamber and the hall, my great 
crocke, my great panne, the leade for brewing, two kechen 
broches and two andyrons and after her death the same shall 
remain to Mathewe Joyce her son and after his decease to 
Marye his sister and afterwards to the other children as shall 
please God that the said Jone my daughter shall then have or 
else to the children of the said Marye forever. All my cattalles 
and goodes upon my Perm of Cuttern to Elynor my daughter 

io6 Bamtrttt W&illt. 

wife of Richard Wattes for her life, and afterwards the said 
goodes and half the cattail to Alice my daughter now wife of 
Richard Walton if she overlive her sister Elynor, and the 
residue to such children of the said Elynor as the said Richard 
Wattes or Elynor shall appoint To Margery my daughter 
wife of Thorns Brodribbe my second best salt of silver and a 
featherbed in the high chamber over the parlor. To Isabell my 
daughter wife of John a Barrowe my silver goblet and a 
featherbed lying in my own bed with the appurtenances. To 
every of my said daughters one payre of sheetes to be taken out 
of my great chest To Henrye Mayowe, Raffe Mayowe, Mawde 
Maiowe and Alice Mayowe a silver spoon to each. The residue 
to my sons-in-law Mr. John Keynes, Esquier, Richard Wattes 
and Richard Walton (executors). 

Witnesses : Sir Robert Brice, vicar of Everchriche, John 
Smyth of Hassellgrove and John Pepell. 

Proved December 19th, 1558. 

1557. JOHN BERDE. 

[64 Noodes-J 

September 30th, 1557. John Berde of Crukerne, draper. 
My body to be buried in the quyer of the parish church of 
Crukerne, to which church I bequeath my best gown. To St. 
Andrewe's church of Wells 8d. To my daughter Philip £10 at 
her marriage, my best cubbourde, my tablebourde, the fourme, 
the chest and the framed bedsteade, etc. To Robert my son, 
Anne my daughter, Thomas my son, Richard, John, Jasper and 
Roger my sons, £6 13s. qd. each. To Richard my youngest son 
£6. To Isabell, my wife, my two leases of the first and second 
parsounages of Crukerne for the years yet to come. The 
residue to Isabel! my wife (executrix). If she intend to marry. 
she shall put in sufficient surety for the payment of the said 
legacies or else pay them to my overseers to the use of the said 
children or to two honest persons at the discretion of the 
Archdeacon of Taunton. 

Overseers : the foresaid Roger Roydon and Thomas Myller. 

Witnesses : Sir William Sherewell, curate there, Thomas 
Smyth, James Riche, Robert Sherlock. 
Proved October 29th, 1558. 

1557. GUY HILL. 

[53 Wrastley.] 

October 2nd, 1557. Guye Hill of Crukerne. My body to 
christian burial. To the parish church of Cruckern $d. To 
Thospitall of Sainct Barthilmewe of London Sj. To my 
surgeon $s. To the hospiteler of the said hospital! I2d. To 
Mestres Fisshcr the mestres of thospitall $s. To Mary Johnson 
suster of the said house who keapith me i2d. To every poore 
man within the Warde where I lye 2d. a peace. To Alice Lide 
of Dorchester £20 of my debts. To my godson Richard Birche 
4CW. To the reparacion of Blackwell Way 4&r. 8^. To 
Thomas Hawkyns son of Robert Hawkyns of Crukerne for the 
grcate gentilnes that I havs found in hym, the residue of my 
debts. To John Bawdon my second best coote and to George 
Michell my best hoosses. 

The residue to my said frende Robert Hawkyns (executor). 

Witnesses: Thomas Hawkins, Richard Basse, John Gcp- 
loppe, Edward Graye, Steven Garlopp, Rose Fyssher, Mary 

Proved December 4th, 1557. 

1557. JOHN BISSE. 

[38 Wrastley.] 
October 7th, 1557. John Bysseof Croscombe, clothiar. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of Croscombe. To every 
poor house in Croscombe i\d. To each of my workemen i2d. 
I forgive my son-in-law Josephe Carter his rent due unto me. 
To my son Phillipp Bysse 21 wytes of wolle. To my daughter 
Denes 10 wytes of wolle. To John Byssc my son and Joane 
my daughter ^100, the money to be in my wife's keeping until 
they be of lawful age. I give my land to Joane my wife for 
her life and then to Phillipp my son. 

2o8 gfamtcM OTtilT*. 

The residue to Joane my wife and James Bysse my son 

Overseers : my brother Mr. James Bysse and my brother 
John Bysse. 

Witnesses : Joseph Carter, John Nelles. 

Proved October 2ist, 1557. 

1557. JOHN BUTT. 

[49 NOODES.] 

November 8th, 1557. John Butt of hvruers. My body to 
be buried in the churchyard of Iwruers to which church 10s. 
To John Butt my son and Edythe my daughter, all my goods 
in the custody of the said John Butt at Broad Hemberye in 
Devonshire which ys rated to the sum of £13 13^. 4</. wherof 
the Lorde mustc have hys heryeite and the rest to the said John 
and Edythe. To the said Edythe 10 wether sheoe, a cowe in 
the custody of Wylmotte Phyllypcs in the parish of Donkeswell, 
one cow at Armshall and one Truckell bedstead. To my 
daughter Elynor Butt 10 wether shepe and a cow in the custody 
of John Walron of Iwruers. To Trystram Myiborne one heffer 
yerlinge. To my son Thomas Butt a wayne and weales and 
harnes to the same for fower oxen. To Edythe one oxe 
which is with Thomas Tayllour. My household stuff after my 
wife's death to be divided between my five children. Item, a 
mayre and a coulte between my fower children, that is, John, 
Thomas, Elynor and Edythe. 

The residue to Wyllmote my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Thomas Rygge, John Cholys, Thomas Symon 
and Richard Drake. 

Proved September 16th, 1558. 


[9 NOODES.] 

November nth, 1557. William Mudeford in the parish of 
Mcritt. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Merrite. 
To the ehurch of Meritte 20a'. To the cathedral church of 

9o$n ©rrfjartl. 309 

Wells 64. To Thomas my son my best fetherbed perfourmyd. 
To Philipp my daughter a cup. To Joane my daughter three 
silver spones. To Elisabeth a heffeyr calf. If my wife 
Willmotte marry again all those goods of my children to be 
put in the hands of my father-in-law Thomas Baker of 
Crukerne for their profit, and after his death to John Baker the 

The residue to Wilmote my wife (executrix). 

Overseer : Thomas Baker. 

Witnesses : Sir William Sherwfll, preest, Roger Mudford, 
William Batte. 

Proved February 17th, 1557. 


[9 NOODBS.] 

November 21st, 1557. John Goodman of the parish of 
Chard and in the peculier of Chard. My body to be buried in 
the churchyard of Chard. To the parish church of Chard 6s. 8d. 
To Sir John Kipburye, curate there, 3.1. ^d. To my father 
every year for four years dr. 8d. To my sister Christian Dent 
lot. To John Crocker $s. $d. To my brother John a payer 
of loonies. To Mary my sister a frocke and a peticote. To 
William Bull a lether doublett 

The residue to Johane Goodman, Emme Goodman, Agnes 
Goodman and Margery Goodman my four daughters (executrices). 

Overseers : John Goodman my brother, William Symmes, 
William Downe and John Robyns. 

Witnesses : Sir John Kilburye, Walter Gachell, John 
Goodman, Richard Downe, John Hooper, William Symes of 
Tat worth. 

Proved February i?th, 1558. 


[9 NOODES.] 

December 20th, 1557. John Orcheard of the peculier of 
Winsham. My body to be buried in holly grave with suche 
conveniable suffrages as a christian man ought to have. To 

2 E 

£omrr*rt HHilM. 

the cathedral church of Wells ^d. To the parish church of 
Wynsham [ 1 To Elisabeth my daughter £15 6s. id., Agnes 
my daughter £13 6s. id., Alice my daughter ,£15, at their 
marriages. To William Crowche my father-in-law, my gown 
of Frise. To Elisabeth Crowche my mother-in-law one ewe 
sheep. To Marks their son one other ewe sheep. To John 
Stevens my brother-in-law one sheep To William Gouge my 
servant one baye colte. To Steven Payn one shoting bowe. 
To William Hancocke the same. To William Whoundaller 
one pigge. To each of my sisters a sheep. To Margaret 
Hebbes a Crusadoo. To Agnes my daughter in recompense of 
a copp given her by one Margaret Bagwell, 33.1. 4d., to be 
paid by William Orcheard and therefore he to have, after the 
decease of Agnes his mother, my best goblett. To Agnes Hill 
a lamb. To the poor of Wynsham a sacke of wheate and one 
of rye. 

The residue to Agnes my wife (executrix). 

Overseers: William Hancocke, Steven Payn, William 
Whoundaller and Marks Crowche. 

Witnesses: William Hancocke, William Whoundaller, 
William Hooper. To Joane my daughter £13 6s. id. 

Proved February 17th, 1557. 


[9 NOODES.] 

January 18th, 1557. Thomas Markesfeld of Clapton in the 
parish of Cruckern, husbandman. My body to be buried in the 
churchyard of Cruckern. To the mother church of Wells qd. 
To the high aulter there for tithes forgotten 2od. To the parish 
church of Cruckern 6j. id. To the Chapell of Wayford 2s. To 
the Chapell of Zeborowe i2d. To the three children of Clement 
Clerke 3 ewes. To the two children of John Rossetter 2 ewes. 
To Sir William Sherwill my gostly father ^d. I will that 
Clement Clerke and John Rossetter have all my lands in 
Netherhay co. Dorset in the parish of Brodewynsore. To John 
Rosseter $os. that I lent to Thomas Bonvy, esquire. The residue 
to Edith Marxfild (executrix). 

Proved February 17th, 1557, 

9of)ii lutttwll. 


[l3 NOODKS.] 

February 1st, 1557. William Garlande of Dynynton. My 
body to be buried in the church of Dynynton, to which church 
6s. 8<£ To the mother church of Wells $d. To Henry Garland 
10 wethers and 10 ewes. To Thomas Swete a silver spone. To 
Elizabeth Garland 10 ewes and to Annes 10 ewes. To John 
Garland a silver spone. To Edmond Garland the same. To 
Peter Garland 10 ewes sheepe. To Thomas Sweete a sacke of 
Rye, a bushell of Isenhards and a hogeshed of Cydar, To Henry 
Garland the same. To Annes, Elizabeth and Peter Garlande 
three heickforthes yerelings. To Henry Garland a yereling 
steere. To Thomas Sweete's wife the same. To Thomas 
Swete's child an ewe. 

Overseers : Thomas Janes and Thomas Swete. The residue 
to Edmounde Garland and John Garland my sons (executors). 

Witnesses : Thomas James, Thomas Sweete, John Jones. 

Proved March 26th, 1558. 

1557. JOAN BYSSE, 

[67 NOODES.] 

1 557. Jone Bysse of Trestocke, co. Somerset, widowe. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of Tostocke. To Philipp 
Bysse my son a diaper bordeclothe. To Denyse my daughter 
a fyne Normandy bordeclothe, and to Joneahollande bordeclothe 
and sixe napkyns. To Johan[ ] a bordeclothe of Morleys 

clothe. To James Bysse all the rest of my lynen and to Philipp 
Bysse a silver salte. The residue to James my son (executor). 

Overseer: John Willes and Water Bother. 

Proved November 3rd, 1558. 


[SS Noodes.] 
May 23rd, 1558. John Lutterell of Dunster, Esquier. My 
body to be buried in Our Ladye Chapell in the churche of 
Dunster. I will that Elisabeth my wife shall distribute among 

Aomtrtrt milt*. 

the poor £4. To the cathedral church of Wells 20*/. To my 
son George Lutterell the elder £40, 2 kyne and 20 shepe and to 
my son John Lutterell I do forgeve £40, 2 kyne and 20 sheepe. 
To George Lutterell the younger my son the same. My said 
sons to have the said £120 of my detts whereof the obligations 
lie in the hands of my cousen Hugh Stewkeley. Further, 1 will 
that my forsaid sons shall have between them the obligations 
that I have upon Sir Thomas Arundell, deceased. To my son 
Hugh Lutterell my best apparel, 6 oxen, 6 kyen, 50 wethers, 
50 ewes, 2 fetherbeds and all my plate after the decease of 
Elisabeth my wife, on condition that he marry with Margaret 
Loghore my wife's daughter ; if he refuse, the said Margaret shall 
have half my said plate to her preferment in marriage and my 
said wife the other half. But if my said son Hugh be pleased to 
marry the said Margaret Loghore and she refuse to marry with 
him, the said Hugh shall have all my plate and she shall have 
none. To my forsaid wife the lease that I have upon the 
Rectories of Dunster, Kilton and parcel] of Mynehead and the 
scite of the Priorye of Dunster with all houses and edifices 
thereunto belonging during the terme that I have yet to come. 
To William Cooke a mare and a cow. The residue to Elizabeth 
my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Sir John Rice, clerk, William Everat, Alexander 
Veysy, Robert Gooche and Richard Gethin. I will my wife 
shall discharge John Giles and John William Bassett, gentilman, 
concerning a Bond of 1000 marks that they stand bound in with 
me and for me to Sir George Mathue, knight. To the fabric of 
Dunster church 20s. 

Proved October 13th, 1558. 


[32 NOODES.] 

June 3rd, 1558. Thomas Willys, husbandman, of the parish 
of Nemnett My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Wynford. To the church of St. Andrewe of Wells 2d. To the 
free scole there $d. To the churches of Winford and Nemnet a 
bushel of wheat, each. To the church of Butcombe half a bushel 
of wheat To the poor of Winford and Nemnett icw. To John 

9aftn iW'Ip*. 213 

Edward and William Greye half a bushel of wheat each. To 
John Legate half a bushel of rye. To Thomas my son 2 oxen in 
the keeping of Katherine Willies. I bequeath all my debts and 
all my cattail! that is from home in other men's keeping, to 
my five unmarried children. To Joan Broke my daughter a 
shepe. The residue to Agnes my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : Robert Kinge and John Busshe. 

Witnesses : Sir Richard Kynge, curate of Nemnett, William 
Walles, John Busshe, Robert King and John Legate. 

Proved July 8th, 1558. 


[32 NOODES.] 

June 19th, 1558. John Phelps oftheborowe of Yevill, mercer. 
My body to be buried in the christian burial of Ivill. To the 
cathedral church of Wells 12c/ To the parish church of Ivill 
6s. fid. To the high altar there, \2d. To my servant John 
Whore 4.0J. To Dorothee and Christian my woman servants 
2oj. each. To Walter Phelps 20s. To William Sampson and 
Richard Phelps, my godsons, 6s. Sd. each. To John, Thomas, 
Mary and Margaret Phelps my sons and daughters £40 each at 
their marriages. To William Phelps my son my tenement 
called Forstreetis. To John Phelps my son and his heirs my 
tenement called Pynnys Bargayn and my tenement in Patlane 
in the tenure of William Wodiall, and for lack of heir, to 
Thomas Phelps my son, his brother. To Thomas Phelps my 
son my house called the Chauntrie House, all my title in a close 
of pasture called Pavittes Downe and in my mylne and mylne 
orcheards in Pittlane and Qutdham Streete. To John Hacker 
the elder I Or. 

Overseers : My brother John Warham, gentilman, and John 
Phelps my son. Executrix, Joan, my wife. 

Witnesses : Sir Thomas Graungier, clerk, parson of 
Hardington, Androw Paustons, Philipp Hoskinnes and others of 
my neighbours at Yevill. 

Proved July 6th, 1558. 

2i4 £onur«tt Will*. 


[49 NOODBS.] 

August 14th, 1558. John Heathe of Mylton in the parish 
of St. Cuthbert in Wells. My body to be buried in the parish 
church aforesaid to which I bequeath 26s. Sd. To the vycar for 
tithes forgotten ioj. To the poor people of the Almouse 
house 24s. To the cathedral church 0/ Wells 40s, To the 
grammer schoole £$. To the Reverend Father in God my 
singuler good Lorde the Busshopp of Bath and Wells tenne 
oulde angells. To Master Wyllyam Good, Scholemaster, 20s 
To John Barnard, my kinsman, being lame, 40J. To Wyllyam 
- Absolon, Ussher, 20s. To the poor people of Wells 40s., 
valyant, vacabond and strong sturdye baggers only excepted. 
Unto Detherell a cow. To Rauffe More my wife's kinsman the 
same. To Johan Willes the same. To William Dorsett my 
godson one crowne. To John Lane a cowe. To Sir John 
Turner my curate 2 s. To John Clercke \2d. If Johane, my 
executors or assignes do receive upon my action against 
Mathewe Grene, the emoluments thereof shall return to the use 
of my executors. I will that Ede Sorell and Thomas Sorell 
beinge in mynor adge shalbe educated by my ex ours untyll 
they come to lawful! adge. To my Frend Thomas Mathewe 
who oweth me £40, ,£10 as soon as it be paid. The residue to 
Johan my wife and Rychard my son (executors). 

Overseers: Master Thomas Jury, Canon of Wells, and 
Master Henry Clarcke. 

Witnesses : Master Thomas Jury, Canon, Master Henry 
Clarcke, esquyer, William Absolon, John Lane, Thomas Atwell, 
Robert Heathe, William Dotherell and Henry Cary. 

Proved September 30th, 1558. 


[64 NOODKS.] 

August 2 1 st, 1558. John Palfrey ah. Lauraunce of Horton 
in the parish of Ilmyster. My body to be buried in the church 
of Ilmyster, to which church bs. &d. To the vtcar 35. 4d. I will 
have a preest sing for my soul, my friends and all christian 

€i)omasS 8«I)t. 3*5 

souls one whole year and to have peny dole geven at my 
burying. To William Philips Sd. To the children of Thomas 
Lauraunce and Julian as follows : — to John Lauraunce their 
eldest son and to John Lauraunce the younger son, £10 each, to 
Joanne Lauraunce their eldest daughter £\o, and to Elizabeth, 
Dorothee and Margaret Lauraunce their daughters £10 each, to 
be delivered to each at their marriage. The residue to Joane 
my wife and Thomas my son (executors). 

Witnesses : Richard Betty, vicar, John Wolmyngton and 
Robert Hunderhaye. 

Proved October 29th, 1558.' 


[61 NOODES.] 

August 30th, 1558. Robert Lumbardeof Winterhay, of the 
parish and peculier of Ilmyster. My body to be buried in the 
churchyard of Helington. To the mother church of Wells qd. 
To the parish church of Ilmyster 2od. To the church of 
Chellington i2d. To the parish church of Codworthe 120L To 
Elizabeth my daughter A 10, Agnes my daughter £10, Johane 
my daughter ^10, at their marriage or at the age of 18 years ; 
the said £$0 remaining in the hands of my overseers my 
brother in law Robert Piers and John Drewe. To each of my 
godchildren 2d. To my father my best cote. To my brother 
William my fryse cote. The residue to Loore my wife 

Witnesses; Robert Lumbard of Chillington, William Wilkins, 
and John Membrye. 

Proved October 22nd, 1558. 


[64 NOODES.] 

September 12th, 1558. Thomas Ashe of Batcomb, cloathe 
maker. My body to be buried in the church of Batcombe. To 
St. Andrewe's church of Wells i2d. To the hiegh crosse light 
of Batcombe \2d. To the church of Batcombe 2CU. To the 

zi6 ftemmfrt Witt*. 

torche light of Batcombe i2rf. To John Ashe my son 12 penny 
hew clothes. To my daughter Joane 100 marks. To Christian 
the elder, my daughter, the same. To Christian the younger, 
my daughter, the same. To Annes Bysy £6 13J. ^d. To 
Philip Bysy my son in law and his wife £6 iy. 4/A To their 
sons' John the elder and John the younger £6 ly. ^d. To 
Agnes Hayes 20s., Joane Hayes 20J'., John Haies 20J. To 
Thomas Newman, Water Hayes, John Carpinter, John Baker, 
Water Figgur and John Morgan, 2 or. each. To Elizabeth 
Gifford 6s. M. Overseers : John Ashe my son and Philipp 
Bisse. To Thomas, my son, my land in Batcomb and in 
Mapowder co. Dors. The residue to John Bisse of Stoke 
Sainct Michael! and John Dyar of Wyncanton, gentleman, 
governors of my son Thomas until he come to the age of 21 
years, when they shall deliver to him all such goods as shall 
come into their hands, with the issues and profits of all such 
bargayns as they have received. Executor : my said son 
Thomas ; if he die before the forsaid age, the said governors 
shall deliver all goods and profits unto all my children then 
alive equally. 

Witnesses: John Gollar, curate, Richard Miller and Philipp 

Proved October 29th, 1558. 


[6l NOODES.] 

September 17th, 1558. William Lumbard of Chaftcombe. 
My body to be buried in the churchyard of Chalscomb. To 
the same church to be prayed for 3J. $d. To the mother church 
of Wells, %d. To my godson William Capon 20d. To my 
godson William Owseley $d. To my wife's daughters Joanne 
and Edith 4OJ. each besides their own father's bequest To my 

foostelie father Sir Thomas Eliott \2<L To my daughter 
larye my wayne. The residue to Alice my wife and to Mary 
my daughter when she is 18 years of age (executrices). 
Overseers : John Drue and Joane North. 
Witnesses : Sir Thomas Eliott, preest, John North and John 

Proved October 22nd, 1558. 

BttiKfam Conge. 


[77 NOODES.] 

September 28th, 1558. William Longe of Bekyngton. My 
body to be buried in the parish church where I die, to which 
church 20s. To Elizabeth my wife 1,000 marks to be paid of 30 
fyne clothes when they be sold and the residue to be paid of 
the debt that my cousin Henry Fyner, merchant of London, ■ 
oweth me. To my two sons alt my plate. To William Longe my 
son ^500 and the lease of my house at Semyngton ; my son 
Thomas to have the said lease until William shall be of the age 
of 23 years. To each of my four daughters £200. My wife to 
have the keeping of Margerye my youngest daughter and of 
her bequest To Margarett Taylor, my daughter in law, 100 
marks. To every poor household in the parishes of Bekyngton, 
Roode, Thrum [Frome],Lultyngton and Barkley i2d. Toevery 
manservant that I have 3.1. 4/1'. To John Payne and Richard 
Jurdeyne £5 each. To every woman servant in my house 5;. 
To Bessc Norres and Katheryn, my servants, 5 marks each. To 
John Stone of Letcombe Regis 5 marks. To Augustyne Stone 
son of John Stone, the same. To the wife of the said John 
Stone a black kyrtell. To my hoost Garrett of Wantage 20s, 
To the litle mayde there for her paynes taken with me, 20J. at 
her marriage. To the pore woman servant in my host's house at 
Wantage los. The residue to Thomas my son (executor). 
Overseers: John Rowse, gentleman, Thomas Longe, Christofer 
Baylie and Henry Longe. To Robert Custulo my man 40J. a 
year. To Robert Seman of Wantage for wrytinge of my will 
20s. To my pore kynneswoman Cecely 26s. %d. a yere. To 
John Ball in Roode the house that he dwellith in for his life and 
after his death L give it to Joseph my servant at Semyngton. 

Witnesses : William Wyrdman, Thomas V/yxe, William 
Watts, William Garret of Wantage, John Stone of Letcombe 
Regis, Robert Seman. 

Proved November 17th, 1558. 

2i8 tumnttl Willi. 


[3 WELLS.] 

October 2nd, 1558. John Gardnar of Hasilba? co. Somerset 
Tanner. My body to be buried in the christian (sic) of 
Haselbare. To the cathedral church of Wells 4A To the 
parish church of Hasilbare 20ct. To William my son three 
tanne vattes and ,£5. To my sons John the elder and John the 
younger and Richard £5 each. To my son Walter the elder 
£6 13*. 4*£, my son Walter the younger £6 i$s. 4^ and 4 tanne 
vattes. To my daughter Deanes £5, my daughters Clement 
and Joane Whitynall one yearling apiece. To Walter 
Whitnyall and John Whittinall 5 marks each if they continue 
(to) serve and dwell with Agnes my wife until they shall be 
18 years of age. To Agnes my wife my furnesse mylle and 
trowes for her life and afterwards they shall remain to such of 
my said sons as my house that I now dwell in shall come unto. 
The residue to Agnes my wife (executrix). 

Witnesses : Sir John Shackle, vicar of Hasilburye my 
goostly father, William Rawelles, William Androwcs, John 
Petteyn, and John Jay the younger. 

Proved December 1st, 1558. 


[66 NOODKS.] 

October 12th, 1558. Tristram Newman of Trente. My body 
to be buried in the churchyard of Trente. To St. Andrewe's 
church of Wells 12^. To my parish church a cow and 20 bushels 
of rye. To the hye crosse light of my parish church 3s, qd. To 
the Chapell of Adbery within Trent 6s. St/. To the parish 
churches of Modeforde, Chilton, Brodemerston, Rympton, Sam- 
forde, Nethercompton and Overcompton 6s. Sd. to each. To the 
priest that shall bury me 2s. To every priest present at my 
burial 1 2</. apiece, every clerk 8d., and to every man that shall ring 
my monthes mynde Sd. To my servant John Myltone 2 oxen. 
To Trystram Mowre my servant an oxe, 2 steres of the twelve 
monthe yeare and a payre of iron bonde wheles. To William 

CriStcam fittumati. 

Skelling my lade a noxe. To my ladde John a heyfer. To my 
mayde Jone Noke a heyfer. To my servant Agnes Whorwelles 
a cow. To my servant Jesbel Clege a cow. To my servant Eme 
Addams a sacke nf rye, a sacke of drege malte and 3j. 4<f. To 
Tristram Newman son of Thomas Newman the younger an iron 
bonde weane. To Jone Newman daughter of the said Thomas 
a yereling. To every child of John Mathewe of Uppmondford 
5 sheep. To John Edwardes a black heyfer that I bought of 
Robert Edwardes his father. To Anne Baker a petycote of my 
best white and another of the worst. To Robert Barbaras wife 
of Yevell and to his daughter Margarete, 6s. %d. each. To my 
goddaughter, being Mr. Peramse daughter of Rympton a wayte 
of flece wull and to my goddaughter Mr. Thomas Jerords' 
daughter of Chilton, the same. To Jone Ymmans of Rymptone 
20s. To Mr. Henry Symbers' children 40J. Bequests of 
bushels of malt and rye to Walter Courtise of Trent, John 
Pennye, John Stoker, John Milbome, Robert Mylbourne, 
Richard Mylbourne, John Legge, William Buckyngham, Elynor 
Buckyngham, Nicholas Addams, William Hepdyche, Tristram 
Deffett, William Hopkyns, Vyncent Garmeway, Jone Garmeway 
the elder, Edward Howrcowe, Edith Tommes, William Combe, 
John Browne, Tristrame Garmewaye, Anne Dowrdowe, John 
Adams, John Dwedny the elder and Jone Close his daughter, 
Robert Dwedny, John Goodsone, and Henry Emansse. To 
Thomas Milboume one bushell of rye and the keping of a 
heyfer until hotyroode day next coming. To Robert Edwardes 
2 bushels of rye and a fryse cote. To Cristian Hervy 2 bushels 
of rye and malte and six pounds of course wooll. To John 
Sockea black cowe being with William Browne of Pyneforde. 
To my son-in-law John Clothere and Jone his wife my two 
leases, the one called Vreke Brigge and the other xij acres after 
the decease of my wife Johanne, and after their death the same 
* to remain to John Clothere their son. 

The residue to Jone my wife (executrix). 

Overseers: Master William Jerarde, Esquyer, Master Henry 
Symberbe and Master Thomas Jerarde. 

Witnesses : Mr. William Jerard, Esquyer, Syr Robert Elyott, - 
parson, John Smythe, William Hepdyche. 

Proved November 2nd, 1558. 

no Aonurftt Willi. 


[67 NOODES.] 

March 10th, 1558, Robert Parys of Charde. My body to 
christian burial. To St An'drewe's church in Wells 4d. To 
Chard church 6s. id. To benot Newtons howse id. To 
Margerye Budges howse id. To Hamlyns howse id. To 
Woddams howse id. To Robert Chobbes howse id To Mar- 
gerye my daughter ^50, etc., and to Mawde my daughter £50, 
etc., which weretheiruncle's gift, and which I have delivered into 
the custody of my father John Sellowde, to be delivered with the 
advice of John Acourt and Roger Cosyns at their marriage ; 
but if they both die I bequeath of the said money to the church 
of Charde and to the building of an Almesse howse £\0, among 
my daughter's children ^20 and the residue to my daughter 
Margaret, or, if she die, to my wife. To Ede Cosyns my 
daughter a black mare. To Erne Downynge my litle bay mare. 
To Agnes Hay ball's children 20 sheep. To Isabel Hayball a 
payre of black beades. To William Hayball my godson, a cow. 
To Robert Jaunce my man a sheep. To my brother Thomas my 
next best gowne and a sacke of malte. To Walter Gachill p. 4$. 
To Thomas Wyett a sheep. To Anne my wife, my burgage at 
Charde and after her death the same to remain to Margaret my 

The residue to Anne my wife (executrix). 

Overseers : John Selowoode, John Acourt, Roger Cosyn and 
William Pysse my brother. 

Witnesses : Sir Thomas Helett my curate, Walter Gachill, 
John Warry, and Ames Walter, and Robert Chubb. 

Proved November 5th, 1558. 
[Will and Sentence, 1571, at fo. 28 Holney.] 


[61 NoODES.] 
March23rd, 1558. William Brayneof Croukerne. My body 
to be buried in the churchyard of Saincte Barthilmew abovesaid. 

William Srajmt. 

To the church of Wells ,\d. To the high aulter of Crockeme a 
weather. To James my son i2d. To my daughter Ellener I2d. 
To Thomasyn I2d. To Alice i2rf. To Joane \2d. 

The residue to Alice my wife and John my son (executors). 

Witnesses : Sir John Sharlocke, Richard Haning, William 

Proved October 22nd, 1558, 

[On filed will is an act of Probate in Archdn. Court of Taunton, 
April 28th, 1558.] 


N.E.D. = New Bngiiih Diitienary (Murray). 
S.R.S. = Somerset Record Society. 

4 Bo rdclsau rider, a kind of striped silk made at Alexandria. 

i s Sarge, serge, a sieve. 
23 de card, carde, some fabric anciently used for canopies, curtains 

and linings {N.E.D.\ see also carda {Draper's Dictionary). 

7 basilard, a species of dagger or hanger, usually worn at the 

girdle. {N.E.D.) 
22 R. Workington instituted to E. Brent, May 24, 1484, Somerset 

Incumbents, 33. 
1 W. Cousyn, Dean of Wells, 1498-1525. 
20 my lorde of Bathe. Bp. Oliver King, S.R.S., 19, 45. 

22 the Archdeacon. Thomas Beaumont, died 1S07, S.R.S., 19, III. 
16 R. Wolman, Dean of Wells, 1 530-7, he was succeeded by Thomas 


23 lockeram, a cheap kind of linen (Shakspere, Cor, II. 1, 225). 

8 Mr. Wm. Knight, afterwards Bp. of Bath and Wells, his will is 

given on p. 97. 
10 a little diamond pointed. my ring with the best pointed 

diamond, Test. Vet. 743. Stones may be pointed naturally or 

artificially (Streeter's Precious Stones and Gems, 6th Ed. p. 31). 
20 a Ribben, cf. Ribband Agate and Ribband Jasper. The former 

exhibits strata or layers of different colours which play one 

into the other {ibid. p. 236.) 
10 salter of Our Lady. "Psalterium Marie" was the work of 

Cardinal Bonaventure : it passed through 28 Editions between 

1476 and 1823. 
18 St. Rosmi probably for St. Erasmi. 
18 St. Wolfrygs shryne. This celebrated hermit of Haselbury 

lived about 1 146 (Collinson ii, 331). 
37 trendells, a brewer's cooler. West. {Wrights Provincial 


i8 Maister Bekington. John Beckington, monk of Bath received a 
pension of & 13J. $d. and was still living in 1556. The date 
of Pole's Pension Book is 24 Feb. 1555-6. (ArchboWs 
Religious Houses, 145.) 

19 cosynar, Fr. cuisinier, the member of a priory having superintend- 

ence of the kitchen. (N.E.D. and Wells With, 162.) 

2 1 buckerham. This textile was originally manufactured at Bokhara 

and was a fine and costly stuff. The material now known as 

buckram is a coarse linen or cotton cloth stiffened with glue. 

{Caulfield and Sawards Dictionary of Needlework.) 
25 St. lophe. St. Joseph of Glastonbury (S.R.S. xix) 48, for other 

pilgrimages, see S.R.S. xvi, 201, 226, 268, xix, 30, 173. 
29 Strond Yn. Strand Inn (or Chester Inn from its being near the 

Bp. of Chester's house) was taken down temp. Edward VI. by 

the Duke of Somerset for building his palace : it occupied part 

of the site of the present Somerset House. Curiosities of 

London, by John Timbs, F.S.A., 1867, p. 475. 
11 puke, a dark colour between russet and black. {Century 

17 John Fitzjames, son of Sir John Fitzjames, Lord Chief Justice, 

whose will is at p. 48. 

20 chamlet, camlet, a costly fabric : it is uncertain whether it was 

ever made of camel's hair, but in the sixteenth and seventeenth 
centuries it was made of the hair of the Angora goat. 

22 tabulment, a pedestal supporting a tabula in which relics were 

kept. (See Ducange, Tadulamentum.) 

33 pestilence, see Preface. 

34 artor, arder, a kind of fish. Richard Verstegan to Sir Robert 

Cotton. " I send you heerwith the toung of a fish, which tyrne 
hath converted into stone . . . the fish is called an Arder, 
these tounges are found in clay that is heer abouts digged for 
the making of pottes ; but the fish is not found nearer unto 
Brabant then the isles of Zealand." From Antwerp, June 15th, 
1609. Letters of Eminent Literary Men. (Sir Henry Ellis.) 
Camden Society, 23, p. 108. 
7 my white saveyere. Sapphires are sometimes pure white. 
(Streeter's Precious Stones and Gems, 6th Ed., p. 180.) 

13 Begonia. Begona, ville de la province de Biscaye in Spain 
four or five kilometres N.E. of Bilbao. 3,800 inhabitants. 
{Nouveau Diet. Geog. Universelle, par V. de St. Martin.) 

22 W. Witherton, Vicar of Stoke-Courcy. 
9 Corny ner. This word is not in N.E.D., 
canonicus seu alius qui communia vel con 
canon icis distribuebat. vide communia (Afon. Angl.) 

7 briganders. Brigandines were the pieces of armour riveted and 

jointed for the arms and thighs made of steel and lined with 
silk or velvet. (Test. Vet. xxxii.) 

8 Spilte for splint, plates in armour which lapped over each other 

and protected the inside of the arm. ( Wrighfs Provincial 
ii a powder pece, powder box of silver either (i) for perfumed ■ 
powder, much used for clothes or (2) a caster or pepper-box. 
{Bury Wills, Camden Soc, p. 239.) 

26 with a gebrge, probably the figure of St. George " 1709, having 

on them the image of St. George, they were called George- 
rings." (N.E.D.) 

12 picture in lattyn.. Brass figures for tombs were manufactured in 

the Netherlands and imported here. They were of all sorts 
and sizes and suitable to the rank of each person to be 
represented; they were called "pictures of brass." (Test. Vet. 

13 eognysaunce, a device or mark by which a person, company, etc., 

is known or distinguished ; as a crest, heraldic bearing, coat ot 
arms, etc., a badge, specially in Heraldry a device or emblem 
borne for distinction by all the retainers of a noble house 
whether they bore arms or not. (N.E.D.) 
23 gleithis, sic MS. probably for gleivis, glaives, i.e. swords. 

27 bullis, bulla, a ball, Fr. boult (Ducange). 

21 John Try vet instituted Rector of Butleigh, May 13th, 1523. 
(Somerset Incumbents 39.) 

10 The students of Glastonbury (at Oxford). The Oxford students 
from Glastonbury went to Gloucester College. " This was 
originally ft college for the monks of St. Peter's Abbey, Glou- 
cester, but about 1290 it was enlarged, and became a joint college 
for several of the principal Benedictine Abbeys. It occupied the 
site of the present Worcester College, and on the old staircases 
there are still to be seen the arms of the principal Benedictine 
monasteries showing where each set of students lived." Wood's 
City of Oxford O.H.S. xvii, 255. These have now nearly all 
disappeared ; an account of what does remain is given in 
Daniel and Barker's History of Worcester College (College 
Histories) pp. 29-35, but in July, 1905, I was fortunate enough 
to discover the arms of Glastonbury Abbey built into the back 
of the outside wall of the present kitchen, defaced, but still 
clearly recognizable. It is described in the above book (p. 3;} 
as a shield bearing a cross bottony, a rose (?) in the dexter 
chief : but to any one who has seen the Glastonbury Abbey 
coat, it is obvious that it is not a rose, but a weather-worn 
image of the B.V.M. and Holy Child. 

3b 32 house of Horwell, a cell lo the Cistercian Abbey of Stonelegh in 

31 36 culverhouses, a pigeon house, a dovecot (N.E.D.) 

33 16 John Algar instituted rector of W. Bagborough, June 19th, 1516. 

{Somerset Incumbents, 312.) 

34 34 gownecloth, a piece of material to make a gown. (JV.E.D.) 

35 14 ware clothes. Probably cloth made at Ware. 

35 33 Our Ladie of Pittye. An Image of B.V.M., represented as 

weeping over the dead Christ with His head on her lap. 
(Rock's Church of our Fathers, 111,271.) 

36 28 fulling mill, a mill in which cloth is fulled or milled by being 

beaten with wooden mallets, which are let fall upon it, and 
cleansed with soap or fuller's earth. (N.E.D.) 

36 28 sigillum pannorum. The seal or stamp on the cloth. 

37 4 Rowlands. This'fine old house in the parish of Ashill still 

stands (see Collinson, i, 10). 
37 5 Gownyngham's He. The family of Goundenham is mentioned, 
S.R.S., xvi, 19 ; and xix, 310. 

37 19 a fyne (or recovery, p. 41), the compromise of a fictitious suit for 

the possession of lands formerly in use- when the ordinary 
modes were not available. See S.R.S. Feet of Fines, vol. vi 

38 10,12 Secundario meo . . . annuellar. An "annuellar" was a 

priest who sang anniversary masses. Secondaries were clerks 
of an inferior grade to the annuellars. Mr. Hmgeston- 
Randolph kindly wrote me a letter in 1890 in which he says : 
"There were 12 secondaries in Exeter Cathedral, they and the 
annuellars occupied the second form or rank ; they were clcrici 
secunde forme, and were always or nearly always in orders 
below that of priest. When Grandison visited the cathedral 
he took the names of all from the Dean downwards, and they 
are recorded in his register. No secondary was then in priest's 
orders, there are a few deacons and subdeacons, the rest in 
minor orders." Walter Trote, Canon of Exeter, in his will 
(dated November 4th, 1399) left to every Annuellar priest bd,, 
to each of the Secondaries and to each chorister in like 
manner yt. Stafford's Register, p. 381. 

39 2 Burton Lazars (Leic.) . . . Bridpoit. 

39 3° John Nase. As prebendary of St. Decuman's he presented to 
that church in 1530 {Somerset Incumbents, 355). He was 
evidently a private chaplain to John Clerk, Bishop of Bath and 
Wells. He had rooms in Bath Place, London, in the palace of 
Wells, and in the Bishop's mansions at Chew and Ban well, 

41 19 the first lavatory, see S.R.S. , XIX, p. xxi. 

42 26 hecfords. N.E.D. gives this as one of the many forms of the 

word heifer. 

2 G 

Stomtrttt HBills. 

4 the vantage, and line 21, the increse, both mean the value of the 

bequest, including the offspring of the animals. 
6 this plague (see Preface). 

23 a valowe heyffer : fallow, of a pale brownish or reddish colour. 

14 Recle, St. Mary Redcliff, Bristol. 

30 sollers. Soler, a garret (Wrights Provincial Dictionary), and 
seep. III. 

20 Thomas Starkey. A good account of this testator is given in Dr. 
Macray's Register of Magdalen College, Oxford, New Series, 
i, 156. He was Fellow of Magdalen, and was appointed a 
proctor by Wolsey in 1522. 

29 Apetrull, see S.R.S., xix, 144. 

33 my Lorde of London. Richard Fitzjames, Bishop of London, 
1506-22, who, with his nephew (the testator) and Dr. John 
Edmunds, were the founders of Bruton School in 1519 : that is 
the year in which they bestowed estates upon the school, but 
the school was in existence at least as early as 1 506, and probably 
long before, in connection with the priory there. See S.R.S., 
XIX, p. xxiii. 

3 discontynue, to alien land in such a manner as operates to the 
" discontinuance " of the heir in tail. (N.E.D.) 

14 trangers, i,e., trenchers. 

22 John Walgrave was rector of Odcombe, 1 534-41 . 

29 my occupation, evidently that of a tallow-chandler. 

28 six poull of pewter vessel), i.e., half a garnish ; this word is to be 
found at pp. 67 and 76. Harrison, England, III, xi (1878; 
II, 72), writes, " such furniture of household of this mettall 
[pewter] as we commonly call by the name of vessell is sold 
usuallie by the garnish, which doeth containe 12 platters, 
12 dishes, 12 saucers." (N.E.D.) 
6 principal lights {see Preface). 

11 right satyn. In the Ledger of A. Halyburton (1492-1503) etc., 
1867, p. 327, among Customs of Merchandise, 1612, we find 
" satyne ia grane or ryght crymosin, the eln ix it." 

37 furst fifteene, »., fifteenth, a tax on personal property frequently 
levied by Henry VIII. See Devon. N. and Q., Ill, vii, 220. 

16 John Clerk, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1523-41. The Dictionary 
of National Biography says that the Bishop (who was sent by 
the King on the Cleves Legation) got over his illness 
sufficiently to be moved to London, where he died. " In 1540 
when returning from an embassy to the Duke of Cleves, he fell 
sick at Dunkirk, it was thought from poison. Believing 
himself about to die, he directed that he should be buried in the 
church of Notre Dame at Calais. However he lived to return 
to England, and died 3 Jan., 1541, and was buried at St. 
Botolph's, Aldgate." (W. H. in Diet. Nat. Biog.) But the 

will of his servant, Joyce Sturgen (p. 64), seems to imply that 
he died abroad. " They also shall receive my wages and board 
wages with the bequest that my master the Bishop of Bath 
gave unto me as he dyde, my Company being beyonde See 

35 amell, now superseded by the compound word en-amel. N.E.D. 
gives examples of this word ranging from 1340 to 1819. At 
p. 86 it is spelt animeil. 
2 my callyd mare, " a horse with a star in its forehead," see cale 
(N.E.D.). "A calde mare" occurs in the will of R. Hambryge, 
1542 (from the Editor's MS. collection of wills in the Wells 
District Probate Registry). 

31 burrall : beryl, a fine description of crystal. {N.E.D.) 

32 Dansse : i.e., Danish, see N.E.D., which gives the forms Denshe 

and Dawk, 
10 Hugh Veysie: he was Vicar of Pucklechurch, co. Clos., a 

benefice still in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Wells. 
1 Thomas Chard : the testator was Prior of Montacute and Bishop 

of Selymbria in Thrace. He is a distinct person from his 

namesake, the last abbot of Ford. See S.A.S. Proc., XXXVI I, 

ii, 11 ; XLII, 11,67. 
21 Dr. Peter : William Petre was one of the commissioners who 

received the surrender of the monasteries. 

19 demye : short for demiceint, a girdle having ornamental work 

only in front. " 1524, a demysent with a cheyne." {N.E.D.} 

20 gardyd : ornamented as with lace, braid, embroidery, etc., 

trimmed. (N.E.D.) 
30 North-weston : i.e., Weston in Gordano (Collinson, HI, 171). 
16 Tho. West, instituted rector of Chelworth, September zoth, 1494 

Somerset Incumbents, 251. 
18 brand yron, a kitchen utensil, commonly a gridiron, but the name is 

transferred to other articles as andirons, a trivet, etc. (N.E.D.) 
1 5 J. Southwood, was vicar of Martock. (Somerset Incumbents, 140.) 
25 a trucker cloth, I cannot find this word in any dictionary, it occurs 

again, p. 34. 

14 Crown light. Coronas were lustres of a circular form and with 

candles set round them. They hung from the roof and were 
frequently in stages representing a crown. Hart's Eccles. Records, 
2d. Edn. 240. 

15 cloth ymperiall. A textile fabric in use in the Middle Ages with 

figures woven in gold, apparently so called as being made at 
Constantinople. (N.E.D.) 
4 The official index gives Sudbury, Suffolk. 

12 the image of All Saintes. It is not exactly known what this was 
like. Harfs Secies. Records (1846), p. 243, says that "an 
Allkallows was a picture or a sculptured representation of all 
the Saints." 

ftomrrdtt BUflM. 

28 my daughter Jone late at Buckelande. Jone Hill received a 
pension of £4 per annum from the dissolved nunnery of 
Buckland, and was still living February 24th, 1555-6, the date 
of Pole's Pension book. Archbold, 149. 

19 fierboote and ploughboote. The right of a tenant to take fire- 
wood from off the landlord's estate, similarly wood for mending 
ploughs. (N.E.D.) 

34 Sandpit in the parish of Broad Windsor, Dorset. 

6 The testatrix was daughter of Sir Humphry Coningsby (see 
ClutlcrbucPs Herts, 1, 444). She married first, Sir Richard 
Berkeley of Stoke Gifford, Glos., who died in 15 14, and 
secondly, Sir John Filzjames, Lord Chief Justice. She was 
the mother of Sir Maurice Berkeley to whom Henry VIII. 
granted the site of Brut on Abbey. 

28 Dolphyn and Conysse. The arms of the Fiti James and Coningsby 

29 Foskewe, i.e., Fortescue. 

9 Maliadus, strictly Maliades, a plural, denoting nymphs who 
protected the fruit. [/lijW, an apple.] Theocritus i. 22. 
Sophocles Philoc. 72J. 

16 chapel on the bridge in London. " Besides the private houses 
there were some other erections which might be considered as 
forming properly a part of London Bridge. Of these the most 
famous was a chapel dedicated to St. Thomas a Becket." 
London, by Charles Knight (1841), I, Si. 

33 paul, a robe, cloak or mantle of rich stuff (NJS.D.) 
4 Brodwey. There are parishes of this name in Somerset, Dorset 
and Worcestershire. This is probably Broadway, Dorset. 

30 parrocke. An enclosed place, a paddock. (N.E.D.\ 

35 pelstoues, probably forpeltoues, i.e., pillow-tows or pillow-cases. 
9 Win. Knight, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1541-7. 

29 anticke. Antic was not developed from antique, but was a 
distinct use of the word from its first introduction ; it means 
grotesque in composition or shape {N.E.D.). See Test. Vet., 

32 common box of the church of Langford (see Preface). 

Injunctions I Ed. VI. (Wilkins' Concilia, IV, 7,) 1547. 
Also they shall provide and have within three months after 
this visitation a strong chest, with a hole in the upper part 
thereof to be provided at the cost and charge of the parish, 
having three keys, whereof one shall remain in the custody of 
the parson, vicar or curate, and the other two in the custody of 
the churchwardens, which chest you shall set and fasten near 
unto the high altar, to the intent the parishioners should put 
into it their oblation and alms for their poor neighbours ; and 
the parson shall from time to time exhort them to give to the 
said chest, declaring unto them that whereas heretofore they 

have been diligent to bestow much substance otherwise than 
God commanded upon pardons, pilgrimages, trentalles, decking 
of images, offering of candles, giving to friers and upon other 
like blind devotions, they ought at this time to be much more 
ready to help the poor and needy, etc. 

Injunctions given by the most excellent prince Edward VI. 
by the grace of God, King of England, France and Ireland, 
defender of the faith, and in eanh under Christ of the Church 
of England and Ireland, the supreme head. To all and 
singular his loving subjects, as well of the clergy as of the 

6 my daughter Clynton. Ursula, daughter of Wm. Lord Stourton, 

married as his second wife Edward, ninth Baron Clinton 
(1512-1585), first Earl of Lincoln, and was the mother of 
Edward, tenth Baron Clinton (died 1616}. 

7 my daughter Brent. Dorothy, daughter of Wm. Lord Stourton, 

married William Brent, of Cossington, Esq., Collinson, III, 436, 
but according to Test. Vet. 729, she married Sir Richard 

13 game], a granary or bam. (N.E.D.) 

29 Stoocke, stook, a style under which water is discharged 

(Somerset). (Wrights Provincial Diet.) 
33 virgynalls, a sort of spinnet (Hid.). 

14 curtail, a horse with its tale cut short or docked, sometimes the 

ears cropped. (N.E.D.) 
32 doweltes. Dowell, a wooden pin. 
9 Almeshouse at Westover, the leper hospital near Langport (see 

21 a neythe, i.e., an eythe, a harrow. (N.E.D.) The word occurs 

again at p. 14a 
23 a dust bedde. A dust bed is a chaff bed. The first of these 

words is not in N.E.D. but dust = chaff. ("1552 dust of 

come.'') Chaftbed, a bed stuffed with chaff instead of 

feathers. (N.E.D. under i-Aa^"and dust.) 
3 H. Androwe. Referred to in " sentence " as Henry Androwe 

alias Frye. 

15 collynge horses. This word is not in N.E.D. 

19 nithe. See Wiltshire Collections (Aubray and Jackson) p. 194, 
for a similar field name. 
1 Caffa, a rich silk cloth, similar to damask, much used in the 
sixteenth century. (N.E.D.) 

25 A sortting clothe. Made in the eastern counties. (Wrights 
Provincial Dictionary^) 

31 Sergeants or Serjeants ring. A ring which an English serjeant- 
at-law presented on the occasion of his "taking the coif " or 
assuming the rank of Serjeant. The custom seems to have 

i&oimrflrt BKillK. 

existed since the fourteenth century. The rings were presented 
to the eminent persons who might be present, their value 

differing greatly ; thus in 1429, Sir John Fortescue mentions 
the most costly rings as being given to any prince, duke, or 
archbishop and to the Lord Chancellor and Lord Treasurer of 
England, rings of less value to earls, bishops, and certain 
officials, of less value again to Members of Parliament and SO 
on. {Century Dictionary.) 
117 37 fyfte=fifth, cf. fifteene, p. 59. 

120 14 helen, hailing, tapestry or painted cloth for the walls of a hall. 


121 29 Slaves, slay, sley, a weaver's reed. {Worcester's Dictionary.) 

126 14 my sore gossehawkc, goshawk, a large shortwinged hawk 

(N.E.D.) ; sore, Fr. saure, sor. sorrell, reddish, both bird and 
beast are so called from their colour — 

1. A hawk of the first year. 

2. A buck of the fourth year. 

127 12 writing dex of Sipers, i.e., made of cypress wood, "1474, my 

wryghtyng box of sypress." {N.E.D.) 

128 7 A. Barqueley, Vicar of Much Badow from 1546, see Holmes's 

History of Wookey, p. 97, and Wright's History of Essex, 

131 11 Murnney, a mistake for Nunney. 
131 23 gentishe, probably for Kentish. 1566. Act of 8 Eliz. c. 6, § 2, 

"anye clothe commonly called Kentyshe clothe." (jVJT.A) 
134 7 Deannes, Dionisia in Probate clause. 
138 12 when the great preste was payde : this probably refers to a sum 

of money paid in lieu of service, when a great " press " was 

made in the country. 
138 z6 portaguys and crasadoos, portague, a gold coin of Portugal, 

current in the sixteenth century {Century Dictionary) crusado, a 

Portuguese coin, bearing the figure of a cross. {N.E.D.) 
140 19 extree, an axletree, cp. Wyclifs Translation of Ecclus. xxxiii, 5, 

where occurs axtre (in Purvey extre) ex is the A.S. eax, an 

axle. Tre is a piece of wood, not a living tree. (Obedientiary 

Rolls of St. S within, Winchester, Hampshire Record Society.) 
142 5 Herberde. Herbert in Probate clause. 
142 9 trussing cofer, a chest for travelling, from truss, to pack in a 

bundle. {Century Dictionary.) 
142 18 We Karre, his will is given in Brown's Somerset Wills, 

1st Series, 19: he bought Wor spring in 8 Eliz. Sutter's 

Somerset, 60. 
142 24 third foote of the house. Foot of a fine " one of the parts of a 

tripartite indenture, re cording the particulars of a fine, 

remained with the court, the other two being retained by the 

parties." (N.RJ).) 

I The Priory of St Nicholas, Exeter, was Impropriator of 
. Netherex Chapel. 
34 earedishe, with ears, " 1434, a little panne of brasse yered." 

28 trapper , . . tonke : trapper, the housing and defensive 

armour of a horse {Century Dictionary) tonke, possibly the 
tongue of a buckle sometimes called tang. 

29 morreyn, a handgun (not in N.E.D.\ "1571. Item there was 

payd for a gon wother wysse callyd a moryng, vj\ viij d , r> 
Morebath Churchwardens? Accounts, Exeter, Commin, 1904, 
p. 24a 

30 shanfreyn, chamfrain, the frontlet of an armed horse. (N.E.D.) 
34 cameue, an early form of cameo. (N.E.D.) 

20 St. Dominick, nine miles from Saltash in Cornwall. 
4 cruesse, cruse, a small vessel for wine, etc. (N.E.D.) 
13 gaberdeyn, a loose upper garment of coarse material, a smock- 
frock, (N.E.D.) 

27 a bering shete, the mantle in which a child was carried to the 

font, called in W. Somerset a.patne. 
1 1 Berne cloth, i.e., Bohemian. ( Wrights Provincial Dictionary^ 

8 growegraine. N.E.D. gives groyraine as a form of grogram, 

a coarse fabric of silk of mohair and wool, or of these mixed 
with silk, often stiffened with gum. 1562 is the earliest reference 
given in N.E.D. 

9 genetts, a kind of civet cat, a native of Southern Europe, 

Western Asia, and Africa {N.E.D.) : foin, an animal of the 

polecat or weasel kind, the beech-martin. {N.E.D.) 
20 cowrs sheets. This orthography confirms Skeats's statement 

that our word coarse is properly course, an adjective formed from 

the phrase in course or of course to denote anything ordinary 

or commonplace. {N.E.D. coarse.} 
1 1 Bowge. Budge, a kind of fur consisting of lamb's skin with the 

wool dressed outwards. (N.E.D.) 
30 Wytston. Whitstone, 3| miles from Exeter. 
13 W, Creting. Archdeacon of Bath in 1536, and afterwards 

archdeacon of Wells. ( WeUs Cathedral MSS-, 31 1.) 
37 Parsonage of Stanton Drew. This was his in right of his 

archdeaconry of Bath. 
33 notice the restoration of the Roodloft in the reign of Mary. 
30 Wm. Hartgill. Testator together with his son John, was 

murdered at the instigation of Charles, Lord Stourton. 

28 Sir Pawle. John Paul received a pension of £5 per annum at 

the dissolution of Mountry College, Wells. Willis, II, 200. 

Archbold, p. 160. 
24 Regalls, a portable musical instrument made like an organ. It 

is described in the Gentleman's Magazine for March, [767. 
26 Gerberdeston is in W. Bucklaod. 

jframtrttt Wtittt. 

25 A. Popham, purchaser of much of the property of Minchin 

Buckland Priory. 
"Wyndham, Homer, Popham and Thynne, 
When the monks popp'd out, they popp'd in." 
20 tythe garbe, garb, a whealsheaf, garb-tithe 1630, Risdon, Survey 
of Devon, § 42 (1810) 45. "The garb tithes and spiritual 
profits of the manor." (N.E.D.) 
39 grypis egg, a cup made from the egg of the gripe or vulture, 
sometimes perhaps from that of the ostrich. (N.E.D.) 

17 Rooks Bridge, in the parish of E. Brent. 

18 tabelet. Among the articles included in the catalogue of the 

Corpus Christi shrine at York is "a little tablett of gold, and 

within ye same an ymage of St Kateryne of mother of pearl." 

(Hart's Eccles. Records, and Ed., 239.) 
9 harnys girdle, mounted with silver or other metal. " 1478, a 

hameyste gyrdell," S.R.S., iv, 20. 
9 welted with velvet!. This term signifies the ribbing of any 

material by the insertion of wadding between it and the lining ; 

it is of the same nature as quilting. (Dictionary 0/ Needlework 

by Caulfield and Sawara.) 
29 wynescott, wainscot, a fine kind of foreign oak timber, not so 

liable to cast or rend as the English oak, and working freely 

under the tool, used in lining the walls of rooms. (Imperial 

17 truckell bedstead. Trueile-bed (sometimes also Trundle-bed), 

a bed that runs on wheels and may be pushed under another 

bed. (Imperial Dictionary.) 
10 Isenhards. This word is not in N.E.D.: hards are coarse 

barley meal. 
4 drege, a mixture of various kinds of grain. (N.E.D.) 

26 Holyroode day. September 14th, as "Holy Cross Day," it 

appears in the Anglican (Calendar. 

( *33 > 


Arthur, Thomas (Esq.), Clapton, Jo. 

Ashe, Thomas, Batcombe, 215. 

A wood, Thomas, Longford Budville, 99. 

Bnshe, Richard, Buteombe, 99. 
Bushe, Richard, Buttombe, 115. 
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Cuff, John bent), CV«f4 iV. Mithacl. 

2 H 

Daberam, Petet, Taunton, 183. 
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;, Richard, Cudworth, 205. 

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, John, Marloci, 196. 
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fnViF of CtfUUM, 

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tockshead, 41. 
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head, 17- 
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Saunders, William, Chewsloic, 56. 
Saunders, William, Yalton, 58. 
Shepherd, Thomas, Babington, ill. 
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Stourton, William, Lord, 103. 
Strete, Robert, Mttts, 34. 
Stroude, Edw. (Esq.), Shefton Mallet, 

Stroude, Thomas (Esq.), Butleigh, 81. 
Stukeley, Silvester (gent], Somerset, 194. 
Sturgen, Joyce, Wells, 64. 
Style, Robert, Bath, 64. 
Style, Thomas, Bath, 30. 

Sydenham, Edward, Dutverten, 74. 
Sydenham, Joan, Ligh, 105. 
Sydenham, John, Clyve, 96. 
Sydenham, Sir John (knt.), Brympton 

Tedbury, Jone, Taunton, 35. 

Ted bury, William, Tamtlon, 17. 

Thome, Edith, Litstock, 131. 

Tony, William, Combe St. Nuhetas, 185. 

Trevylyan, John, Kingsbury, 140. 

Tryvett, John (elk.), Butleigh, 29. 

Tyllie, John, ffutton, 73. 

Tynbery, Thomas, Minehia Butklnnd, 

Tynbery, John (gent.), Lytige, 143. 

Walbee, William, Tauntou, 157. 
Walgrave, John (Esq.), Spajrtoii, 77. 
Walker, Philip, Dundry, 160. 
Walrone, William (gent.), Laitgriage, 93. 
Walton, John, tffe* /Am. 108. 
Wane, Thomas (Esq.), fCingiteu, 68. 
Watkins, John, Chaa, 60. 
Wehbe, John (elk.), B- Ckiimotk, 135. 
West, John (elk.), Bath, 76. 
West, Thomas (elk.), Chelworth, 71. 
While, Agnes, Martoch, no. 
Whiting, Anne, Compton Pauncefoote, 30. 
Wichefcld, Thomas, Atverton, 178. 
Willet, John, Btitcombt, 57. 
Willis, Thomas, Nempnett, 113. 
Wolman, Richard (Dean), Wi#i, 4. 
Worthing ton, Richard (canon), Wells, 2. 
Wykes, Agnes, Nynehead, 139. 
Wykes, Christopher, Wells, 88. 
Wyndham, Thomas, Esq., Somerset, 148. 
Wynter, Edmund, Somerset, 112. 
Wytherton, William, Stoke Courey, 23. 

Zouche, Richard, Lord, Somerset, 139. 


Absolution, 4a 

Action at law, 314. 

Advent, psalter to be said in, 59. 

B.V.M. (Poyntington), 8a 

St. Nicholas (St. James, Taunton), 78. 

St. Salvatoi (S. Petherton), 8. 

Sepulchre (St. Mary Magd., Taunton), 

Gownyngham's (Ilton), 37, 315. 
Aliens, 59. 
Almery, 195. 
Almscoffcr, 115. 
Alniihousts : — 

Bristol, 45' 

Chard, 230. 

Glastonbury, 108. 
Ilchester, 108, III. 
Langport, 108, ill, 141, 229. 

Leigh, 75. 

Pensford, 31. 

Taunton, 78, 95. 

Wells, V 
Aluritt, 7. ' 

B.V.M. (St. Edw. Cambridge), 4. 

B.V.M. (Bedminster), 10, 90. 

B.V.M. (Bruton), 87. 

St. Erasmus (St. Cuth., Wells), 59. 
, St. Tames (St. Cuth., Wells), 59. 

St. John (St. Cuth., Wells), 59. 

St. John Bapt. (Beckington), 38. 

St. Katherine (Chard), 73. 

St. Stephen (Wells Cathedral), 85. 

Trinity (St. John, Glaston.), 57- 

Palm Suite! . 

Annuel lar, 38, 335. 
Anticke, 98, 338. 
Appraisers, 194. 
Applet, 155- 

basil a id, 3, 233. 

battle axe, 143. 

bills, 26. 

bows and arrows, 41, 147, 184, 310. 

brigandines, 35, 181, 224. 

buckler, 147. 

chamfrain, 147, 231. 

crossbows, 17, 14a, 147. 

gleaves, 36, 314. 

Harness, 50, 107. 

a pair of, 6a 

morreyn, 147, 331. 

rapier, 157. 

ship pieces, 147. 

sleeves of mail, 61. 

splint, 35, 334. 
Artor, 23, 333. 
Augmentation, Court of, 12a 

Barbara purse, 157. 
Barber's bason, 61, 98, 16a 
Bargain, 12, 85, 92, 96, 106. 
Bath place (London), 4a 
Beads, 9, 35, 44, 83, 137, 220. 
Beans, 136. 

Bearing sheet, 156, 174, 331. 
Bederoll, 33, 72, 84. 

BeUof silver, 6l. 95. 
Belli, 189. 
Berri, 63. 

Birds on curtains, I. 

Blacks (funeral), : 
Bockes, 50. 
Bonnet, 1 17. 
Books, 44, 65. 
account, 198. 

Antiphonar, t, 36. 

Ambrose, 53. 

Chrisostom, 53. 
Cyprian, 53. 
Divinity, 40, 158. 
Erasmus, Ijj. 
Gradual, 36. 
Grammar, 76, 145, 
Greek, 53. 
Gregory, Pope, » 
Homilies in Lat 
Hutnanitie, 40. 

■ 76. 

Jerom., _.. 
Kalendar, 23. 
Latin, 53. 

Legenda aurea, 2. 

Magister Historiarum, 2. 
Magdalen College (or, 47. 

Mass book, 65. 

N.T. ('Erasmus), l 7 5- 
Opera Josueri, 158. 

Ordinal, i. 
Origen, S3. 
Dr. Pete/s, 66. 
Statutes, 50. 

Writing, 157. 
Brandiron, 72, 181, 327. 
Bread, 3 to a penny, 73. 

13 dozen of, 10. 

Breaking of the ground, 80, I 

Bridgwater, 14. 
Brokelond Foot, 195. 

Dulverton, 93. 
Eibridge, 18. 
Mersli, 194. 

Bridges — continued i — 

Rucks, 186, 233. 

Tone, 78, 202. 

Vrcke, 219. 

New Bridge (Calstock), 149. 
Brewing vessels, 30. 

kettle, 134. 

lede, 9, 192, 20S. 

trendell, 9, 222. 

irye(tray), 120. 

Broches, 205. 

Brother, to make me a, 36. 

Bulla, 27, 224. 

Callyd mare, 63. 

Cameo, 147. 

Candlesticks, two for altar, 98. 

Cassock, a lady's dress, 117, "8. 

Chaff bed, III, 192. 

Chaffing dish, 39. 

Chancery suit, 214. 

Chantry (Compton Pauncefble), 30. 

Chantry House, 213, 


Baltonsborough, 30. 

Bampton, 26. 

Bath Priory (St. Leonard), 24. 

Bridgwater (B.V.M. and SL Christo- 
pher), 14. 

Bniham (St. John Bapt.), 74, 

Buckland Pnors, 62. 

Cambridge University, 4. 

Chard, too. 

Chew, 56, 71. 

Dunster (B.V.M.), 311. 

Horsey, 13. 

Legh, 105. 

London Bridge (St. Thomasof Cant.), 

Long Ashton (B.V.M.), 48. 

Mist en on, 189. 

Netherham, 108. 

RedUnch, 86. 

Wells Cathedral; B.V.M., 65: St. 
Martin, 65. 

Westminster (St. Stephen), 4, 33, 63. 

Yalton (St- James), 16, 83. ztBok 

Chastest person of my surname, 16. 

Chief rent, 130, 155, 160. 

Cloth, en. —continued :— 

Chilver hogge, tot, 15a. 

poke, 16, 153, 223. 
russet, 35, 87, 184. 

Chilvei sheep, 101, III, 184. 

Church box, 121. 

sarcenet, 7, 4°, 86. 
setm de Cyprus, 24, 39. 

Church house — 

of Elm, 34. 

satin, right, 57, 336. 
say. 39. 61, 87,97, "7- 

of St. Mary Magd. Taunton, 


serge, 44. 

Church town, 163. 

sorting cloth, 115, 339. 

Cider, 311. 

taffeta, 67, 87. 

Cleves Legation, 62, 226. 

tissue, 177. 

Clock, 107. 

trundcll, 195- 

Cloth and Textile Fabrics :— 

turkey, 151. 

arras, 142. 

velvet, 1 16. 

Beme, 10, 231. 

Bold, Alexander, 1, 212. 

warecloth, 35, 83, 335. 

welted, 195. 

broad, 199. 

Wilton, 1, 

buckram, II, 151, 223. 

worsted, 87. 

carpettworke, 192. 
caffa, 114, 138, 229. 

St. Thomas, 30, 95. 1 

Vselond, 64. 

calico, 87, 157. 

of my own making, 204. 

card, 1 , 222. 

Cobbe at Lyme, Si. 

canvas, 111. 

Coffer of sypress, 67. 

coarse, 162, 231. 

Cognisance, 26, 224. 

chamlet, 20, 54, 8;, 106, 123. 

unwatered, 117. 

angel, 195. 

co lec loth, 204. 

angel noble, 76, 133, 143. 

crnsado, 138, 210, 23a 

damask, 40, 61, 23, 104, 116. 

ducat, 23. 

diaper, 25, 67, 1 16. 

grote, 165. 

half sovereign, 1 95. 

domax, 39. 

dowlas, 150. 

fine, 9s, 217. 

noble, 164. 

frieze, 34, 87, 10S, 204, 315. 

portague, 138, 188, 330. 
ml, 00, 142, 195. 

fustian, 86, 94, 116, 174. 

of gold, 59. 

Collar (torques), 7. 

gown cloth, 34, 95, 325. 

Colltgti at Oxford:— 

grograine, 158, 231. 
fialfcloth, 183. 

AU Souls, 157. 
Corpus Christ i, 53, 157. 

Holecloth, 56, 99, 

Exeter, 53. 

Holland, 34, 86, III. 

Lincoln, 29. 

Hoseclolh, 34, 163. 

Magdalen, 47. 

Irish, 138. 

New College, 97. 

Imperial, 76, 237. 

Oriel, 3a 

Kentish, 131. 

Colling horses, 113, 

linen, .84. 

Common chest (Lincoln College), 29. 

lockeram, 4, 93, 332. 

Common box, 99, 149, 238 (see poor 

London russet, 45. 

men's box). 

medley, 199. 

Common coffer, loo. 

Motleys, 211. 

Commoner, 34, 223. 

mustard villcrs, 69, 106, 

Conies, 86, 228. 


Constables, 36. 

Coppice (a verb), 113. 

Corona;, 76, 337. 
Corporas, I, 33. 
Cosynar, 1 1, 233. 
Cross, a new (Bniton), 69. 
Culverhouse, 31, 113, 225. 
Cufil and their Covers 1 — 

ale, 57, 116, 137, 202. 

apelrull, 49, 226. 

bell, 9S- 

boll, 39. 67- 

bridecup, 49, 226. 

chast pece, 155. 

claret, 51. 

cruise, 30, 151,231. 

Dansse, 63, 227. 

with dolphin, 49, 86, 228. 

earthen, 141. 

flat piece, 25, 39, 95, 108. 
gift of King, 5. 
goblet, 27, 87, 95. 
with george, 25, 224. 
gripes egg, 181. 
image of St. Thomas, 57. 

St, M. Magd. , 60. 

j«fi. 159- 
with knoppes, 33. 
maser with morse, 1, 88. 
nest of goblets, 5, 95, 203. 

■mite, 16, 25, 35, 83, 105. 

posse net, 2, 1 20. 

posset bottle, 195. 

potinger, 120. 

pott, 11. 

potinger, 120. 

pounced with relies, 202. 

powder piece, 25. 

standing, 11, 25, 61, 67, 9$. 

tomed, 34. 

with the boot pounced, 98. 

Demesne lands, 21, 173. 
Demye, 67, 227. 
Dilapidations, 3. 
Discontinue, 50, 336. 
Dissolved Monasteries, 63. 

surveyor of lauds belonging to, 

Athelney, 143. 

Bristol (Friars Augustine), 46. 

Buckland, 62, 82. 

Dunster, 212. 

Syon, 180. 

Wells College, 175. 
Dole, 25. 

Dolphin on plate, 49, 86. 
Double apparel, 104, 117. 
Dowells, no, 239. 
Down, bed of, 86. 
Draught bullocks, 121. 
Dredge, 219, 233. 
Dreye [ = drag], 133, 148. 
Dust-bed, III, 192, 239. 
Dyeing, trade of: — 

dye-house, 165. 

measure of woad, 73. 

woad vat, 54. 

Eared dish, 145, 331. 
Edington, House of, 1. 
Enamell, 61,86. 
Effigies on tombs, 36, 62. 
Exhibition, 144. 
Extree, 140, 23a 
Eythe, III, 140, 239. 

Fagots, 144. 

Fallow heifer, 43, 226. 

Fashion, children of good, 4. 

Faults of this church, 136. 

Fee, 193, 160. 

Fifte — fifth, 117,230. 

Fifteenth, 59, 226. 

hititf Strum. 241 

Fraternities {see Service). 

Gravestone, already prepared, 24, 100. 

Bar com be, 54. 

Gridiron, 145. 

Bath (St. Kalherine), 25. 

Gripe's egg, 181, 232. 

Bruhani, 74. 

Bruton (B.V.M.), 50, 69. 
Butleigh, 91. 
Crewkeme (B. Trin.), 9: 


Haddock, 22. 

Croscombe, 6. 

Hailing, 120, 23a 

Kentisbere (St. John), 20. 

Hangings :— 

with history of Tobit, 98. 

Keynsham, 71. 

in the dining chamber of the Bp. 

Wells, St. Cuih. (B. Trin-f, S9- 

at Wiveliscombe, 97. 

Fulling mill, 36, 225. 

Hamest girdle, 190, 232. 

Furs, black, 16. 

Head Saint, 13. 

black lamb, 65, 69, 106. 

Hecford (heifer), 42, 21 1, 174, 225. 

bowge, 163, 231. 

Hemp, a dozen of, 132, 135. 

coney, 45. 

Heriot, 93, 208. 

cristygrey, 1. 

Herse, 4. 

ennyn, 87. 

Hew cloth, 216. 

fox, 30, 163. 

Hewling hosecloth, 34, 

foynes, 16, 114, 15S, 195, 231. 

High parson of Crcwkcm, 122. 

fyches, 163. 

High rent, 149. 

genetts, 158, 231. 

Hind, 155, 191. 
Hogge (sheep), 54, IOI. 
colt, iSi. 

grey, 145- 

mar Irons, 153. 

miniver, 76. 

Holynmd day (Sept. 14), 219, 232. 
Hoop of gold, 105. 

minx, 87. 

shanks, 67. 

Furnace, 218. 

ambling mare, 109. 
bay gelding, 29, 154. 
callyd mare, 63, 227. 


donne mare, 134, 195. 

Game 11, 102, 229. 

stalyn, 69. 

Gathering for the church, 132. 

sorell gelding, 69. 

Gaberdeyn, 153,231. 

rone mare, III. 

Gage, 138. 

stone horse colt, 94. 

Garbe, 181. 

gelding of my own breed, 94. 

Carded, 68, 108, 138, 227. 

curtail gelding, 108, 229. 
colling horses, 113, 229. 

Garnish of pewter, 67, 76, 97, 226. 

Gawded, 9, 137. 

mill horses, 123. 

Gentish (? Kentish), 131, 230. 

Hose, a pair of white, 101. 

Gentleman usher, Si. 

Hospitals, 10, 31, 36, 39, 207. 

Gentleness, 37, 40, 207. 

Hutch (which), 4, 120. 

George, 25. 

Girdle, 67, 190, 227, 232. 

Glastonbury, students of, 30, 224. 


Gold, shirt wrought with, 27, 61. 

Gossehawk, 126, 230. 

Images in Ckurchts : — 

All Saints (Poyntington), 80, 227. 

Grace, name to be remembered at, 33. 

Grammar schools, 5, 84, M5. 214. 

B.V.M. (Currymallet), 12. 

Images in Churches — continued : — 

B.V.M. (Milverton), 33. 


B.V.M. (E. Quantoc-kshead), 3, 41. 

B.V.M. Wells Cath., 3. 

Letten, 26, 64, 67. 

St. (Catherine (Compton Pauncefbte), 

Lavatory, 41, 22;. 

Layrors, 148. 

Our Lady of Pity (Taunton Priory), 

Lead, furnace, 2, 9. 

35. "5- 

one hundred of, 79. 

St. John Evan. (Wells Cathedral), 3. 

Leasur, 90. 

Images on plate, 57, 6a 

Leats, 21. 

Increase, 43, 69, 226. 

Lent, psalter to be said in, 59. 

Ingrained, 138. 

Lepers, 14, 39, 79, 108. 

Innocent, 97. 

hospital of St. Margaret's near 

Isenhards, 211, 332. 

Taunton, 79. 

Bridport, 39. 

Burton Lazars, co. Leicester, 39. 


Langport, 39. 

Libraries, 47. 

Jerkin, 101, S05. 

Lights and Store; : — 

/toils in rings, tie. : — 
anticke, 98. 

the four principal (Glastonbury), 57. 

All Souls (Nynehed), 33. 

beryl, 63, 227. 
bockes of silver, 5a' 

St. Blase (Kington Magna), 4. 

B.V.M. (Long Ashton), 48. 

brooch, 117. 

— - (Penselwood), 52. 

cameo, 147, 231. 

St. Clement (Henstridge), 4- 

cornelian, 64. 

St. Catherine (Penselwood), 52. 

cross of silver, 32. 

Crucifix (Long Ashton), 48. 

crystal, 141. 

St. Christopher (Penselwood), 52. 

diamond, 117, 149. 

St. Erasmus (Haselbury), 9, 222. 

pointed, 5, 222. 

High Cross (Batcombe), 54, 215. 

(Bruham), 74- 

flower de luce, 154. 

(Ilminster), 29. 

emerald, 5. 

(Melts), 34. 

enamel, 61. 

(Penselwood), 52. 

jeomye, 171. 

(Trent, 218). 

High altar (Long Ashton), 48. 

ruby, 116, 118, 149. 

St. James (Henstridge), 4. 

rubyon, 23. 

St. Michael (Haselbury), 9 ; (Pensel- 

sapphire, 5,7,23, 223. 

turquoise, 5, 23, 98. 

St. Margaret (Penselwood), 52. 

in Ring wood church, crowne light 

B.V.M., St. James, St. John Bapt., 


St. Nicholas, 76. 

Sepulcre light (Angerslegh), 43. 

Kalendar book, 23. 

(But coin be), 57. 

King's silver, tax of a fifteenth, 59. 

Kivtlecloth, III. 

torches, 54, 68, 163. 

torch light (Batcombe), 216. 
St. WoYfryg (Haselbury), 9, 222. 
before the Sacrament, Durston, 62. 

Knell, 9. 

Knives, a case of, 61. 

King Ed. VI., proceedings rr the 

Lease of sheep, 151. 

church, 136. 

Livery, 41, 62, 117. 

Jitter SUntnt. 243 

Loom, 37, 54, 909. 

Monasteries — continued : — 

slaves for, 121. 

Taunton, 31, 35, 36. 

Lutes, 147. 

Walden, 5. 

Witham, 6, 50. 

Monthend, 82. 


Mortar, 1, 37. 

Make merry, to, 175. 

Mourning garments, 21, 38, 86, 100, 

Milt, 104, 132, 136, 140. 

104, 195. 

Maliadus, 88, 328. 

Market at Wells, 98. 

Myites combs, a pack of Dunster, 17. 

Marble tombstone, 26. 

Marriage of poor maidens, passim. 

Mass, to (a verb), 43. 


to be Said 10 the end of the world, 14. 

Natural sister, 40. 

of tHe name of Thu, 86. 

of 5 wounds, 48, 59, 86, 177. 

daughter, 155. 

Nithe, 113, 229. 

of requiem, 59> 177^ 

of the B. Trinity, 86, 177. 

of the 5 principal feasts of B.V.M., 

of the Holy Ghost, 177. 


Obligation, bound by, to perform will, 

oftheB.V.M., 177. 


Measures, 73, 120, 136, 307, 319, 

Occupiers, 154. 

Messes, 146. 

Opening of the ground, 201. 

Matrimony, sacrament of, 92. 

Orisons, 36. 

Mntricke church, 41. 

Oxford, see Colleges. 

Middle Temple, 50, 81. 

poor scholars at, 6, 60, 157. 

Mill, zi 3. 

Oynage, 36. 

Mitre, 61. 

Owche, 105. 

Mnyll, 61. 

" Modern" wife, 7. 

Monasteries : — 


Bath, 34, 30. 

Kurt inch, 13. 

Fame, 331. 

Bridgwater (friars), 9, 18, 26, 39, 41. 

Parrock, 93, 228. 

Bristol (friars), 45. 

Paul, 90, 338. 

Bruton, 14. 

Paynted cloth, 157. 

Cleve, 13. 

Peculiar, 119. 

Dunsler, 13. 

Pelstoues, 93, 328. 

Edington, t. 

Pennydole, 9, 17, 73. 

Exeter (friars), 18, 36, 39. 

Pennymcle, 129. 
Pestilence, 21, 43, 333. 

Glastonbury, 13, 3°. 39- 

Pewter vessels, 54, 67, 107. 

Henton, 35, 50. 

Picture in latten, 36, 224. 

Horwell, 30. 

of Dives, 176. 

Hchester (friars), n, 36, 39. 

of King Edward, 176. 

London (Charterhouse), 41. 

of Our Lady, 176. 

Muchelney, 1. 

fig- <35< T 9 2 > 2I °- 
Pilgrimages, 14. 

Osney, 30. 

AommStt wait. 

Pillow to wes, 86. 
Pillow-lye, 135. 

Pillowbcr, 150, 157. 

Pity, Our Lady of, 35. 

Plough bole, 85, 338. 

Plough gear, 49, 13*, 144, 305, 

Plough of oxen, 103. 

Poor men's box (see common box). 

Poor, clothing for the, too. 

Poll of pewter vessels, 54. 

Portieve, 36, 133. 

Pounced, 87, 98, 137, [60, 

Powder piece, 25, 224. 

1' teste, 138, 330. 

Prisons, Bristol, 14. 

Ilchester, 14, 78, 97, 108. 

London, 4, 97. 

Southwark, 98. 

Wells, 14, 97. 

Proclamation, to be made, 11S. 
Ptalter ; 

David, 59. 

Our Lady, 6, 232. 

Put, HI, 154- 

Recovery, 41. 
Red rose, 130. 
~ 'i,I7M3l- 



Relles, 302. 

Repair of roads, passim. 

Ring, memorial, 139. 

Roodloft, set up again, 171, 331. 

Rotherbeasts, 9. 87. 

Rubyoner, 33. 

of tin, 184. 
St. Margarets, 153. ■ 
like faggots, 49. 
man and woman, 49. 
on three wires, 39. 
with dolphin, 86. 
gilt footed with crystal, 141. 
garnished with anticke, 98. 

Sarge (sieve), I, 232. 
Scythe, 184. 
Secundaria. 38, 325. 
Sergeaunts ring, 106, 229. 
Sermons, bequest of, 76. 
Semiits (see Fraternity) : — 
Chard, 73, 84. 
Dulverton, 93. 
Lyme, 83. 
St. James, Taunton, 31, 36, 67, ?K, 


Wrington, 78. 

St. Katherine— 

Chard, 84. 

St. James, Taunton, 31, 67, 78, 82, 
High Cross (St. M. M. Taunton), 17, 

31-35.36.67,82, 89,95. 
Sepulchre (St. M. M. Taunton), 17, 
31-35- 3°- 6 7, »*. 89,95- 
Several), 187. 
Sheis, 12. 
Minion, IS7- 
Trinity, 166. 
Signet of gold, 107, 147. 
Single gown, 153. 
Skillet, 39, 195. 
Slaves, 121, 330. 
Soller, 45, ill, 226. 
Sore, IM, 330. 
Sorting cloth, 115. 
Sparked, 192. 
Sparver, 39, "6- 

apostle, 138, 203. 

maiden heads, 54, 95,202. 

tops gilt, 156. 

with a scale, 65. 

with blue enamel, 86. 

with great knoppes, 67. 

with round knappes, 1 38. 

with square heads, 54. 
Spruce coffer, 174, 199. 
Staled, 120. 

Stamp on cloth, 36, 225. 
Stayned cloth, 193. 
Steire, 5. 
Stook, 106, 339- 
Stool, 61. 

Strand Inn, 14, 333. 


Styehes, 113. 

Suburbs of London , 194. 

Vantage, 43. 
Vat, 120. 21S. 

Suffrages, 109. 

Verder (tapestry). 86. 

Sullow, 49, i», 140, 305. 
Supreme head, 88. 

Vestments : — 

with the bulls, 76. 

Swine, 137, I3S, 193,310. 

with birds, 40. 

of red satin, 33. 

of white damask, 23. 

of red damask, 85. 


of white, 85. 

with branches of gold, 176. 

Tablet, 1S8, 332. 

with cloth of tissue, 177. 

Tabulroent , 30, 333. 

of cloth of gold, 59. 

Tanhouse, 31. 

Virginal Is, 107, 330. 

Tan vats, 3l8. 

Tanner, n, aiB. 

Tapers, 9, 13, 36, 38. 


Tapestry, 86. 

Tennent, 13. 

Wainscot, 195, 333. 

Tick of a bed, 138. 

Wareclothes, 35, 82, 325. 

Tinworks, 133, 149. *03. 

Waxcrock, 1 20. 

Tithe garbe, 181,233. 
Tobit, history of, 98. 

Weanling calf, 1 1 1. 
Wedding dinner, 301, 
girdle, 134. 

Tonke, 147, 231. 

Torches, mourners with, 33, 80, 163. 

ring, 105. 

Weir of Minehesd, 92, no. 

Torchettes, 4. 

Towers, building of, Batcombe, 54. 

Welch mats, 114. 

Trangera, 51, 226. 

Welted, 195, 333. 

Trapper, 147, 331. 

Whey pan, 120. 

Trash of household, 120. 

Whiche (hutch), 120. 

Treen vessels, 192. 

Window, a new, 41. 

Trental, to be sung by 30 priests in one 
day if possible, 34, 80. 

Woad, 73, 100. 

vat, 54. 

Wool, 136, 307. 

Trowe {trough}, 121, ai8. 
Trucker cloth, 34, 75, 227. 

Woodkmfe, 24, 108. 

Trussing bed, 86, 116, 150. 
coffer, 143, 23a 

Wretch, not like a, 97. 

Writing desk of cypress, 137, 33a 

Truckle bed, soS, 333. 

Writing of my will, 217, 146. 


Vara, 53. 

Yoke, no. 

Umpire, 303. 

Yoman sheets, 116. 


Abston, 71. 
Ad bar, 164. 
Alfoid, 117. 
Alhunpton, 104. 
Aller, HI, 155. 
Alien on, 178. 
Alphington, 133. 
Ashburton (Devon), 26. 
Ashe (Mattock), in. 
Ashcote, 30. 
Ashill, 37, 201. 
Asholt, 139. 

Ashton, Long, 37, 48, 161. 
Athclncy Abbey, 143. 
Aungersjeigh, 43, 44. 
Axhridge, 16, 150. 
Axminster (Devon), 8. 

Babcary, 193. t 
Babington, 121, 159, 183, 
Backwell, CI, 91, 103. 
Bagborough, 33. 
Bal tons borough, 30, Si. 
Bampton (Devon), 36, 31, 
Banwdl, 40, 61, 98. 
Barcombe (Sussex), 39. 
Barlinch Priory, 13, 14. 
Barrington, 187. 
Barrow Gurrjey, 114. 
Barwyke, 13a. 
Batcombe, 54, 315. 
BatclbOTOW, 13. 

St-J«ne», II, 

St. Mary (within gate), 24, 105. 

St. Mary de Stall, 16, 64, 76, 145. 

St, (Catherine's chapel in, 35. 

St Michael (without gale), to. 

Priory of SS. Peter and Paul, 16, 


hospital of St. John, 145. 

Walcot, 11,35. 

Widcomb, 145. 

Bathealton, 146. 

Bathwick, 30, 65. 

Baudrip, 13, 181. 

Bealye, 151. 

Beaminster (Dors.), 33. 

Beckington, St. George's church, 37, 36, 

79- ai7- 
Begonia, 33, 333. 
Bedmtnster, St. John Baptist church, 10, 

96, "3- 
Beercrocombe, 13- 
Benstepopham (Hants), 18. 
Berkley (Som. 1,317. 
Berrow, 150. 
Bicknoller, 191. 
Bilbao, 32. 
Bishops Hull, 183. 
Bishops Lydeard, 98, 202. 
Bishopworth, 114. 
Bitton(Glos.), 101. 
Blackford, 160. 

(near Wincanton), 21. 

Bliurcion, 57, 79. 

" '(Dorset), 141. 

fitDrt ioeoram. 


Bower, .3. 

Calstock, 149. 

Bradford (Som.), 32. 
Brean, 117. 

Cambridge University chapel, 
St. Edward's ch. , 4. 


Brett els, 95. 

Camel, 28. 

Bridgwater, 180, 194. 

Cannington, 203. 

Friars Minors of, 9, 18, 26 

39. *». 

Carhampton, 194. 

hospital of St. John, 13. 

St. John Bapt. ch., 15. 

Carlton (Beds), 104. 

Bridport, 39. 

Brigmarston, 94. 

Catcot, 107. 

Brimpton, 15, I47> '9°- 
St. Andrew's eh., 19a 

Chaffcombe, 40, 98, 109, 120, 

Chard, 40, 72, 83, 98, 109. 


U7. 134. 

Br Islington, 93. 

163, 178, 190, 209, 120. 

Bristol, city of, passim. 

Chardstock, 66, 85. 

St. Mary Rcdcliff ch., 45, 

Charlinch, 129. 

Newgate prison, 14. 

Charlton, Queen, 91. 

Monasteries — 

Horethorne, 50, 176. 

Friars of [Augustinian (or 


Musgrove, 51. 

Carmelite, Dominican, Franciscan], 

Chauntmarel (Don.), 197. 

16, 45. 

Cheddar, 98. 

Brixton Deverel (Wilts), 116. 

Cheddon, 68. 

Broadhembury (Devon), 208. 

Chelworth, 71, 90. 

Broadway, 201. 

Cherilon, 116. 

(? Dorset), 91, 228. 

Chetilhampton, 6. 

Broadwindsor (Dors.), 210. 

Chew Magna, 40, 56, 60, 61, 

7'. 79. 9'. 

Bram field, 68, 93. 


Brompton, Ralph, 191. 

Chewstoke, 56, 196. 

Brampton Regis, 191. 

B rough ton, 94. 

Chichester, cathedral ch. of S 

. Richard, 


Bruham, 50, 74. 

Chillington, 215. 

St. John Baptist's church, 

Brushford, 74, 201. 


Chil thorn, 138. 

Chilton Cantelo, zi8. 

Bruton, 48, 54, 69, 86, 118. 

Chilton Trinity, 13, 181. 

Priory, 14. 

Chinnock, East, 135. 

Buckhom Weston (Dorset), 102 

Chipping Norton, 103. 

Buckland Priory (Som.), 62, S2 


Clapton (Crewkerne), 122, 21 

Dinham, 34, 42, 131, 182 

Clavelshay, 1S8. 

Burnet, 90. 

Claverihg (Essex), 6. 

Bumham, 117. 

Cleve Abbey, 13. 

Burlington, 78. 

Clevedon, 114. 

Burton, 37. 

Clnttou, 71,88. 

Burton Laxars { Leic. ), 39. 
Butcombe, St. Michael s churc 

Coker, East, 176, 191. 

< 57. 99. 

West, 177, 191. 


Coldashton, 76. 

Butleigh, 30, 81, 102. 
St. Leonard's ch,, 91. 

Coleford, 131. 

Colinshays (Bruton), 69. 

Colley, 71. 

Colyton (Devon), 109. 


Combe St. Nicholas, 154, 

Flory, 191. 

161, 184, 

Cadbury, South, 177. 

Calais, 61. 

Sidenham, 191. 

sm-8 Sfomtrttt V&ittt. 

Compton Dan do, 90. 

Do 1 vert on, 74, 93. 

Compton Martin, 56, 79. 

Diindry, 99, 160, l6l. 

Compton Paiineeibtc, 10. 

Dunkirk, 62. 

Congresbury, 16, 98. 

Dunks well (Devon), 208. 

Corseley, 139, '3 1 - 

Donster, 14, 150, 194, 211. 

Corston, 31. 

Durboiough, 107. 

Durston St. Nicb/ilas, ch., 62. 

Gorton Denham, 176, 193. 

Cossington, 107. 

Cothelslone, 188. 

Crewkerne, 9, 40, 85, 122, 152, 156, 


189, 206, 207, 210, 220. 

St. Bartholomew's ch., 22a 


"Crimchard, 73, 178. 

East Brent, 2, 150, 186. 

Croacombe, 6, 207. 

East Hackington (Devon), 52. 
Easlham, 85? 

Crothome, 164. 

Croydon (Som.), 143. 

Easthanipstcad, I. 


Edington (Wilts.), Priory, I. 

Ciyche, 138, 188, 201. 

Egham, 82. 
Elm, 34, 131. 

Cudworth, 38, 119, 192, 205, 215. 

Cullompton (Devon), 163. 

Elson, 52. 

Culmstock (Devon), 75. 

Enmore, 130. 

Ciany, 37. 

Erchinfeld (Heref.), 160. 

Mallet, 12, 155. 

Eton, Grammar School at, 5. 

North, 155. 

Evercreech, 104, 171, 205. 

Curry pool, 129. 

Curtlington (Dorset), 102. 

Exbridge, ch. of St. Thomas, IS. 

Exeter, 13, 75. 

Friars Minors, 18, 26. 

Cuthele (Cornwall), 149. 


Deiewe, 55. 

Depforde, 33. 

Devon, Sydenham lands in, 190. 

Dillingtoo, 122. 

Friars Preachers, 18, «6, 39. 

Fairfield, 107. 

Farley Hungerford, 28, 131. 
Farnborough, 71, 90. 

Dinnington, 40, 211. 

Fenottery, 183. 

Filton (Whitchurch), Si. 

Dinton (Wilts.), 171, 205. 

Ditcheat, 104. 

Fivehead, 12, 197. 

Dodeswell, a;. 
Donnington (Line. ), 181. 

Forde Abbey, 40. 

Foxcote, 79. 

Donwere, 13, 181. 

Frome, 27, 131, 217. 

Donyatt, 29. 

— almshouse of, 42. 

Donyford, 127, 191. 

(Dorset), 55. 

Dorchester, 207. 

Douldng, 1 82. 

Dowlish, 125. 
East, 38. 


— Wake, 192. 

Gerberston, 179, 231. 

Draycot, 104, 152. 

Glastonbury, 108, 137, 147. 

Drayton, 39, 187. 

Abbey (St. Mary), 13, 30. 

Dulcot, 59. 

St. John's church, 57. 

Grafton (Northants), 104. 


[lug ley, 146. 

Hagmersham, 6. 

Halamp (Dorset), 63. 

Hamgreen, 1 14. 

llanlington Mandeville, 313. . 

Harebridge, 76. 

Harpford (Devon), 183, 

Harptree, West, 58, 180. 

Hart row, 191. 

Haslebury, 9, 164, 218. 

Haslegrove, 206. 

Hutch Beauchamp, 12. 

IlawUrid|;t, 93. 

Haydon (l)ors-), 56. 

Heathfield, 13. 

Hemington, 34, 131. 

Henbury (Glos.), 129. 

Henslridge, 3, 19, 117. 

Heydon, 93. 

Heytefibury (Wilts), 75. 

High Bickington (Devon), 33. 

High Ham, tolj. 

Hill Deverel (Wilts), 19. 

Hillfarance, 94. 

Hinton Bluet, 143. 

Hinton Charterhouse (priory), 50. 

Hinton St. George, 9, 40. 

Holberton, 66. 

Holwell (Dorset), 81. 

Homblotlon, 104. 

Horsey, 13, 140, 

Horsington, 116, 177. 

Horlon (Ilmin»ter), 29, 38, 214. 

Horwell Priory, 30, 225. 

Huish Episcupi, 9S. 

Hunt spill, 107. 

Hunlworth, 1S0. 

Hinton, St. Mary's church, 73. 

Hydon, 33. 

Ilchester, King's Gaol, 14. 
Ik Abbots, 12, 197. 

lie Bruers, 208. 

Hiuinstcr, I, 39, 38, 40, 55, 106, 

214, 215. 
Hton, 37, 55, 197. 
Islip (Northants), 104. 

Jordans, 201. 

Kenemallon (Hunts), 103. 

Kentisbere (Devon), 30. 

Keynsham, 71, 153, 1S9. 

Kilmeisdon, 181. 

Kilmington, 173. 

Kilton, 212. 

Kingham, 6. 

Kingsbury Episcopi, 98, 139, I. 

Kingsdon, 1 1. 

Kingston, 171. 

Seymour, 16, 159. 

(near Taunton), 68, 147. 

(near Yeovil), 123, 191. 

Kington Magna (Dorset), 4. 

Kittt-ford, 146. 

Knoll, 50. 

Knoyle East (Wilts), 174, 

Kyrton (Line), 181. 

Lamyat, 104. 

Laneherley, 172. 

Longford Budvillc, 33, 99, 146. 

1 ™„,h ... ,37, 141, 155. 

Weslover, 108, III. 

hospital near, 39, 108. 

Langridge, 93. 
Liunceston, 149. 
Lavendon (Bucks), 104. 
Laverton, 131. 
Leigh (Old Cleve], 105. 

onMendip, 34, 44, 75. 

Letcombe Regis, 317. 
Lichfield, 14, 175. . 
Lilstock, 23, 131. 

? K 


gtamtrttt WiTI*. 

Lilescaiy, U7, 193. 
Little Torrington, 66, 144. 
Littleton, 71. 
Litton, 19. 
Llandrythed, 113. 
Locking, 159. 
London : — 

Charterhouse, 41. 
Churthei — 
St. bride, 194. 

St. Dunstan's-in-the-East, iaj, 
St. Helen's, 63. 
St. Magnus, 88. 

Chapel on I-ondon Bridge, 8S, 228. 
St. Paul's Cathedral, 5, 64. 

minster), 4, 

Savoy church, 15. 
Temple church, 13. 

St. Bartholomew's (Smithfield), 207. 

Bath Place, 40. 
Long Ashton, 37, 48, 161, 
Longford, 162. 

Luccombe, West, [43. 
Lufton, 164. 
Lullington, 131, 217. 
Lydeard Bishops, 98, 102. 

Punchardon, 129. 

Lydford, 9. 
Lyroington, 151, 156. 
Lympsham, 150, 186. 
Lyng, 63, 143. 
Lyvermerc (Suffolk), 159, 

Maiden Newton (Don.), 198. 
Mapowder (Dors.), 216. 
Mapledurham (Oxon.), 23. 
Marh, 174. 
Marksbury, 90, 1 34. 
MarnhullfDors.), 19, 116. 


_ . '3t- 

n Magna, 135, 218. 

37. 179. 186, 196. 

Marsywood, 148. 
Martock, 73, no, 
Mat name, 27. 
Melts, 6,34, 159. 
Mere (Wilts), 50. 
Merriel, 208. 

Middlechinnock, 9. 
Midsomer Norton, 32. 
Milbome Pott, 177. 
Milton (near Wells), 214. 
Milverton, 31,32, 146, 191, 
Minehead, 42, 92, 119, 157, 194, 2 


IS2, 189. 

Monkton, West, 68, 108. 
'Montacute, 123, 137, 151, 1&4, 191. 

Motcombe (Dors.), [74. 

Much Badow, 128. 

Muchelney, SS. Peter and Paul's Al.licy, 


Nempnctt, IIS, 3I1 - 
Netherbury (Dors.), 33. 
Nethercomplon, 2lS. 
Netherex (Devon), 144, 231. 
Nether ham, 108. 
Netherstowey, 26. 
Neton, 43. 
Nettlecombe, 162. 

Newton, West, 143. 

St. Lo, 90. 

Ninehead, 32, 139. 
Northmolton (Devon), 139. 
Northover, 137, 152. 
Norton, F it z wane n, 95, 183. 

sub Hamdon, 85. 

Malreward, 90. 

Nunney, All Saints' church, 6, I 

Oke, 94, 129. 

Okeforrl Fhcpatn (Dora 

Old Cleve, 13, 96, 105, 143, 202. 

Old Sodbury, 71. 
Orchard, 162, 188, 191. 
Osney Abbey (Oxon.), 30. 
Otterford, 94. 
Ottery St. Mary, 43, 66. 
Over Comptnn (Dors.), 118. 
Oxford, ch. of Allhalows, ag. 

All Souls* College, 157. 

Corpus Christi College, 53, (57. 

Eneiei College, 53. 

Lincoln College, 29. 

Magdalen College, 47. 

New College, 97, 158, 175. 

Oriel College, 30. 

1'awlet, 194. 
Pendomer, 164. 
Pennant, East, 44. 

Penselwood, 52. 
Pensford, 31, 71. 
Perrat, North, 9. 

South, 10. 

Pelherton, North, 13, 18, 47, 63, j 
165, 180. 

South, 8, 40, 95, 196. 

Piddlelren!hide(Dors.), 141. 

Pitcombe, 51. 

Pit minster, 100. 

Plymouth, 38. 

Portbuiy, 114. 

Portishead, 70. 

PoyntLngton, 80, 177. 

Pnddy, $6, 58, 104. 

Priston, 90. 

Publow, 71, 90, 304. , 

1'ucklechuich (Glos. ), 65, 98, 14I. 

Pyneforde, 319. 

Ringwood (I 

Road, 37, 131, 117. 

Roma Id kirk, 97. 

Rowlands (Ashill), 37, 138, 201, 235. 

Kuishlon, 8. 

Runnington, 32, 146. 

St. Decuman, 13, 39, 117, aoa, 

St. Dqminick, 149, 231. 

St. Endellion (Com.), 162. 

St. Enoder(Com.), 38. 

St. GluviasfCora.), 66. 

St. Gorran (Com.), 66. 

St. Newline(Com.), 38. 

S(. Peryn(Cr.m.), 162. 

Salisbury, cathedral church of St. Mary, 

Sait marsh, 186. 
Salt more, 185. 
Sandford Ores*, 177,- 21S, 
Sandpit, 85, 228. 
Sea (Ilminster), 123. 
Seuborough, 85, 2IO. 
Semington, 217. 
Shepton Mallet, 12, 165. 

Montague, 50, 87. 

Sherborne (Dors.), 118, 136, 193. 

Sherehampton (Glos.), 129. 

Slap, 13. 

S maid en ( Kvcrcreech), 49, 87. 

Somerton, 111, 176. 

Southbrent, 150. 

Spargrove (Batcombe), 54. 

Spaxton, 77- 

Stanmer (Midilx.)j lo8 - 


n Dre 

.7', I' 

Quantock, East, 41. 
Quantockshead, West, 17. 
Queen Camel, 176, 193. 

Staplegrove, 144, 1S3. 
Stapulton, 187. 
Stathe Park, 155. 
Stawiey, 146. 
Slert, 193. ■ 

Stockland Gaunt, 24. 

Utamntn Willi. 

Slokc Courcy, St. Andrew's ch., 31, 107, 

Gabriel, 38. 

Gifford, 86. 

Gomer, 131, 191. 

Gregory, 155. 

sub Hamdon, 15. 

Lane, 182, 316. 

North, 33, 101. 

Park, 13. 

(Redlinch), 51, 

Rodney, 103. 

Stone, 104. 

Stowell, 177. 

Stowye, 160. 

Stratlon, 164. 

Street, 12. 

Sturminster (Dorset}, I16. 

Sudbtiry (Suff.), 77. 

Sutton, 38. 

Long, 133, IS*, 200. 

Montis, 164, 177- 

Swanage (Dorset), 18. 
Swell, 13. 
Sydenham, 13. 


Til worth, 209. 

Taunton, 23, 157, 204. 

priory of SS. Peter and Pftul, 17,31, 

35 (*«)• 
St. Mary Magdalene's church, 17, 

31. 35. 36, **> (*»), 82, 89, 95, 100, 

St. James's church, 31, 36, 67, 78, 

hospital of St. Margaret, 19, 67, 

Tavistock (Devon), 149. 
Tawstock (Devon), 36. 
Templecombe, 19, 116. 
Tickenham, 114. 
Timsbury, 91. 
Tintinhull, 137. 
Totdouse, 22. 
Trent, 318. 
Trestocke, 211. 
Trowbridge (Wilts), 131. 
Trull, 100. 


Ubley, 56. 
Ulcombe(Kerit), 6. 
Uphill, 158. 
(J pottery (Devon), 144. 
Upton, toi, 191. 


Walden, 6. 

Abbey, 5. 

Waltham (Berks), 116. 
Wantage, 317. 
Watchet, 191. 
Wayford, 210 
Weare, 16, 178. 
Wed id ore, 84. 

St. Mary's ch., 178. 

Wellington, 33, 66, 98, 146. 
Wells, city of, passim. 

cathedral (St. Andrew's), fielsim. 

chapel of St. Martin, 65. 

St. Culhbert's church, a, 6, 58, 73, 

common hall of vicars, 65. 

dissolved college in, 175. 

- palace of Wells, 4a 

Torrelane, 154. 

Welsh Bicknor, 160. 
Wemhdon, 13, 181. 
Westbury (Glos.), 86. 
Westcombe (Balcombe), 54. 
West Stour (Dorset), 4. 

Weston in Gordano, 70, 71, 327. 

Zoyland, 185. 

West owe, 191. 

Wexford (Stogumber), tau 

Whatley, 34, 131. 

Whiicharch, 39. 

Whitelackington, 38, 55, 184, I97. 

Whitestanton, 8, 155. 

Williton, 13, (75. 

Wilton (Som.), 100, 183. 

Win cant on. 21 6. 

Winchester, 138, 

college of St. Mary, 97, 175- 

Winford, 161, 313. 
Wmscombe, 59. 
Winsford, 166. 

InUrr iocofum. 353 

Winsham, 8, 106, 133, 209. 

Wylon, 148. 

Winserhay, 315. 

Wytston, 166, 231. 

Wiicombe (Martock), 179, 196 


Witham Priory, 6, 50. 

Wiihycombe, 13. 
Wiveliscombe, 2, 97, 146. 


Wolmerslon, 107, 1S1. 
Wolverhampton, 33. 
Wolverton, 131. 
Wood (Knowle Si. Giles), 20. 
Wookey, 59, irf, 1S9. 
Wormester, 170. 

Yarlinglun, 49. 
Yallon, 16, 58, 83. 

chapel of Si. James, 16, 83. 

Yeovil, is, 50, 123, 136, 213, 119. 

Yeovil ton, 152. 

Worth, 164. 

Wrington, 57. 7°. 

Wycroft, 8. 


Wyke (Bniton), 51. 

Wytcombe (Cotton), 193. 

Zeals (Wills), 117. 


Abbot, Alexander, 159; William, elk., 

Abington, Thomas, 127. 
Abree, Edmund, 66. 
Absolon, William, 214. 
A'Cary, Robert, 188. 
Ache, Robert, 124. 
Ache we, William, 153. 
Acourt, Join, 30 ; John, [83, 320. 
Acton, Besse, 145. 
Adam, John, 36; "Sir," 40; Thomas, 

lit, 186. 
Adams, Avys, 96 ; Elizabeth, 176 ; Erne, 

Nicholas, 219 ; Joan, 40, 145 ; Johane, 

17 ; John, 31, 35, 95, 219; Margaret, 

179; Thomas, 40 s Waller, 145,1461 

William, elk., 71. 
Aile worth, Master, 168. 
Aisheley, Anthony, Sir Henry, knt., 176. 
Alen, Thomas, 52, 53; Thomas, elk., 

Aleyn, John, 16. 
Alforde, William, 109. 
Alfrede, John, 1. 
Algar, John, 33. 
Alleyng, Agnes, Edmund, Joan, John, 

Richard, Thomas, William, 78. 
Allunner, Roger, 61. 

Alumer, Roger, 61. 
Alwhyn, Nicholas, 63. 
Alyffe, Thomas, 153. 
Alyn, William, 40. 

Amler, Alice, 186. 

A'Morgan, Giles, William, 134. "S- 

Andrewe, John, 38. 

Andrews, Master, 30. 

Andros, John, Philip, 61. 

Androwe, Henry, III, 112. 

Androwea, Mathewe, 152; William, 218. 

Antell , 107 ; Richard, elk., 38, 70, 

Apkyn, John, elk., 160. 
Appowell, John, 7. 
A price, John, 135. 
Arche, Richard, 7. 
Archebold, Richard, elk., 189. 
Arthur, Mr., 114. 
Arthure, Anne, 70, 71 ; Edmund, Giles, 

Thomas, Thomas, esq., 70; John, 

Ashe, Christian, Joan, John, 216 ; 

Margaret, 60 ; Thomas, 94, 215, 216. 
Ashley, Thomas, 166. 
Ashlock, John, 38, 80 ; Thomas, 75. 
Aster, John, gent., 103. 
Atherstonc, Master, 30. 
Atkins, John, 159. 
Alkynson, Elizabeth, Jeronymy, Joan, 

Timothy, 128 ; Pamell, 129 ; Thomas, 

128, 129. 
A tnasse, Johane, 99; John, 99, It;. 
Attewe, Julian, Margery, 57. 
Althewouile, John, 55. 
At water, William, 59. 
Atwell, John, 60; Thomas, 214. 
Aulston, Thomas, 73. 
Avanam, Alice, George, John, 90. 
Avery, Alice, John, 17. 
Awdeley, James Lord, 26 ; Lord, 76. 

frftrr JSoinimim. 


Baber, John, 58. 

Bad coke, Nicholas, 160. 

Badger, Symond, 103. 

Bagott, Hugh, 175. 

Bagwell, Margaret, HO. 

Bailif, John, 131. 

Baily, Alice, 157 [ Henry, (48 ; Thomas, 

27, set Bayly. 
Baker, Anne, 219 ; Edward, 60; Henry, 

161 ; lames, 60 ; Jasper, 60 ; Joan, 60, 

161 : John, 7, 60, 106, 163, 166, 198, 

209, 216; John, elk., 76; Sir John, 

knt., 188 ; Mar}-, 60 ; Richard, 3, 31 ; 

Robert. 161, 184 ; Roger, 126 ; " Sir," 

elk., S3; Thomas, 156, 161, 209 ; 

William, 33. 
Balche, Agnes, Alice, Anne, Anthony, 

George, Isabel, Thomas, William, 19 ; 

John, 29, 38, 39, 55, 107. 
Bale, John, 85, 145. 
Baleche, Laarence, III. 
Ball, John, 33, 113,217. 
Ballche, John, gent., 107. 
Ballgaye, Thomas, elk., 64. 
Ballinger, Mistress, 106. 
Bally, Elizabeth, 86. 
Banckes, Henry, elk., 141. 
Baptist, John, elk. , 64. 
fiaratt, John, 300, see Barrett. 
Barber, Annys, 136; Margaret, Robert, 

Barber, Richard, 135; William, 136. 
Barbor, John, 46 ; Robert, 143 ; 

Thomas, 2 ; Isabel I, 46. 
Barbour, Agnes, 30, 88 ; Alice, Robert, 

89 ; John, 16, 30, 74, 88 \ Nicholas, 

Thomas, 88. 
Barboure, Joan, 16. 
Barbyeo/r. Borough, John, 147. 
Barkisdale, Eleanor, 131. 
Berkley (Barckeley, etc), Alexander, 

elk., 128; Elizabeth, [Catherine, 87; 

Magdalene, 179; Sir Moriee, km., 

Richard, 86, 87 ; Richard, esq., 86. 
Barlineh, Prior of, 13. 

Barnard, John, 214. • 

Barnes, Henry, I02. 

Barney, Richard, 27. 

Barn ho use, Nicholas, 1 3 3. 

Barough, Barbara, 198, 199 : Edward, 

gent., 197, 198, 199, 200. 
Barrate, Richard, 192. 
Barrett, Thomas, elk., 57. 
Barro we, William, I53. 
Bar rye, Alice, Lucy, 145 ; Walter, 146. 
Bartlett, William, 73. 
Barton, Alice, 45. 
Bary, Sir John, 56. 
Basket!, Thomas, esq., 8. 
Basler, Nicholas, S. 
Bassall, Robert, 19. 
Bassatl, Elizabeth, Jenkyn, John, 


; IS; 

Basse, Richard, 207. 

Bassett, John, 113 ; John William, 212; 
Robert, esq., 161. 

Basyng, Richard, elk., 6. 

Bate, John, 164. 

Baten, Richard, 15; Thomas, II. 

Bath, Master of St. John Baptist, [45 ; 
Mayor of, Henry Revell, 25 ; Mayor 
□f, Mr. Ludwelt, 145, [46 ; Mayor of, 
Robert Style, 64 ; Prior of, 16, 25. 

Bath and Wells, Bishop of, 3, 40, 60, 
214; Bishop of, Gilbert Bourne, 139, 
170 ; Bishop of, John Clerk e, 60, 61, 
62, 64 ; Bishop of, William Knight, 
97, 172. 

Bathe ah. Jobyn, Nicholas, elk., 76, 
'35. M5- 

Batte, William, 209. 

Batten, John, elk., 193. 

Battin, John, 106. 

Baltone, John, 161. 

Bawdon, John, 207 ; William, 133. 

Baydon, John, 143. 

Bayly, Christopher, 2171 James, elk., 
46 ; John, 136. 

Baxetl. Nicholas, elk., 93. 

Beachampe, John, esq., u.c. 

Beall, John, elk., 124. 

Beam unt, Jane, 105. 

Becham, , 117. 

Bcckington, Master, 11. 

BeckiG, Robert, 46, see Bekham. 

Berle, Robert, elk., 78. 

2 S 6 

ftamtrflrt BKiIIS. 

Beile, John, 109. 

Beke, Alice, 133; Edilh, ElUabeth, 

Hairy, J one, Richard, Thomas, 

William, 92 ; Nicholas, 9a, 133. 
Bekham, Alice, 64 ; Edmund, gent., 63 ; 

Robert, 46, 04. 
Bekington, Master, 11. 
Belfelde, George, 40. 
Bell, John, 109; Master, 19, 66. 
Be Hot, Thomas, 34. 
Bel lye, John, 164, 165. 
Bellon, William, 15?. 
Benbery, Jane, 117. 
Bennett (Benet, etc.), Doctor, $ ; Edward, 

36; Giles, 15; James, 54; John, 19, 

7a, 160 ; Dr. William, 19- 
Benson, Margery, 168. 
Bent ley, Robert, 1 40. 
Berde, Anne, Isabel, Jasper, John, 

Philip, Richard, Robert, Roger, 

Thomas, ao6 ; Jihane, 191 ; John, 

elk., 74- 
Berne, Thomas, 7. 
Berser, Richard, elk., 191. 
Berton, Richard, 133. 
Bery, William, elk., 17, 31, 35, 36. 
Best, Robert, 166; Thomas, cllt., n. 
Bethemore, Richard, 44, 45, 47, see 

Belhom, Thomas, 2. 
Betty, Alice, Joan, John, 8 ; Richard, 8, 

9 ; Richard, elk., 215. 
Beven, William, 56. 
Bever, John, 1 50. 
Beverley, Rare, 52. 
Bevin, Mary, 198 J William, 197, 199. 
Bevyn, Dorothy, 164, 165 ; Elys, Isabel, 

John, esq., Mary, Ursula, 164; 

William, 55, 164, 165. 
Bewshen, Henry, gent., 30. 
Bewswyn, Henry, gent., 65. 
Beysar, John, 157. 
Bigbroke, Robert, 47, 48. 
Bigegood, Robert, 108. 
Bilbao, Grey Friars of, 21, 23. 
Billinge, John, gent., 177, 178. 
Billinghay, Elizabeth, Joan, John, 

Margaret, Mary, Robert, Thomxin, 

William, 106. 
Birche, Richard, 207. 
Birforde, Richard, 163. 

Bisse, s£f liyssc. 

Blackdcn, Agnes, Alice, Christian, Mary, 

H14.I1. Nicholas, Ralph, Roger, 28. 
Blacker, Richard, 89. 
Blackwode, Sir John, 24. 
Blakalarre, James, 53. 
Blake, Robert, 148, 149. 
Blanch flour, Thomas, 144. 
Blccheley, Thomas, 74. 
Blechley, Richard, 73. 

Bieke, John, 55. 

Bloxsam, William, elk., I 
Bluet, Nicholas, gent., 112. 
Bluett, Sir Roger, knt., loo. 
Bony, John, 185. 
Bocher, Eleanor, 24, 142 ; Joa 

Margaret, William, 14a; 

Bockyng, John, 1, 2. 
Bodye, Thomas, 167. 
Bolleyn, Anthony, 55. 
Bollyng, George, 50. 
Bolton. Maud, 1S3. 
Bonde, Sir James, 53. 
Bonell, Joan, John, Richard, 

William, 151 ; Thomas, elk. , 150. 
Boner, Dr. Edmund, loan, 15. 
Ban vile, Gertrude, Giles, Jcon, Nicholas, 

Thomas, 123 ; John, esq., 122 ; 

Margaret, 112, 123. 
Bonvy, Thomas, esq., 210. 
Boolle, Alexander, elk., 79. 
Boorwnej Johane, 7. 
Borne, Alice, 127 ; Christian, 80 ; John, 

28, 79, 80, 117 ; Leonard, gent., 71, 
Borough alt. Barbye, John, 147. 
Boroughe, Amies, Joan, Thomasin, 150; 

Robert, 150, 151. 



, Misl 


Borwell, - 

Bosgrove, John, 88. 

Bosoll, Henry, 128. 

Bother, Walter, 211. 

Boulogne, Deputy of, Sir John Bridge", 

Bounde, John, 177. 

Bourchier, Eleanor, Margaict, 181; 
Elizabeth, Sir John, knt., 26, 

ffflfttf Jtomfiitirn. 


Bourne, Gilbcrl, Bishop, 159, 170; 
Johane, 7. 

Bowcher, Alice, 90. 

Bowdiche, Thomas, 178. 

Bowdon, Thomss, to I. 

Bownden, , elk., 163. 

Bowrdc, John, 43. 

Bowreman, William, elk., 30; Master, 

Bowigher, Margaret, Eleanor, i8r. 

Bowtlic, Anlhonye, 139 ; Elyonor, 73. 

Bowyer, Joan, 119. 

Boydell, Roger, elk., 116. 

Braband, William, 95. 

Brace, William, 172. 

Brackham, Thomas, 100. 

Bradford, John, 167. 

Brage, Thomas, 163. 

Bragge, Nicholas, 193 ; Thomas, 163. 

Bramston, Anne, Elizabeth, Grace, 
Margaret, Richard, Roger, Thomas, 
153; John, 153, 154; ah. Smythe, 
Margery, 153; all. Smythe, Richard, 

clk.,64. 153, 170. 
Brangwyn, Eleanor, John, Richard, 
Robert, Walter, William, 190. 

John, Thomasin, 231 ; 

Brayton, Roger, 88. 

Brend, Thomas, 154. 

Btent, , tOi. 

Brereton, John, elk., 34. 

Breston, John, 300. 

Brett, Isabel, John, esq., 8. 

Brewer, Thomas, 164 ; William, 43, 44, 

Brice, Robert, elk., 30, 173, 206. 

Bridge, William, 156. 

Bridges, Sir John, knt. , 102. 

Bridgwater, Countess of, 102 ; Grey 
Friars of, 9, 18, 26, 39, 41 ; Master of 
S. John's, 13 ; Prior of Grey Friars, 

Brigges, Nicholas, 151. 

Bristol, Bishop of, 114; Augustine Friars, 
of, 45, 46, 47 ; Four orders of Friars 
of, 16; Mayor of, 114; Mayor of, 
Henry White, 45, 46, 47 j Prior of 
August in Friars, Nicholas Sandforde, 
45. 46, 47- 

Bristow, Elynor, Edith, 12c. 

Brocks, Agnes, Alice, John, William, 

146, 147 , Thomas, 146. 
Brodribbe, Alice, Elleyn, James, John, 

Mary, Stephen, 173; Margery, 172, 

206; Thomas, 172, 173, 206. 
Broke, Besse, Eleanor, Hugh, Margaret, 

Thomas, 37; Joan, 313; John, 10 ; 

Richard, 113; William, 53. 
Bronvng, John, 189. 
Brooke, John, to ; Margery, 96 ; Richard, 

Broughton, Dorothy, 137 ; Thomas, 137, 

Katherine, 162 ; Henry, 33, 

John, 32, 219; John, gent., 44, 45; 

Nicholas, 67; Richard, 152; Robert, 

44T Thomas, 142; William, 141, 

Brudenell, Sir Robert, knt., 20. 
Brand, Thomas, 117. 
Brynscomb, John, 7. 
Brynt, Dorothy, Isabel!, Joan, Katherine, 

William, 54. 
Brytton, John, 32. 
Buck, Ralph, 162; Robert, 52. 
Bucke, Thomas, 132. 
Bucket, John, elk., 4. 
Buckyngham, William, Elynor, 319. 
Buclande, Cecile, John, Richard, gcni., 

179, rSo ; John, gent., 180. 
Budge, Margery, 220. 
Bugworth, Criscina, 2. 
Bulbecke, John, gent., 70, 71. 
Bulcombe, John, elk., 48, 63. 
Bulgen, Joan, 186. 
Bull, Henry, 167 ; Nicholas, 2O0 ; 

William, 209. 
Bulman, Cuthbert, 65. 
Burche, William, 1*6. 
Burdem, John, 91. 
Burde, John, 99. 

"' s, Margery, 

■ 75- 

Bulges, John, 19, 75. 

Burlai id e, John, I48, I49. 

Burlond, John, 107. 

Burnelt, Dorothy, John, esq., 80. 

•omrrttt WWW. 

KurLon, Harry, Henry, 109 ; Michael, 


Bury, John, 38. 

Biisarc, Joan, 162. 

Bushe, Agnes, Isabel, Richard, Thomas, 

William, 99, 115; Harry, John, 99 ; 

Margery e, 115. 
Busshe, Henry, 58 ; John, 213 1 Master, 

Butt, Edith, Eleanor, John, Thomas, 
Wyllmote, 208. 

By am, William, 25. 

Byckham, Hugh, esq,, 144. 

Bygge, Thomas, 101. 

Byfche, William, 138. 

B;, Agnes, 204, 216; Denys, 207, 
211 ; Doctor, 55 ; Frances, Julian, 
Margaret, Peter, 204 ; James, 204, 
208, 211 ; Joan, 207, 208, 211 ; John, 
&9< 9i, 135,204,207,108,316; Philip, 



Byashopp, Jerom, '151 ; Richard, elk., 

Cabell, Stevyn, 35. 

Calfe, William, elk., 1, 

Calmady, Richard, 100. 

Calowe, John, 36, 96, no. 

Campe, Alice, 1 46. 

Campion, Agnes, Barbara, Elizabeth, 

Ellyn, I S3; Christopher, 153, 154. 
Campting, Richard, 148, 149. 
Capon, Doctor, 5 ; William, 216. 
Capper, William, 141, 142; «/r. 

Mathewe, Edward, 128 ; ah. Spratt 

William, 142. 
Capull, William, 48. 
Car cm, William, gent., 194. 
Carker, Robert, 43. 
Carpenter, Andrew, 158; John, 216. 
Can, Andrew, 95. 
Cars well, Thurstan, 73. 

Cary, Henry, 314; Walter, 28; William, 

a'City, Robert, 1S8. 
Cassye, John, 179. 

Calcot. , 142. 

Ciitcotl, William, IJI. 

Catill, John, 155. 

Cavell, Alice, Anne, Elizabeth, Henry, 

Philip, 163 ; John, 32, 162, 163 ; 
Mary, 33 ; Robert 162, 163. 

Cawoode, John, 158. 

Caylwaye, John, 20, 21 ; Simon, 

Chadwike, (Sir) Robert, 52. 
Chaflyn, Thomas, 27. 
Chamber, Dr., 34 ; John, 200. 
Chamberleyne, Edward, 75 ; Lord, 148 ; 

Richard, S. 
Cham borne, Sir Philipp, 13, 13. 
Champney, Alice, Anthony; 27. 
Chaplen, Chaplyn, etc., John, 203, 204; 

William, 189, 204, set ChapUnge. 

Chaplinge, Alson, 78, 79 ; Annastace, 
Christian, John, Nicholas, Richard, 
78 ; Thomas, William, 100, stt 

Chapman, Richard, 106 ; Thomas, 124 ; 
William, 135. 

Chappdl (Chapell, etc.), John, 84, 134; 
Robert, 189. 

Chard, Thomas, Bishop, 66. 

Charultun, Sir William, lent., 12$ 

Chauncellor, Isabel, 24; Gilbert, elk., 
William, William, elk., 25 ; Thomas, 
34, 80. 

Chaunsler, Thomas, 80. 

Chauntmarell, House of, 197. 

Chechestar, John, 148. 

Cheeke, John, 63; Thomas, 176. 

Cheke, Mr., 128. 

Cheseman, John, 104. 

Chester, Thomas, 124. 

CbevercIL Christopher, 197 ■ 198, 199; 
Elizabeth, Philip, 197, 109 ; Hugh, 
John, Nicholas, Robert, 199. 

Cheynye, Sir Thomas, knt., 139. 

Chichester, John, 148. 

Chidley, Richard, 68. 

Chilcote, , 156. 


Chilcott, Alice, Ambrose, Elizabeth, 
Emmot, Joan, John, Katherine, 
Robert, Thomas, 93. 

Cbilesali. Spiser, John, Elynor, William, 

Chippenham, Elizabeth, 38. 

Chock, Henry, elk., 15. 

Choldas, Nicholas, die., 43, 44. 

Cholys, John, 208. 

Chowldish, Nicholas, elk., 43, 44. 

Chubb, Robert, 220. 

Chudleigh, Richard, esq., 56; Robert, 

Churche house, Margaret, 141, 179. 
Chyke, Alice, Robert, .Stephen, 69; 

Aimes, John, Nicholas, William, 69, 

Cinque 1'orts, Lord Warden of, Sir 

Thos. Cheynye, 139. 
Clap, William, 73. 
Clappe, John, 134. 
Clare, Thomas, 114. 
Clarke {set Clerke), Anthoni, 160 ; 

Henry, 159, 160, 214 ; Thomas, esq., 

Clarkwit, William, 166. 
Claste, Thomas, elk., 1 18. 
Clavelshay, Thou., elk., 1S0. 
Clawsy, John, elk., 120, 305. 
Claxton, Anne, Anthony, Elizabeth, 

John, Thomas, 159 ; Hamond, 160, 
Clcge, Jesbel, 219. 
Clement, Elizabeth, 145 ; John, 16, 15, 

65, 106; Robert, i6oj William, elk., 

106, 145, 146. 
Clench, Richard, Thomas, 136. 
Clerk, Edmund, William, 124, 125 ; 

Elizabeth, 124 ; Jane, 115 ; John, 151 ; 

Master, 29 ; Thomas, 139, 160. 
Clerke, Alice, Anne, 62 ; Anthony, 159, 

160; Clement, 310; Henry, 159, loo ; 

Isabel 1, 24; Joan, 159; John, 24, 214 ; 

John, Bishop, 60, 61, 62, 64, 1 51 ; 

Thomas, 57, 62, 11S, 159. 
Clerkson, Richard, elk., 40, 61, 62. 
Clevelod, Agnes, John, Mary, 36. 
Cleves, John, 123. 

Clewell, , 118. 

Close, Joan, 219. 
Clothere, Joan, John, 219. 
Clowter, Richard, 68. 

Cluett, Roger, esq., 68. 
Clutterye, Agnes, John, 133. 
OyfTe, Tone, Ijl. 
Clyfford, Robert, 94. 

Clynton, , 102. 

Clyrlood, John, 28. 

Cobbe, , 186. 

Cobham, Ixird, 84. 
Cocke, Robert, 58. 
Cocks, Agnes, 85 ; Ellyn, 10 ; Joan, 201 ; 

John, 43, 44, 71, 72 ; Robert, 10, II ; 

Thomas, 48. 
Cockes ali. Smyth, John, 118. 
Codpath, Thomas, 151. 
Coflyn, Margaret, Sir William, knt, 51 : 

Richard, William, 52. 
Cogan, Agnes, 84, '09 ; Christian, 109 ; 

loan, Maryon, Stephen, William, 137 ; 

John, 84, 109, 137, 17S ; Richard, 83 ; 

Robert, 84, 137; Thomas, 137, 152, 

Cogyn, John, 178. 
Cote, John, 73 ; Richard, 121. 
Colbome, Thomas, 7. 
Coldcoll, Richard, 167. 
Cole, Elizabeth, 44 ; Isabell, 44. 4°< 

45, 47, 120, 200; John, 7; Maud, 44, 

200 ; Richard, 10, 4;, 46, 47, 167, 

Thomas, 42, 115 ; William, i 
Collock, Thomas, 91. 
CollyS. Humphry, 20, 21 j Thomas, 42, 

see Collins. 
Colmer, Robert, William, 30. 
Colton, John, 32. 
Colverell, William, 184. 
Colway, Alice, Robert, William, 6$. 
Colwell, Elizabeth, 1S3. 
Colyn, Elynor, 145. 
Colys, John, 75. 
Combe, Bartholomew, esq., 130, 182, 

202, 203. 
Combe, Elizabeth, 139; John, 147; 

William, 219, 

Comer, Richard, 26, 96. 

Compton, John, gent. , Silvester, Thomas, 

Conocke, John, 1 36. 
Cotide, John, 38. 
Gxik, Randall, elk., 95. 
Cooke, Christian, 186; loan, Maurice. 

141 ; John, 138, 186; Richard, t6o ; 

William, 186, 2U. 
Cookes (fucks), John, 43, 44. 
Coole, babel, 00, «r Cole. 
Cooks, Elizabeth, Richard, iji. 
Cooper, George, 27, 160; Joan, 17; 

John, 17, 28 ; Mary, William, 37. 
Coper, John, 35. 
Coplande, Richard, 135. 
Coppe, Hairy, 43. 
Corbet, Thomas, 157. 
Corbet!, Thomas, 150. 
Corenbeck, Doctor Martin, tot. 
Corket, William, 117. 
Cornish, John, elk., 7. 
Comysh, Henry, esq., Henry, Margaret, 

Comyshe, Thomas, 88 ; William, 55. 
Corryndon, Avys, Christopher, Gabriel), 

Johane, Nicholas, 174. 
Cossen, Thomas, 95. 
Cosyns, Ede, Roger, 330. 
Colterell, Alice, John, Robert, 161 1 Joan, 

Richard, 163. 
Cottisholde, Alice, William, 69. 
Cotton, John, 34. 
Couper, George, [60. 
Courte, Robert, 131. 
Courtise, Walter, 319. 
Courtney, Maud, William, 44. 
Cousyn, Ede, Roger, 220 ; Roljcrt, 3 ; 

Thomas, 63 ; William, 3. 
Coventry, Bishop of, 175. 
Coward, Robert, 166. 
Cowbridge, William, 7. 
Cowche, John, elk. , 34. 
Cowlys, Humphry, 148. 
Cowclode, John, 75. 
Cowper, Susan, 145. 
Coasdon, Elizabeth, 133. 
CoMton, John, 8, 9. 
Coyle, Robert, elk., 8, 9. 
Craddockc, William, S3. 

Cradocke, Arthur, Edith, John, 113; 

John, gent., 97, 113, 114. 
Crandon, John, elk., 123. 
Crane, Margaret, William, 63. 
Craythome, John, 195, 196) Margaret, 

Crede, Thomas, 101. 
Credy, William, 38. 
Creting, Agnes, 16S ; John, Waller, 16S, 

169, 171 i Waller, elk., 154, 167. 
Crewe, Edy, Edmund, 189. 
Cribbe, Alice, Margaret, Robert, 

Thomas, William, in. 
disc, John, 132. 
Crocker, John, 209. 
Croker, Elizabeth, lsabell, 160. 
Ciokett, John, 117. 
Crokk, Culhbert, 128. 
Croppe, William, 159, 
Crosse, Mathew, 76. 
Crosron, Mr., 115. 
Crowche, Elisal>eth, Marks, William, 

Crowe, Edy, Edmund, 189. 

Croydon, Edward, 185. 

Crusteman, , 175. 

Cuff, Agnes, Peter, 137 ; Dorothy. 
Eliiabeth, Joan, Luce, Susanna, Ursula, 
189; Henry, John, gent., Mary, l8f 
John, 137, 138, 188; Philip, 13 
201 i Robert, 138, 189; Robert, gent . 
301 ; Thomas, 137, 201 ; William, 

Cuife, John, 101, 188; John, gent., 
112; Robert, 201. 

Cupper, William, 76. 

Curie, Agnes, George, Kalherinu, 144. 

Curl], William, 64. 

Currye, John, 189. 

Custulo, Robert, 317. 

Cuayn, Thomas, 62. 

Cutler, Anne, 135 ; John, William, 135, 

Cntle, John, 60, 142, 

Inter Hommum. 

Daigje, , 162. 

Daker, Thomas, 76. 
Dakyn, Doctor, " 

Dale, ~ 


51, 108 i William, 



Damper, Reynold, 135. 

Danyell, Dorothy, 155 ; John, elk., 83 ; 

Mistress, 64. 
Darke, John, 4. 
Daubeney, Sir Henry, knt., 8; Lord, 

Dauntsey, William, 194. 
Davage, Elizabeth, John, Richard, 

William, 95, 96. 
Davars, Robert, 126. 
Davedge, John, 204. 
Daveis, Agnes, Ellyn, Richard, 10 ; 

Dorothy, Joan, Thomas, 10, 11. 
Uavill, John, 143. 
Davy, " Sir," 63. 
Davys, Chistopher, toS ; John, 101 ; 

Thomas, 95. 
Da we, John, 39, 113, 17s ; Richard, 113, 

114; Robert, 175. 
Dawes, John, 46. 
Dawkyn, William, 114. 
Daye, Davy, 166 ; Elizabeth, IU, 167, 

168, 169, 171 i Richard 154 ; Richard, 

gent., 167, 17a 
Dayman, Thomas, II. 
Deane, Anthony, 151 ; George, 174. 
Decon, John, 155; Thomas, 15. 
Deffett, Tristram, 219. 
Demoye, Peter, 105. 
Denbery, William, 131. 
Denman, John, 28. 
Den nam, William, 197. 
Dent, Christian, 209. 
Denys, John, 13a. 
Deram, Robert, elk., 183. 
Derell, Agnes, Nicholas, Robert, 90 ; 

Alice, 90, 134- 
Derocke, John, 16I. 
Devynshere, Eleanor, Harman, 87. 
Dewport, Joan, 113. 
Dey, Richard, gent., 167, 170; Thomas, 

Diamonde, John, 97. 
Dixon, Elizabeth, 16S. 
Doble, Walter, 185. 

,. 37; Richard, 117; Christopher, 
William, 179. 
Dodyng, John, 92. 
Dogal, Isabell, I96. 
Dogyon, George, elk., 61, 62, 64, 74, 

79. 85. MI. 
Dokke, Doctor, 5. 
Doll aft. Michill.John, 117. 
Donne, Alice, Anne, Joan, John, 

Richard, Thomas, William, 133. 
Domett, William, 214. 
Dotherell, William, 214. 
Dotyn, lohn, 53 ; John, elk., 118, 
Dovell,' William, 92; William, elk., 

183, 1S4, 303, 204. 
Dowderydge, Hugh, I43. 
Dowham, Mar) an, 119. 
Dowle, John, elk., 91. 
Downe, Richard William, 209. 
Downynge, Erne, 220. 
Dowrdowe, Anne, 219. 
Dowsing, William, elk., 76. 
Dracoll, Margaret, 146. 
Drake, John, 155 ; Richard, 208. 
Draper, Agnes, Richard, 9 ; Hugh, 

Isabel, Thomas, 9, 10 ; John, 10, 106 ; 

William, 10. 
Drewe, Alice, 150; John, 215. 
Drue, John, 210. 
Dudrige, Richard, 140. 
Dungarton, James, 151. 
Duport, Thomas, 165. 
Durham, Bishop of, 61. 
Dvredny, John, Robert, 219. 
Dyar, set Dyer. 
Dybble, Richard, 177. 
Dycke, Thomas, 104. 
Dyer, John, 18 ; John, gent., 216 ; 

Richard, 80 ; Robert, 1S7 ; Sir Robert, 

33; Sir Thomas, knt., 108; , 

(elk.), 108. 
DyrTenell, Dyvenell, Agnes, 161 ; Alice, 

Eleanor, Grace, Joan, Robert, Thomas, 

William, 184; John, Maud, 161, 184; 

Richard, 184, 1 8 J. 
DylingtoD, Anthony, gent, 193, 

Dyllyngton, Tristam, 105. 
Dypuige, Alice, 152. 
Dyvynell ah. Mason, John, 184. 

Aomtrstt EOiU*. 

km., iso. 
F-dgeworthe, Roger, elk., 74, 141, 159. 
Edgill, Isabel, 179. 
Edmonde, William, 94. 
Edofl, Mr., 98. 
Kd wards, David, 7 ; Humfrey, 129.J John, 

53, 66, 219 ; Nicholas, 93 ; Robert, 

Edvngion, Thomas, elk., 64. 
Eglonde, Johane, I it. 
Elcocke, Mailer, 158. 

Eljys (Elys, etc), John, 115, 173; 

Thomas, elk., 77 ; Walter, 143. 
Elsoure, Jane, 45. 
Elyde, Elitabelh, in, na. 
Elyott, Ellyot, etc., see Elliot 
Emansse, Henry, 219. 
Erington, Arthur, Edward, Nicholas, 

84; Gerarde, 85; John, elk., 88; 

Richard, elk., 65, 84. 
Erie, Anne, Thomas, 141, 
Erlyche, Joan, 133. 
Erobe, John, 58. 
Erolle, John, 58. 
Esl, Anne, 37 j Edward, 38. 
Etere, Philip, 117. 
Eton, Provost of, 5. 
Evans, Hugh, 140; Robert, elk., 15; 

Thomas, 34. 
Evens, Eleanor, Thomas, 192. 
Evcrat, William, 212. 
Evered ah. Newman, Robert, 118. 
Everode, John, 70. 
Evert, Alexander, 8, 9 ; Leonard, 8. 
Exeter, John, Bishop of, 38 ; Black 

Friars of, 39 ; 2 orders of Friars of, 

18., Alice, John, 74. 

Fauntleroy, Joan, William, I 
55. 56. 67. 79- 

Fauslons, Andrew, 213. 

Fawfylde, [ohn, elk., 38. 

Fetypase, Doroth" w«ii™» 

Feylond, Richard 

Figgur, Walter, 216. 

File, Martin, 124. 

Fisher, William, elk., 16, ste Fyssher. 

Fitijames, Aldred, gent., 19, 50, 118, 
158;- Dorothy, Margaret, 117, 158; 
Elizabeth, 19, 50, 54, 86, 116, 158, 
177; James, 116; Joan, 158; John, 
>9i 5i. 54. 141, 158; Sir John, "lent. , 

*i Lady, 70; 
55, 87; Parson, 

Fitiwarren, Elizabeth, John, Lord, 26. 

. Stephen. 

Foskewe, Joan, 87. 

Foster, Thomas, 30. 

Fowler, William, elk., 103. 

Fox, Thomas, 137. 

Foxe, John, 29. 

Foxly, Ralph, 23. 

Francombe, Jeffrey, J I. 

Franklyn, Jankeri, [14. 

Fraunces, Mary, William, esq., 871 

Thomas, 154, 170; William, km., 

Freke, Frank, 153. 
Frenche, John, 152; Richard, 14S ; 

Robert, 152, 153; William, 13a. 
Freydaie, Richard, 134. 
Freye, Alice, 99. 
Friar, Besse, Edward, 158; Elitabeth, 

Mistress, 157. 
Frye, Alice, 99 ; Jot 

Thomas, 132; Willi 

Whits, Agnes, 1 1 

Fryke, , 136. 

Fudge, Sir Thomas, I4>- 

Fulford, Baldwin, James, Robert, 11} 

Sir Philip, km., is, 51. 
Falwell, Thomas, 200. 
Fylmer, Christian, 195. 

William, 155 1 als. 

t'yn, Morisshe, elk., 60. 

Fyner, Henry, 217. 

Fyshe, George, 141. 

Fysheman, Annes, 95. 

Fyssher, John, 56, [97 j Richard, 65 1 

Gachell, Walter, 73, 155, igo, 209, 2 

Gammon, Agnes, Edith, John, 120. 
Can, James, 167. 
Gardener, John, 
Gardnai, Agnes, 

Waltei, William, 218. 
Garland, Agnes, Edmund, Elizabeth, 

Henry, John, l*eter, William, ail. 
Garlopp, Stephen, 207. 
Garmeway, Jone, Tristram, Vincent, 

Gaylberd, John, 200. 

Gelys, Richard, 119. 

Geneys, Master, 60. 

Gennettes, Joan, John, William, 179. 

Gentill, John, clk.,7. 

Genyns, , 104. see Jenyns. 

Genys, John, 112, 141, see Jenys. 

Geoffrye, Richard, 68. 

George, Agnes, Edith, George, Joan, 

John, Margaret, Walter, William, 54. 
Geploppe, John, 207 

Gerney, , 176. 

Gervys, William, 160. 
Gethin, Richard, 212. 
Gettowe, Morgan, 151. 
Gibbes (Gybbys, etc.), [Mr.], 87; 

Richard, 144 ; Richard, elk., 145 ; 

Robert, 135 ; William, 91, 178. 
Gibbons, Alice, N , Robert. William, 

38 ; Anne, Thomas, 37 ; John, 37, 

3S ; Symonde, 79. 

( ;ibcs, Kooort, 66. 

Giflord, Elizabeth, 216. 

Gilbert, Anne, 176, ig3, 194 ; Anthony, 

18, 87, 118, 176; Dorothy, Grace, 

Jane, 193 ; George, 193, 194 ; James, 

Walter, 194; James, elk., 85, 141, 

176 ; John, 176, 193 ; John, elk., 12 ; 

Margaret, 176; Nicholas, 83, 118, 

177 j Robert, 176, 194 ; William, 176, 

Giles, Edmund, 179; John, 212; Sir, 

53, (am Gye). 
Glllett, Isabel, Matthew, 161. 
Gilman, Richard, 79. 
Glasier, William, 61. 
Glasse, Thomas, 96. 
Glastonbury, Abbot of, 39. 
Glede, Edward, 133. 
Godard, John, 3. 
God/raye, Alice, 132. 
Godhyn, Alice, William, IOI. 
Godwin, Isabel, 85. 
Godyng, Richard, 1S2. 
Goffe, William, zao. 
Goghe, John, 198. 
Golde, Barnard, 86 ; Elizabeth, 85, 86 ; 

John, 85, 137; Katheruie, 85. 
Goldstone, Thomas, elk., 32. 
Gollar, John, elk., 55, 216. 
Golope (Gollopp), Alice, Henry, Joan, 

John, 15s ; Robert, 154 ; Tonayn, 155 ; 

William, 154, 155, 185. 
Gomuldon, Christopher, elk,, 3. 
Gooche, Robert, 212. 
Good, William, 214. 
Goodchilde, John, 161. 

Goodd, , 136. 

Goodman, Agnes, Emme, Joan, John, 

Margery, Mary, 209. 
Goodson, John, 219 ; Robert, 136. 
Goodsons, John, 136. 
Good wyn, Robert, 139. 
Good™, Robert, 48. 
Goolde, Richard, 7. 
Gooldey, Richard, elk., 7. 
Gorge, Lady, 63. 
Gorges, Edward, km., 71. 
Gosmer, Robert, 192. 
Gosvell, Elizabeth, Marten, 141 j John, 

141, 14a. 
Gosynall, , elk., 175. 

Gouge, William, a in. 

Hadley, Elizabeth, Ellen, Priswidc, 

Gouppy, Joan, Philippa, William, 
Elder/ 193. 


George, Sir John, Sir Henry, Philip, 
Sir William, 14; James, Richard, 13, 

Gowreney, Thomas, 146. 


Gowrjht, William, 36. 

Hagatt (Hageit) : Christopher, 151, 1S6. 

Grace, Roger, 195, 196. 
Graill, Robert, 114. 

Haggalt, Miry, 174. 
Hatched, John, 7. 

Graunger, Robert, 51. 

Halford, Richard, 139. 

Graungier, Thomas, elk., 213. 

Hall, William, 94. 

Graunl, Alice, 83. 

Halle}', Fraunces, Gabriell, George, 

Gravesende, William, 126. 

144 ; John, 53 ; William, 63, S3, 101, 
143, '44, 188. 

Graye, Edward, 307. 

Grayle, Robert, 1 14. 

Halswell, Nicholas, esq., 107, 113, 144, 

Gregory, John, 152; Thomas, 146 
Gtene, Henry, aa. 



Hamcottes, Elixabelh, Hamond, 1J4. 

Grene, Mathewe, 314 ; , 61. 

Hame, John, 136. 

Grenefjlde, Henry, 106, 10; ; 

Hamis, John, 79. 

110, 163; Alice, Eleanor, John 


Greneham, William, 66. 

HammS, Richard, 136. 

Grenesmyth, Mr., 115. 

Hammonde (Hamonde), John, 80, 97 ; 

Grenewoode, Thomas, 126. 

Nicolas, 40. 

Greye, Edward, John, William, z 
Griffith, Thomas, 15. 


Hampton, Earl of, 6l. 

Hamylyn, John, 152. 

Griffyn, Robert, 4a; Welthian, 


Hancocke, William, aio. 

William, 42, 43. 

Hancockes, John, elk., 174 
Handesley, Mr., 24. 

Grig, John, 156. 
Giyffyne, see Griflyn. 

Handlay, George, 36. 

Grymsted, Agnes, Edith, Joan, 
Margery, Robert, Thomas, W 

Haning, Richard, aai. 

Hannam, Alice, 173, 173; Elizabeth, 

Grynfilde, see Grenefilde. 

117; Joan, 17a, 173, 305; John, 
Richard, William, 173 ; Laurence, 

Gryven, Robert, 43- 

i6a; Ralph, 171. 

Gunne, Richard, Robert, William, 

Harbcrte, Sir William, knL, 136. 

Gunner, John, 205. 

Harding, Thomas, 19a ; William, 8a. 

Hardy, Roger, 139. 

Hare, Sir Nicholas, km., 188. 

Gunstone, Thomas, S. 

Gunwen, Robert, Treheme, 43. 

Guftyn, William, 183. 
Gybbcs, see Gibhes. 

Harffoie, William, 153. 

Hamap, William, elk., 9a. 

Gybbons, see Gibbons. 

Harrier, Thomas, 87. 

Gye, John, 46, 88 s Gye, Master, 53 (see 

Harper, Richard, elk., 101. 


Harris, Alexander, 83 ; John, 1 16, 1 18 ; 
Mr., 115; Nicholas, elk., 114. 

Gylbert, see Gilbert. 

Harrow, John, 64. 


Harryson, James, 84; Robert, 114; 

William, 88. 
Harte, John, 195 ; William, elk., 134, 

Haccombe, William, oik., 9. 


Hacker, John, 313. 
Hackworthy, Sir John, 7. 

Hartgill, Anne, Cuthbert, Edward, 

John, Thomas, 174 ; Juan, William, 

Haclett, Richard, 114. "S- 

liable, William, 66. 

Haddon, John, 99. 

*6 S 

Hasyll, William, Si. 

Hauken, Anne, 165. 

Ilaward, Lord William, 102. 

Hawker, Agnes, Thomas, 137 ; George, 

106, 107; Mary, 106; Thomas, gent., 

106, 107, 165. 
Hawkins, Agues, 203 ; Alice, Giles, 

Peter, Nicholas, 110; Edmund, 31; 

Margaret, 63; Robert, 63, 120, 187, 

207 ; Thomas, 307 ; William, 160 ; 

Hawlye, George, 89. 

Hawtyn, Richard, 1 67. 

Haylail, Agnes, Isabel, William, 220. 

Hayes, Agnes, Toan, John, Walter, zl6 ; 

Ralph! elk., 29; Thomas, 173. 
Hayle, Annys, Christian, Jelyan, 

William, 136; John, 135, 136. 
Hayne, Alice, Giles, William, 123, 124 ; 

Joan, 113 ; Richard, 122. 
Hay ward, Agnes, Thomas, William, 91. 
Hay woode, John, 154, 171. 
Heathe, Joan, John, Richard, Robert, 


Hebdiche, John, 193, 194. 

Hedgis, John, 157, 158. 

ilelelt, Thomas, elk., 220. 

Heiyer, Thomas, lyi. 

Hendlejr, George, 67. 

Hengeston, John, Margery, 133. 

Hepdyche, William, 219. 

Herberde, George, 142. 

Herbert, Sir George, knt. ,114; Marhew, 

esq., 113, 114. 
Hervo, John, 91. 
Hervy, Christian, 219. 
Hewyke, Elisabeth, 81. 
Hewysh, tet Huysh. 
Heyns, Thomas, Si. 
Heywood, John, 154, 171. 
Hichecocke, Margaret, 99. 
Hieter, John, 142. 
Higdon, John, gent., 76; is- Hygdon. 

Hikes, J, 

Master, elk., 61, 62. 
ihn, 56. 

Hill, Agnes, 2101 Alice, 82,83, >S9> 
166, 167; Andrew, 92; Baldwin, elk., 

38, 39 ; Elisabeth, 159, 166, 167 ; 
Guy, 207; Hugh, 166; Jane, 166, 
167 ; Joan, 82, 100 ; 166, 167 ; John, 
82,92, 147; Sir John, 100, Margaret, 
82, S3, 92 ; Margery, 82, 100 ; Robert, 

39. 79, 82, 83, 92, 101, 156; Robert, 
gent., 18 j Roger, 35, 66, 82, 101 ; 
Thomas, 147 ; William, 74, 82, 83, 

Hiscock, Annes, 161 ; John, 52, 53. 

Hobbys, Mistress, 14. 

Hobell, Thomas, 85, 86. 

Hodges, Henry, James, 152; John, 72, 

152, 156; Thomas, 179; William, 

130, I". 
Hody, Mr., 181 ; William, esq., 107. 
Hoggis, John, 156. 
Hoi broke, Joan, John, 90, 134 ; Robert, 

90; Thomas, 90, 91, 135. _ 
Holbyn, Alice, John, Thomas, William, 

Holcombe, John, 167. 
Holden, William, 25. 
Hole, Thomas, elk., iS. 

Hoi man, Peter, 165. 
Holmes, Robert, 192. 
Hoi well, Andrew, 43,44; Pater, elk., 

Hony, John, 160. 
Hoogeys, John, 72. 
Hooper, John, 2091 John, elk., 74; 

Thomas, elk., 65, 170; William, 210. 
Hoper, Hugh, 8j ; John, 153. 
HoperB, Richard, 64. 
Hopkins, Joan, 1 1 ; Richard, 152 ; 

Thomas, 70 1 William, 219. 
Homer, John, 118, 169, 183; Mr., 127. 
Homer, Thomas, 51 ; Sit Thomas, knt., 

Horsey, Alice, 22, 67 ; Anne, 31 ; 

Annys, Joan, 22 ; Isabel, 67 ; Jasper, 

12, 13 i Sir John, knt., 51 ; Margaret. 

22, 31, 36, 66 ; Mr., 128 ; Robert, 35, 

67 ; William, 22, 31, 67, 183, 184. 

2 M 

Hursington, Agnes, Giles, Thomas, 

Walter, 32 ; John. 31 ; Richard, 

William, ii, 33. 
Horwnan, Richard, 19& 
Horte, Alice, Richard, 17; Intel, 16; 

John, 17, 161 ; William, 161. 
Morton, Edward, Margery, Thomas, 

Morwodc, Robert, 43. 
Hoskinnes, Philip, £13. 
Hotkjm, John, III ; Margery, 134. 
H unpen (Us. Waltorde, John, 12. 
Howchin, Thomas, tio; William, 187. 
Howe, Henry, 16b. 
Howell, Isabel, William, 166. 
Howper, Christopher, 183 ; Thomu, 

Howrcowe, Edward, 119, 
lluett, Walter, 2, 17. 
HughyMhe, Roger, 103. 
Hull, John, 205 ; (Catherine, 30. 
Humbley, Edward, 139. 
Hundell, Alice, 100. 
Hunderhaye, Robert, 215. 
Hungerlbrd, Sir Anthony, lent., 194; 

Hume,'-' '■• 

Kurd, . 

Iluyih, Alice. Dorothy, James, John, 
gent,, William, 07 ; Roger, 137, 303. 

Hyde, Laurence, 117, 118. 

Hyclt, Richard, 73; William, 152. 

Hygdon, John, 76, 135 ; Edward, Peter, 
Richard, Thomas, Walter, 136. 

Hylacre, John, 40, 

Hylbert, Henry, 141. 

Hyll, see Hill. 

Hyllarde, m Hillside. 

Hylmon, Leonard, 27 ; Richard, 27. 

Hymertbrd, Thrnniu, 6. 

[lymmerford, Eliaabeth, Peter, 63. 

Ilypsley, John, 58, 

Hyrdc, Mary, 116. 

Ilchoter, Friar* of, II, 36, 39 ; Prior of 

Friars of, 26. 
Illary, Joan, " the cbu-kc," III. 
Ingler, Emme, 73, 73 ; Thomu, 72. 
Irishe, John, 171. 

Ireland, Henry, 51, 52 ; Nicholas, 155. 
Itary, John, 74. 
I*e, Robert, 52. 


Jacobbe, Richard, 124. 

95; Thomas, 211 ; William, 184. 

Janet, Thomas, 211. 

Jankyn, Henry, 93. 

jauncc, Robert, 320. 

jay, John, 218. 

Jaye, Thomas, ijj. 

fenes, Agnes, William, 137. 

Jenkyne, Thomas, 1 3 J. 

Jenkyns, William, elk., 150. 

jenfts, Isabel, Thomas, 136; William, 

Jennyng, William, 5. 

Jennyns, Henry, 162. 

Jenyna, Rowlaode, elk., 97 ; , 104. 

jenys, (Genys, elc), Edmund, Nicholas, 
Robert, Thomas, 196 ; John, 112, 141, 
196; Master, 60; William, 138, 196. 

Jerard, Thomas, William, esq., 2 to. 

Jtrman. Michael, 14. 

Jobyn alt. Bathe, Nicholas, elk., 76, 

Johnson, Mary, 307 ; Robert, 38. 
ones, [Jonyl, etc.), Edye, 54 ; Elizabeth, 
196 ; John, 79, 91, 196, 211 ; Roger, 
27, lit; William, elk., 81, 91. 
Jose, Ralph, 75. 

Joyce, Annys, 22 ; Joan, 172 ; John, 32, 
67; Mary, Mathew, 172, 173, 205; 
Richard, 172, 173; , 61. 

Jurdayne, Johane, John, Margery, 111, 
urdeyne, Richard, 217. 
Jury, Thomas, elk., 40, 214. 
Justice, Lord Chief:— Sir Robert 
Bracknell, 20 ; Sir John Fitijamcs, 12, 
19,26,48,86; Sir William 1'ortinan, 
178, 182, 188. 


Rare well, Thomas, 91. 

Kane, William, 143. 

Kaicott, William, 151. 

Kaylle, Mr., IJI. 

Kele, Joan, Thomas, 160. 

Kelley, Roller:, 93. 

Kemer, Bridget, Giles, Henry, Mary, 

Nicholas, 164 ; Ellys, 164, 165. 
Kempe, Joan, 181. 
Kemys, Thomas, 102. 
Kendall, John, 141. 
Kunley, William, 11. 
Kent, Alice, DunMan, Mathew, Thomas, 

William, 16; John 15, 16. 
Kerill, Henry, 15s. 
Ketingale, William, elk., 58, 99, 115. 
Kevell, Henry, 35. 
Kewe, John, 151. 
Keye, Master Thomas, II, 
Keylewaye, Simon, 204, see Caylwayc. 
Keynes, Joan, 205 ; John, esq., 193, 

194, K>5. **>■ 
Keynys, Humphry, Mary, 21. 
Kicke, Thomas, 174. 
Kilburye, set Kylbery. 
King, John, 99, 117, 142; Richard, elk., 

102, 213; Robert, 213. 
King's Secretary ; — William Knight, 5, 6. 
Kinsey, Elizabeth, Roger, 133. 
Knight, Elyn, 1 19 ; Isabel!, Julian, Mary, 

William, 16 [ John, Walter, 17; 

Thomas, 16, 43; William, Bp., 5, <", 

97. '7«- 
Knighton, John, 92. 
Knuwlles, Joan, 62, 63 ; John, Margery, 

William, 192. 
Kylbery, John, elk., 164, 190, 209. 
Kynge, set King. 
Kyppinge, Joan, 43 ; Julian, Margaret, 

William, 42. 
Kyrie, John, 1 57. 
Kytson, Sir Thomas, km., 36. 
Kytt, Hugh, 15. 

Lambaid, Sander, 157. 
Lambeley, Thomas, 97. 
Lambert, John, elk., 65, 166 [ Roberta 

Lame, Alice, 52 ; Richard, 95. 

Lamere, Sir Nicholas, 64. 

Lancaster, Justinian, 132 ; William* 

Lane, John, 34, 58, 214 ; William, 88. 
Langden, Edmund, 133. 
Langlon, Richard, 166. 
Lappeworthye, John, 31. 

Laiincc, John, 1 19. 

Launsden, John, Thomas, 70, 71. 

Laurence, Julyan, 106 ; Thomas, 107. 

Lauryo, John, 36, 67. 

Laven, Henry, 36. 

Laver, Agnes, Joan, Mary, William, 186 ; 

George, John, Robert, Thomas, 186, 

187; Margaret, 187. 
Lawghwill, Agnes, Alice, Henry, Joan, 

John, Katherine, Michael, Robert, 

John, Julian, Margaret, 1 nomas, 115; 

Friar, 45, 46 ; Richard, 1 18 ; William, 

78; ah. Palfrey, Joan, Thomas, 215 ; 

John, 214. 
Layng, William, 154. 
Leeffe, Richard, 77. 
Legate, John, 213 ; Stephen, 75. 
Legerge, Richard, 1. 
Legge, John, 219. 
Lejjh, Joan, 44. 
Leighe, John, esq., 144. 
Lenings, William, 158. 
Leonard, William, 204. 
Lette, Humphrey, 83. 
Lettsam, Richard, William, 76. 
I.ewys, Waller, gent., 27. 
Lichfield, Bishop of, 175 ; Cathedral, 

Clerk Vicar of, , Gosynall, 175 ; 

Subchaunter of, 175. 
Lide, Alice, 207. 
Light, John, esq., 127. 
Lightfbote, Philip, 126. 
Litelskill, John, elk, 53. 

Litman, Thomas, 131 ; , 43. 

Llewellyn, Monica, 141, 200; Thomas, 

jkomnrjft Will*. 


Loghore, Margaret, ill. 

Lokyer, Henry, 200. 

Tximaimc, Joan, 109. 

London, Master, elk., 158; Bishop of, 

49, 50 ; St. Paul's, Canon of, Thomas 

Ballgaye, 64 ; Chantry Priest of, 

John Baptist, 64. 
Longe, Alice, 73, 192 ; Eliiabelh, 

Margery, 117 ; George, Koge 

19a, 217. 
Lord, Mr., 95. 
Loren, John, 36, 67. 
Love, James, 77 1 Philip, 183 ; Thomas, 

Lovell, Isabel, 79- 
Lowe, James, 77. 
Lowgh, Robert, elk., m, 196. 
LowTe, Roger, 70, 
Lowles, Robert, 184. 
Lucas, William , 74. 
Lucyane, Master, 53. 
Lufie, Robert, elk.. Ill, 196. 
Lumbard (Lumberd), Agnes, Elizabeth, 
Loore, 215; Alice, Mary, 116 ; Edith, 
Frances, John, Margaret, Thomas, 
178; Eleanor, 155; Joan, 178,115; 
Robert, 155,215; William, 178,315, 
Lumbert, Robert, 119. 
Luscombe, Robert, 43. 
Luttrell, Sir Andrew, km., Sir Hugh, 
Vnt., 41 [ Dorothy, Sir John, knu, 
[Catherine, Mary, 149; Elisabeth, 211, 
211; George, Hugh, 212; John, 41, 
42, 148, 212 ; John, esq., 211 ; 
Margaret, 41, 130 ; Thomas, esq., 
Lye, Agnes, 130. 
Lygon, Richard. 116. 
Lyn&ey, William, 90. 
Lyrbike, Henry, elk., 132. 
Lyssle, Lord, 86. 
Lyte.John, esq., 127, 193, 194 ; Thomas, 

Macye, Robert, 120. 

Madey, John, 166. 

Madley, John, Rogei, 6. 

Magott, John, 7, 113. 

Maisler, John, elk., 80. 

Male, Thomas, elk., 156. 

Malet, Adam, Anne, John, 17, 18; 
Baldwin, esq., Hugh, 17; Elisabeth, 
18, 130 ; Joan, Mary, 1301 Michael, 
17, IS, 68; Richard, esq., 107, 129; 
Thomas, 17, 18, 130. 

Mall, Thomas, 15S. 

Matle, Henry, 157, 15S. 

Mallet, stt Malet. 

Manby, Anthony, 22. 

Manerd William, 32. 

Manering, Richard, genl., 198, 20a. 

ManfTelde, John, elk., 106. 

Mannyng, Richard, 88 ; William, 148. 

Manstiche, John, elk., 12. 

Mapowder, Thomas, gent., William, 

Marchaunt, Andrew, Christian, 41 ; 
John, 100 ; William, 41, 42 ; W., 5. 

Mark, Mr., 30. 

Markesneld, Edith, Thomas, 210. 

Marler, John, elk., 33. 

Marloo, Anthony, 113. 

Marren, Thomas, I "' 

Marshall, Elizabeth, 87 ; John, 150 ; 

Margery, 45, 46, 47 ; Nicholas, 65 ; 

Richard, 45, 46 ; Thomas, 2 ; William, 

elk., 89. 
Marshe, John, elk., 152, 153, 1894 

Margaret, 178. 
Marten, Morys, 73 ; Richard, elk., 162, 

163 ; Sir Roger, 96. 

Martin, William, 85 ; , 37. 

Martyn, Isabell, 152 ; John, 136 ; John, 

elk., 46 ; Robert, 12 ; Thomas, 64. 
Mar wood, Barnard, 1S4. 
Mary, Robert, 65. 
Mascall, Thomas, 151. 
Maschart, John, 139. 
Mason, Andrew, 201 ; Margery, 16S [ 

Richard, 160 ; ah. Dyvynell, John, 184. 
Massy, Joyce, 37 ; Thomas, 30. 
Mastey, John, elk., 2. 
Mate, Robert, 43, 44. 

tnUejr Jftommum. 

2 6 9 

Mathewe, John, 52, 53, 108, 319; 

Thomas, 52, 53, 214; alt. Capper, 

Edward, 12S. 
Mathey, Robert, elk., 42. 
Malhue, Sir George, knt., 212. 

Maunder, William, 200. 

Mawdeley, Elizabeth, Joyce, 60 ; George, 

Margaret, Roger, 1 IS ; Joan, 59, CO ; 

John, 58, 59, 60; Richard, 59, 60, 

Mawdeiyn, John, 159. 
Mawnfylles, Jo., 165. 
Mawnsyll, Aithur, 124. 
Maxham, William, 94. 
May, Robert, esq., 130. 
May den, John, 153. 
Maye, Alice, Maud, John, 172 ; Henry, 

171, 172; Ralph, 172, 173, see Mayo. 
Maynerde, William, 101. 
Mayo, Alice, Maud, 206; Henry, 205, 

206 ; John, 205 ; Ralph, 173, 206, see 

Mayott, John, 113. 

Mede, Peter, < 

Mellower,, Mel 

Membrye, John, 115 ; William, 119. 

Mersshall, Thomas, 2. 

Meryfelde, Joan, Marion, 174. 

Metford, William, elk., 165. 

Michell, George, 207 ; John, 183 ; 

Richard, 163 ; Richard, esq., 107, 

182 ; Thomas, 50, 185 ; Thomas, cllt., 

140; William, 117, 130,200. 
Michill, als. Doll, Tohn, 117. 
Mighell, William, elk., 185. 
Milborne, John, Richard, Robert, 219 ; 

Thomas, 219 ; Tristram, 20S ; William, 

Mille, Dorothy, Edith, Edward, Isabel, 

John, Richard, Thomas, 159. 
Miller, John, 132 ; Richard, 216 ; 

Roger, 40; Thomas, 117, 206 ; Wit- 

Milward, John, elk., 2; Sir Peter, 108, 

109 ; William, 152. 
Mondey, Edward, Henry, Kalherine, 

Margery, Richard, 163. 
Mone, Joan, 4 ; Walter, elk., 2. 
Monye, John, 97. 

Mordaunt, Edmond, 103, 104. 

More, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Margaret, 

148 ; Joan, Robert, 148, 149 ; John, 

93, 97, 148, 184 ; Ralph, 214 ; 

(Mowre), John, elk., 52, 53. 
Moreman, Dr. John, 150. 

Morelon, Robert, 116; , 50. 

Morgan, John, 93, 216 ; Thomas, 166. 

a' Morgan, Giles, William, 124, 125. 

Moorton, Nicholas, 32. 

Morrtn, William, 120. 

Morris (Mores, Morys, etc.), Agnes, 

David, 157 ; Alice, 109; Henry, 

William, 28; Joan, 28, 106 s John, 

84, 109, 185 ; Robert, 194. 
Morry, Richard, 95. 
Mors, Alexander, 157. 
Mottes, Robert, 136. 
Monntague, I,ord, 47; William, gent., 

Mowdy, John, (41. 
Mower, John, 187, see More. 
Mowll, Edward, 19. 
Mowre, Tristram, 218, see More. 
Mochelney, John, Abbot of, I. 
Muckley, James, elk., 62, 63. 
Mndforde, Elizabeth, Joan, Philippa, 

Roger, Thomas, WiUtnote, 209 ; 

Thomas, elk., 201 ; William, 208. 
Muttilberye, Alexander, Elizabeth, Joan, 

Katherme, 201. 
Mychaell, Master, 45, 46, 47. 
Mylar, Thomas, 117. 
Mylbome, see Milbome. 
Mylford, William, 123. 
Myller, set Miller. 
Myllet, John, 38. 

Mylner, Richard, 97 ; Thomas, 177. 
Myltone, John, 218. 
Mylions, Agnes, 136. 
My 1 ward, MM Milward. 
Mysmare, Roger, 38. 

Napper, Master, 158 ; , 

Nase, Joan, John, elk., 39. 
Nettie, John, elk., 143. 
Neckton, Robert, 47. 

Nedys, Edmund, l6, 17 ; William, elk., 

74, i + i- 
Needeham, John, 169. 
Needes, Master, 141. 
Nelles, John, 308. 
Nelyng, Robert, elk., 59, 6a 
Nethewall, John, 166. 
Nelheway, John, 17. 


, Mas 


Newhtiven, Bayly of the Marches. John 

Aster, 103 ; Deputy-General of. Lord 

Stourton, 102 ; Porter of, Sir Wm. 

Pyrton, 102. 
Newlonde, Agnes, Henry, John, 48. 
Newman, Joan, 319 ; Thomas, 316, 219 ; 

Tristram, 218, 319; William, 42; 

all. Evered, Robert, 118. 
Newport, John, 89, 194. 
Newton, Remit, 320 i John, 149 ; Mary, 

Nicholson, "Parson," 117. 
Nicoll, Robert. 301. 
Nicolles, John, 184. 
NoMe, Alexander, 155, 161, 184, 185; 

William, elk., 17. 
Noke, Joan, 319; Richard, 48, Hi. 182. 
Nordon, John, 166. 
Norman, Joan, 08; Robert, 164, 167; 

William, 97, 98. 
Norres, Besse, 217. 
Norrice, Joan, 139. 
Norrys, Master, 37. 
North, Joan, John, 216 ; William, 54. 
Northover, Agnes, Edith, Elizabeth, 

Thomas, 155 ; John, William, 155, 

156; Maud, 156. 
Norton, George, gent., 45; John, 119. 
Nosse, George, 74. 
Nurse, Stephen, elk., Ill, 112. 
Nutte, John, 37. 
Nycoll, William, elk., 167. 


Odam, Margaret, Richard, 8. 

Odams, Robert, 13. 

Offer, John, 72. 

Ogan, Henry, 39 ; John, 56, itt Wogan. 

Ogans, John, esq. , r33, jw Whogans. 

Oldemixe, William, gent., 71. 

Oliver, Robert, elk., 106. 

Olyff, Laurence, 166. 

Orchard, Agnes, Alice, Elisabeth, Joan, 
William, 210; John, 309. 

Orrell, Richard, elk., 97. 

Overay, Thomas, elk., 2, 

Owhan, John, 139. 

Owseley, William, 116. 

Oxford, President of Corpus Christ] 
Coll., 157, 15S; Rector of Lincoln 
Coll., 29; Warden of All Souls Coll., 
157 ; Warden of New Coll., 158. 

Pachy, , 136. 

Padoa, Jeronimus de, 144. 

Page, Alice, 83 ; Sir John, 92. 

Pagent, Mistress, 156. 

Paine, George, gent., 72, 198; John, 

158, r«Payn. 
Pakenham, John, elk., 1 ; Alexander, a. 
Pale, John, 62. 
Palfrey all. Lawrence, Joan, Thomas, 

315; John, 314. 
Palmer, Alice, John, Markes, Richard, 

Walter, 120; Edith, Hugh, elk., 

Marie, 175 ; Margery, 106, 130 ; 

Peter, 176 ; Robert, 38, 156 ; 

Thomas, 16, 17; ; William, elk., 116. 
Panys, Alice, 190, 197 5 Annys, Elisa- 
beth, Irabel, Joan, William, 196; 

John, 197, m Paynes. 
Parcyvall, johanne, 50, ice Percyn.ll. 
Parke, Agnes, 138. 
Parker, Friar, 45, 4&- 
Parsons, John, 72, 1S5; Richard, 60, 72. 
Partridge, Agnes, William, 189 ; John, 

Parys, Anne, Margaret, Margery, Maud, 

Robert, Thomas, William, 220. 
Pate, "Sir," elk., 88. 
Pannscefote, Peter, 30 s Walter, esq., 20. 
Pawle, "Sir," elk., 175. 
Pawlet, ite Powlett. 
Pay, Edmonde, 85. 
Payn (Payne), Eliralieth, 4 ; George, 

gent., 72, 198; Joan, 133; John, 27, 

133, 158, 217; John, esq., 130; 

Steven, 210 ; William, 43, 43. 

Paynes, John, 133; William, 56, sec 

Paynter, William, 103. 
Payton, Arthur, 60. 

Peers, Agnes, George," 178 ; Alice, 
Thomas, William, 182; Edith, 183 ; 
Sir John; 72 ; Richard, 182, 1S3. 
Peke, Alice, 133. 
Pelly, Thomas, 2. 
Pemberton, Alice, Cuihbert, Joan, 165 ; 

John, esq., 165 ; Robert, 2. 
Penfonde, Dorathee, 100. 
Penny, Giles, 39, 51, 85 ; Hugh, 174 ; 

John, 219 ; Thomas, $J. 
Penryff, William, 149. 
Peny, see Penny. 
Pepell, John, 206. 
Pepen, David, 105. 
Peperell, William, 105. 
Pepwell, Master, 115. 
Peram, Mr. 219. 
Perce, John, 192. 
Percyvall, Edmund, esq., 71, see Parcy- 

Perette, John, 204. 
Perry, Alexander, 34 ; Edith, Isabel, 

Richard, 135; Robert, 32, 33, "- 

Perryn, John, 197. 
Pers, Christopher, 108. 
Perse, John, 192 ; Richard, 1S3, 

Persey, William, 150. 
Person, Deannes, 134; John, 133, 13 

William, 100. 
l'ertrige, see Partridge. 
Perye, see Perry. 
Perys, Eleanor, William, 1 19. 
Pester, Alice, 198, 199; Joan, 1) 

Martin, 197, 198, 199. 
Peter, Doctor, 66. 

Pether, Jone, 4a. 
Petleyn, John, Sl8. 
Petwyn, Walter, 22. 
Pewe, Thomas, i3r, 
Pey, Edmund, 85. 
Peycke, see Pycke. 
Peyntnn, Henry, 173. 
Phelps, Joan, John, Margaret, Mary, 
Richard, Thomas, Waller, Wiiliai- 

Phillips, John, 124, 152; Mr., 151; 

Richard, 11 ; Thomas, r87 [ Thomas, 

elk., 131 ; Stephen, 135 ; William, 

215 1 Wylmotte, 208. 
Phyler, John, 115 ; Margery, 99. 
Picke, John, 161, see Pycke. 
Piers, Robert, 215. 
Pike, John, 14, 133; , 138, see 

Pill, Joan, in. 
Pilkinglon, Ralph, 88. 
Pinge, Alice, Harry, Richard, William, 

82: Thomas, Si. 
Piny, see Pyrry. 
Player, Alice, Anne, Arthur, Edy, Joan, 

William, 189. 
Playsted, Master, 30. 
Plentye, Thomas, 121. 

Pqjdn, , 30. 

Polle, John, 71. 

Polwebbe, Henry, 106. 

Polyng, William, 1 19. 

1'omerie, Richard, esq., 139, 140. 

Poole, John, 89; John, elk., 29, 106, 

Pope, Emme, no; Joan, Robert, 204; 

John, 42, 43, no, 204 ; Lewes, 

Thomas, no, 204; Richard, 112. 
Popham, Alexander, 63, 68, 107, 112, 

126, 144, 180, 182 ; Amy, Edward, 

John, Katherine, Robert, 1S1 ; 
lanneduke, 1S2 ; William, 152. 

Pophyn, Robert, 38. 

Popley, William, 45, 46, 47. 

Pore, Thomas, 15. 

Porter, Edward, 167, 168 ; Laurence, 
140 ; Symon, 168, 170 ; William, 141. 

Portman, Dorothy, Elisabeth, John, 
18S 1 Henry, 100, 1S2, 188 j Mary, 
100, 188; William, esq., 8, 51, 56, 
80, 82, S3 ; Sir William, km., 98, 101, 
144, 178, 182, if" 

-, Marti 


" Pottycary," Williai 
Poulet, see Powlett. 
Poullard, Richard, esq., 56. 
Pounsett, Richard, 28. 
Power, Richard, 159. 
Powlett, Amisius, knt. , Henry, John, 40 ; 
Hugh, esq., 20, 21 ; Sir Hugh, knt., 


Po winery, Isabel, 136. 
Powtrell, Anne, Elizabeth, Nicholas, 
Thomas, 103, 104. 

Poyntefl, Henry, 173. 

Poytwyn, Mary, 305. 

Predye, Nicholas, 100. 

Prelatt, William, 110. 

Preston, Isabel, Thomas, 163. 

Prigg, John, 34 ; Thomas, 140. 

Prince, Thomas, 156. 

Prist e, Alice, 164. 

Prowse, George, Joan, John, Robert, 

William, 143 ; Isabel, Nicholas, 31. 
Prynte, John, 134. 
Pryor, Nicholas, 94. 
Pullin, Richard, in. 
Pnlman, William, 189. 
Puppyn, William, 71, 72. 
Putney, Agnes, 166. 
Pury, Elizabeth, Henry, Joan, John, 

Richard, Roger, William, no. 
Pycke, Alice, Dorothy, Jane, Margery, 

Stephen, 57. 
Pydstey, Sir John, 74. 
Pyers, Sirjonn, 33. 
Pykes, John, 204. 
Pyle, John, 144. 
Pyll, John, elk., 71, 73. 
Pyme, Erasmus, esq., 107, 182 
Pyng, see Pinge. 

Pynner, Friar, 45, 46; Laurence, 15. 
Pynnye, William, 301. 
Pype, Richard, 300. 
Pyper, John, 91. 
f'yrry, Agnes, Edward, Thomas, 

William, 33 ; Alice, 33, 33 ; Isabel, 

Nicholas, Robert, 33, see Perry. 
Pyrton, Sir William, lent., 103. 
Pysyn, Elimbeth, Hugh, John, Richard, 

Robert, Roger, 133. 
Pylt, Hughe, Mary, 23. 

Margery, Robert', 15,*.' 
Quynten, Michael, gent., 94. 

r. ; 

Rabas, Alice, 1. 
Raglande, Thomas, 6. 

Randall, , elk., 176. 

Ratclif, Anne, Edward, George, Grace, 

Mary, Thomas, 39. 
Raw, Thomas, 8. 
Rawdon, Richard, 35. 
Rawe, Robert, 94. 
Rawelles, William, 318. 
Rawley, Adam, 150. 
Rawlins, William, elk., 89. 

Rawlyn, , 155. 

Raymond, Thomas, 155. 

Raynes, see Reynes. 

Raynford, Mathew, elk., it. 

Raynold, Christian, Joan, John, Maud, 

Robert, 153; Mr., 60. 
Rede, set Reed. 
Redgounde, K leaner, 73. 
Redhedd, William, 70, 71. 
Reed, Robert, elk., 60, 83, 83, 96, no. 
Reed, William, elk., 89. 
Rculay, Thomas, 150. 
Reve, Fraunces, 103 ; John, 43, 43 ; 

William, 104. 
Rey, John, 186. 
Reynes, Joan, John, Thomas, William, 

Reyney, John, 17. 
Reynold, Henry, 19S, 199 ; Jane, 

Thomas, 167, see Raynold. 
Reynolds, Dr., 38. 
Rice, John, elk., 93, 313. 
Richard, William, 43. 
Richards, Agnes, 43, 44, in, 160; 

Emraot, Thomasin, 43, 44 ; John, 43, 

in, 113; Richard, in; Robert, elk., 

197 i William, 73. 
Riche, James, 307. 
Richeman, John, Margery, William, 90 ; 

ah. Shepard, Dorothy, Edith, Joan, 

John, Richard, Robert, Thomas, 

William, 1*1. 
Ridley, Nicholas, 84, 160. 
Rise, Agnes, 102, see Ryse, Rice. 
Robert, Friar, 4S, 46 ; Thomas, 1 10. 
Roberts, Elizabeth, George, Henry, 

John, Thomas,' 81 ; Richard, 97. 

Robyng, Denys, William, 119; John, 

Robyson, Idith, 165. 
Rocetoui, George, 38, stt. Kossetter. 
Rochester, Mr., 139. 
Roclte, Mychael, 24. 
Rodberd, Blase, 73. 
Rodde, Thomas, 138. 
Rodney, Aline, Elizabeth, 103, 104 ; 

John, esq., 103; Sir John, km., 84 ; 

Rodvord, Agnes, Edward, Gregory, 

Joan, John, Margaret, Thomas, William, 

Roger, Thomas, 6. 

Rogers, John, 7, 52 ; I Jidy, III; Richard, 

Rolles, John, esq., 201. 

Romany, William, 65, 76. 

Ronyon, John, 103. 

Roo, Margery, 57 ; Robert, 51. 

Rook,-, Hugh, 12S. 

Roper, John, 141. 

Rose, Nicholas, 1 23. 

Rosse, John, 131. 

Rossetter, John, a 10, see Roce- 

Rouse (Rowse), John, genl., 87, 

, . . Hugh, 63 j John, elk., 67. 
Rowthe, John, elk., 48. 
Roydon, Roger, 206. 
Roynon, John, 12, 103. 
Rugge, Giles, elk., 132. 
Rumsey, William, 65, 76. 
Rundell, Richard, 83. 
Russell, John, 155 ; Lord, 61, 98. 
Rydley, see Ridley. 
Rvdowte, Isabel, Joan, Nicholas, 

Richard, 4; John, 3, 4; Thomas, 

Rygge, Thomas, 208. 

Rymer, Roger, 97. 
Rynge. Juhn, William, 33. 
Ryse, Sir Griffith, knt., 150; Sir John, 
7, m Rice. 


Sabyn, John, elk., 89. 

Sachefeld, John, 30, 65. 

Sadler, John, 60. 

Saint-Abyn, John, era., 107. 

Saint-Barbe, sit Symbarbe. 

Saint Endelion, Prebendary or, William 

Cavell, 162. 
Ssint-Jone, Sir John, knt., 15a 
Saini'Ln, Sir John, km., 4s, 47. 
Salweye, John, III, 
Samce, June, 155. 
Sampford, Thomas, 191. 
Sampere, Mary, 149. 

Santer, Jone, 198. 

Sarum, Canon of: — Richard Arche, 7. 

Saler, William, 38. 

Saunders, Agnes, 56, 58,90, 134, 135; 

Joan, 58, 134 (John, 58, 189, 197; 

Margaret, Margery, Thomas, William, 

56. 58- 
Savage, Hugh, 57. 
Savell, Henry, 65. 
Savery, William, 116, 118. 
Savynr, Fraunces, 157. 
Sawyer, Thomas, 141. 
Say, Alice, 1S6. 
Saye, Thomas, 134. 

Saywery, , 148. 

Scotson, Richard, elk., 65. 

Scott, John, 91 ; Thomas, 137. 

Sctevyner, Elizabeth, 185. 

Scutt, Joan, 171. 

Seal, Lord Privy, 43 ; Lord Russell, 98 ; 

Earl of Hampton, 61. 
Selwood, Anne, Barbara, Eliza! teth, 


89 ; John, 73, 89, 109, 
William, 134, 190. 

134, 163, 320; William, 134, 19a 
Sely, Nicholas, 132. 
Seman, Robert, 217. 
Semarkc, Alice, Thomas, 62, 
Sen j or, Alice, 145. 
Sergaunt, John, 37. 
Sergeaunt, John, 161. 
Scrrye, George, Isabel, 133. 
Seiten, Florence, 16; William, 17. 
Sexter, William, 134. 
Seymor, Richard Zouche, Lordi 139. 

*otntrirt BOilis. 

Sha, Muter, 23. 

Shackle, John, elk., zi8. 

Shatter, Robert, 183. 

Shapwick, Jone of, 19S. 

Sharlocke, John, elk., 221. 

Shawe, John, 23. 

Shelton, Jeronimus, Thomas, William, 

Shene, Master John, 75. 

Shepard als. Kicheman, Dorothy, Edith, 

Joan, John, Richard, Robert, Thomas, 

William, 121. 
Sheparde, Mr., 115. 
Sheperd, John, 94. 
Shepperd, William, 1S3. 
Sherborn, John, 58. 
Sherlock, Robert, 207. 
Sherwell, William, elk., 207, 209, 210. 
Sherwood, William, elk., 16, 76, 145. 
Sholbroke, Thomas, 73. 
Shorte, Johan, 145 ; John, 145. 
Shude, Nicholas, 135. 
Sidenharo, ta Sydenham. 
Skelliag, William, 219. 
Skeme, Richard, elk., 33, 34. 
Skynner, " Mother," 113. 
Skynr- " ' ■ -- 

135 [ William, 73. 
Slannyne, John, gent., 18. 
Slegge, John, 90. 
Slococke, John, elk., 74, 75. 
Slocombe, John, 202 i Margaret, 183 ; 

Thomasin, 203. 
S mi the, Thomas, 65. 
Smyth, Alice, Henry, Joan, Margett, 

William, 134; Andrew, 5; Barnard, 

Isabel, 67 i John, 134, 206 ; Richard, 

134, I90 ; Thomas, 45, 134, 207 ; all. 

Cockes, John, 118. 
Smythe, James, elk., 23, 24, 57 ; John, 

11, 79. 82. 97, 193, 194, 219; 

Thomas, 45 ; als. Bramston, Margery, 

153 ; Richard, elk., 64, 153, 170. 
Snowe, Alice, Anne, Elizabeth, Isabel, 

John, Katherine, William, 141. 
Socke, John, 219. 
Soluhrie, Bishop of: — Thos. Chard, 66. 

Sopor, Henry, gent., 194 ; Isabel, 199 ; 

John, 31, 83, 199 ; Margaret, 89. 
Sorell, Ede, Thomas, 214. 

Southwood, John, elk., 

Spacklyn, Thomas, Tomson, 1 

Spark e, James, 14a. 

Sparowe, John, 53. 

Sparrows, " Mother," 136. 

Spede, Thomas, 143. 

Speke, Anne, 87 ; Elizabeth, 38, 125 ; 

' George, esq., 125, tz6, 130, 199; Sir 

George, knt., 38 ; John, 176; 

Nicholas, 38; Sir Thomas, km., 39, 

IlS, 125, 136; als. Willoughby, Eliza. 

beth, 126. 

Spiringe, , 7. 

Spiser als. Chiles, Eleanor, John, 

William, 156. 
Spoake, John, 163. 
Sporier, John, 152. 
Spragatt, Alexander, 10. 
Spratt als. Capper, William, 142. 
Spraygot, George, elk., 137. 
Sprynt, John, 105. 
Squier, Thomas, 7a. 
Squyer, John, III ; Thomas, 141. 
Slacey, John, 138. 
Sulinge, George, Richard, 203 ; Henry, 

James, Jasper, Nicholas, Robert, 

William, 202 ; John, 202, 203, 204; 

Thomasin, 202, 203 ; Kateryn, 33. 
Stallynche, Nicholas, 130. 
Stalparde, William, 71. 
Staple, Robert, 2. 
St n pull, Richard, 34, 35. 
Staikey, John, Thomas, William, 47> 
Starye, John, 74. 
Staunton, Robert, So. 
Stegge, John, III, 112. 
Stempte, Sir Robert, 72. 
Stephens (Stevens), Agnes, Beatria, 

Thomas, 104 ; Humphry, 129 ; John, 

133, 172, 210; Julian, 133; William, 

Steyvtn, Hudson, 196. 
Stocke, Thomas, 131. 
Stoke, Provost of, is- 
Stoker, John, 219. 
Stokes, Robert, 135. 
Stone, Augustine, John, 217 ; Phillipp, 

118 ! Robert, 38 ; William, 114, 185. 
Stork, Christopher, 32. 
Storydge, William, 154. 
Siourton, Charles, William, Lord, 102; 

fiifetr 0omtmim. 

Charles, Lord, 174; Lord, 56, 133 ; 

Thomasen, 141 ; William, 143. 
Stowell, John, iSS. 
Stradling, Frances, 113, 114; Robert, 

IS; Sir Robert, knt., 182; Sir 

Thomas, km., 150. 
Strangewcye, Sir Giles, km., 191. 
Strangwiche, Sir Giles, km., 51. 
Slrcche, Peter, 13. 
Strete, Edith, Edward, John, Robert, 

Thomas, 34. 
Stroude, see Slrowde. 
Slrowbridge, Thomas, 183. 
Strowde, Agnes, Anne, Edward, Jone, 

Richard, William, 165 ; Alice, 166 ; 

John, Si, 165, 166 [ Thomas, Si, 165. 
Stuckey, Thomas, elk., 199. 
Slukeley, Hugh, 195, 196, 213; Mary, 

195, 196} Peter, Richard, Roberl, 

195 ; Silvester, gent., 194, 196. 
Slureen, Joyce, 64. 
Slydman, Roberl, 117. 
Style, Agnes, Leonard, 30 ; Dorothy, 

11 j Edward, elk., 121; Joan, 65; 

John, 64 ; Robert, Thomas, 30, 64. 
Su«[olk], Lord, 138. 
Surgion, John, 199. 
Susowih, Thomas, 304. 
Sussex, Lord, 61. 
Swadalle, John, 147. 
Swan, Robert, 95. 
Sweete, Thomas, 311. 
Sweltman, Jone, 198. 
Swell, William, 195. 
Swetyng, Agnes, Christian, Henry, 

Hugh, Isabel, Joan, John, Margaret, 

William, 13. ; Robert, 121, 133. 
Syde, Alexander, 96. 
Sydenham. Alexander, 96, 105, 113; 

Anne, Henry, Sir John, km., 190; 

Edward, 74; George, 75, 184, 191; 

Jane, Thomas, 75 ; Joan, 96, 105, 

191 ; John, 15, 75, 96, 105, 136, 164, 

165, 190, 191 ; Margaret, 96, 105 ; 

Master, 15, III, 147; Ursula, 164 

191 ; Walter, William, 191. 
Sygyner, Sir Nicholas, 40. 
Symbarbe (Syrober), Henry, 66, 219. 
Symes, Alice, Henry, Joan, John, 185 ; 

Thomas, 135, 185 ; William, zoo, 

309, . "3. 

Symmes, William, 309. 

Symons, John, elk., 145 ; Thomas, 184, 
Sympson, Henry, 123. 
Synger, John, 43. 

Tabor, Thomas, 74. 

Tachell, John, 164, 165. 

Taillour, see Taylor. 

Tanner, John, elk., 74. 

Tarellon, John, 2. 
: Taunton, Archdeacon of, 306 ; Prior of, 
1 '7. 3', 35. 36- 
: Taverner, Anne, 163. 
I Taylor, Giles, 132; Henry, 135,; John, 
33, Bo; Margaret, 317 ; Richard, 
202; Robert, 135, 198; Thomas, 44, 
179, 208 ; William, 155. 

Tedbury, Joan, Richard, William, 17. 
35 ; John, 35. 

Teder, William, 107. 

Tegge, Amys, 142. 

Teke, Katherine, 186. 

Temple, Master of the, 13. 

Terell, John, Robert, William, I to, 

Teit, John, 156. 

Tewe, Isabell, 71. 
j Tharmtun, Ann, Paul, 124 ; Henry, 114, 

Thatcher, John, 100. 
, Thomas John, 160; John, elk., 151; 
1 Nicholas, 157. 

Thomkyns, John, 164. 
I Thome, Andrewe, elk., 65; Conand, 
I 163, 163; Edith, 131; Joan, 132; 
Johaue, too ; John, 198 ; Thomas, 45, 
46, 47i 9«- 

Thorneton, Henry. 63. 

Thorn hull, William, 117. 

Thorpe, John, 64. 

Thyni, Edward, 124. 

Thyme. William, 134. 

Togwell, Alexander, 36, Ss, 83, too, 
101 ; Alice, Elizabeth, John, 157. 

Toker, Richard, 38. 

Tolley, Davy.' l * 7, '5 8 ' 

Tommes, Edith, 319. 


Sum mi ft gBhTIb'* 

Toose, John, 82, 133. 

Torker, , 38. 

Torkyn, Margaret, 92. 

Ton, John, 191. 

Tony, Isabel, io6j Thomas, Thomasin, 

William, 185. 
Totchill, Henry, (& 

Tothebies, , 103. 

Tournour, at Turner. 

Towker, Gilbert, 84 ; Joan, Syuwm, 137 j 

William, 200. 
Townley, Anne, 101. 
Townsend, Stephen, 1S4. 
Trade, Elizabeth, 87. 
Trrgonwell, Master, 98. 
Treherne, — , 43. 
Trenll, Robert, elk., 155. 
Trevilian, Christopher, Edward, John, 

esq., Mistress, 16* ; Isabel, loan, 

John, Mary, Ralph, Richard, Thomas, 

William, 140. 

Trewbody, Thomas, elk., 71, 7a, 89, 91. 

Trewman, John, 19. 

Trivelt, William, 151. 

Tiotl, Hugh, 41. 

Trotte, Henry, no, 112; John, 110; 

Thomas, no, III. 
Trowbridge, Dorothy, Thomas, 183. 
Tryvet, John, elk., 29. 
Tuchclt, James, knt., 26. 
Tucke, John, 166. 
Turnar, Edmond, 6. 
Turner, John, elk., 200, 214; Thomas, 

Tumey, John, 27. 
Tusse, John, 83. 
Twyney, Stephen, 74. 
Twyte, John, 103. 
Tyler, John, 73- 
Tyllie, Eliiabeth, 
Tymell, Edmund, . . 

Tynbery, John, 63 ; Thomas, 62. 
Tynburye, Florence, 143, 144; Henry, 

William, 144; John, gent., 143. 
Tynbye, Thomas, 73. 
Tyrdo, lohn, 114. 
Tyther.John, 185. 


UHename, Kichard, gent., 94, 

Umfry, Humfrey, 136. 

Underhaye, Alexander, lohn, Thomasin, 

102, 203 ; Alice, Waller, 203 \ Oliver, 

Thomas, 202 : Robert, 215. 
Upcot, Elizabeth, 161. 
Uphill, Richard, 52. 
Uppam, Thomas, 57. 
Uppeham, Thomas, toS, 109. 
Upton, Geoffry, 142, 1701 Ric, 142. 
tlvedale, lohn, 65. 

Vale, William, 91. 

Vawdey, Agnes, John, 5. 

Vawdie, Dionise, 98. 

Vayne, Philip, elk., 17. 

Vegnr, John, 42. 

Verlie, John, 94. 

Verney, Agnes, Elcan->r, Elizabeth, 

George, Grace, Robert, 107; Joan, 

107, 108; John, 68, 107, 
Vernon, Henry, 196. 
Veroke, John, 97. 
Vej'sic, Margery, Hugh, 65. 
Veysy, Alexander, 212. 
Vincent, Philip, William, 7; . elk., 

Virgin, John, Thomas, 192. 
Vowell, William, 44, 103, 105. 
Vox, William, 17. 35- 
Vyney, William, 67. 
Vyr, Roger, 204. 

Wndham, Andrew, 55, $&> 81 ; Florence, 
loSjGiles Nicholas, 55, 56; Joan, SS. 
197; John, 39, 56, 177, 198, 199, 
20c; Sir Nicholas, knt., 37, 39, 55- 
S 6 . '99 

Wadv, Amies, lohn, 6. 

Wail'e, [ohn, Richard, Thomas, 58. 

Wakle, Hnmfrey, 30. 

Wsker, Thomas, 84. 

Walbye, William, 157. 

Walden, Abbot of, 5. 

Walder, John, 103. 

Waldgimve, Ann, Edward, Mary, Robert, 

77; John, 51,77. 
Wale, Richard, Thorras, Ursula, 83. 
Watford, John, 131. 
Walforde a/.'. Houpcr, John, 12. 
Walker, Cuthbcrt, 97; Isabel, James, 

Philip, Robert, 160. 
Wall, John, 17. 

Wallentyne, , 148. 

Walks, Alice, 114 ; John, 156 ; William, 


Wallys, John, 19, 133. 
ond, Walton, A 

; Humph ly, 107, 

Walrond, Walton, Ague 
Elizabeth, 31 ; Humph ij 

Robert,' William,' 

93. 941 

Walshman, Kobert (ellt.), 96. '05. 

Waller, Ames, 220 ; Harry, 99. 

Walton, Agatha, 173 ; Agnes, Alex- 
ander, Andrew, Elizabeth, Joan, 108 ; 
Alice, 171, 105, 206 ; jane, 57 ; 
John, 57, 108, 127; Richard, 108, 
109,172, 173, 205, 206; Robert, gent., 
127; Thomas, 108, 172, 173; 
William, 108, 109, 172, 173. 

WaJys, John, 29. 

Warde, John, 136. 

Ware, Joan, 43. 

Warham, John, gent., 213. 

War man, Alice, 179. 

Warner, William, 126. 

Warre, Christian, John, Thomas, 68; 
Richard, 68, 107 ; Sir Richard (knl.), 


Warren, David, Isalwl, 83 ; Henry, 

Warry, John, 220. 
Wasthyng, Kobert, 38. 
Waterman, Edward, 115. 
Wathell, Robert, 90. 
Watkyns, Alice, Elizabeth, John, 60. 
Watson, John, 129; William, 148, 159. 
Watts, Agnes, 99 ; Eleanor, 172, 205, 

206 ; Elizabeth, Nicholas, 173 ; 

Richard, 172, 173, 106 ; Robert, 16 ; 

William, 115, 173, 217. 
Way, John, 93. 
Waye, Thomas, ll6 
Wayle, John, Richard, Thomas, 58. 
Wayneman, William, 104. 

Wayre, William, 1 18. 
Wear, Walter, 105, 106. 
Webb, Raulin, 46. 

Wehhc, Barnard, John, John {elk.}, 
135 ; Hugh (elk.), 40; William, 

Webber, Richard, 40 j , 13. 

Weekes, Thomas, 116. 

Wekc, Harry-, 99 ; Joan, 58. 

Wekes, Alice, 139 ; John, 182, tie 

Welbe, Agnes, 83 ; Giles, 87. 
Welches, John, 124. 
Weler, William, 27. 
Welfare, Henry, 15. 
Wells, Sir Robert, 74. 
Wells : 

Master of— 59, 60, 73, 154, 17a 
Registre of— Mr. Bell, 66. 
Wells Cathedral : 
Canons — Richard Bramston ais. 
Smythc, 153, 170; Roger Edge- 
worth, 74, 141, 159 ; Richard 
Erington, 6$, 84 ; lames Gilbert, 
176; John Hakehad, 7; Thomas 
lury, 214; John Southwood, 73; 
Richard Worthington, 2. 
Chantry Priest of— Sir Giles, 53. 
Chaunter of— George Dogeon, 74, 79, 

85, 141. 
Dean of— William Cousyn, 3. 
Dean and Chapter of — 98, 154, 170. 
Prebendary of— William Benel, 19. 
Precentor of — Thomas Overay, J. 
Provosts or— William Rawlins, 89; 

Richard Worthington, 2. 
Sub-dean of— William Bowie man, 30. 
Succenlor nf — William Calfc, I. 
Vicars Chnral (if — John tiockyng, 1, 2 ; 
lohn Gamelyn, 2 ; John Godard, 3 ; 
Thomas Hooper, 65 ; John Lambert, 
65 ; John Fiikenham, 1 ; Andrew 
Thome, 65 ; Hugh Veysie, 65. 
Wclman, William, 120. 
Welshe, John, 157; Robert, 54, 55 ; 

William, 186. 
Welshman, Robert (elk.), 96, 103. 

Wescombe, , 13. 

Wescot, Agnes, 183. 

West, Agnes, Roger, Thomas (elk.), 
William, 71; Alice, Christine, 76; 

*omirsJit OHflli. 

Henry, Welthian, 183 ; John, 71, 76 
Thomas, 71, 200. 
Westminster, Prebendary of St. Stephens 
John Algar, 33 ; Canon of St 
Stephens, Doctor Bennett, 5 ; Canon 
of St. Stephens, John Brereton, 34 ; 
Dean of St. Stephens, Dr. Chamber, 


■ ■7; 


Richard, 81 
Western, John, 179. 
Wether, Robert, 100. 
Wever, Andrew, 45 j John, 135 5 

Richard, elk., 175 ; William, 88. 
Wharbarlon, Thomas, 200. 
Whitley, Richard, 78. 
Wheeler (Whelar, Weier), John, 189; 

William, 37. 
Whetherton, Richard, 96, see Wylhertoo. 
Whight, John, II. 
Whue, Agnes, Mr., 115; Edward, 43; 

Giles, 171 ; Henry, 45, 46, 47; 

Isabell, 44 ; John, S3, 100, 127 ; 

Thomas, 91, MO, 127; Thomas, elk., 

159; a/s. Frye, Agnes, no. 
Whltecoke, Robert, II. 
Whitekn'ghle, Richard, 94. 
Whiiing, Anne, John, esq., 30 : Eliia- 


: Jan 

'5' I 

* Ogat 

1661 William, 166, 1 
Whithorne, John, 84, lot 
Whitma, John, 184. 
Whitton, Frances, gent., 
Whhwell, John, 150. 
Whitynall, Clement, Joan 

Whitynogh, Richard, 11 
Whogans, Hugh, 123, : 
Whore, John, 213. 
Whorwelles, Agues, 119. 
Whoundaller, William, «o. 
Whviken, Alice, Ija. 
Whyl, John, 100. 
Whyte," Agnes, 115. 
Whythorne, John, 84, 106, 107. 
Whytt, Edward, 43. 
Wichefilde, Katherine, Richard 

Thomas, 178. 
Wigan, Edward, 64. 
Wilde, Fraunces, 77- 

Wilkins, William, 215, see Wylkyn*. 
Willes, Johan, 214; John, 85, 211, see 

Willesdon, John, no, 1S4. 
Willett, Annes, Henry, Isabel, 57 j 
loan, John, Thomas, William, 57, 58 ; 
"Margery, 58. 
Willford, John, Nicholas, Robert, 22; 

William, 32, 33. 
Williams, Adam, gem., 150; John, 66, 
157; 1'hilip, 194; Thomas, 151; 
Waller, 17, 148. 
Willing, John, 58. 

Willis, Agnes, Joan, Katherine, 213 ; 
Richard, 113; Thomas, 313, 213, set 
Willoughby, Eliiabelh, 20 ; George, 
gent., 20, 31; John, elk., 18, 30; 
John, esq., 30, 31 ; Nicholas, 31 ; 
Roberi, jo, 21, 32 ; ah. Speke, Eliia- 
belh, 126. 
Willys, tee Willis. 
Wilson, Nicholas, 79. 
Wilton, Grace, 133. 
Winchester, Hishop of, 6t. 
Winter, Edmund, Eleanor, 1 12 ; Jane, 
105; John, 112, 179; Thomas, 96; 
William, elk., 66, 140. 
Wisman, Saunder, 165. 
Wilherton, see Wytherton. 
Wodd, |ohn, 13, 13. 
Woddam, - — , 220. 
Wodiall, William, 213. 
Wodroff, William, elk., 204. 
Wogan, Jane, 197, see Ogan. 
Wolfe, Joan, 155. 
Wollington, Thomas, 106. 
Wollman, Richard, elk., 4. 
Wolman, Annes, 6 ; Doctor, 19. 
Wolmynglon, John, 215. 
Wolrige, John, Katherine, 4. 
Woode, Kdward, 155. 
Woodward, Gilbert, elk., 25, 31, 65; 

Thomas, William, elk, 25. 
Worthington, Richard, elk., Robert, 2. 
Wotlon, Doctor, 47, 48. 
Wrathe, Mr., 126. 
Wraxall, Richard, 153. 
Wyetl, Thomas, 220. 
Wygham, John, 119. 
Wygmore, Joan, ] 17 ; Richard, 30. 


139 ; Andrew, 33, 139, 140 1 Anthony, 
Christopher, Maliadus, Mary, 8a ; 
Henry, 33, 139; William, 33, 79, 

Wykkes, Thomas, 19. 
Wylcockes, John, 160. 
Wylcokes, Heroy, 135. 

Wyidbloud, , 175, 176. 

Wyley, Thomas, 196. 

Wylkyns, Christopher, Isabel, 66; 

Thomas, ill ; William, 215. 
Wyllet, su Willett. 
Wylsdon, Thomas, 15. 
Wyly, John, clk.,36. 

Wyndesholde, , 50. 

Wyndham, Sir Edmund, Henry, Thomas, 

esq., 14S ; George, elk., 41; John, 

41, 43, 68 ; Sir .John, knt., nr, 121, 

130. '91- 
Wyne, William, 117. 
Wyngfcld, Sit Humfrcy, 42. 
Wynnyff, Thomas, 178. 
Wynsford, Anthony, 15. 
Wynstanley, Sir Thomas, 64. 
Wynter, sit Winter. 
Wyoyct, Robert, 1 82. 

Wyrdman, William, 217. 
Wytcombe, Mr., Mistress, in. 
Wythell, Alice, (Jiles, John, 178. 
Wytherton, Honor, William, 23 ; Hugh, 

*3> 24 ; John, £4; Richard, 34, 96. 
Wytton, Thomas, 139. 

Wyyell'Jorin, *♦*• 
Wyze, Thomas, 217. 

Wyxson, Master, 38. 

Yardley, Alice, Joyce, 38. 

Yeate, William, 192. 

Yerberye, Thomas, 55 ; William, 54, 

Yerle, Richard, 42. 

Yewen, John, 132. 

Ymmans, Jonc, 219. 

Yonge, Julian, 42. 

Zele, Thomas, 131. 

Zouche, Margaret, Richanl, Lord, Sir 
John, km., 139. 


ST. martin'